The Heart of the Apostacy

The Heart of the Apostacy

There is a great deal of difference between seeking after knowledge -even knowledge which we ourselves derive from -what God hath said- in scripture, (from what we see in the written word) -and humbling ourselves before Him by taking His written word TO HIM and asking Him, seeking Him who IS THE WORD for knowledge of Him -that is then, "given by Him" by a gift of grace when HE CAUSES HIS "FACE" TO SHINE UPON US! He will "cause His Face to shine upon us" if we/Adam will humble ourselves BEFORE HIM and ASK HIM to take us to His Word and ASK HIM to REVEAL HIMSELF -that we may "SEE HIM" (to receive by revelation) as a Sovereign act (as a gift of grace, not of merit) from the Father by His Spirit who delights in blessing His children with the "Knowledge" of God through JESUS CHRIST, His Son -who is Himself, The Living Word.

The heart of the apostasy of Christendom is: "I, me + my" (what I think..., what I stubbornly insist I know is or is not so (apart from having actually sought, inquired of, asked and received the Counsel of the Lord Himself.) The heart of the apostasy is our own thoughts, the counsel of our own mind concerning our understanding of scripture, how we choose to interpret and apply His written word, what I choose to believe is true according to what seems right in my own eyes, in my sight, by my perception of the truth according to my understanding (and my lack of understanding) of what I read, according to whatever I have been taught, it is the IDOLATRY OF MY OWN MIND and the IDOLATRY OF MY OWN WILL by which I affirm and submit my "self" only to that which seemeth right to me in my sight, by what "I" want to see, choose to hear, and decide to believe and/or decide to receive as "of God" or not! -without ever really consulting HIM. ("I", "me" and "my" -vs.- "He"/"Him"/"His")

The apostasy of Christianity is rooted in the ways of man in his pursuit of knowledge, in his perceiving "knowledge and information" as p-o-w-e-r. The very heart of the apostasy is in the way we make it a practice of obtaining knowledge through mental faculties/processes of the mind (soulish) by intellectual skill, (instead of from the Father, by His Spirit -through Christ in us, and for us) In the apostasy -everything revolves around working works of "our faith" through our educationally enabled minds walking according to our own "knowledge of the word" --even living our lives by scripture knowledge + by virtue of our own-god-powered will "believing God for" whatsoever we desire according to what we choose to see, believe and receive "from the word" according to our own selective perspective i.e., leaning stubbornly/idolatrously unto our own preferential understanding of "truth" -as we perceive it -and are personally "willing to receive" it -led not by His Spirit but in "obedience" to our own mind and will. (will-worship)

The stubbornness of our minds and our own thinking ARE our idols -as we tend to obey what we know according to our own god of self: the conclusions we draw become our doctrines (our idols) and our own mind and will (and feeling about things)becomes our god.

"If MY PEOPLE which are called by MY NAME will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray, and turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS"... THESE ARE "our wicked ways" from which we have not been turned -but have in fact, by our own leaders been ignorantly ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE THEREIN ! God has allowed this because of our own refusal to hearken unto HIM, rejecting HIS Counsel in favor of the counsel of our own minds: doing whatsoever we perceive to be right in our sight according to our own knowledge and our understanding of what we (mere men) know-that-we-know-is -or is not so.