Face Of Man Vs The Face Of God. (Part One)


This article is for critics and gainsayers: PLEASE ask the Lord, i.e., take your issues up with Him before you write to me. Im not interested in either flattery or criticism. Please don't write to me justifying what you think you know in defense of pet doctrines: I'm simply not interested in debating with anyone about "doctrines of men". This material was not posted for rebuttals, philosophical reasonings or theological debate. It is the word of the Lord [instruction with understanding] to whosoever will hear. If you are among those who choose not to hear, then that is between you and the Lord.

I am not going to waste time debating over what I've been sent to speak in the Name of the Lord, especially not with men [& women] who have convinced themselves they already know better and/or are sure they know "what is or is not" of God! Don't bother writing to me to give me all the twisted pseudo-scriptural reasons why you think the messages [posted on my pages] are "not of God". Even if you agree with the articles, don't write to tell me how true the messages are "of other ministries" but not applicable to you, your church or your pastor. In other words, don't bother giving me all the reasons why you think I must be mistaken regarding you or your particular ministry.

Those who are walking by grace [and in true humility] are the ones who will ask and inquire of the Lord, but the proud [gainsayers] will scoff, some will even mock. Pride and contentiousness go hand-in-hand and invariably those who are in the "flesh" would rather argue than ask. Save yourself a lot of time & grief: just take yourself and the message you've read on these pages "to the Lord" as you are being directed [entreated] to do (as you and I all should do).

Spare me all the self-defensive &/or retaliatory "testimonials" and tirades about how you think I "lack the love of God" -or what 'you think' my REAL motives or intentions are. Save your rebukes about what you think is my lack of sensitivity or how you think I think more highly of myself than I ought (what the Lord has for us in this is not "mine" in the first place!) Don't rail at me regarding any other "evil surmising" you may have about me or this message according to some supposedly scriptural pseudo-spiritual-psychoanalytical analysis of what you think about me, your opinion of my social graces, and/or your perception of what you think a REAL Christian's motives are, what my method or demeanor should be. If you have complaints about the directness, bluntness or what you think is my harshness (lack of sugar coating to this message) -take your complaints to the Lord (not to me, I am His servant.) Save all your vain assumptions about how you think I must be angry or that I must have been "wounded by a church" or that I hate pastors, etc. (This message was this message 35 yrs. before I ever knew anything "about church" or even had a pastor!) Do not write to me to analyze why you think I despise the churches (because I don't!) Don't write to me about how you think I have no regard for the good works, feelings or good intentions of others: I applaud good works but you are not here for my applause, and keep in mind, I never said the people themselves were evil although many of the doctrines being ignorantly taught are very evil! I've never accused or implied that any of God's leadership are intentionally deceiving God's people [but Jesus Himself said "teachers will come from among you, many in fact will be "deceived and deceiving many". If THAT does not sit well with you, I can't help that either!

Don't try to convince me about the merits or virtues of YOUR pastor (that is not the issue.) Just take what you are being told about the errors in doctrine to the Lord & Save your glowing reports about the supposed humility of the leadership and/or the great godliness of your favorite called, appointed and/or anointed pet prophets, preferred pastors etc. This message of repentance is NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION OR ASSESSMENT of any person, denomination or movement. This message of repentance is from the Lord of All to all, -regardless of how called, appointed or anointed!

Don't bother sending me testimonials about assorted demonstrations of the "giftedness" of any (no matter who they are or how many miracles or "salvations" they have to their credit!) This message is to "all" who name the Name of Christ, no matter how much you think otherwise. And because it is for everyone, no one group is singled out so I am not interested in rebuttals from anyone, no matter HOW "called of God" IF they teach any thing contrary to this message.

Save your essays about all the good you think God is doing with self-help groups, or how you think God "used psychology" or seminars to deliver you &/or how instrumental therapy was in saving you. Just because God did a work in spite of the error of man, does NOT make those things approved in His sight. Instead, it demonstrates His mercy, love and grace in spite of our folly!)

