“Contemporary” Christianity

Should Christians learn to “go with the flow”?
Do you equate being “holy” and “separate” from the world as being strange?
Do you see it as going over-board of fanatical?

When you think of being the “light of the world” and the “salt of the earth” - what does it mean to you?

Do you believe it is right or wrong to challenge the beliefs of another?
Do you believe that how we live as Christians is a matter of personal choice
- that we must each do that which we perceive to be right in our own eyes?

Do you believe that it is sometimes necessary to strike a balance between what is secular and what is religious,
between "private & public life" - or, to separate “church and state”?

Perhaps you believe that "moderation" is the key?
If so, how do we determine where moderation ends and compromise begins?
Is there really and such thing as moderation without comprise?

Perhaps you feel justified in your own personal convictions, because you believe that your heart is "right before the Lord"
- you do not feel the same conviction about things that others do.

If you believe this to be true, you would do well to re-examine yourself and ask the Lord to search your heart. Ask Him to reveal and self-deception. Ask Him to reveal to you, if the REAL reason you are not feeling convicted in certain areas is because you have hardened your heart in these areas.

Quite often the teachings the Lord has given me, by His Spirit, have been in direct opposition to what I had personally believed, that is they did not agree with what “I” had “preferred” to believe or even wanted to accept. They did not “sit right” with me, because I didn’t want to receive them: I didn’t want to change or amend my beliefs, attitudes or behavior.

Soon I realized I had a choice to make; I “could” choose to evade conviction and avoid change by simply rejecting the truth OR I could re-shape my views an bring myself into submission (by His grace) to His Word and His Spirit.

As I began this process of amending and changing my views and behavior, to submit to His ways, His word and His Spirit, I began to find myself more and more in opposition to those in the world around me, especially other “Christians”.

Brothers and Sisters “in the Lord” began telling me that I was getting too fanatical, becoming “out of balance”! I spent many hours before the Lord in fasting and in prayer seeking HIS counsel and asking Him to get me back “in balance” and to help me not to be so “fanatical”. (I had accepted what others were telling me as truth, because they were older, wiser and “more mature” in the Lord.)

In answer to my prayers the Lord began to correct and chasten me. He DID NOT however correct me for being “out of balance” or “fanatical”. Much to my surprise the Lord corrected me for accepting that I was “fanatical” or “out of balance” and admonished me for believing these people in the first place regardless of their supposed “wisdom, maturity and age” in the Lord.

It never had occurred to me at first that the counsel of these “older, more mature” Christian might me tainted. The Lord helped me to realize that many are labeled as “overly zealous” or fanatical by fellow believers. Those who are zealous in their convictions who become savorless salt and who shun compromise are often given these labels.

The Lord taught me that Conviction is Not a matter of balance or “maturity” or “years in the Lord” but it IS a matter of having (or not having) a heart that is before the Lord.

Often those who are zealous are easily convicted and have staunch convictions; they ARE this way because “THEY” have not hardened their hearts against receiving correction or reproof -against receiving the truth as have the so-called “balanced” and supposedly “mature” Christians.

Attempting to walk the “middle of the road” or to be a “Contemporary Christian” is to confuse being “balanced” with being compromised. Trying to blend “Secular” with “Christian” in order to have “moderation in all things” is NOT nor could it ever be sanctioned by the Lord.

In order to be moderate in all things one must necessarily compromise in some things.
You become neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm.

How do you determine what is zeal and what is “fanatical”, balance from compromise? The answer is first of all YOU don’t. “YOU” do not determine anything, GOD does!

EVERYTHING must be determined NOT by “your” perspective but by God’s perspective and God’s “perspective” is found - in His word.

Are the “views” you hold up held in the word of God?
Does the Lord approve of what you ‘believe”?
Are the views, beliefs (you hold to be true) and rules (by which your life is governed) consistent with the testimony of Jesus?
Or are they a violation of His word and contrary to God’s very character and nature?

