An Introduction


When I asked the Lord where I was supposed to buy the 5th wheel trailer, and how a big etc the Lord said, "40 feet long with 2 slide-outs' (I knew next to nothing about 5th wheel trailers so when the Lord told me that, I thought -right, what's a slide out").

When I asked the Lord where to buy this 5th wheel trailer, He directed me to call the people who sold us our motor home. But when I did, I was told that they only sell motor homes, they do not sell 5th wheel trailers. When I told the Lord that, He simply said: "call them again." So I did, and they told me the same thing: "we do not sell 5th wheel trailers, and we do not know anyone in our area who does". When I told the Lord what they said, He said the same thing: "call them again". The third time I called them, they told me that since the last time that I had called, they remembered a business associate who sold 5th wheel trailers in the Palm Springs area who might be able to help me -and they would call him and have him contact me."

So while I was waiting to see if their friend would call me, I asked the Lord if it pleased Him to tell me how much I should pay for this trailer, and the Lord said, "under $32,000.00" The man from the 5th wheel dealership called me a few hours later and asked me what kind of a trailer I needed. And I told him, the Lord said, "40 feet long with 2 slide outs" And he said, "Who?" and I said, "the Lord" -you've heard of Him haven't you? And the man said, "oh, yes I have..."

The 5th wheel dealer said he had 3 different trailers that I could choose from that were 3 different prices. But I told him that I was disabled and that I had 2 handicapped daughters and a four year old son -and that my youngest daughter had to have nursing care in our home and that we were all (literally) camped out in our front yard because my house was "tossed in the earthquake" and was not yet in liveable condition etc. so I could not come look at the trailers to pick one out. I told him that I would know if he had the right trailer if he could deliver the trailer to my door within 3 days time: with everything I needed in the trailer -ready to drive it to Texas, and IF that trailer including delivery was under the price the Lord had told me, I would buy it sight unseen.

The salesman asked me if I was going to tell him ahead of time "what price" the Lord had told me, and I said, "not on your life! When you call me and tell me that you can deliver the 40ft trailer I need and you can have it here "key ready" within the next 3 days, –and IF the price for that trailer is "under the dollar amount" the Lord told me, then I will give you a cashier's check for payment in full, on delivery."

The man called me back and told me that he could not get the trailer delivered to me within three days because of the earthquake -did I not know that many of the bridges were knocked out and many of the roads no longer passable? I told him -that was not my problem, "if the Lord wanted him to get the trailer to me, the Lord would make a way." And once again, I told the man that I could not come to look at the trailers that he had on display. He asked me how could I buy something like this "sight unseen" and I told him that it was called "grace" :-)

Sometime later that day the man called me and said that he could have the trailer ready & delivered before the weekend was over. So I asked him how much it would cost? And the man said, "$31,680" and I said, "sold!" Within three days, my neighbors were teasing me saying that their neighbor "Noah" now had an ark (40 ft. trailer) in front of her house!"

I asked the Lord who was going to see to the repairs on the house, and how was I supposed to get this trailer (ark :-) packed and HOW was I supposed to get this rig (truck and trailer + medical supplies and children to Texas!? (The next day people I did not even know showed up at my door and told me that they were Christians -and that the Lord had spoken to them and told them to come to your house and help you pack your trailer.)

When I asked the Lord where in Texas, I told the Lord, "Texas is a big place, Lord" -could You please narrow it down a little bit Lord? Where in Texas, Lord?"

A friend of mine who used to live in Orange County -seven years before she had worked in my home taking care of my oldest daughter. We had lost contact for several years. And then she ends up getting in touch with me: she tells me she has 4 children now and she lives "in Texas". The day after I asked the Lord "how I was supposed to get to Texas" -she calls me (to find out how we did in the earthquake) and the she also tells me that while we were talking on the phone, the LORD had spoken to her husband while he was in the other room -in fact, he was in the bath tub taking a bath when he said the LORD spoke to him and told him to go to Los Angeles and drive that woman (her husband did not know my name) out of there!"

When I asked her if she thought her husband could drive the 24 ft. truck along with 30 feet of trailer (60 ft. long) to Texas, she laughed and said, "honey my husband drove tracker trailer rigs in the snow for a living!" (Her husband took a flight to Los Angeles -four days later I would be in Texas.)

Meanwhile, I still had questions about what the Lord wanted me to do with the repairs on the house etc. and the next day our missionary friend from Jamaica showed up on our front lawn. (I had not called him -and had no way to reach him yet he just showed up at my house the next day!) He told me that the Lord had sent him to stay with the house -because he told me "the Lord said, you are leaving." He told me that the Lord said that he was to stay with the house until the repairs were completed.

Later that same afternoon my neighbor's son said that he would like to move out of his apartment and so he came to me wanting to know if he could rent the house -since we were going to Texas. (I agreed to rent him the house as soon as the repairs were completed.)

If you would like to know why the Lord sent me to the Bible belt -what message He sent me with for His people, then visit my site and prayerfully read what is posted there. Be sure not to lean to your own understanding regarding what is written there, and to ask the Lord for counsel and understanding by His Spirit concerning what He is saying there to His people :-) I say that by the word of the Lord not because I think you are ignorant, but because I know that "understanding cometh" only "from the Lord" :-)

When I first bought a computer and started going online (2 yrs ago) I prayed and asked the Lord what online handle I should use. And the Lord reminded me how He what He had told me about all the "I, Me & My" in ministries. And the Lord told me that the name or handle I was to use was "not i" which is a play on Gal. 2:20 "I live, ...nevertheless not I but Christ..." And when I first went online 2 years ago, so I started by using the handle "noti" but some people (in the Christian chats) thought that it was or meant "naughty" -so at the Lord's direction I was told to use the variation (which is just as spiritually appropriate) "Noteye" –for truly it is not supposed to be what is right in our own sight (in the sight of men) but that which is right in His Sight, and it is not supposed to be in own understanding or our own evaluation of the message, nor is it supposed to be our own perception of what the Lord is saying, but His by His Spirit!

So if you do decide to visit my page, I pray that you will make the decision not to be offended by what you think I am saying, and that the Lord will grant us all the grace to hear what He is saying to His people by His Spirit, in all these things :-)

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