"Let your Light so Shine before men"
means: to let "Him who is our Light" shine
(and I am not that LIGHT, only Jesus Himself is!)

"WE" are only the "light of the world" when it is: "nevertheless, NOT I but Christ"
and THAT not by the power of OUR OWN will, but by the will "OF HIM"
who worketh ALL things in "Himself"

It is NOT who "we are" in Christ but rather who "HE IS" in us!
And it is not what "we do" with what "God gave us"
but rather what "God has done"
and what "He will do"
with WHO He gave us: Jesus Christ, His Son!

He that hath an ear, let him hear regarding,

"The Apostasy of Christianity"

"Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, that ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of the Lord is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (of the Lord) shall not come, except there come a falling away first (apostasy) and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." (2Thess.2:1-4 KJV)

What is the great falling away (the apostasy) spoken of by the Apostle Paul? In these "the last days" exactly which churches would -or does, the "great falling away" -known as "the apostasy" involve? Is it possible that the "great falling away" does in
fact involve all the churches, -including your own?

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Mt. 24:24 KJV)

Is it possible that "the unthinkable" has already happened? Is it possible in fulfillment
of the warning of the LORD Himself concerning the possible deception of the elect of God, that the churches themselves have in fact already been deceived? Have even "the elect of God" been deceived? Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Paul the Apostle warned the early churches that in the last days he feared that "the churches would be beguilded as Eve was beguiled". Has THIS now come to pass under our very noses?

(Sadly, the answer is yes.)

The churches keep saying a great "falling away" is coming, not knowing she is it! The elect of God have been deceived; the churches themselves have been beguiled exactly "as Eve was beguiled" by the same lie!

The churches have already unknowingly "fallen away" from the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and are teaching "another gospel".

Even Churches filled with "born-again, word-walking Spirit-filled believers" are unaware that they themselves are a major part of the great falling away, part of the "great apostasy" of Christianity.

The church has been caught completely unaware in Satan's snare. Ignorantly preaching a false gospel -practicing a form of Christianized Humanism, the churches have become advesaries of God, unknowingly opposing the plan of God for the reconciliation of man to God in Christ. The churches have departed from the truth and know it not.

How could this possibly be true? How could the churches have been beguiled as Eve was beguiled? Because of our vanity of mind Satan has been able to deceive even the elect of God simply because man has failed to humble himself before God, -pride cometh before a fall!

Man is ignorant of the fact that in the perception & understanding his carnal mind, he is incapable of discerning the truth by knowledge. In fact MAN is not capable of "discerning truth" even when armed with all of man's knowledge of the written word of God! That is exactly what Eve tried to do; she tried to use her powers of perception together with her knowledge of what "God hath said" and failed to discern truth from error.

Eve was deceived primarily because she DID NOT defer to her spiritual head. Eve did not submit herself to God to inquire of THE LORD for the "discerning of His Spirit" concerning the spirit of error (versus the Spirit of Truth.) Mankind has a tendancy to do exactly what Eve did. Eve tried to "judge truth" for herself according to her knowledge of what God had said, using man's powers of perception, reasoning & the knowledge of what God said.

Not even with all of man's vast knowledge of scripture can MAN himself "discern truth". A spirit of error versus the Spirit of Truth must be spiritually discerned by the Spirit of God Himself, -not through the processes of the mind or reasoning of man as Eve tried to do!

A spirit of error must be spiritually discerned by the Spirit of Truth -by God Himself! Oh, but you say we now have the gift of discerning of spirits! This may shock you to learn but the gifts of the Spirit (including discerning of spirits) do not operate when or as man wills.

In reality most of the so-called anointed discerning of spirits or judging of truth versus error that goes on in the churches among believers & pastors alike is not the operation of the gift of discerning of spirits by the Spirit of God as men CLAIM it to be.

For generations man has been trying to weigh & judge truth vs. error for his own self by relying upon his own use of his vast knowledge of scripture together with what man reasons, thinks and/or feels is right in his own sight.

Very few have been submitting themselves, what they hear or think they know to THE LORD for the discerning of truth versus error by the discernment of HIS Spirit. Man has instead been flattered into thinking "he is spiritually endowed to judge the truth for himself according to his knowledge of God's word". Man has been substituting reasoning concerning the word, substituting mental processes, attitudes and feelings of man in place of the discernment of God by His Spirit!

