When I was praying alone in the sanctuary of a church one afternoon, the Lord called my attention of a chalkboard standing near the wall. And although I did not understand the meaning of these words, nevertheless the Lord had me write them on the chalkboard and then, He directed me to turn the chalkboard to face the rows of seats -saying that He wanted it placed -as though written upon a tablet for all to see. The words included a scripture from the Book of John, "he came unto his own and his own received him not" and then, He had me write, "Bethel has become Bethaven." (Which means: Bethel, the "House of God" has become Bethaven, the "House of Vanity.")

How much of the preaching of what men say is the gospel of Jesus Christ is in fact, really the Gospel "of Jesus Christ" -as much as it is another gospel of man in Christ? How much of what the churches refer to as worship of God is in fact, self adoration and praise of the gifts --and our preaching "of the word" -in reality, the gospel of man's own self-esteem? And how much of what the church thinks is godly service for the so-called glory of God is in fact, the vainglorious pursuits of man, vanity of vanities, and the folly of men?

"For the turning away [refusal to hear] of the simple [ignorant] shall slay them. And the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." Prov. 1: 32, 32 KJV


It is quite interesting to note that one of the Hebrew words for "esteemed" also means to disgrace, to come to nought, to wither (like an unfruitful branch on the Vine which will be cut off?) It is the word nabel. This word "nabel" also means to act foolishly. In fact "nabel" is the primary root word of the name of a man in the Bible who was called Nabal and the scriptures says that like his name, so was he.

Nabal was a man who was known for his behavior as a fool. Nabal thought more highly of himself than he ought, he spurned the messengers of the king. And as is often the end of the foolish, Nabal died, as a result of his own folly.

5037 Nabal { naw-bawl’} the same as 5036; n pr m AV - Nabal 18, Nabhal 4; 22 GK - 5573

Nabhal or Nabal = "fool" 1) a man of Carmel who spurned David’s messengers, then died of shock when he realised it might cause his death; his case was pleaded by his wife Abigail who became David’s wife after his death.

5036 nabal { naw-bawl’} from 5034; TWOT - 1285a; adj AV - fool 9, foolish 5, vile person 2, foolish man 1, foolish women 1; 18 GK - 5572 1) foolish, senseless, fool

5034 nabel { naw-bale’} a primitive root; TWOT - 1286; v AV - fade 8, fade away 3, wear away 2, wither 2, disgrace 1, surely 1, dishonoureth 1, fall down 1, esteemed 1, falling 1, foolishly 1, come to nought 1, fall off 1, surely 1, make vile 1; 25

GK - 5570 { lben: } & 5571 { lb'n:

1) to be senseless, be foolish

1a) (Qal) to be foolish

1b) (Piel)

1b1) to regard or treat as foolish

1b2) to treat with contempt

2) to sink or drop down, languish, wither and fall, fade

2a) (Qal)

2a1) to sink or drop down

2a2) to fall, wither and fall, fade

2a3) to droop

Approving ourselves among ourselves, the Church has joined itself to the world in "the business of men" trying to make themselves approved of men in the sight of men, which is of course, the folly of men.

Such are the ways of men and the affairs of men which things take captive the souls of men which is precisely what it we are warned against when we are admonished not to be conformed to this world. We are not to think as the world thinks, or do as men do in the vain imaginations of men, nor are we to devise means or plan methods of achieving recognition. In fact, we are to place no value upon any of these things, we are to esteem not ourselves, nor hold ourselves in high regard, we are to instead be mindful of others, even as the apostles of the Lord were counted by Paul as the off-scouring of the world, according to the purposes of God, that others might win Christ.

2803 chashab { khaw-shab’} a primitive root; TWOT - 767; v

AV - count 23, devise 22, think 18, imagine 9, cunning 8, reckon 7, purpose 6, esteem 6, account 5, impute 4, forecast 2, regard 2, workman 2, conceived 1, misc 9; 124 GK - 3108

1) to think, plan, esteem, calculate, invent, make a judgment, imagine, count

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to think, account

1a2) to plan, devise, mean

1a3) to charge, impute, reckon

1a4) to esteem, value, regard

1a5) to invent

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be accounted, be thought, be esteemed

1b2) to be computed, be reckoned

1b3) to be imputed

1c) (Piel)

1c1) to think upon, consider, be mindful of

1c2) to think to do, devise, plan

1c3) to count, reckon

1d) (Hithpael) to be considered

We are not to think as men think, plan as men plan, esteem or promote our selves or our ministries as is the practice of men, we are not to make judgments for ourselves apart from God, we are not to measure what is right in our own sight but to defer to the wisdom and counsel of what is right in the sight of God, cast down the surmising and vain imaginations of our own minds, including our own plans -no matter how good or right they may seem to be in our own sight, if they are not according to the purposes of God, in Christ. And we are to count these things of this world as loss, and the knowledge of this world as but dung for the Excellency of the Knowledge of God which is in the Face of Jesus Christ. (cf. Philp. 3:8)

Chickens in the Field

The Lord gave me a vision of a field -as far as the eye could see. And the field had been ploughed and sewn with good seed. But all over the whole field there were chickens. (And by the Spirit of God, I was given to understand that these chickens were like unto demonic spirits, like the fouls of the air).

And as I watched the vision unfold, I saw that hese chickens were plucking up the seeds that were sown in the field.

The odd thing about these chickens is that they were all dressed like people, like human beings. If you will forgive the pun, they were impeccably dressed chickens. Some were wearing bonnets with lace and ribbons, and many were clad in pretty white dresses. Others were wearing top hats and tuxedoes, dressed like proper gentlemen. But all were busy about the business of plucking up the seed which had been planted in field.

Understanding cometh from the Lord...

("Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding." Prov. 4:7 KJV)

In the understanding the Lord gave concerning this vision, the field represents the hearts of men -even those hearts recpetive to the word of the Lord by His Spirit. The chickens in the field represent those who -either knowingly or ignorantly, cause the Counsel of God by the Spirit of God to be plucked up out of the hearts of men, through what James called the devilish counsel of men, through the wisdom which is from below, through the seemingly wise even godly counsel and wisdom of men who speak even in the name of the Lord. And they are people who have the best of credentials, credentials approved of in the world and in the church.

The word of the Lord, and the Counsel of God by the Spirit of God is being plucked up by ministers and counsellors using man's own wisdom, man's own knowledge of scripture and man's own supposedly godly counsel to supplant that which God Himself has planted, that which He Himself desires to teach by His Spirit, to steal that which the Lord sought to bring forth by His Spirit in the Knowledge of Him who is the Living Word.

No sooner does the Lord instruct someone by his Spirit, -no sooner does the Lord give instruction by His Spirit to the heart of a believer, -only to have someone else come along, whether it be another believer, perhaps a friend, a minister, your pastor, his wife or some other "trusted counselor", who (ignorantly) gives contrary counsel -giving counsel which contradicts that which the LORD has planted. And that contradictory word or contrary counsel is always presented in the form of godly counsel, even using the word of God, through the mouths of those who have credible positions and titles which are approved in the sight of men.

The Counsel of God by the Spirit of God is supplanted by people who offer counsel according to their own knowledge of scripture. And so that which the Lord has sewn in the hearts of His own people is being plucked up by impeccably dressed chickens, -by those who carry the best of credentials, including pastoral certificates and degrees in theology, by those who are licensed by the state to counsel, -having taken all the courses required by law ...

M. Weiland aka "Noteye"

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