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"In mortal and material man, goodness seems in embryo. By suffering for sin, and the gradual fading out of mortal, material (carnal) senses of man, thought is developed into an infant Christianity; and feeding at first on the milk of the Word, it drinks in the sweet revealings of a new and more spiritual Life and Love."

Christianity is not a fading out of man's mortality!

Christainity is not merely the "transformation of thought" -yes, a Christian's mind must be renewed, our minds must be submitted to God through Christ by the work of His Spirit, submitted to God (not by our own works but) by the work of God by His Spirit through (not our own obedience but) by the obedience of Christ...

Man does not have an embryo of goodness in him (there is none good but God!) and the heart of man is desperately wicked! Fallen man is rebellious against God and His Christ until if and when we accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The it not us, not I but Christ who is the Word of God, (not my use of God's word, but by God's work through Christ who is the Living Word!)

By His work on the cross, God has crucified man in Christ and -once we have received Him, God hides "that man" (fallen man) in Himself, and that work is fully accomplished by God in Jesus Christ... and it is this basic truth, which has escaped much of the Church today, basic truth which is the "milk of the word" which so many (who perceive themselves to be teachers) are still in need of!

(pp. 15-16)
"Here, then, is the awakening from the dream of life in matter (awakening from purely material existance) the great fact that GOD is the only Life that, therefore, we must entertain a higher sense of both God and man. We must learn that GOD is infinitely more than a person, or finite form can contain; that GOD is a divine Whole, and All, an all-pervading Intelligence and Love, Divine Infinite Principal and that Christianity is a divine ("divinely ordained") study of and/or scriptural pursuit of the Knowledge of God.

Notice how with all subtlty Mrs. Eddy equates "generic spiritual enlightenment" with man's discovery of a higher sense of God "and man".    In so doing, she plants seeds of the so-called divine potential of all men... [just like the churches now subtly equate "awakening to the knowledge of who you are in Christ" with the knowledge of God, so that through knowledge of who you are, you can reach your full-potential to think like God, act like God, and become like the Most High God (only -in the Christian churches, they prefer to call it "becoming more Christ-like")]

Contrary to what Mrs. Eddy taught, Christianity is NOT the divine study of or the pursuit of the knowledge of a generic God, or a divine principal. Christianity is (should be) the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as God, the confession of faith in Him who died for our sins and purchased our redemption through His shed Blood, who rose again bodily, ascended bodily and shall in like manner return as the Judge of all the earth...who reigns forevermore -and through whom, the Mystery of God, is revealed. (cf. The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ)

(page 16)
In the early 1800's, Mary Baker Eddy wrote: "God is the first and only cause."    This false doctrine (of God as an impersonal, universal life force) is not really New Age at all.   God is not merely first, He always was, is now and always will be!   God is not simply a generic impersonal force or "cause", He is our Creator before whom we will all stand to give account. And only if we are found in Christ, will we be judged as "not guilty" (not by our own merit but) by the Blood of Jesus.(page 23)
"The universe is not a result of atomic action, material force or energy; it us not organized dust. God, Spirit, (Infinite) Mind are terms synonymous for the one God whose reflection is creation, and man is His image likeness" -a perverion of the gospel courtesy of Mary Baker Eddy!She mixes still more 1/2 truths mixed with gross error which she disguises as gospel truth!   Creation testifies of God's goodness but nature is not the reflection of God!

God is not a generic higher power, or a generic Great "Spirit", although God is a Spirit.   Almighty God is not "universal thought" or a generic "infinite mind". The mind science term, Infinite Mind and generic references God as a universal great "Spirit" are NOT synonymous terms for the LORD our God!

With all deceiveableness, substitionary terms for God are used to equate God with a univeral infinite mind and/or force of intelligence which vain men hope to attain to, which man hopes to himself achieve: man in the "likeness of God" through "likeness of Mind" which is a twisted pursuit of god-like-ness, otherwise known as man's quest for "godhood"!

(page 23)
Christian mind science contends that "God is seen only in that which reflects good, Life, Truth, Love --which manifests all His Attributes and power, even as the human likeness thrown upon a miror repeats precisely (reflects) the looks and actions of the object in front of it."

Here again we see the subtle equating of generic positive attributes such as generic good, life, truth and universal love with godhood.   And once that connection is established in the minds of men, then we are sold the lie that "the manifestation of these attributes in man" demonstrates God-like-ness (--or in the case of today's false gospel of Christian Humanism, the manifestation or possession of these qualities is equated with the Christ-like-ness of man!)