I am not interested in man's wrested so-called scriptural debates, rebuttals &/or testimonials in support of the things these articles are telling you are not of God no matter how "highly esteemed" or approved they are in the "sight of men" [they are still an abomination in the sight of God!] I will not be persuaded concerning the goodness or supposed godliness of those things which men hold in high regard, choose to trust, and/or prefer to believe are right in the sight of God (even though they are not!) nor am I interested in hearing anyone's "defense" of what you WANT to believe is scriptural or what SEEMS good to you in your own sight. I am not interested in any rebuttals even if it is "what you did your thesis on"! I will not be moved or persuaded away from what you read in these articles [concerning Christian Humanism and the Apostasy]. EVEN if the whole world and all of Christendom approves of these things (God does not!) What matters to me is not what you or the rest of Christendom thinks or chooses to follow! I know from whom I have received and He Himself has confirmed all that He has taught me throughout His written word as well. I will therefore not be moved or persuaded otherwise, -no matter what you think or say. In short, this was NOT written or posted for you to argue with me, or so that you could send rebuttals or offer contrary proofs via so-called scriptural debates. The material on these pages was posted for "whosoever will hear" (in the hope that you will obediently and humbly take it all to Him who is the Living Word, Jesus Christ. These articles have been posted in the hope that you will be stirred to go to the Lord and ask HIM to dicern and confirm. The articles [materials, writings] were NOT posted for YOU to weigh and measure by what you think is right in your own sight using man's OWN so-called biblical knowledge [regarding what man himself chooses to believe is or is not "scriptural"]!

I also will not be persuaded that abortion is right --or that homosexuality is approved in the sight of God [just because YOU found a so-called Christian church that approves of homosexuality or because you found an apostate minister and flock to validate your behavior.] Neither will I be convinced of the goodness or rightness of the psycho-social-sciences, no matter how much scripture you twist to try to prove your point;regardless of how you think God used your analyst or analysis to save your daughter from drugs, save you from suicide, deliver you from depression or from a love affair with your refrigerator! If any good was done, I am fully convinced by the Lord and by His word, the good that was done was NOT because of -but was IN SPITE OF-- all those things in which you placed your trust. Whether you like it or not, God is saying [to His people] that those things were not and are not, "of God" !)

I will not be persuaded contrary to what you read in these articles --not by men or their prosperous ministries, not by a multitude of signs or by wonders. So spare me the reports about how GOOD you think a particular thing is simply because it worked for you! (Repent!) A lot of wrong things can render deceptive seemingly good results! Spare me the ravings about the fabulous work you think was done by God through your so-called "Christian" (or non-Christian) psychotherapist! I repeat, any good that was done, was done in spite of and NOT because of what man did, in spite of man's methods! None of that changes the fact that all such teachings ARE in direct opposition to the word of God! I do not CARE how much they claim to operate in accordance with scripture, -even if they SAY they are Christian and can plaster their office wall with certificates. I am not swayed or impressed by how much they believe that "the Lord is working through those things" or how impressed you were with their "anointing". Just because men "say they are scriptural" and quote the scripture, does not mean it is. Psychology and psychotherapy is not of God no matter how much of it is done using His Name. It does not matter how sincerely they believe or claim to be operating according to God's word!

If it is your purpose or intent to contradict or debate with me concerning the testimony I have been sent to give against these things, then save your breath! Let me assure you of one thing: no matter how much good you think is being done -no matter how godly you think the churches are, it does not alter one bit of the testimony against these things the Lord sent me to give and it will not alter what is about to occur, shortly.

I know full well why those who refuse to hear do not hear, -the Lord told me many years ago: "they will not hear you because they will not hear Me..." Before anyone is tempted to think "that I think of myself" more highly than I ought and/or before you judge me by deciding that I must think I'm the only one who hears from God: I'll save you the time and the trouble of writing that too. I do not believe such juvenile spiritual competitiveness has any place in the Body of Christ. And in case you think I need you to put me in my place, don't bother. I know exactly what I am and I know my place: I'm a "dust and ashes" member of His Body by the adoption of His Spirit by grace through the faith of Him...and to me, if any of us dare to think of ourselves as anything more than unprofitable servants, if we think of ourselves as more than that, then what we are is: "uppity dust' !

