Woman/the Soul/the Mind Beguiled


Woman/the Soul/the Mind Beguiled

It is no wonder why (considering the nature of man, and the conceit of knowledge) it is written: "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know." (1 Cor.8:2) Man knows nothing -as he ought to know. Jesus Christ is the only Man, who does.

The true Gospel of grace and peace is the gospel "of Jesus Christ." Also known as the gospel "OF CHRIST," the true gospel teaches that salvation (and the "works which do follow" saving faith) are both entirely accomplished "by Him in Himself" which means through Him and in Him and by Him by the faith OF JESUS . Not by our own faith but by the faith that is "OF HIM" -i.e., by the faith OF JESUS -by faith which is worked in and for us -but which is of, by, through and in Him alone (Gal 2:16, Gal. 2:20, 3:22 Eph.3:12) being fully accomplished by the Lord "by Him in Himself."

ALL OF HIM and none "of us" lest any "man" should boast! (Is that plain, or what?) THAT is the simplicity that is "in Christ"--away from which the serpent (just as he beguiled Eve) has beguiled the Church through his subtlety and has corrupted the minds of the people of God and the men who lead (and teach) them -to follow "another Jesus" and teach another "gospel" (2 Cor.11:3, 4) Men deceived in the understanding of their own minds by the conceit of what man thinks is right in his own sight, -is the folly of man, -led not of the Spirit but according to his own soul/represented by the woman -who usurps the authority of the Spirit, and becomes deceived/the beguiled minds of mankind.

The churches have thus become as the foolish Galatians, bewitched and thoroughly beguiled in the flesh and are calling it, led of the Spirit. In the flesh, OPPOSING that which was "worked in Christ" for us, being led of our own minds, i.e., carnality of the mind can be manifested materialistically -and that is fairly easy to recognize, but there are those who perceive/think themselves to be spiritual that are just as intellectually beguiled and carnal in their understanding (in spite of the fact that they know every dot and tittle of the written word which they can quote backward and forward) and still others manifest the carnality of their minds -piously, through asceticism. It is difficult for the human mind (soul) to accept that it is Jesus, only Jesus Christ, Him alone -and not, I.

CONTRARY TO WHAT IS CURRENTLY TAUGHT "GRACE" does not mean that "we" gain personal empowerment of self but rather grace means: not us, not our works, -not even works of our faith but by the faith: OF THE SON OF God (Gal.2:20 Old K.J.V.) --faith which is of and through Him, by and in Him who Himself is the Author of "our faith" which GOD Himself works THROUGH JESUS CHRIST in us by the work of His Son (by Him, through Him and in Him) who is Himself also the Finisher of that faith which we call "our faith."

Our faith and our works are supposed to be understood to mean that it is not ours but HIS (but referred to as "ours" because they are HIS, in us and for us, BY CHRIST -in us.) Not works "of our faith" but rather God's "WORKS BY CHRIST" (in us) BY THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST (for us) referred to as our faith in the written word --which is the faith of those who are dead and hid "IN CHRIST" (not theirs, but His! Not I, but Christ!) THAT is what "in Christ" "in the Lord" and "in Him" means! The same THING is true concerning "works" -not ours, but His.

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