God is Love but not all love is "God".   He that hath not the Son, hath not the Father -and that is true, no matter how loving and nice, no matter how giving -even if they give their bodies to be matter how kind their human behavior may be!

The mirror of God's word tells us what manner of man we are, notice it does not say that His word shows us what manner of god we are!

The mirror of God's word shows man that we are human (not Gods) and that we are not "like God" and His word also teaches us that we are therefore called to be hid in Him who is God.

It is not the purpose of God in Christ to make you like Christ, the purpose of God in Christ is to hide you in Him, so that God might manifest Himself through Jesus Christ (who is our Life) in place of us.   And it is high time we get that straight before God grinds our idolatrous minds to powder!

(page 23)
Mary Baker Eddy wrote: "The Scriptures name God as good, and the Saxon term for God is also good. From this premise comes the logical conclusion that God is naturally and divinely infinite good. How, then can this conclusion change or be changed to mean that good is evil, or the creator of evil? In the Christian study or understanding of God (does she mean: Father, Son, Holy Spirit?) the terms "God and good" as Spirit are synonymous: (therefore the idea) that God, good, creates (sends or uses) evil or that which results in evil is not true, (the idea is invalid because it is completely contradictory to God's Divine Nature, His Goodness".

Once again, metaphysical mind science teachings worship the god of forces, equating all things good with godhood, and all things evil are dismissed as undesireable negativite energy.   As a result of these kinds of false teachings, anything that seems negative to man is considered evil and therefore not of God.

According to the doctrines of metaphysical mind science, any thing that (in our estimation) is negative, then it is simply "not God" ...Hello, church? That which is considered (by man) to be "negative" criticism, anything that seems unpleasant to us or things that seem negative in our own sight are routinely rejected as not being "of God".   And it has gotten to the point that words of reproof, exhortation to obedience, admonition, correction and rebuke by the Spirit of God are rejected by His own people who now routinely discount and despise what does not seem "nice" to us, whatever we deem to be critical or negative in our sight.

Worshiping the god of forces, many now obey only that which seems postive, automatically dismissing or rejecting whatever seems negative (in our own sight...) And so few seem to consider the folly of walking in the perception of that which is right or good in our own sight: the need for parental correction is invariably considered negative to a rebellious child and what man is their among us who is not in need of correction by our heavenly Father -yet, who is willing to acknowledge the need for correction, when the way of a man seems right in his own sight...

And so, the churches are ignorantly "worshipping the god of forces" in the name of Christianity through practices that have become a way of life for many believers (world-wide apostasy) because of the false doctrines of men.

Through man's vain reasoning and twisted logic (leaning to his own perception and understanding) men are now equating "godhood" with things like knowledge (which man perceives to be good, to make one wise...) But Genesis chapter testifies that "having knowledge of good and knowledge of evil" does not make man like God...neither does achieving levels of goodness ever make man "like God" -not even the humanistic counterfeit Christ-like-ness of man (which is now considered attainable to man through man's knowledge of God in Christ) ...remember, it is not "man in Christ" but Christ in us, the Hope of glory!

(page 23)
In keeping with the doctrine of God as an impersonal force, Mrs. Eddy wrote: "Evil signifies the absense of good." But evil is much more than just the absence of good, it is the pride of man, it is the rebelliousness of man against the will of God, it is doing our own will &/or doing what we like to think is God's will our own way, it is calling good "evil" and calling "evil" good, -it is the turning upside down (reversal) of the Potter and the clay.   Evil cloaks itself in a veneer of goodness, evil takes many forms and is manifest in many seemingly good ways.)

Mary B. Eddy also taught: "...Since God is good, Whole and in Unity, all harmonious Spirit -then, inharmony (disunity), sin, disease, and death are invalid (a lie against the reality of God, i.e., sin, disease etc. are made void or negated by virtue of the Truth, by the reality of God's goodness.)Do you see how cleverly she equates things that seem negative "as evil"

Simply because something riles our flesh, opposes our idol (offends our mind) and/or fails to tickle our fancy, does not mean it is not of God.   And not all that seems good (to us) in our sight is necessarily "of God". In fact, some of the enemy's best work is disguised as Christian and is presented as gospel truth!

Not all so-called "Christian likemindedness" is godly.   Unity in apostasy, brotherhood of man, agreeing to disagree for the sake of harmony, and mistaking "one-minded-ness" with man in the doctrines of men, is not true Christian unity or fellowship.

