Deliver Us from (the) Evil


Deliver Us from (the) Evil

THE EVIL is to do our own will and not the will of the Father. Jesus Christ in us, with us hidden in Him and by Him is the "Will of the Father." In Zech. chapter 5 "WICKEDNESS" is represented as "a woman" that sitteth in the midst of the ephah --this is what Eve did. Eve -as one who did wickedly deceived in her mind/the soul, this fallen woman represents the deception of the mind (soul) of man by whom the harlotry of departing from the wisdom and the counsel of God began --in favor of that which she perceived to be right in her own sight. And this "one woman" is revealed (to Zechariah) as having later become "two women" in the ephah (the ephah concerns: weighing and measuring -how we do wickedly when we try to weigh and measure truth -in the perception of our own eyes with our own knowledge -even our own knowledge of scripture.)

REMEMBER, the ephah concerns weighing and measuring. WICKEDNESS involves how we weigh and measure right from wrong -as we perceive it even according to our knowledge of what God has said, how we try to use what we know that God said to try to discern the Spirit of Truth from error by another spirit. But spiritual things must be discerned by HIS Spirit -not just examined by our knowledge of the scripture, but actually discerned for us by His Spirit, because we well know that "the word" (when mixed with error) is a most effective tool for deception!

Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth is the second woman in the ephah -she is all false religion borne out of false ungodly SOULISH counsel of the minds of men. Together these "two women" represent the beginning and the ending of "all false religion." They are used to represent WICKEDNESS: not seeking the counsel of God by His Spirit; doing (even believing) that which seems right in your own sight --and yielding to the serpent's flattery (ye can be as god) whereby Eve (the soul/mind of man) is deceived.

EVE represents the deception of the mind of man -the deception of his own soul (which even now continues among God's own people and their leaders -as man stubbornly refuses to have his mind renewed by the water -by revelation of- the Word of God by the Spirit of God -choosing instead to turn twist and pervert the written word in the counsel of his own mind -and calling THAT the counsel of God.)

Having leaned to her own understanding swayed by the serpent's flattery, Eve becomes the mother of "all living" -all the souls (minds) of men which continue in her error. Jezebel (in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ) claims to preach/teach by the Spirit of God but in her harlotry (not seeking God, nor receiving His Counsel by His Spirit) she seduces others -teachers deceived and deceiving many with knowledge according to human reasoning and "word-based" logic concerning what "God hath said" --not seeking or submitting to the Spirit of God for His Counsel according to the EYES of His Understanding.

In our apostasy (stubbornness and idolatry) He has given us (even the elect of God) over to our own will, for a season. Smitten with blindness (blind guides who say-they-see are leading the blind) so that many perceive what they see happening today in the churches as the "glory of God." Affirming what we seek to confirm, many firmly believe they are now getting the ministries (kingdoms) and signs and wonders etc. that "they" have always wanted! Yet because we have continually rejected His Counsel by His Spirit -in favor of our own (for the better part of two millennium) -the LORD has smitten His people with blindness (the elect of God have been allowed to be deceived) -He has included all that He might have mercy upon us ALL! (...and He is waiting for us to simply agree with Him: to agree with His testimony against us -and to acknowledge that HE is God -and we are not, that He is right -and that we are yet wrong, and humbly ask Him to restore us to and in Himself by His grace: in Christ, --not honoring Him with our lips, while our hearts are far from Him, but in Spirit and in Truth.)

In the end, HE ALONE will be glorified as HE ALONE sovereignly restores ALL who have received Him to and in Himself -in/by and through Him who is The Truth by a Sovereign act of His Mercy and Grace: by and in the revelation of Jesus Christ, -in the hearts of His people -even now He the door of the Church/the "hearts" of His own people which are called by His Name! (He that hath an ear, let him hear.)

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