Except ye be converted, - and become spiritual giants?


Except ye be converted, - and become spiritual giants?

When Saul (whose name means: ask) was put in a position where he finally "asked of the Lord" then, in the Light of Who HE IS, Saul (changed his name and) became known as (Paul) "little."

Since YOUR conversion have YOU become "little"? or by flattery has the enemy seduced you to again vaunt yourself:, your calling, your ministry etc. by USING the things of God as means to do so. On the road to Damascus, Saul met the risen Lord and in the process, he became converted and an essential part of the fruit of that repentance and conversion was turning from the pride of man: how man perceives himself, his ways, his works, his knowledge etc. in his own sight. Is the fruit of YOUR conversion REALLY "nevertheless not I, me or my" but CHRIST, HE and HIM alone -or has it become who YOU are in Him! If we will ASK HIM to be our humility of hearts and minds...and BECOME AGAIN AS "little children" in His sight, He will grant His people "restoration and rest" -HE WILL RESTORE His people to Himself in Spirit and in Truth. By a Sovereign act of Grace in the revelation of Jesus Christ, God will restore the Body of Christ -which "thing" He will do for whosoever will ask...

IF ONLY WE WOULD REPENT and AGREE WITH HIM. While we are waiting on God, God is waiting on us to confess our sins, repent of our wicked ways and humble ourselves before Him acknowledging that NONE OF US knows anything yet -as we ought agreeing with God (who said that in His word because He wants us to know that the only man who knows as he ought to know is the Lord Himself, the Man, -Jesus Christ.)

GOD IS WAITING FOR FRUIT OF OUR REPENTANCE: ACKNOWLEDGE Jesus Christ as the "Spiritual Man" (cf. 1Cor.15:47) and that "we" ourselves are "spiritual" only in that we "put on Him" who is the Spiritual Man, -not by putting on airs of spirituality (with our puny bits of knowledge) but by "putting on Christ" (who is perfect in wisdom and knowledge) -with ourselves, dead and hidden in Him (not I, but Christ!) IF we would all stop thinking of ourselves as so spiritually minded & just admit that we don't know as much as we think we know -and not even the half of what we ought to know, and -if we would humble ourselves and become as little children in His sight and just ASK HIM to reveal HIMSELF and ASK HIM to take us to His Written Word and confirm that Word by His Spirit, then HE would bless us with the "revelation of Jesus Christ" -in the hearts of His people!

There are many things which men "say the word of God says" who have not INQUIRED OF HIM concerning the scriptures, but have instead taught what they have been taught according to their own knowledge concerning the scriptures! There IS a great deal of difference between the two! The main purpose of the written word of God is to direct us to repentance and rest in HIM Who is Himself, the Living Word.

We need to repent of interpreting the scriptures from a man-centered perspective! How we do love to quote the scripture in the light of who we think we are! We boast about having the "Mind of Christ" -not knowing that having the "mind of Christ" means: assuming the attitude of heart that He had in His submission to the Father, in all things -even His willingness to suffer affliction, not vaunting His own self but resting (abiding) in the Father while the Father "worked the works" (as it is written: God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself) that the FATHER might do His will and work His works (in Christ) according to HIS good pleasure...though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered -shall not we, also?