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It is the humility of Jesus Christ, (not our own) -not man's own humility but the faith of Christ, the obedience of Jesus Christ, and the humility of Christ in us...

Jesus Christ Himself is the only Way, He is the only "stepping-stone" to higher recognition of God!

A "higher recognition of God" or more correctly stated "the Knowledge of God" (the Knowledge of the Mystery of God) comes not by the mind of man nor the knowledge of man, it comes "not by flesh and blood" but by revelation from God, and that, by the Father which is in heaven by His Spirit, as He wills by grace, not merited (not earned nor learned).

And so, it is not a matter of man's mental cognition or recognition of God. Through the cognitive skill of man, through the wisdom of man (1Cor.1:19-22 ) no man knows God. "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared Him." (John 1:18)

In John 14:6 and following: Jesus said, "No man comes unto the Father, but by Me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him...He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father...I am in the Father, and the Father in Me." John 14:21 "He that hath my commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth Me: and He that loveth Me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, AND WILL MANIFEST MYSELF to him." John 14:24 "If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him."

God is made known to whom ever it pleases the Son to reveal Him, -not by cognitive processes nor by the knowledge of our carnal minds, nor the humility of man but by grace in the humility of Christ by revelation from the Father -and that, by His Spirit.

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To say "great charity and humility" are necessary in the work of healing seems true at face value, however it is nevertheless a false statement (1/2 truth) since it is used by the author to support the supposition that various "attributes of men" are pre-qualifications of healers, rather than the attributes of God manifest through Christ by the power of His Spirit.

The author is claiming that certain attributes of men qualify men to be healers, as though man is empowered to be a healer by virtue of his having attained to a certain level of acquired holiness of man, goodness of man, etc. pre-requisites "of man in man" rather than "of God, in Christ through whom" God heals.

The contention that healing is based upon the love, godliness and/or holiness of man (instead of Christ) as God's agent of healing is a BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL ERROR which is rampant among the churches today.

God is the Healer, through Jesus Christ, not man. God's prerequisite to healing is therefore, the sovereign will of God to heal; which He does, -not through mortal man but through the Living Christ (in the Name of Jesus, which means "in the very person of" Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...nevertheless, not I -but Christ, means just that!

The crippled man at the Beautiful gate was healed IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST (i.e., in the name of, means BY THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST). When all the people ran together to Peter and John (crediting the healing and the attributes of God to these men) they responded to that by rending their clothes and saying: "Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or WHY LOOK YE EARNESTLY ON US, as though by our power or holiness, we had made this man to walk? (Notice they denied it was either by their powers or by their holiness!) "The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified His Son Jesus...And His Name through faith in His Name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by Him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all." (cf. Acts 3:12-17)

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Mary Baker Eddy taught: "Count as evil, -count your enemy to be that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the image of Christ (Christ image) that you should reflect." One of the (many) problems with what Mary Baker Eddy taught is: she believed and subscribed to the false gospel of who man is in Christ, she propagated the false gospel of Christianized Humanism and it's bastard child, the metaphysical mind sciences...

In Christ, the believer is counted as dead =slain and hid together with Christ in God. As such, you (dead Adam) do not "reflect Jesus Christ"; you are to "put on Christ" and be "clothed with Christ" (by grace through the faith of Jesus, you are hidden by God in Christ, who is Himself the Second Adam, the Spiritual New Man which is (not us, but rather is) the Lord from heaven. (Cf. 1 Cor. 15:47) By the Spirit of adoption, when we (who are Adam, of the earth, earthy) accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we become "dust and ash" members of the spiritual body of Him who is Himself the Spiritual New Man, Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory..

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Christian mind science teaches that: "Affliction of the flesh, rightly understood is sanctified (of God) for the purification of the flesh..." The soul is chastened when afflicted, but the flesh is not purified by affliction. The flesh is emnity against the things of the Spirit -and must be brought into subjection to the Spirit by the work of the Holy Spirit, which work is accomplished by God through the obedience of Christ at work for us on our behalf (by grace and not of ourselves.) Our body of flesh is not sanctified by affliction.

Our spirits are reborn and our souls are sanctified by the Blood of Jesus Christ and we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and He shall raise up our mortal bodies at His coming and then this corruptible shall put on the incorruptible...

