Hi, I am glad you found it in your heart to have a look at this.

I realize you do not know me and I know that it might seem helpful if we could talk together face to face giving us the opportunity to get to know each other before giving you this message.    As much as I would like the opportunity for us to get to know each other first, it is not imperative that we know each other before you are able to receive what the Lord has for us in this message and secondly, it is not for me to try to use my personality to try to convince you of the veracity of the message neither is whether or not you receive the message to be based upon your assessment of my personality.    Why?    Simply because this is not about "my message" nor is it about "your assessment" of it.

In reality, this is supposed to be about what the Spirit of God has to say to us as a people and as individuals --which ought not to be based upon nor influenced by the persona of men, -meaning simply that whatever the Spirit of God wants us to hear should not be swayed by nor based upon "my personality" nor upon my meticulous presentation nor upon how genuine you happen to perceive me to be but rather upon discernment by the Spirit of the Lord.    And I do not have to be there for you to ask Him, right?

There is already too much credence given to messages based upon man's favor with man, upon man's friendship with man, which has been given precedence over the truth by the Spirit of God, in the place of true fellowship of His Spirit.   Therefore, in lieu of having the time for us to really "get to know each other" in the fellowship of His Spirit, I can only tell you that I am of the certain (fixed, sure) understanding that things which are of the Lord must be spiritually discerned by Him -and that, not of ourselves, but rather discerned "for us" by His Spirit.   Please note I did not say discerned "by us" (I made it a point to say that spiritual things must be discerned "for us" by His Spirit in order to clarify the fact that "spiritual discernment" is first and foremost "by the Lord" NOT "by us" (because all too often we have allowed the latter to pass for the former --we have allowed OUR so-called discernment to pass for His!)

Even though it would be helpful if we could meet together to discuss these things in person, we ahould be able to agree that discernment of spiritual things is not to be based upon or swayed by the persona of man, nor by the understanding of men, and (we should also be able to agree) that the determination of "what is by the Spirit of Truth" versus "what is instead by the spirit of error" ought to be by the Holy Spirit, trusting the Spirit of Truth to show us according to the Counsel and Understanding of His word (knowing that Satan often presents error masquerading as the truth).

Knowing these things, we can also agree that the things I am about to discuss with you must not be prejudged in the understanding of man but must be prayerfully submitted to the Lord (to be discerned by His Spirit which He does "for us" on our behalf.)    Since the gift of the discerning of spirits operates by Him --not as we will, but "by Him as He wills" -not by the power of our will, but "by God as He wills" --we must humble ourselves and personally choose to acknowledge Him.   The key then to the operation of the discernment of His Spirit is simply to humble ourselves in the attitude of our hearts to ask and inquire of Him.

Having said that, I now submit to you that our failure to do even this simple thing has led us (allowed us to be greatly misled) --into gross error via our own understanding of many things regarding the word of God (and even worse error in our misunderstanding of this last/end time move of God and the "word of the Lord to His people" in these last days.)

Instead of man using the word of God according to man's purpose (however good and noble) -instead of following the instruction of men who twist the written word in the understanding of men (according to the teachings, commandments and doctrines of men) we need to REPENT of doing these things and submit ourselves and (submit) our own understanding of the written word to Him, to earnestly "seek His Face" for the "eyes of His Understanding" to obtain from Him the Counsel and Understanding of His Spirit concerning His word!   (Looking to Jesus, the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, looking to Him who is the Living Word for the Understanding of His Word -in Spirit and in Truth, keeping the eyes of our understanding submitted to and fixed on Him who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.)

Having said all that now let me ask you, how is one to sound an urgent alarm without sounding to you like an alarmist?   (No, I am NOT talking about Y2K.   This message was initially given to me when I was only ten yrs. old, (I am now forty-six years old.)   It is not about Y2K, --in fact, it is of much worse individual and global consequence than upcoming problems with "Y2K" bugs.)

It is not a question of whether you will listen, as much as it is more a question of "how do you hear"?    It is a matter of "how you will interpret" the sounding of the trumpet, how will you choose to interpret this clarion call of the Lord?    Will you judge for yourself what you think it is --will you determine for yourself whether or not it applies to you? (or will you ask the Lord?)   Will you "look to the Lord" for understanding concering this call of His Spirit and by the Understanding of His Spirit heed His call to His people to re-assemble ourselves together? (or will you assume because you are saved, Spirit-filled and attend church that these things do not apply to you)?

Will you look to the Lord to hear from Him what the Spirit of the Lord is actually trying to say to all of us in this call to us to repent?   Do you have "ears to hear" what He is saying in His call to His people to repent --will you hear His call to us to turn from our current unity in apostasy?  Or will you insist that the apostasy doesn't involve you and/or your church?    Will you do precisely what He is saying the churches are doing?