Ignorant of the devices of the enemy, believers and leadership alike have been flattered into perceiving themselves to be "spiritual" enough to know! Many are ignorant of the fact that all of the "gifts of the Spirit" operate NOT AS MAN WILLS but only "as the Spirit wills". Just as many have forgotten the fact that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Therefore, IF MAN wants to exalt himself in what he thinks are his "powers of discernment" -IF MAN wants to exercise his right to use knowledge, even his knowledge of scripture to judge truth for himself, God will allow him to do so. IF MAN chooses to judge truth vs. error (as Eve did) -if man believes he is able to discern "truth from error" by what he thinks are his powers of discernment believing they are powers given to him by God for him to use as he wills... IF MAN chooses to exalt himself as God in this manner, then God (who Alone is Perfect in Wisdom & Knowledge) will allow man to do so.

God allows man (even in the churches) to exalt himself in knowledge and in his "so-called God-given powers". He allows man to become his own judge of truth but God also allows man's own evil to come upon him (self-deception)

It is better for man to do as he is commanded of God in scripture to do: to choose wisdom over folly and humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord to ask Him who is the Judge to judge truth vs. error for us by the power of His Spirit!

All men, even Bible-believing spirit-filled believers, even the churches themselves are open to the deception of the enemy whenever man exalts himself as God.

Jesus tried to warn his disciple against the pride of man and the devices of the enemy. Paul the Apostle warned the churches not to be ignorant of these devices lest we be "beguiled, as Eve was beguiled".

In spite of warnings not to be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, we have been seduced in our vanity & our pride by the flattery of the enemy who has flattered us concerning "our powers of spiritual discernment" and our use of man's great knowledge of the written word! ("Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Prov. 16:18 KJV)

In spite of the admonition to us all to "flee from idolatry" we have become an idolatrous people who pretend to acknowledge THE LORD in all of our ways when in fact we habitually consult our idol (our own mind). Every man walking according to what we think we know, according to what seems right to us in our own sight in accordance with what we in our own understanding deem to be scripturally right in our own sight has led to apostasy.

Bewitched like foolish Galatians, just as in the early church, we too have failed to realize that man opens himself to deception whenever man tries to play God, -for example, when man tries to discern truth according to knowledge, instead of humbling himself before Him who Alone is Perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge.

We open ourselves to deception when we do not humble ourselves in what we think we know to inquire of the LORD for the discerning of His Spirit, when we do not ask Him to show us "truth versus error" by His Spirit concerning His Word "in Spirit and in Truth" & when we walk in our own understanding of the letter of the word only. "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know."(1Cor. 8:2 KJV)

Rather than reacting to these statements in your own mind as we humans tend to do, -rather than following your idol thinking you "man" know better, you could choose not to oppose what the Lord Himself is saying by His Spirit (with man's thimble full of knowledge) and make the wise choice NOT TO JUDGE FOR YOURSELF whether these statements are "true or not true"

You could humble yourself in His sight instead and inquire of the Lord, asking HIM to take you to His word and show you in the Spirit of His Word, the Truth concerning these things.

Rather than following your own mind, reacting defensively or taking up an offense in the flesh on behalf of what you may perceive to be an attack against the churches, -why not inquire of the Lord if it is not in fact the testimony of the Lord against us meant not to attack the churches but to restore her/us to Him?

Rather than objecting because of what you have been taught of men (which God considers a form of idolatry) and rather than "doing what is right in our own sight" (idolatry) following the "traditions of men" by which many harden their hearts against what the Lord is saying by His Spirit, -rather than being stiff-necked, stubbornly preferring the teachings, doctrines and commandments of men to the truth by the Spirit of God, -why not choose to humble yourself in heart and in mind and simply go before the Lord? Instead of attempting to judge for yourself in the understanding of men -as we humans automatically tend to do with our vast knowledge of scripture, why not simply take what is written here humbly before Him?

Instead of proudly thinking as the enemy would like us to, that we possess enough "knowledge of the word to know for our own selves" (which in fact is the pride of man in knowledge) why not exercise true wisdom in humility of both heart and mind by demonstrating the teachable spirit of one who is willing above all to be taught of the Lord?

Simply be willing to honestly submit all that you "think you know" about what you read at this site "unto Him who Alone is Perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge".