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In her writings on mind science, one-hundred years ago Mrs. Eddy taught the very same errors that are being taught in the Christian churches today, "As one grows into manhood or womanhood of Christianity, one finds so much lacking, and so very much requisite (required) to become wholly Christlike" (wrong again, we (man) do not become "Christ-like" That is the lie of the garden of Eden now being taught in the churches, man is not called to try to be like God but to be hid in Him and by Him who is God! Man trying to be like God by any power the same lie that has been taught by men in various forms since the fall of man.

It is not for us (man) to be like God, it is not us in "our Christ-like-ness", not man's copy of Christ, not our reasonable facimile of Christ, not man's so-called empowered (false) image of "man like Christ" but just the opposite, not us at all! Not I but Christ, not me but He! The One, the Only and the Original, Jesus "Christ in us, the Hope of glory" in whose likeness we are called to be hid!)

Man has made a science (mind science) or study (psychology) of perfecting himself, and all of man's "how to" formulas and methods of perfecting himself consist of man's attempting to perfect himself through knowledge.

Jesus Christ came to hide us with all of our imperfections in Himself, and to stand in our place as our hoiness, as Perfection in place of us.

Man's vain attempts to perfect self through knowledge is in opposition to the will of God that we should instead be hid by Him and in Him who alone is holy, who alone is perfect!

The error of man perfecting self through knowledge is perpetuated with false line upon false line and twisted precept upon twisted precept...with still more 1/2 truths: "'s ability to meet them (the requirements) is from God; Man is not given ability to be "like God". In Christ, man is replaced -slain and hid, in Him who is God, by Him who alone is able!

The error of man's focus upon man continues with error upon error as men teach us that, "...being His likeness, and image, man must reflect the full dominion of Spirit (We were created "in His image" and "in His likeness" but we are not His "likeness" nor are we (man) His Image.

We do not become "like Him" but are instead called to be "hidden in the likeness of Him" who is the express image and likeness of the Father. And the dominion and the power are the Lord's, not man's.)

Mary Baker Eddy (and other false teachers who have followed in her footsteps) falsely claim the dominion of man over sickness and death through knowledge, instead of the dominion of God by His Spirit through Jesus Christ!

"... -even (man's) supremacy (rule) over sin, sickness & death." (But the kingdom, power and rule is by God in Christ, not man's supremacy but God's and only through Christ in us, for us, in place of us, on our behalf! We are endued with power (the Spirit of Christ) that God by His Spirit might bring all things, all of us, into submission to Himself through Christ by His Spirit, who is Lord of all!)

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" Spirit only, not its opposite, in every God-quality, even in substance, recognize thyself as God's spiritual child...true man and true of spiritual origin, God's reflection." (Again, the error of the infernal focus on us as the operatve persons, instead of the risen Lord. Jesus did not say "recognize thyself" and Jesus did not say, "come and learn who you are in Me". Once again Mary Baker Eddy and other deceived teachers like her, echo the false, extremely humanistic refrain of man's deification of self, of man in the image and/or likeness of God, instead of us, now called to be hid in Christ, that it might be not of oursleves but by Christ in us, of, in and by Him who is Himself God! Every other image or likeness of God is false!) (page 18)
God is All-in-all, Spirit is immortal Truth..real and eternal, Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. (This statement is also false, God is not "all" and "all" is not God. Jesus Christ is our all and in all, on behalf of all, who receive Him. Jesus Christ is Immortal, and He is The Truth. Not all that is "spirit" is God, and so "Spirit" is NOT God, but rather, "God is a Spirit".

Man is not God's image, Man is not God's likeness, man was made "in the image" and "in the likeness" of God, by His Word (without which nothing was made that was made...)

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Mind Science philosophy equates knowledge with power, (knowledge=divine healing) through the application of what Mrs. Eddy calls divine principal operating through the knowledge of man in the lives of believers

This error is the same error behind the false doctrines (metaphysical mind science) being taught in the churches today. Believers are taught that by the knowledge of who they are in Christ, that their faith will produce the restoration of health [which is pure metaphysical mind science, no matter how much you try to disguise it as Biblicl truth] (ref.chapter 2 of the Miscellaneous Writings of Mary Baker Eddy)

Men are teaching metaphysical mind science and it's companion (equally false) science of mind, "modern psychology" (which is just another form of pure science, or study of the mind) both of which have enundated the churches today with gross error

Knowledge does not equal power, analyzing your inner self, getting in touch with your feelings, knowing yourself and discovering who you are etc. does not equal healing...

You can apply all of the "principals" you want and your divine principals do not give you divine power.&mbsp; You can apply all the divine principals of the universe and still not be healed (...keeping the Law is not righteousness, nor is it a guarantee that you will not suffer.)