What about the teaching of “your” church, those things you profess to be true, those sermons you found “inspiring”, the “traditions” you hold dear, are they approved of God or of man?
Can you honestly say before the Lord that “I KNOW” that the teachings I have received are not of man but of the Lord through His Holy Spirit?
Are you CERTAIN you have not adopted someone else’s viewpoint as “truth” and have accepted personal opinion as gospel?
Simply because you agreed with it, preferred to believe , or perceived it to be true.

Can you say that ALL that you hold as truth you have been able to research and have found true?
Have YOU personally searched the scriptures to “find out if these things” you have received “were so”?
Or have you just accepted as fact that whichsounded right” or “set right” with you?
Have you sought the Lord to confirm each teaching, every word or belief, to discern the teachings, to “try the spirits” - to confirm ALL things both by His Spirit and by His word?
Ask yourself, HOW do I “KNOW” if and when what others claim was shown to them by the Lord REALLY IS or IS NOT the Lord?

First the scripture states that the Spirit and the Word of God will ALWAYS agree. Neither the written word of God, the interpretation of it, nor any of the teachings given by HIS Spirit could ever go against God’s nature or character.

Oftentimes what many try to pawn off as being from the Lord (presumably shown to them by His Spirit) is not only NOT found in the Word of God (the Bible) but is in direct opposition to the very character and nature of God.

The same is true of compromise in Christianity for any reason not even for the sake of being “balanced”. Compromise is NOT sanctioned in His word (scripture) nor is it consistent with God’s nature or character.

When Christians begin accepting motto’s like: “I’m not perfect, just forgiven” and begin to believe that “moderation in all things” is the same as being “mature and balanced” they begin a downhill path to Laodicean lukewarmness.

When Christians learn to be “less fanatical” about their convictions and become less out-spoken (under the guise of “mellowing out” or saying they are just “older & more mature in the Lord”) - they are in fact hiding their light because when it shines others are convicted, they want to be more acceptable to friends, family &/or co-workers and so being to compromise.

Eventually these so-called “mature and balanced” Christians become candles hidden under bushel baskets,
they become savorless salt fit only to be “cast out and trodden underfoot”.

Some try to justify their compromise by saying that they separate “things” into “secular” and “religious”, public and private life, business (or work) and church. Again no where in scripture can it be demonstrated that God has EVER had such a “policy” - in fact quite to the contrary.

God does not separate into “secular & religious”, “church & state”, “public & private” only men do. He states in His word that YOU SHALL NOT have one law (rule or standard) for the sojourner (stranger or unbeliever) and another law (rule or standard) for the believer (Christian).

In His word it says that such and unjust measure is a “false balance” - which in Proverbs 11:1 & Proverbs 20:23 scripture states is “ an abomination before the Lord”.

As far as being “moderate/moderation in all things” (another justification for compromise) the word “moderation” appears only ONCE in the entire Bible. It can be found in the Book of Philippians Chapter 4 verse 5: “Let your moderation be known unto all men” (KJV)

Please note that is does NOT say to be “moderate in ALL THINGS” but let your “moderation” be know to ALL men. The Greek word used here for moderation according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance means: your gentleness, patience and/or kindness. In the Living Bible the same verse says: “Let everyone see that you are unselfish and considerate in all you do”. In the Amplified Bible it reads: “Let all men know and perceive and recognize your unselfishness - your considerateness, your forbearing spirit.

As I stated above, the Spirit of God would/could not show or give anyone anything that is not consistent with the written word of God. (Both what the Spirit teaches & His word, MUST always agree.) Compromise commonly disguised as “moderation in all things” is not only NOT found anywhere in the Bible it is contradictory to His written word and contrary to both His character and His nature.

Christians often quote phrases which they attribute to the Lord and His word (the Bible) believing that it is indeed of God. Phrases like: “God helps those that help themselves”(Benjamin Franklin) or “nothing to excess”(Socrates)
or “moderation in all things”(Koran) are NOT at all scriptural.

What is often attributed as having been given to you “from the Lord” was actually from historical figures and secular sources. The popular phrase “moderation in all things” (which is the essence of compromise) is actually a quote from the Moslem “bible” known as the Koran (the sacred book of Muslims containing the revelations of Mohammedan and NOT Jesus Christ). In volume A-7 of the Koran it states: “Allah (the god of Muslims) willeth that you use moderation in all things’.

