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"The house of mourning is better than the house of feasting, ...and sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance (godly sorrow) the heart (spiritual hearing) is made better" (cf. Eccl.)

When I was only ten years old the Lord made His presence known to me while I was playing in the front yard of my parents house, and the Lord asked me if I would serve Him. At that time the Lord showed me a vision of a woman sitting in a wheelchair and He told me about a baby and said that it would be very sad. The Lord caused me to understand that the woman was me. And again, He asked me if I would serve Him, saying again, "Count the cost". When I said yes, the Lord gave me another vision in which He showed me a Sovereign autonomous move of Almighty God in the last days for which no man, or denomination, or ministry would receive the glory but God alone. For more about this particular portion of my testimony, please read "Go and Go Now" (personal and prophetic)

I am 46 years old. I have been disabled with multiple congenital spinal problems (the result of which I had six disks removed and have been disabled since 1981). While my firstborn child was yet in my womb, the Lord told me that the child would not be "normal" or healthy. Even though there was something wrong with the child, the Lord assured me that it was for the "glory of God". One month after my daughter was born, she was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her airway.

"The Lord used what we went through with my disability and with our daughter's illness to help draw us unto Him. By the time our daughter was 31/2 years old, both my husband and I had accepted the Lord.

"As believers who had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we were in church. We were faithfully tithing, frequently fasting, always praying, and witnessing --doing all the things we were taught to do. My husband was active in local Foursquare Church, -he began teaching Sunday school.

"My husband and I did not understand for a long time what was happening in our lives. And in response to our prayers for understanding, the Lord let us know that He was going to give us a blessing (in the form of another child.) When our second child was born, just like her sister, she too had respiratory problems and at one month of age, just like her sister, our second daughter also had have a tracheostomy and gastrostomy (stomach tube.)

"After the Lord worked me through all the anger, bitterness, resentment, and just plain grief of having a second handicapped child, though we did consider her a blessing, I asked the Lord how He had considered "what came with this child" to be a blessing. And the Lord showed me a vision of a child -my daughter, who (in this vision) apparently just had been spanked for running out into the street in front of an oncoming vehicle. And in the vision, I saw her walking away down the sidewalk, rubbing her backside and she was looking bitter, resentful, angry because of that spanking (not coincidentally portraying all the same feeling I had just described to the Lord.) Then the Lord asked me, "would that child have considered that spanking a blessing?" I said, "No, Lord" And the Lord said, "Neither did you consider what I did with that child (referring to us having a second handicapped child) a blessing"

"At that point, I asked the Lord: "Lord, what are you trying to show me, you have my undivided attention." The Lord used the things we went through with the illness of our second child to show us the extent of and to deliver both my husband and I, from the apostasy.

"In 1986 when I first accepted the Lord, the Lord had told me that at some point in time, He would take my husband and my daughter home. And in 1991, my second daughter -who had been growing multiple tumors in her airway, and she was eventually diagnosed as terminal (thankfully she is still with us.)

"In late 1992, the Lord told me that He was now going to take my husband home. The Lord confirmed that word through a friend, who did not know anything about what the Lord had told me. My husband's symptoms began and within a few month's time, he went home to be with the Lord. (He died of an inoperable tumor on the brain stem.)

"Not long after my husband went home to be with the Lord, the Lord then warned me -and He told me to warn my neighbors that there was going to be an earthquake (which occurred two weeks later.) It was also two weeks before the earthquake that the Lord told me that He was sending me to Texas -and He told me that my children and I would be in Texas within one month's time.

"I didn't know anyone in Texas and I had no way to arrange such a move since I am a disabled widow with 3 children (my two handicapped daughters and my 31/2 year old son). The girls required continuing medical care, supplies, medications, doctors, hospitals, medical vendors for oxygen and supplies etc.) nevertheless, within a month --through a miraculous chain of events, the Lord had us moved to Texas, just as He had said.

"While all of the churches are still jockeying for position in the world community, one-third of the earth is soon to be destroyed because of the "apostasy of Christendom, et al." -Can you tell me, in this day and age -just how any one is supposed to even TRY to communicate THAT to a people (much less their learned leadership) who are -from the pulpit to the pews consumed with "every man doing that which he perceives to be right in his own sight"!

"All of us at best are still just "sinner's saved by grace" and that not of ourselves, but it is the gift of God, lest any man should boast. SO HOW IS IT that we want to examine the messenger to death (just like the Pharisees did Jesus!) instead of turning to the Father with humility of heart to seek His Face concerning the "message itself"!?

"Some people are more willing to acknowledge spiritual communication come from hugging a tree than they would even consider receiving this kind of message from the Lord! In spite of all that is said about Christian's having humility of heart, few actually demonstrate an attitude of the heart or mind that is simply willing to take the message before THE LORD and humbly submit it to Him for Him to confirm (by His Spirit & in His written word) without judging the messenger and the message for themselves in the conceit of man's own mind.

"For some time I had run from the Lord and His plans for my life and I did so -largely because I KNEW no one would listen/or believe/or even consider that the Lord would use a disabled housewife, of all things! -and my family and I have paid a high cost for my rebelliousness. But even that, the Lord has purposed to use for good!