Will you disregard, discount and simply "tune out" what seems negative to you, will you reject it because it does not seem to apply to you (according to your understanding) or will you humble yourself to go to Him and ask Him --even ask again, and again?

Will you disregard this as being "not of the Lord" simply because you can't see how it applies to you, or because you flat out don't agree with it? --or will you wait upon Him and humbly ask the Lord what He is saying through this message?

Before you rush through the material at this site, the question you need to ask before you begin is" "How" do you intend to interpret this --in your own understanding or His?   And even if you do not fully understand the message, are you "willing to heed" what is in fact His "Last Call to all" to repent and return to Him in the unity of His Spirit? --will you "go to Him to hear" what He is saying to us about the devices of the enemy (or will you assume those devices only apply to others elsewhere?)    Will you allow the Lord this opportunity to uncover our advesary's devices against us?     Or will you dig in your heels and say these things are not so, --will you agree "only as far" as you think the apostasy applies to others?   And if I try to share with you concerning the impending disasters which are soon to befall us --consequence of an apostasy which is thriving through our denial of it, will you refuse to hear things that few people can bear to hear, will you deny the things that few are even willing to try to comprehend? --will you close your eyes to things which no one wants to admit could ever possibly apply to us?

Having given you some idea of what this message is about --How does one present a message that could be described as one that is "most-likely-to-be-misunderstood" and how can this "alarm be sounded" --and the people hear?    In the face of massive corporate misunderstanding, Can such an alarm be sounded with appropriate gravity and urgency without you simply dismissing me as an off-the-wall nut case?

Because understanding comes from the Lord then without looking to Him, without seeking Him to "get understanding from the Lord" it is not possible for man to comprehend things which are by His Spirit, especially if we try instead to dissect and analyze them in man's own limited understanding.

Why am I explaining this to an audience of responsible Christian people who already know this?   Because Christians think they know this, even think they do this, but don't!    Christians believe they already are asking the Lord, but in reality they ask Him for counsel and then will not hear it when He tries to give it! (and that is an essential part of this message!)    Many people assume they understand what the Lord is trying to tell His people, yet while crying out to Him for understanding, remain completely blind to the fact that He is trying to tell His people that we are not acknowledging the Lord (that His people are relying instead upon their own educated assessments of what they see and of what they hear!)   "Christians" (including pastors, prophets and teachers) --believe they are "acknowledging the Lord as they ought" (and consequently will not hear that they are doing anything less!).    Many will in fact actually miss what He is saying here (for their very lack of seeking Him!) because they will impatiently skip over this portion of the message (they will assume they don't need to hear it!)

Many will simply skip over this, seeing it as an unnecessary (even tedious) explanation of things which they pride themselves on thinking they do.

Many will impatiently skip over this introduction so that they can "get to the message" and "judge it" for themselves!   Judge it for themselves using their discernment and their knowledge of scripture, weighing it also against their own personal experiences etc.    (Which is precisely what the Lord is trying to correct His people for doing! --for what? for leaning unto our own understanding, for skipping over what we think does not apply to us, and for "judging things" for our own s-e-l-v-e-s...etc.

Why tell people who believe they are properly acknowledging the Lord? (Because He is saying His people and His leadership are not "properly" acknowledging Him as we ought!)

The next move or step in the process of presenting the message to you is to get past the stumbling block of what you think I think I am.   Let's begin with what I do know about myself and how I "compare myself" to others: I know that I am nothing more than dust (Gen. 3:19) and if any of us thinks of themselves as anything more than dust, then they are "uppity dust">

Do I think that I'm "the only person who hears from God"? (Certainly not! However, I cannot deny what He has shown me, knowing that what He says is true, whether people are offended or not.)   Do I think that I am more spiritual than you or than anyone else? (I only know what He has shown me, not because I am more spiritual than anyone else, but simply because it pleased Him to do so --not earned nor learned, but by His grace because it pleased Him to do so.)   In addition, the understanding that I have been given is this: Jesus is the "Spiritual" Man, not me, not you.    Jesus Christ is Himself the Spiritual new Man "in whom and by whom" we must be hid; it is not about me and my supposed spirituality versus yours, instead it is all about Him who is in us.    As for us?   It is written, 1Cor.8:2 "and if any man (that's us) thinks he knows any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know."

Why preach or lecture about asking the Lord, why not just trust the reader to ask the Lord? -because He gave the admonishment about our failure to do this as PART OF the message itself!    He is trying to tell His people and our leadership that even though we know we are not to lean to our own understanding, part of this message is to call His people to repent of not acknowledging HIM --part of this message is a call to acknowledge the fact that we do tend to rely upon our own understanding (no matter how much we say we are not) and we are not really acknowledging Him as we ought, nor as much as we like to think we are.   Instead of looking to Him for understanding, we have in fact, substituted many other things, many "other processes" in the place of humbling ourselves, in the place of really humbling our hearts and minds to submit our own understanding to Him!