DO I think I'm the only person hearing from God, -No. But if you can get over what you think is my arrogance, and if you have any maturity in the Lord, you will realize that the time is short and no one can afford NOT to ask the Lord about these things! So pardon me if I don't tap dance or sing for you --no dancing bears either, lol.

Whatever the Lord has given you is for the good of His Body and belongs to you, me and everyone who Names the Name of Jesus Christ...and so I will take whatever anyone submits to me in the "name of the Lord" to the Lord -and I expect you to be mature enough to do the same. THAT'S IT, IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Whatever the LORD has given me for His Body belongs to His Body and we ought to be HUMBLING ourselves and taking all these things before HIM without respect of persons. We ought to be seeking HIS FACE for HIS COUNSEL instead of relying upon our so-called godly logic and human reasoning. It is high time we forsake our damnable practices of weighing and measuring things according to what seems right to us, by WE THINK we know instead of humbling ourselves to get on our faces and ask the LORD instead! We ought not be competing against one another under the disguise of shepherding (protecting) the sheep -His sheep know His voice and another they will not follow...

I'm not trying to compete, be a star or match revelation for revelation with anyone nor do I claim any elitist knowledge of God... and I believe there is no NEW or strange revelation -it's all already right in His Word! The eye that sees and the ear that hears is from the Lord. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear -if you have not hardened your heart in "what you think you know" according to teachings, doctrines and commandments of that which has been taught to you of men, then I am confident you will hear. That is, -IF you set aside being offended, set aside preconceived judgments long enought to go before the Lord with a humble heart and mind, you will hear. He gives grace to the humble but the proud He turns empty away: those wise in their own eyes and filled with the conceit of knowledge, He turns empty away. (On one occassion, Jesus said that He uses the foolish things to confound the wise and that the Father has hidden these things from the wise -and has revealed them unto babes ...for so it seemed good in His sight.)

If you have to ask me why the Lord has given this message at this time, I would have to answer that it is because He is the Lord and He is God, and "it has pleased the Lord to do so" (according to that which was good in His sight.) I have not earned or learned these things it was given by grace alone) and that's the only answer I can give you. If that offends you, then you will just have to take it up with Him. [If you do, He will answer you ...but not necessarily the way you think He ought to do so.]

For those who question my motives according to human reason accusing me of walking in the pride of men, let me ask you this: Has God ever called you a son of dust, has He ever referred to you as a "Son of dust" ? --it has a tendency to let a human being know for a fact exactly what we are (dust under His Feet!) Has the God of Creation ever said to you: GO, speak into the ears of the leaders of my people? What would YOU do if the Lord told you, Go - declare these things to the churches, and what if you heard Him call her [the churches] a "rebellious house"? Would YOU worry about the opinions of people thought you were presumptuous because they mistook your obedience [to the Lord's command]? If the Lord spoke to YOU by His Spirit at 10 years of age, and said to you: "I will send you to speak to a people who have eyes to see, but see not -and ears to hear, but hear not -and if He told YOU that the people would refuse to hear because of the hardness of their hearts..." -then, what would YOU say and what would YOU do?

When I was older, the Lord called me again and drew me to Him by His grace. He caused me to seek His Face with fasting & weeping, seeking Him in prayer concerning HIS Counsel that He would make HIMSELF known according to His purposes, in His time He would make known whatever it pleased Him concerning those things that it pleased to Lord to show me. I have written concerning all these things the best I know how. Rather than argue with me, please just ask Him! And consider this: If the LORD told YOU "the churches are all becoming one but not in Me" would YOU let others try to convince you that He did not say that -or that He did not really mean "all"? And would you compromise that word with others who want you to "agree to disagree" ? Would you be moved by the counsel of men, -or would you instead entreat them to ASK the LORD!