Why not also forego passing judgement on me or what you think are my own personal motives or my agenda and just ask the LORD for His counsel by His Spirit concerning what HE is saying in these things instead? Ask the Lord for the grace and in maturity of spirit inquire of Him instead of unjustly judging me, my motives or this message for your own self.

We are commanded to "judge righteous judgment" yet none of us is able nor righteous, no not one. By default we are all therefore commanded to forego judging for ourselves according to "what is right in our own sight" and are instead commanded by God to humbly submit ourselves and what we think unto Him who is the Judge.

We are not to contend one against another according to the knowledge of men, but instead ask HIM in the Light of the Knowledge of God (which is in the Face of Jesus Christ) to show us and teach us "all things concerning the Spirit of the Word" -not disputing in the flesh according to our own knowledge of the "letter only" We are commanded to seek the Face of HIM who is the Truth to show us in His Word "in Spirit and in Truth"!

Since it is written that "Understanding cometh from the Lord" why not simply ASK THE LORD to take you to His word and show you if what you read here is true? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by investing some of your time to consider what I have "seen and heard of the Lord".

Seek the counsel of the Lord, inquire of HIM and ask Him to show you by His Spirit in the Light of His word -not only if these things are true but HOW these things apply to the churches.

Ask the LORD to show you how IN HIS SIGHT the churches (even your own church) have unwittingly become the New Adversaries of the Almighty. Ask the LORD to show you how believers are opposing God and the plan of God in Christ.

Instead of assuming this is not so, instead of being offended or reacting defensively to what you read, ask the Lord if what you read is in fact written concerning what your church &/or your pastor erroneously teaches.

I am not asking you to believe me on the basis of my own words but am urging you to go to the Lord for understanding and counsel by His Spirit concerning what is written in the articles you read here. Do you have a heart to ask the Lord if what your church teaches is true? Ask the LORD if what you yourself believe about your own Christian walk is in error.

If you have room enough to receive and can bear it, -if you read the material posted here and humbly take what you read before the Lord, He Himself will show you how and why He has sent the churches into captivity and why He is now delivering His own people into the hands of their enemies.

God has sent the churches (the people of God) into captivity in order to turn us from a falling away, from an apostasy that we refuse to acknowledge!

God's judgments against us are part of the Lord's testimony against the churches. For many years we've been taught we will escape, "none of these things will come to us." But how long will the people of God continue to deny that God Himself is allowing our homes to be swept away by flood, our houses and our churches to be destroyed by tornadoes, hurricanes and other so-called natural disasters?

How long will we refuse to inquire of Him concerning His call to repent? How long will we keep re-defining His call to repent (according to our OWN definition of our sins, according to what we ourselves choose to believe) instead of humbling ourselves before HIM to hear what GOD is saying by His Spirit in His testimony against the Churches?

Instead of stubbornly defending ourselves in what we think is right in our own sight, isn't it time we humble ourselves in His sight, to ask God? Instead of rallying in the flesh in defense of the Churches, isn't it time we stop "casting out as evil" everything that seems or sounds negative to us? Isn't it time we quit stoning those whom God has sent to testify against us (concerning what HE SAYS are our wicked ways?) He has been calling us, but we have despised the truth by His Spirit.

The fact is, it is past the time for us to humble ourselves. Since we refused to humble ourselves and judge our own selves, -He has begun the process of doing that for us! The truth is it is high time for the churches to acknowledge that God Himself has in fact, already begun the process of grinding our idolatry to powder!

Even so, most will still refuse to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches, even as God's own people are being led, by apostate leaders, like lambs to "the day of slaughter".

Few recognize or will acknowledge the judgments of God now in progress against His own people. Most steadfastly refuse to acknowledge these "judgments are sent by God" much less admit that they have been sent against the churches in order to turn us from our apostasy!

The judgments are being downplayed as pastors insist that God does not use or send earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes, -though caskets are now lining our sanctuaries, many still stubbornly act as if these events are beyond God's control, or as if these things are but a freak of nature (behaving & believing just as the world's unbelievers do).

Our leadership are ignorantly opposing God by preaching that the Hand of God is not in these disasters, telling people lies saying these things have not been sent by God in judgments against us.