Why go to such lengths on this? Because if we do not repent of our failure in this little thing -we will not hear what He is saying in the rest of the message either!    Except His people repent of substituting our own knowledge in the place of His discernment, we will not hear what THE LORD has to say to us about the role man's pride in knowledge has played in destroying the churches from within! -we need to go to Him to hear what He is saying, because only the LORD can show us how we have allowed the enemy to use our pride in knowledge, not just secular knowledge but religious knowledge as well, to puff us up.

Pride in knowledge has brought the church to a state of global apostasy which in her own idolatry (stubbornness of mind) she refuses to acknowledge.)    Those who do recognize any apostasy at all, will not hear that it goes far beyond their own "neat, little understanding of apostasy" to include even their own teachings which have ignorantly embraced a false man-centered gospel, the humanistic false gospel of who "man is" (The churches have adopted the false gospel of who & what "he/man" is supposedly called to be in Christ, instead of who He is, instead of who JESUS is, in our place!)

A considerable portion of this message is about how: The vanity of our own minds has deceived us, it is about the stubbornness of our own minds (the minds of evangelicals, of believers, of Spirit-filled, born again Christians et al) our stubbornness (idolatry of mind) regarding what we think we know has brought us to the brink of destruction.   The nature of man is what it is --vain.    And we have unfortunately educated our leaders and our people to practice hinduism and idolatry, and we have called it "Christianity". (You're really going to have to ask the LORD about that one!)     We have sought credible credentials more than we have sought credibility with God.

The more "higher education" we have gained, the more spiritual understanding we have supplanted.    The ego, the mind of man is such that it will try to spirutalize the knowledge of man far more readily than a man will humble himself in mind and heart before God to seek the Knowledge of God which is in the Face of Jesus Christ.     And unfortunately, man will go to any length to take pride in and even exalt his own life even trying to use the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" to exalt man's own self (instead of "The Life" of Christ,instead of HIM who is "The Life" in whom and by whom we are both slain and hid, called to be members of the body OF HIM who is our Life.)

In our pursuit of knowledge, even through our insatiable appetite for knowledge we have allow our minds to pursue knowledge as power, and we have exalted ourselves in our own idolatry of mind, whereby man has sought to rule in the place of God, even allowing the logic and reasoning of the "old man" to rise up unaware, and His judgement against is that (in our refusal to hear Him) we have deceived our own selves.    The conceit of knowledge has even blinded us to our substitution of OUR knowledge in the place of the Knowledge of God by His Spirit!

The more knowledgeable we have become (the more knowledgeable we think we are and) the more we tend to trust own ability to judge things for ourselves, and the more we have thought ourselves empowered by our knowledge and have perceived ourselves capable of determining for our own selves -what is or is not right in our own sight.     Consequently, we have become our own gods --we have become our own highest authority of what we determine to be in line with scripture, even using our own private (though corporate) interpretation of scripture to evade the correction of our Lord and Saviour.

The fact that the people of God and our leaders are not willing to admit we are doing these things, the very fact that we (individually and as a people) take pride in our own ability to spiritually discern, and the fact that we offer only a semblance of humility toward God while at the same time we cannot bring ourselves to admit that (individually and as a people) we have really blown it, actually makes all of our outward motions and expressions of repentance towards God, a mockery of repentance in the sight of God.

This we do because we cannot bare to appear to be carnal in anything, we are also not willing to face our carnal corruption of spiritual gifts.    No one wants to appear to be any less gifted than anyone else (even though all the gifts are in Him, of Him and by Him, and not "of us").    In our efforts to appear to others to "be spiritual" in our understanding -we have, often at any cost, tried to keep up appearances of being "spiritual" by substituting more and more accrued religious knowledge.

Knowledge is good and beneficial only to the extent that it is submitted to the Spirit of God.    The more we rely upon knowledge, (through pride in knowledge) we tend to ignorantly corrupt and eventually even sacrifice truth (in favor of doctrines of men) simply by failing to humble ourselves and submit every thing to God looking to Him for the counsel and understanding of His Holy Spirit.

Reactions to the message have been along these lines: "Who do you think you are?"     (Answer: nobody)     "Are you implying that you are more knowledgeable or discerning than I am!"     or, "I suppose you think you are the only one who hears from God and you think no one else is hearing right, except you? (Nope, only Jesus, so "ask Him".)    That's one reaction).