If the Lord of Glory told you that the churches were a leprous house and that we have all come short even in our perception of "the glory of God" -and if He told you to go tell them HE said so, -what would YOU say and do? Would you not try to keep men from accepting what GOD SAID was a substitute, in exchange for His glory? (they exchanged their glory....) What would you do if Almighty God told YOU to TELL His Leadership that the LORD SAID He is going to break the stony hearts of His People and that He said He is going to start with His Leadership. If YOU heard God say: "It's begun" and YOU KNEW it meant that 1/3 of the earth would soon be destroyed because so many of God's own people are bent on continuing on with what they are doing in His Name- AND IF YOU heard ALL OF THIS in the context of being shown the SWORD COMING UPON THE LAND, -WHAT would YOU say and do?

If you were taken in the Spirit up to heaven (as I was) and IF YOU saw Him sitting at the right Hand of the Father, -if HE turned & caused HIS FACE to shine upon you (the Light from His Face is so brilliant that you cannot see His Face) would YOU exchange the knowledge of God given by God in the Face of Jesus Christ for the knowledge of men? Even the angels of God that were ascending and descending before His throne were of no particular interest to me in the Light of Him and who He is! You will just have to forgive me then if I have no regard for the face of men, or for the testimony of angels: those who believe they teach what they teach contrary to His Word according to seducing spirits. I have no regard for any teaching that contradicts the revelation of the Knowledge of God according to the Word of God which it has pleased the Lord Himself to give me in the Light of Knowledge of God from the Face of Him who is God.

All that He has shown me He has confirmed with His written word from the Book of Genesis through to the Book of the Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. So you can call my refusal to accept anything that contradicts this as "arrogance" if you want to but it will not move me.

Whether you want to believe it or not, all that I just said really happened to me (and more) I did not ask the Lord to do these things, I just asked Him to make Himself known to me: He sovereignly chooses who, what, how, when, where and why.

One day I was kneeling in church praying when all of a sudden I heard THE ALMIGHTY say by His Spirit: "the end of all flesh has once again come before Me..." Ok, so what would YOU do? I know it sounds incredible but all these things really happened to me (over several years period of time) Even though I was only a few weeks old in the Lord, He told me to go to the leadership of the churches and tell them to "let my people go to worship Me" -and if that was not shocking enough, in my ignorance of the Bible I did not even know that my own objections to the Lord were the same as Moses' -who am I that they will listen to me...

When I tried to obey the Lord, I was rebuked & told that what I thought I was sent to speak was "not of God" I was told I was "out of order" (though I went to the pastors privately, entreating them to ask the Lord...) And when I went before the Lord to intercede, He said that He was WROTH with "His people" and He told me, "the pastors" (and HE USED the PLURAL) "have become as pharaoh in My sight" You THINK that can NOT be so and THINK that could not be God? He sent His servant to speak to the pastors in His Name just as He sent Moses to speak to Pharaoh and today just like Pharaoh did then, the pastors stubbornly refuse to humble themselves to ask the Lord. Many ignorantly reject Him, even mock His counsel -many deny Him -and hinder Him, denying God His right to Sovereignly lead His own people by His own Hand! His command is: "Let My people go that they may worship Me!" In today's terms it means, let my people witness of Me and declare My words and speak of My works and obey Me in the leading of My Spirit -not quenched, hindered, and/or snuffed out by spiritually domineering men!

The Lord has the right to demand the freedom of His people to be His witnesses. He has the right to demand of the leadership that His people be free to testify of Himself in all of His ways & all of His doings. God has the Sovereign right to command and demand that His leadership and His people repent in whatsover things it pleases Him, to speak as HE wills, to walk &/or move among His people by His Spirit. God has the right to demand His people be set free to worship & serve Him as HE wills: He desires worship of Him "in Spirit and In Truth" (not singing of songs with our lips) but "TO BE LED OF HIM" by HIS Spirit! Our highest praise of Him is our obedience to Him -in and through, the "obedience of Jesus Christ" who is our "Praise of the Father"!

The word of the Lord came unto me saying: Go, tell the pastors to let My people go that they may serve ME! Am I suggesting that I am a Moses, or John the Baptist or Elijah -no I am not, by no means! But regardless of what you think I think I am, that is what the Lord commanded me. The LORD is that same Spirit who spoke through Moses, and John the Baptist and Isaiah and Jeremiah, and Amos etc. -and He is the same Spirit who speaks in these days through His Son, even by His Spirit through the members of His Body as it pleases Him, -and who are YOU to say He cannot or did not? He is God, He changes not -and He is still saying the same things to mankind AND to errant religious leaders because man and his responses to God have not changed as much as we would like to think. Human beings (no matter how anointed) are still stubborn and stiff-necked!