Man being in agreement with man in man's own understanding or interpretation of the word, and comparing ourselves among ourselves, are false measures indeed.

The basic premise or essence of metaphysical mind science is that correctness of thought, motive and action negates sickness and death [in spite of the fact that "the wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23) "and there is none righteous, no not one" (Rom.3:10) "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." (Rom.3:23)

(page 27)
Look again at how teachers of metaphysical science of mind seek to (1) draw a direct equation between "man having knowledge" to: man having (or getting access to) "divine" power and then (2) teaching metaphysical science of the mind doctrines, their erroneous equations are carried to their expected end: knowledge=power=divine healing. Healing is then through man's knowledge by our god-like dominion over the laws of nature (which is pure metaphysical mind science): "The Master's practical knowledge of the law of the Spirit over sin and death, together with His divine Love, healed the sick and raised the dead. He literally annulled the claims of physical law by the superiority of the higher law; hence His declaration, "these signs shall follow them that believe..."(page 28)
"Destroy the belief that you can walk, and volition ceases; for muscles cannot move without mind." (another fallacy of Mary Baker Eddy.)

Muscles can and do move without "mind" -do you have to think about every breath you take, and do you have to consciously cause the muscles of your heart to pump blood through each chamber? But the point here is not her ignorance of medical science, but rather her subtle equasion of life and health with "mind".   The underlying (false) precept here is that "mind is god" and that man's mind can become god-like, empowered (empowered by god-like divine knowledge) to be "as god" having dominion over sickness and death.

Psychology is just another form of mind science: one of many mind sciences by which man is attempting to revamp, behavior modify and resurrect dead Adam (usurping or taking the place of Jesus Christ to produce man's own counterfeit Christ-like-image.

Psychology is pure metaphysics, the dominion of mind over ills accomplished by the empowerment of man through a positive self image and the knowledge of who he is!   Instead of submitting his soul, his thoughts and feelings to God through Christ, man supposedly gains power over his feelings by getting in touch with his feelings!   And through the psycho-social mind sciences, man is supposedly empowered by self-esteem (by maintaining a positive self image) and by the power of his mind, and the power of his will, man is supposed to be able to reach his full-potential (all by coming to the knowledge of who he is) ... so he can "be all that he can be" (which is the humanist manifesto).

Psychology, humanism and various other forms of metaphysical and occult mind science are routinely taught in the churches as gospel truths...

(page 28)
Mrs. Eddy pens still more of her false assumptions: "God would not be omnipotent if there were in reality another mind creating or governing man or the universe".

Here's a news flash, God is omnipotent no matter how rebellious man is and no matter how much authority man usurps to his own self! (And God's word tells man that man exalts himself to his own destruction, -thus saith the word of our Omnipotent only wise God!) Contrary to what Mrs. Eddy believes, God is not immortal "mind" manifest "in all thoughts and desires" (which she says) draws "mankind toward purity, health and holiness."