In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 17 verse 11, shows us that we (Christians) are to receive the word (of God) will all readiness of mind and to search the scriptures daily to find out if the things we receive/hear are so according to the word of God.

The scriptures admonish us to measure what we “hear” to be sure of what “voices” we are listening to; we are to seek the counsel of the Lord and to search His word to find out IF what we have “heard” or “been shown” or believe to be true is “of the right spirit”, to prove whether it is from the Lord.

The voice which many “Christians” are choosing to believe these days
- which convinces them to be less out-spoken (hidden candles)
-which causes them to “mellow” (become savorless salt) in order to avoid being labeled “fanatical”
-which leads them to tolerate sin (for the sake of “moderation” or “balance”)
-which leads them to believe that separating “public from private life”, “secular from religious”, and “church from state”is acceptable to God.
That voice is NOT the voice of the Lord but is in reality - the voice of compromise.

When people are scripturally challenged to re-examine their beliefs (particularly when error or compromise is exposed) in self defense they “attack the messenger” (for example labeling them as fanatical). This is done in an attempt to justify or defend themselves, avoid conviction, and unfortunately to refuse to repent.

Another popular evasive loop-hole of rationalization often used is to attempt to dismiss the “issue” by saying: “Well, that’s just THEIR interpretation of scripture!”.

How Christians have become adept at avoiding the conviction of God’s Spirit!

Before correction is written off as just a matter of someone else’s “beliefs”, before labeling it as “their opinion” or dismissing it as being just “THEIR interpretation” of scripture today’s “Contemporary Christians” had better take a second look and had better check out which voices they have been giving heed to AND HAD BETTER MAKE SURE from The Source that it is not GOD’S VIEW they are rejecting or rationalizing away!

The “issues” today are not, for example, really whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween. It IS the “compromise of Christianity” AND it is the infiltration of “New Age” thinking into the churches, that is the real issue. It is the compromise of Christianity & it’s foundational principals that even permits the absurdity of “Christians” celebrating Halloween at all! -And it is “New Age” thinking in the churches that defends a “Christian’s” choice to do so!

Some of the beliefs basic to “New Age” philosophy are: You make you own decisions. You are the one who determines what is wrong; truth is what youbelieve to be true” - according to how YOU perceive your own reality. You (not God or His word) become the judge, you set the limits, you define what is good (or bad) decent or indecent. Self becomes god. Man is the highest order of being and so is the ultimate authority. Therefore there is no accountability to any other “higher” authority or Supreme Being.

In the New Age as for most “Contemporary Christians”, the Bible is not to be taken literally or seriously.
While it is considered to have some historical value it is viewed essentially as out dated fiction.

Sin, right & wrong, morals, ethics etc. are all no longer based upon Holy Scripture.
There is no heaven (only the wheel of Karma), no absolutes, no “final judgment”, no hell.

As Christians, we know that truth is NOT a matter of what we perceive it to be, what we happen to agree with,
nor is it what “we” choose to believe or disbelieve.

As Christians to live “uncompromisingly righteous” lives before the Lord is NOT a matter of doing that which “seems right in our own eyes” - neither is it a matter of “moderation in all things”! God chastened Israel for their self-will, i.e. idolatry. He said that they were idolatrous because: “....every man did according to his own ways” and did “that which seemed right in his own eyes”.

Most of the church(es) are doing today what Israel did then;
for these same reasons God says that judgment begins -“in the house of the Lord”.

According to the word of God, irregardless of how any of us perceive things in our own eyes no other point of view matters except how GOD views things. God says He will judge according to HIS word and that He WILL render to EVERY man according to His ways.

Because I know that, that day is very near I would urge you not to think lightly of what I have shared with you.

I encourage you to humble yourself (as a little child) before the Lord, earnestly seek His counsel, search His word, and pray. Ask Him sincerely with the heart of a child (with that same tender heart which embraces Him as Lord and Savior) to please show you, (as I do continually) if you have been compromising and concerning what I have written if these things be so.