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One evening while watching the news, I felt led of the Lord to turn the channel to TBN. When I did so I found that someone called, Benny Hinn, was preaching. At that time, I hadn't yet heard or seen much of Benny Hinn or his teachings. Only weeks before I had asked the Lord about this man and his teachings. (I sat back and began to watch the program.)

As I began to listen, Benny Hinn was telling his audience that if they expected to receive anything from the Lord, they had to learn how to activate their faith. He proceeded to expound upon a sure-fire formula which he promoted as though it was a Biblically sound method by which believers could most effectively activate their faith.

Benny Hinn made it clear that he really believed that in order to receive anything you are "believing God for" one must first find & take hold of a scripture promise, and he made it just as clear that he believed you must also learn to apply several techniques in order to get the manifestation of whatever you are believing (God) for.

During this program, I heard Benny Hinn (I presume it was unknowingly & unwittingly) openly advocate the use of several well-known occult practices/techniques. By His Spirit, the Lord also started showing me how (in what ways) it was that Benny Hinn was (unwittingly) teaching his audience to use many of the same basic principals used in Christian Science, Religious Science and Scientology.

As I continued to watch the program, Benny Hinn proceeded to teach his audience how to tap into and utilize the power of positive confession (a.k.a. "Possibility Thinking"), he was actively promoting the power of the mind, the power of the tongue, and the use of visualization techniques in order to achieve a desired end. Without realizing it, Benny Hinn was not only teaching the audience how to use spoken scriptures as mind science type affirmations, he was unwittingly teaching people to use scripture to perform what amounted to occultic style incantations. Visualization techniques, and the power of mind, the power of the will, even when you call it positive thinking or Possibility Thinking, and the power of spoken words, even if you call it the power of positive confession, these are all subtle forms of the basic ABC's of witchcraft!

In addition to applying the above (so-called Biblical) formulas to activate "our faith" (to enable us to get or achieve the results we desire), Benny Hinn was giving his viewing audience step-by-step examples of occult style mind science, visualization & psychological postive reinforcement techniques.

As incredible as it seemed, the practices and techniques themselves were being justified by the results they achieved and were in essence sancitified because of who it was that used them and simply because it works! I sat and watched as Benny Hinn openly taught occult style techniques on national (Christian) television, while well-known spiritual leaders stood by nodding their approval!

Not only did Benny Hinn believe that believers needed to learn to how to "form an image" in their mind of whatever it was that they were "believing for", he specifically said that "in order to get your healing" (1) you must form a picture or image of yourself in your mind to "see yourself as healed" (2) you must hold onto that image and (3) you must continue to confess your healing until you get the manifestation!

Benny Hinn carefully explained how important it was to be sure to continue to confess the healing (or whatever you are believing for) "until it manifests". He even went on to warn listeners that they had to do certain things to keep their healing! In addition to using visualization techniques to get their healing, they MUST keep confessing and thanking G/god (?) for that healing or else they will run the risk of losing their healing! (Neither Jesus Christ nor any of His apostles EVER taught any such things!

The moment Benny Hinn had given his warning about what we have to do to keep from LOSING a healing, the Holy Spirit immediately reminded me that in scripture there is an example that refuted what Benny Hinn had just said. Of the ten lepers that the Lord Jesus healed, nine of them did not return to thank Him. In spite of the fact that only one of the nine lepers returned to thank Him, there is nothing about anyone losing any healing that our Lord performed!)

Please note: do not assume by the contents of this article that I do not believe in Divine healing or that I do not believe in the spiritual gifts today, or that I am against the operations or outpouring of the Holy Spirit, --I am NOT against any of these things!

As Benny Hinn was nearing the conclusion of his message, people began to fall under what was openly referred to as "the power of the anointing of the Holy Spirit." People began to spontaneously fall to the floor, supposedly "slain in the Spirit." For several minutes, as many came up to the platform to have Benny Hinn pray for them, he would merely move toward them thrusting his chest out in their direction, purposely holding his hands behind him declaring, The anointing is so strong, I don't even have to touch them!

[Many years ago the Lord asked me to consider the following questions: How does the spirit of Anti-Christ oppose God and His Christ? -and- How does the spirit of Antichrist deceive the whole world, including the saints? The answer to both questions is the same: he does both simply by being "as much LIKE Christ" as he possibly can! The Antichrist spirit opposes God and deceives people by making people feel as much like they are in the presence of God as possible! By definition that would include a highly deceptive, very powerful Christ-like anointing, powerful enough to deceive the very elect! According to scripture, we are to expect all those things, and we were warned that if it were possible (and it is) even the elect will be deceived. It is our collective spiritual pride that has caused us to forget that deception comes upon us unaware with all deceivableness, complete with miracles, signs and wonders! We were also supposed to expect many false Christs (i.e., many false annointed ones) and false teachers "to rise up from among us". So then why are we looking for false anointed ones (christs) "outside" -instead of inside the churches? Since Jesus warned us that false teachers would rise up from among us who would "be deceived and deceive many", then that being the case, how is it we have come to judge truth by signs? How is it that the right or wrong "anointing" is weighed and measured by it's Christ-like effects and/or is judged on the basis of how it makes us feel? or by its powerfulness or ability to produce tangible results? It is time we face the fact that one of our biggest problems in Christianity is the fact that no matter how scriptural we like to think we are, the fact is that we rely upon our own understanding in what we have been taught to expect, we are led by what we feel, we discern by what we think and we judge things by what we expect to see or not see happen! (God help us!)]