Godly men in the churches do not like to see themselves or their ministries as idolatrous nor will they believe they are apostate in their beliefs, -and so anointed men of God reinterpret God's call to repentance according to what they themsleves choose to see! God is trying to call the CHURCHES to repent while men and women of God are ignorantly reinterpreting God's call to repent in terms of man's understanding of WHAT WE THINK that repentance should be -instead of humbling ourselves to ask God what He Himself means by His call TO THE CHURCHES to repent -repent of what? Not only have we failed to humble ourselves before the Lord to ask HIM what HE MEANS by His call to "repentance" -we also presume to mislead others in the churches according to WHAT WE THINK God MEANS by "holiness" -taking it upon ourselves to define for God what holiness is according to our own human understanding of what we ourselves choose to see in His written word. We even give God obedience only according to what we ourselves think our obedience should be. Likewise we do not inquire of THE LORD concerning what HE means by what HE is saying our idols are! Our idolatry is that WE DO NOT ASK GOD what HE is saying our stubbornness is, and WE DO NOT ASK HIM to define for us what HE means by our rebelliousness. Instead we go to His word and in our own understanding WE DEFINE FOR THE LORD what we THINK He means by all these things! We continue to use OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING of God's word to define for ourselves what we think He means by our idolatry, by our rebelliousness and/or by our disobedience to Him. Thus we continually use our own minds to supplant the authority of His Spirit, as we interpret His word for Him in our own understanding. We arrogantly hold our own understanding of His word up to the Lord and instead of humbling ourselves to ask Him what HE means, we supplant what the LORD really wants to say through our own carnal minded reasoning.

Without ever really finding out from the LORD what He means by what He is saying, people have been taught of men to replicate this process of vanity and idolatry of mind, leading ourselves in our own understanding of God's written word and we have done this for so long that we NOW refuse to acknowledge that we have even done so: even as we continue to use our own understanding of the written word of God to oppose THE LORD concerning what He is commanding. To our own destruction, we have been working against the LORD rather than for Him, through idolatry of mind opposing ourselves & ignorantly hindering His efforts to re-direct us!

When the Lord called me (when I was older) I tried asking the Lord to send someone else -I asked Him to send someone the churches and their leadership would receive. When I asked the Lord to send "someone whom they would receive" the Lord sternly rebuked me, saying "do not say that". I didn't learn until recently why the Lord told me not to ask Him to send someone whom they would receive -because THE LORD knew "the one whom they will receive" is the Anti-Christ (who is already here.) I tried to tell the Lord how unqualified I was but that turned out to be part of His plan. Then I tried to refuse and ran from the Lord (which I would not recommend -it cost me greatly)

I am now 45 years old and when the Lord called me again (twelve + years ago) I tried to reason with the Lord by asking Him how can He expect me to go and tell His people "to repent" bitterly complaining to the Lord that I lacked understanding from Him as to what the Churches were to be called "to repent of". I mistakenly thought that I had to first understand why He wanted the churches to repent before I could do what He commanded (which I later learned is not necessarily one of God's prerequisites.) Understanding the reasons God has behind what He commands or says, -knowing WHY He is giving a command is NOT a prerequisite to obeying Him in that command: God has the Sovereign right to command our obedience whether we understand or not! I did not realize that the LORD has every right to command our obedience whether or not we understand why, simply because He is God and He said so!

Instead of obeying Him, I kept doing what the leadership and people are doing now: I kept asking the Lord, repent of what? and I kept trying to figure out what the Lord was saying we are to "repent of" and why? (He answered me in judgment) Before I would obey His command, I foolishly refused to obey and hardened my heart. I required the Lord to He prove the truth of what He was saying not just that it was Him, -I also demanded (just as the leadership and people are now doing) that He first explain to my satisfaction His reasons for saying what He was saying...