Instead of asking the Lord, some simply "react" to it, saying for example: "I'll have you know that I've been in ministry for thirty years and my father was a minister before me, and all of my brothers are in the ministry..."     (which does nothing to change the fact that the message, no matter how it offends you, must be submitted to the Lord to ask Him about it.) Other reactions ...    "Our denomination is different..."     (better ask Him.)     "I have been the senior pastor at this church for many, many years and in all that time I have never had anyone say they hear from God the way (to the extent) that you say you hear from Him, so why is that?..."     (I would ask Him.) "I am God's anointed and appointed leadership, a pastor if this is true, then why didn't the Lord tell me first?     (The answer the Lord gave me to give to those who ask that particular question is: I'm to say to them, "He just did.")    When pastors to whom the Lord has sent me to speak (in His Name) -when they ask me: "why should The LORD tell YOU these things..." (His answer is: "it has pleased the Lord ..." and "who are you to say HE cannot?") and finally, there is this challenge: "what gives you the right to come in here and tell us these things...?" (answer: He did.) ...and who do you think you are that you think you can just waltz in here and tell me this stuff... (Answer: Ask Him.)

So goes the challenges of men in every generation, nearly every time the Lord tries to tell His people any thing that we don't happen to like, or that we do not want to hear...     The only right I have to tell you this is because He sent me to say so, in His Name (and He has every right to do so.)    Another thing that should be understood, it is not about my ability to hear (it is about His grace towards us) and it is not about "my ability to hear & discern versus your ability to hear & discern" it is about His Sovereign right to send whomsoever He wills to call us to seek His Face and to call us to repent of our pride and call us to humble ourselves to acknowledge Him!    Your obligation is simply to go to Him and find out from Him if He is indeed saying these things! (To "ask Him" if He is indeed trying to tell us these things about what we have done, and what we have been doing for too long a time!)

The answer to all the challenges is this: He is God and He can send anyone to tell us any thing He wants, no matter who we are or what our position is. (Do you have to believe me? --No!     But you do have to ASK HIM!)    And beyond that the next most important point is: "I" am neither more or less discerning or spiritual than you are -in fact, it is not about who or what I am, nor is it about who or what you are, it is not about us at all (such spiritual competitiveness and "jockeying for position" should have no part in the body of Christ) the goal is to find out from Him if the message here is for us from the Lord -and for us to rejoice even in His correction, seeking Him for HIS discernment by His Spirit "for us" in our place, concerning everything we see and hear! (by humbling ourselves & by going to Him to ask Him.)

What about the operation of the gift of the discerning of spirits?     The churches have made a mockery out of this gift by substituting our own discretion and our own assessments & personal evaluations of what we hear in the place of the operation of the gift of the discerning of the spirit of truth & the discerning of the spirit of error which is only by His Spirit.     "I" am not the one who is supposed to be doing the discerning, and you are not the one who is supposed to be doing the discerning, but rather HE IS.    We need to all humble ourselves for how we have twisted discernment in the first place, and we all need to submit ourselves to Him so that by His Spirit, the Lord Himself can discern (for us) which is truth from that which is error --discernment which is a gift operated "for us" by His Spirit.    If we were honest with ourselves and with others, we would have to admit that as individuals and as a people, we have all failed to do humble ourselves to go before Him and to ask Him as we ought.

A large part (though not all) of this message is a plea "to entreat the people of God and His leadership" to admit we have failed in this area.    A portion of this message is an admonishment & and exhortation to "every one who has an ear to hear" to go back to the Lord and ask Him to show us what He means in everything He has said and in every thing He is now saying "to the churches" repent of relying upon the knowledge and understanding of men which we have accrued through academics and personal experience, and to adopt humility of heart and minds willing to go to Him to re-submit a lot of things that we have thought we knew... Why?    Because His word says to do just that!

Even our best most educated assessment is not enough -our best understanding is not necessarily His understanding, and at the heart of this message is this fact: unless we (as a people) humble ourselves to get "His understanding from Him" then through our pride in what we think we know (due to our own idolatry, i.e., through our own stubbornness of mind) we have greatly frustrated the grace of God and have "missed God" in His purposes, and in His will for us, (for the churches et al.)

The remaining portion of the message (contained on the enclosed pages) deals with those things that have been allowed to take root because of our failure to submit ourselves to the Lord (for our failure to go to Him to get the Counsel and Understanding of His Spirit.    I am a born-again, fully dunked (baptized) Spirit-filled non-denominational Christian.    For approximately fourteen years now, I have been a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior.    Jesus is Lord.     I am His servant.     I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, I am not a Mormon, I am not Jehovah's Witness.    I am not attacking the churches, nor am I attacking pastors but instead sounding an alarm, even a warning of judgments now in progress -which have come upon us due to our own stubbornness of mind, our own refusal to hear ...    This is not a message of condemnation of the churches, but is meant to call you to repentance and rest in Him, even if need be it is to provoke you to hear His call to us to consider our ways and our doings seek His face (concerning these things) and it is a call to humble ourselves, to pray and turn from our wicked ways...(cf. 2Chron. 7:14 Prov.3 and Prov. Chapter 1)

In Christ,

M. Weiland