(Back to Benny Hinn on the television program) At one point Benny Hinn turned toward the audience and asked if there was anyone present (pastors or those in other positions of ministry or leadership) who wanted to receive of his anointing --he invited anyone in ministry wanted the "same anointing that was on him to be on them," then they should come forward. Approximately two-thirds of the audience immediately came forward.

As soon as most of the crowd had moved forward, Benny Hinn told them all, they'd better, "Get ready!" He warned them more than once to, Get Ready! Cause you're going to really get this...then he shouted excitedly, "Lord, give it to them."

Benny Hinn strutted back and forth on the platform above them and then he leaned over the edge of the stage in their direction, he started yelling out, Receive it! Receive it! He repeatedly blew air at them with his mouth. As he breathed on then, many began to fall limp to the floor. Some were invited onto the platform for Benny Hinn to lay hands on them, as he did so he told them that a spirit of holy laughter was going to come upon them as they received of his anointing. No sooner had those words come from his lips when one after another of the participants began to roll on the floor in spontaneous laughter.

Knowing that true spiritual discernment must come from the Lord by His Holy Spirit, as I watched what was happening on stage, I began to inquire of the Lord, saying, "Lord, your word has taught me that when something is of your Spirit, -we are NEVER to presume to take it upon ourselves to say that it is not. Lord, I cannot say that what I am seeing happening here on this program is or is not of You unless it pleases You to let me know. I cannot say that this is not of God, unless You say it is not of You and You show me from Your word. (It is not for me to judge in my own understanding but rather it is for You to discern it for me/for us by Your Spirit.) I know we are to measure all things by Your word, but also by your Spirit. From what I have heard in this program, I know that much of what Benny Hinn has been preaching was NOT in line with your word. (No matter "how Christian" Benny Hinn or other teachers may try to make things sound, mind science, visualization, and other occultic arts and sciences & techniques are NOT in keeping with Your word, or Your character and/or Your nature. Father, by your Spirit please discern these things for me/for us and take me to your word and show me these things for what they truly are. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

As I continued to watch people fall down and roll in laughter, I heard several people begin to testify of healings. Since I knew that it was incumbent upon me to ask the Spirit of God to test the spirits, I asked the Lord, "Is this Jesus?" The answer I received was unclear, it was, yes but no. So I asked the question a second time, repeating it exactly as I had phrased it the first time, "Is this Jesus?" Again the answer was the same, it was, yes but no.

Because I know that the Lord's answer is either yea or nea but not both, I asked the Lord to help me understand His response. At that point I was instructed to rephrase my question, I was to rephrase my question by prefacing the name of Jesus with the title LORD and instead of just asking, "is this Jesus", I was to specifically ask, "Is this the Lord Jesus Christ." I prayed asking the Lord to show me, "Is this the LORD Jesus Christ? In my heart I was asking the Spirit of God to discern for me, Is what I'm watching on television here, "of You" or not? Are these spiritual "manifestations" that are going on "of/by" the Lord Jesus Christ?

When I prayed asking the Lord God, "Is this the LORD JESUS CHRIST" (regarding what I was seeing on that Benny Hinn program) I immediately received the answer, it was a resounding, NO! I was further instructed of the Spirit that what I was in fact seeing manifest on this Christian television program was of "a Jesus but NOT the LORD Jesus." I was told that Benny Hinn was preaching "a gospel but not THE GOSPEL of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ". I then understood that the Spirit of God was uncovering the fact that what I was seeing manifest via Benny Hinn was NOT the LORD JESUS CHRIST but was instead "another Jesus." And the gospel that Benny Hinn is unwittingly teaching is "another gospel". It is another gospel of a jesus, it is not the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. (see 2Cor.11:3,4 Gal.1:6-9)

A few months before I had seen this particular program, a sister in the Lord asked me if I new anything about Benny Hinn. I told her at the time that I had heard him preach only a couple of times (until I had something more definitive from the Lord, until the Lord provided confirmation and instruction from His word, I did not have much that I could tell her.) When I asked why she wanted to know, she told me that another sister in the Lord had recommended that she read Benny Hinn's book entitled, Good Morning, Holy Spirit. She asked if I thought she should read the book and I told her, No. I told her that even though I had never read or seen the book in asking the Lord about it, there was every indication in my spirit that she would be better off if she did not read that book.

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