Can you not hear the sound of the churches weeping like Rachael, weeping for her children because they are not, as the day of slaughter descends upon us.

Christians will forfeit their lives, -many will now be martyred, slain for His Name because they refused to humble themselves to hear that which was testified by His Spirit in His Name! Many will be martyred for His Name, who refused to be slain in His Name.

Because of the apostasy of the churches, the churches are being allowed to "scripturally" pursue their own lusts; given by God over to their own devices (for the destruction of the flesh that souls may be saved.)

Not only have the churches been given over to deception in His judgments, but because He "gave her space to repent and she repented not" of her harlotry, God is casting the churches into a bed of great tribulation... the "beginning of sorrows" has begun.

There shall be great lamentation, moaning, wailing, "weeping and gnashing of teeth" because He hath called and she refused to hear! (cf. Prov.1:20-23)

Just as His Beloved Israel, -referred to as the apple of God's eye was given over to destruction because she departed from her God, because she has left her First Love, the churches now been delivered over to destruction at the hands of her enemies. Just as Israel was given into the hands of her enemies because she repented not of her harlotry, -so too, millions of Christians (the churches themselves) are totally unaware that she has been given by God into captivity, to be sifted as wheat as He purges His threshing floor.

While many have been "scripturally" pursuing their own lusts, while thousands have been following after signs and wonders, while many have been busy casting out demons and doing many wonderful works "in His name"... while much of the Church has been self-absorbed as believers spend their time learning how to esteem themselves (right along with the rest of the world) ...while men have been rejoicing in the gifts, exalting themselves and who THEY ARE in Christ (striving to reach their so-called Christ-like potential) ...and while millions have been practicing an apostate form of Christianity (Christianized humanism) instead of humbling themselves to be hid with Christ in God, the LORD Himself has been preparing and is now unfolding His judgments.

If you have a teachable spirit and a heart which desires to hear whatever the Spirit of God is saying to the Churches, -if you want HIM to show you the truth concerning these things, you must be willing to allow the LORD to reveal the devices of the enemy in our lives against us; you must allow Him to speak things by His Spirit that you will find hard to believe, that will seem negative and offensive to you at first in your natural mind.

Take the things written at this site to the Lord; ask and inquire of Him.

I believe anyone who desires to see the Lord restore us in the unity of His Spirit, One Lord, One Spirit, One Body in Christ will pray for the grace to hear and will humbly ask the Lord for the grace not to be offended. I also believe they will receive the grace to see and hear what He is testifying against the Churches by His Spirit.

Go to HIM.Inquire of Him. Find out how this does include you and your church, ministry and/or denomination. Read all the articles posted in the text links provided; they are written regarding the "testimony of the Lord against His people" (not for evil but for good!)

The LORD is commanding His people, all the churches to consider our ways and our doings, (and many are earnestly trying to do just that.) However, if the LORD is trying to communicate something concerning our (man's) ways and doings, -if we in the churches continue to define "our wicked ways & doings" according to OUR OWN understanding of what we see in scripture, and if WE keep interpreting prophetic warnings and admonitions of the Spirit of the Lord according to our OWN understanding in the perception of what WE THINK God means by these things then, what recourse do we leave the Lord but to deliver us through His merciful judgments? Isn't it better to humble ourselves (as little children) and simply inquire of the Lord,asking HIM to reveal what HE MEANS by what He is saying, -in spite of what we THINK we know?

Even if you believe you and/or your church, or your pastor are seeking God, then perhaps the next thing that needs to be honestly considered is: Are you hearing what you want to hear? and seeing only what you want to see? Are you seeking His Hands (to bless you and your works) or are you seeking His Face with a heart to hear Him concerning whatever it pleases the Lord to disclose regarding our wicked ways and doings?

Please allow me the grace to challenge you in your faith by asking, Are you a good CHRISTIAN humanist? You think not, eh? A humanist isn't just someone who does not believe in God; a humanist isn't just someone who is his own god. A humanist is anyone who operates with man's agenda, walking according to what is right in his own sight, who has become his own highest authority (just as the churches have taught every man to walk in HIS OWN understanding of God's written word!) A humanist is also anyone who believes in the perfection of man, -instead of man, hid with God in the Perfection of Jesus Christ! A humanist strives to reach what man believes is his full potential.