Neither the blind man nor his parents "sin" caused him to be born blind; Jesus said he was born blind that the works of God might be made manifest... even the Apostle Timothy had to take a little wine for his stomach, and healing (deliverance) was withheld from the Apostle Paul who was told by the Lord that "His grace was sufficient"...

Although many have been practicing science of the mind (metaphysical mind science) in the name of Christian faith, and though many have been healed in the process, very few realize what they have forfeited...

Although many have usurped the authority of the Spirit, healing is not man's prerogative. Healing is God's prerogative,

prerogative (pr-rge-tv) noun 1. An exclusive right or privilege held by a person or group, especially a hereditary or official right. 2. The exclusive right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge. 3. A natural gift or advantage that confers superiority. 4. Characteristic superiority; preeminence.

God is Sovereign, and His word says that He wounds and He heals, He kills and He makes alive and there is none that can deliver out of His hand...

God heals if, and/or when it pleases Him to do so. Healing is not secured, nor is it guaranteed by our confession or by our performance... but only by His mercy, through the merit of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.)

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As usual, Mrs. Eddy selects a portion of scripture which she uses to equate her error with the truth of God's word (which is exactly what false teachers are doing in the churches are today).

Here in this next portion of her writings, she equates "purity of man's heart" with the knowledge of God by the scripture which says, "the pure in heart" shall see God.

As usual, at first glance her statment seems true enough, until the Lord exposes the fact that neither "purity of heart" nor "the knowledge of God" is of man in the first place!

Neither purity of heart, nor the knowledge of God, comes to man but by Jesus Christ! Yet Mrs. Eddy says: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God" from which statement she then launches her wrested teaching, saying, "Nothing (less than) aside from the spiritualization
-the highest Christianization- of (our) thoughts and desires, can give the true perception of God (and right
mindedness) that result in health, happiness, and holiness..."

Again and again, she mixes 1/2 truths with gross error. The Truth of God is that, nothing less than Jesus Christ, who is "the gift of God", and no other way than by Him (by the grace of God) is the Knowledge of God given to us, and that, not of us or of our own merit, it is the gift of God in Christ.

By grace, unmerited, -not earned or learned, and only by the revelation of Jesus Christ by the Spirit of God, does God "G-I-V-E" revelation knowledge of Himself, in the Face of Jesus Christ!)

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Mrs. Eddy asserts that, "The new birth is not the work of a moment...It begins with moments, and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God, of childlike trust and joyful adoption of good; False teachings are the "turning upside down of the Potter and the clay" ...and Mrs. Eddy, and other false teachers like her, do just that by constantly twisting the word of God to make the work of God seem like the attainable works of man.

Contrary to what Mrs. Eddy (and others) would like us to believe, goodness (in the sight of God) is not an attribute of man, and "good is not adopted by man".

There is none good by God! In Christ, man is made a dust and ash member of the body of Christ by the Spirit of adoption...) she hails man's "moments of self-abnegation (self-denial)" (but the scripture does not call for "self-denial" but rather commands the denial "of self" -to set aside our own way of thinking, our own will and our own feelings in submission to God through Christ.

So many false teachers twist the command (deny the god of self) to mean self-denial, which encourages man in false pursuit of a form of godliness (outward works of self-abasement) which not only supplants true holiness but also tends to perpetuate legalism and either causes self-condemnation or it tends to produce pharisaical self-righteousness.

Notice how much of man's false teaching is centered on man's inner self...even as Mrs. Eddy advocates...) "...self-concentration, heaven-born hope, and (so-called) spiritual love.

Contrary to what Mrs. Eddy believes, THE NEW BIRTH is the work of a moment, the very moment we accept Jesus Christ, the moment we confess and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. After we are born again, we do or are expected to "grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord."

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"What a faith-lighted thought is this! that mortals can lay off the "old man," until man is found to be the image of the infinite good that we name God, and the fulness of the stature of man in Christ appears" writes Mrs. Eddy, the Founder of "Christian" Metaphysical Mind Science and so too, do the churches now also teach that same mind science... (Her metaphysical teachings and occult mind science were as wrong then as they are throughout Christendom today.

"We don't name God "infinite good" -although she obviously does, and as usual she has perverted the scripture for her own purposes: it is NOT the fullness of the stature of man in Christ, but the fullness of the stature of Christ in us!

We do not become the image or the likeness of Him, we are to be transformed from our image (fallen Adam) to be found hidden "in Him" who is the Second Adam, who came to hide us in Himself, who is Himself the express image of the Father!)

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