"When Jonah was delivered from the belly of the whale, Jonah's skin must have been somewhat "bleached" after 3 days in that whale, and I kind of picture Jonah as covered with seaweed as he emerges repentant -having been suddenly spued onto the land from the mouth of the whale. Jonah must have been quite a site when he first arrived at Nineveh.

"And I have no doubt that Jonah preached with a fire of God -and with an authority of one who had tasted of the merciful correction of our Lord. Seeing Jonah as he must have looked and hearing his testimony, it is no small wonder that the people of Nineveh repented at the preaching of Jonah. Yet when it pleases the LORD to send "Living Epistles" to the Churches, et al -written in the lives (and suffering of her own people) today, do we listen? -no.

"Times have definately changed. Jonah and the whale are now considered passe, and such things are written off as myth by most. And the whales that swallow people up today are not seen as God's call to self-searching repentance and obedience (i.e., desiring the obedience of Christ in us) towards God, but are now (more often than not) met with a zealous, overcoming, victorious, ever increasing "faith" to "believe for Jonah's healing". And I dare say that today that there would be far more people who would today try to correct Jonah's doctrine according to their knowledge of "the word" than there would be who would hear in His message what the Lord is speaking by His Spirit.

"And the non-charismatic religious community within the Church seems to be much more concerned with "who your spiritual counselor" is than with the content of the message. Much like Protestants are often more interested in what church you go to before they will even listen. Everyone seems to be looking so hard to see if you have all your "i's" dotted and your "t's" all crossed, when we ought to simply humble ourselves before THE LORD and ASK HIM to be the Discerner of the message, -rather than men judging the envelope in which it was delivered?

"HAVE WE NOT LEARNED ANYTHING from the "folly of the Pharisees" and what they did to Jesus? As our Heavenly Father spoke through Jesus by His Spirit -they too took their puny "knowledge of the word" and "their traditions" and they presumptuously judged the Lord Himself, in the flesh!

"When I even try to tell anyone today that there is any thing wrong with the "word of faith" and/or charismatic movement (-in what MAN has done in the flesh WITH what God had once begun by His Spirit) -if I even try to suggest that the Lord still uses (for good) and has a purpose in suffering afflictions in this tabernacle of flesh (not that we earn anything) then I am accused of not having enough so-called "faith" (faith in faith, not faith toward God!) to receive my healing!

"I am not in favor of suffering for the sake of misery nor self martyrdom, but many have gone to the opposite extreme: healing has become the message and following signs the trend! Many people (because of what they are taught today) they don't realize that they are ignorantly "believing themselves" out from under "a blessing in disguise" -simply because THEY SEE no purpose of God in it, and have been taught that we need not "endure affliction" (but rebuke it) because the very idea of suffering is so totally abhorrent to us (to our flesh.)

"As a result of our short-sightedness and as a result of the tendency of our flesh to despise chastening (only to find themselves counted as "bastards and not sons") many are foolishly (doing what is right in their own sight) "using what they call faith in God" to evade -even circumvent the purposes of God that are -according to man's knowledge and in his sight, past his finding out.

"Many are inadvertently taught how to exercise what amounts to our sovereignty above the Sovereignty of God. In the so-called godly "wisdom of man" many are ignorantly opposing the Wisdom of God, "in the name of faith" preferring to exercise man's own will according to the supposedly godly knowledge of men as though simply because we have the word of God, many act as though man has been endowed with the Omniscience of Almighty God.

"Indeed, many "zealous believers" (they have a zeal, but not according to the "knowledge of God") if THEY were to meet Jonah today, as he entered into Nineveh to call "the city" to repentance, -many today would consider it their God-given appointed and anointed ministry to help untangle the seaweed from off Jonah's body -"in the name of Jesus" and "in the love of the Lord!" And still many more would be hilariously happy to "pray for Jonah" and would earnestly set about helping to believe God for and help "obtain the manifestation" of a healing for Jonah. Oh yes, there would be many who would be ready, willing and able to "believe God for" for healing of Jonah's whale inflicted "skin affliction"!

"Had it been heard today about a whale swallowing a brother like Jonah up, there would thousands of super-charged intercessors who would have interceded before the Lord on Jonah's behalf until they got "Jonah delivered" from that whale. And then after "they got Jonah" delivered from the whale those same intercessory prayer groups would be standing in faith to get him delivered of his "judgmental attitude" toward the people in that city that he thought God had sent him to preach to -and the same would utterly reject his God given message today as too negative to be of God, too judgmental, too unloving etc. even calling it evil ... in fact, the truth is most churches today will do ANYTHING and everything "in the name of the Lord" except humble themselves to "hear" and apply what Jonah was sent by God to say.

"Forgive me if this offends you, or if it seems like a breach in net etiquette & forgive me for not being politically correct: I'm not trying to be rude, only obedient.

"Having learned the sufficiency of His grace, convinced of His Sovereignty -I have learned how to be content in whatsoever circumstances I am in and I rejoice in the Lord, in everything -for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus Our Lord -yet my heart is grieved for the sake of His children...

"resting in Jesus Christ" as Lord and Savior,

"In Christ"

"M. Weiland, aka "Noteye"