(page 37)
Christian metaphysical mind science maintains that, "To avoid being subject to disease requires the understanding of how you are healed".According to scripture, disease is in the world because of the sin of Adam (man), "the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Rom. 6:23 KJV) Disease can be congenital, and even environmental.(page 39)
Metaphysical science of mind contends that, "The reason some are more used of God as healers than others is because some have gained more power over sin in themselves/in their lives than others."But that is not what scripture teaches, in fact (when the lame man was healed at the Beautiful gate of the temple, Peter and John said, "why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk..." (Acts 3:12) The lame man was healed by the Name (holiness, virtue) of Jesus Christ, his healing had nothing to do with the holiness or virtue of man.(page 40)
In Christian warfare against must be purged through Christ, Truth, and thus be ready for victory. The good fight must be fought by those who keep the faith (The battle is the Lord's and the victory is in Him and by Him)...mental purgation must go on: it promotes spiritual growth, (the work of God by His Spirit through Christ!) ...scales the mountain of human endeavor, and gains the summit _in Understanding and Knowledge, (still she advocates the dominion and supremacy of man through knowledge, instead of submission to God in Christ!) ...that could not otherwise be reached, -where the struggle with sin is forever done. (page 41)
Concerning healing: metaphysical science of mind teaches that the effect of "the lack of knowledge of truth" (disease) is supposedly reversed or removed -not by God, but by restoring the mind of man to the knowledge of the truth regarding sickness.(page 41)
Metaphysical mind science teaches that healing is accomplished by man through the power of faith, by the knowledge of who you are and by your mastery of the truth: the truth you grasp becomes the power you have! Metaphysical mind science also teaches that fear is the antithesis of faith, teaching that fear negates the power to be healed -which is more "god of forces" philosophy, teaching the potential power of what you know...instead of who you know, instead of healing by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Faith, knowledge & understanding of truth supposedly manifests healing or health; while the action of fear, lack of knowledge & lack of understanding of truth supposedly manifests itself in sickness &/or disease.(page 41)
In place of God through Jesus Christ, we see the essence of the god of forces: of mind science's metaphysical reliance which is on: "The divine principal which governs the universe, including man, if demonstrated, is sufficient for all emergencies...though we may not (yet) prove equal or be able to bring the results of what we know to be true."(page 41)
Another false belief central to so-called Christian, mind science is that: just as Jesus supposedly "tapped into spiritual (divine) forces" so MAN CAN do likewise! Mrs. Eddy writes: "The ability to demonstrate or manifest healing the sick (to the extent that Jesus did) will come when "believers possess" as much of the divine Spirit "as he shared" -i.e., when MAN learns to USE divine power to overcome sin."(page 55)
Nowhere does Mrs. Eddy expose the ungodly origins of her teachings more than when she tries to equate the likeness of man with God Himself, by saying: "Man is seen only in the true likeness of his Maker."(page 62)
The theology of Christianity is Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and The Life, not just "generic Truth". Mrs. Eddy would have us believe that, "The theology of Christianity_is Truth; opposed to which is the error of sickness, sin & death that Truth destroys."(page 62)
Notice how Christian metaphysical mind science advocates constantly re-define God as a Infinite Mind or as divine Principal.   And then they try to equate or elevate the powers of our minds to "harmony or unity" with the "Universal divine Mind" (or God thought Principal) whereby man is then elevated by the power of thought to a level which they refer to as divine Principal or Infinite Mind... as Mrs. Eddy put it: "The Scriptures refer to God as saying, "Come now, and let us reason together." There is but one Right Mind, and that one should and does govern man. The theology of Christian_healing is based on the action of the Divine Mind over the human mind and body; whereas, "mind-cure" rests on the notion that the human mind can cure its own disease...(pp. 59 & 62)
In keeping with the error of "Christian Mind Science" false teachers tell us that: we become progressively more "like God" when we act in the faith of God, when we begin to think and act "like Jesus" (false Christs)...And the more we perfect that walk, we will be able to do what He did, when we come to the same level of knowledge of the Truth that He had..." which is exactly the error that Mrs. Eddy propagated when she wrote: "Our Master (Jesus) understood that Life, Truth, Love are the Triune Principal of all pure theology; also that this divine trinity is the one infinite remedy for the opposite triad: sickness, sin, and death.(page 63)
In this statement, Mrs. Eddy sums up the false practice of worshiping the god of forces, in one brief sentence: "Divine Truth is positive, right and good; Error is negative, wrong and evil."(page 65)
Mrs. Eddy carries over the same theme of empowerment by the god of forces by claiming our use of the knowledge of the Truth, by the power of our knowledge, we can supposedly overcome disease...we just need to get enough knowledge of who we are and learn how to use the powers available to man: "Error in premise is met with error in practice... Ignorance of the cause of disease (whether it is physical or spiritual) results in the inability to remove that cause or its effect.(page 66)
This statement contains the same error as the previous statement above..."Christian _knowledge of Truth concerning the cause of disease enables removal of the cause and its effect."(page 66)
"The gospel of healing demonstrates the law of Love." This statement summarizes the transformation that has taken place in the churches where teaching concerning the empowerment of man to receive healing and to perfect self, has replaced the gospel of Jesus Christ!(page 67)
Mary Baker Eddy would be thrilled to know that her metaphysical (so-called Christian) Mind Science have found a home in the churches at long last! She would be delighted to know that apostate believers today have fully embraced mind science metaphysics and that believers everywhere have come to "equate Christianity" with man's own use of "the divine power"... "In Genesis 1:26 we read: "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air." The (basic) principal of _Christianity is: that man shall (scripturally) use (or utilize) the divine power.(page 69)
Jesus who is Himself "the Life" could not be held by death, and so HE (who is Himself "the Life") rose from the dead, Jesus' triumph over the grave was more than "an everlasting victory for Life"

And His resurrection was not to "demonstrate the power and permanence of Spirit" as Mary Baker Eddy claims. Jesus who is Lord of all, "met and conquered" death, hell and the grave, not just "the resistance of the world". Jesus Christ is "The way" (not was, is!) and He Himself is Life and The Truth who came to redeem us, save us from our sins, hid hide us in Himself! He came to show us (reveal) the Father, not to give man "a spiritual revelation of man's possible earthly development" -as Mrs. Eddy would have you believe!