"Humanist believers" strive by grace-power for the perfection of self in the image and likeness of God. Christianized humanism is MAN striving to be like God, or like Jesus; it is man trying to reach his Christ-like potential as a so-called grace powered man in Christ (instead of man being slain and hid with Christ in God.)

Believers (us/Adam) have not been called to be recreated in the image and likeness of God. Instead we are called to "put on Christ" to be hid in Him and by Him who is Himself the express image of the Father!

Still think you have not been deceived? Still think you have not ignorantly been taught how to be a bible quoting word walking so-called devil stomping Christian humanist? I challenge you to read the articles posted (see links) to find out just HOW GOD sees your "form of Christianity"!

For those who think this site is exposing error only in one particular "form of Christianity" and therefore think themselves or their beliefs exempt from what the Lord is saying, -for those who like to think THEY have not been deceived simply because they are not "word of faith" or because they are not Charismatic or Pentecostal, -for those who think only "certain elements" of Christianity are in question as part of the apostasy, -think again! Even our so-called Christian holiness, man's "form of godliness" is a major part of the apostasy of Christendom.

Are you (in your form of Christianity) "supplanting holiness" ? You think not, eh? Do you really know what true "holiness unto the Lord" is to the Father? Oh, I know you MAY THINK you know. Well, so did I -until 1986 when it pleased the LORD to knock me off my donkey and reveal HIMSELF to me, even as I then also underwent a series of corrective judgments, as the Lord began to write this message in my own life.

In 1986 the Lord showed me an angel standing over the earth with a sword in his hand which was about to come down upon the land and the LORD told me then that this was concerning judgments which HE said "HE was sending against HIS people."

Then later, in addition to what the Lord showed me concerning the apostasy, in the context of His judgments (to His own people) -not only did the HE warn of these judgments, but the LORD also said: "the CHURCHES are all becoming one but not in Me".

Notice the LORD did not say to me "there will yet come a time when the churches will depart from Me in a future great falling away". Over 10 years ago the Lord said to me, "the churches are all becoming one but not in Me" (Yes, HE USED the word "all" and you need to ask HIM why and how HE meant "all the churches.")

In the Light of Who He is, the LORD also sovereignly uncovered how the churches, i.e., His own people have departed from Him as the Fountain of Living Water, and as their First Love. He revealed how the churches are teaching God's own people idolatry of mind and heart, Hinduism, occultism, witchcraft, divination, spiritism, and teaching an apostate form of Christianity, a Christianized form of humanism!

It has also pleased the Lord to make known how Satan has twisted the gospel. It has pleased the LORD not only to reveal the heart of the apostasy but also to reveal "the son of perdition". The Apostle Paul's warning of the coming of AntiChrist is even now ALREADY being fulfilled right under the noses of God's own people!

The churches are asleep, still waiting for the apostasy to happen, not knowing SHE IS it. While the churches are still looking for "a man" to arise as AntiChrist, -while she waits for "the temple in Jerusalem" (God's city or vision of peace) to be built, -while she still waits to identify "one man" who will set up his false image of God in the last days temple, the church doesn't realize: we are that temple of God, these are last days and man has set HIS OWN IMAGE in the temple!

As in the days of Babel, man has once again become "as one man" -of one mind, striving to make a name for himself in the earth. The number of MAN is #6 Man is making a name for himself (666) in the earth via a 3-fold system by which man governs or exercises his dominion: via technology (6) and, monetarily (6) and, via vain philosophies (6) i.e., via all false religion, via humanism -including a religious form of Christianized humanism.

MAN is determined to be like the Most High God. Through knowledge etc. MAN has become his own highest authority, even doing so under the guise of submitting himself to God by feigning obedience to God's word, when in fact man has made God's word subject to man's own understanding of scripture -submitting himself only to that which man (in his ownunderstanding) deems to be true. Meanwhile, practicing a Christianized form of humanism, man himself opposes being slain and hid with Christ in God. Man is exalting self and believer's are exalting themselves "in the Lord"! MAN is exalting His OWN will and HIS OWN IMAGE in the temple of God proclaiming self to be as God. MAN is exalting his image of self as god, exalting "self" above all that is called God.

In these last days MAN has become of one mind. Once again man (in both the religious & secular world) has a single-minded unified purpose "as one man" in the earth: TO BE "all that he can be" which is the Humanist Manifesto!


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