(pp. 74 & 75)
"Fear is the weapon in the hand of tyrants (God does not use fear; He appeals to us through His Love.) Although most of the church would agree with this statement of Mary Baker Eddy, they would still be as wrong as she!

Acts 5:ll "And great fear came upon all the church, and upon as many as heard these things." (God does use fear!) God slayed Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-10 and used fear of the severity of His judgment of them, so that others would be "motivated by the fear of God" not to repeat their folly by doing as they had done in lying to the Holy Ghost!

God's word also says that some are saved by fear: "And of some have compassion, making a difference: and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh." (Jude 22-23)

(page 99)
Throughout all her writings is the same erroneous theme: the personal empowerment of man, and the dominion of man by man's use of divine power: "Through knowledge of the truth, you can take dominion over & destroy sin, sickness etc. if you scripturally destroy the false beliefs concerning them.""If you just get your thinking right, you get healed? Her focus is always on man (and not Jesus Christ) and on man's use of power, instead of man's repentance towards and submission to God through Him who is the power of God, Jesus Christ. (page 105)
(1) "Divine Love is our hope, strength and shield. (2) Obedience is the offspring of Love; (3) and Love is the principal of unity, (4) Love is the basis of all right thinking and acting; (5) it fulfils the law. (6) We see eye to eye (dwell in unity) and (7) know as we are known, reciprocate kindness and work wisely, (8) all in proportion as we love." Mrs. Eddy makes eight statements, and in so doing teaches 8 false teachings: (1) Generic "Divine Love" is not our hope, Jesus Christ is and He Himself is our strength and our shield! (2) Generic obedience is not the offspring of universal love...without "Jesus Christ" there is no true "obedience to God" no matter how much we say we love God or others...(3) God is love (not merely some generic principal of unity). You can have goodwill and feelings of love towards one another and still have unity in apostasy (which is exactly what the churches have now! through these kinds of false doctrines. (4) Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, is the only basis for right thinking and acting. (5) The law is not fulfilled by an "it" but by a "who" Jesus Christ. (6) Men can see "eye to eye" (in the error of man & man's twisted perception) and men can dwell together in the "unity of apostasy" thinking they have the "unity of the faith". Man being all of one mind, and of one purpose (but that purpose was not of God) was the folly of man at Babel pp.113 & 117
Jesus Christ Himself (not our knowledge) has "overcome the world, the flesh, and all evil" and HE has "dominion over sin" (sin, not just "sinful sense") and self.(p.125)
The first and last lesson of Christianity is love, perfect love, and love made perfect through the cross.(p. 138)
"The Nazarene stepped before the people & their schools of philosophy... He stemmed their angry elements, walked serenely over their fretted, foaming billows...the Cross (us crucified with Christ!) became (NOT JUST) the emblem of Jesus' history...the central point of His Messianic mission which was peace, good will, love, teaching and healing. (FALSE! GHANDI=CHRIST ?) Clad with divine might,(FALSE) he was ready to stem the tide of Judaism, and prove his power to be supreme; lay himself as a lamb upon the altar and therefrom rise...(p.162)
As God & as man, Jesus bore our infirmities, and through his stripes we are healed...Jesus was not "a Way-shower" who through the cross by what He suffered in the flesh, just "showed mortals how to escape from the sins of the flesh." Jesus Himself is "The Way" to God and He Himself is our Salvation!(p.116)
"the power of Truth must be seen & felt in health, happiness and holiness... Man is God's image and likeness" (FALSE!) whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God's reflection. (False, Again she equates "man" with God!) "As many as receive knowledge of God (advocating "Mind power") will have power (knowledge does not = divine power) to reflect His power in proof of man's "dominion over all the earth."(p.183)
Christianity does NOT consist of: "giving back the lost likeness and power of God" as a "seal of man's adoption" Christianity is the reconciliation of man to God in Christ, whereby we are sealed by His Spirit of adoption!(p.184)