I wanted God to submit Himself to my own mind and in effect I demanded to know (before I would obey Him ) exactly why & what we are supposed to be "repenting" of -in my own mind God's people had already repented if they have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Besides our generic, common to man "sins" -what else could the Lord possibly be commanding us to repent of? After all, we know that if we confess our sins that He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So as far as I could see at the time that took care of it all: whatever we confess then our sins are under the Blood of Jesus (1John 1:9) I could not see or forgot the fact that God is Omniscient and He knows the hearts of all men. The LORD knows the things that "we as a people" -as a community of believers refuse to see! The LORD knows about all the things we refuse to believe are our sins (like our part in the apostasy of Christianity!)

IF WE "confess our sins" He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, but what about those sins that "as a people" -that we simply refuse acknowledge? What about the sins we choose to deny? What about the unconfessed sins that we as a people simply refuse to admit are named among us? What about those sins that we as a people stubbornly refuse to see? --like the unconfessed sin (apostasy) of the prideful pharisees who said they see but due to the hardness of their hearts their sins remained. The Lord knows the sins which have remained unconfessed in the hearts of His own people, -which remain unconfessed not just because of our ignorance of them but in reality, because of the hardness of our own hearts in our stubborn refusal to hear of them.

One day the Lord told me to pray that Jesus Christ would be revealed in the hearts of His people. Little did I know how His leading me to pray that prayer would be used of the LORD to answer me regarding my questions about "how His people" (and their rebellious leadership) to whom He would send me, had departed from Him.

I had asked and earnestly sought the Lord as to WHAT THE CHURCHES ARE TO BE CALLED TO REPENT "OF"? He responded by instructing me to pray that Jesus Christ would be revealed in the hearts of His people. And suddenly there was a huge explosion of Light and I was knocked on my face as a dead man and I saw a huge golden Door open in heaven. In the Light of who He is, the Lord has taken me to His word and He Himself has shown me (including through a process of judgments in my own life) He has made known exactly WHAT HE IS CALLING HIS PEOPLE/THE CHURCHES TO REPENT OF! He has shown me why after nearly 2000 years of church history -WHY HE IS STILL STANDING OUTSIDE THE DOOR of THE CHURCHES (representing the hardness of the hearts of His own people who are still refusing to hear!)

It has pleased the Lord to give me several visions: one vision (which was written in fire in the heavens) was given concerning the coming of the Son of Man -and at the conclusion of this vision the Spirit of God spoke and said: "Behold the Judge Stands at the Door". Along with this vision the Lord has unfolded a progressive revelation of Himself, given an ominous final warning concerning His judgments and it has also pleased the Lord to give considerable understanding concerning the apostasy of Christendom.

When the Lord first gave this one particular vision (the one He gave that was written in fire) the Lord told me that I should NOT be in a hurry to understand the vision. The LORD said, "between the time you understand the vision and the time it will come to pass will be a short period of time." The vision concerns the LORD's testimony against His people regarding the apostasy of Christianity, and it concerns the resulting destruction of one-third of the earth because of the apostasy of His own people.

Concerning what anyone thinks may be my own hidden agenda -forget it: I don't have any hidden agenda: I have neither the time, the interest nor the inclination to have one.

In answer to those who question my motives and suspect me of evil intent toward the churches, the Lord has delivered me from worrying about what you think of my motives or from what others surmise concerning any so-called private agaenda. The message is not my own, I am not judging the personal motives of any one in any ministry. I am not against the churches, I am testifying of what I have seen, heard and been taught of the Lord. I personally am not putting anyone's motives or good intentions on trial. None of this is written in regards to the PERSONA of any man, about any one denomination or ministry! What I am telling you has nothing to do whatsoever with anyone's personal motives or actions -nor is it based upon my personal evaluation of events, or of the people involved. Many of these things were first given to me 35 years ago; then were again brought to the forefront by the Lord in 1986 -(which was also when the ram's horn was blown... when and the Lord told me, i.e., the Lord said: "It's begun").

I am simply trying to warn anyone who will hear -and any who might persuade any others TO HEAR! So please take what you have read to the Lord, ask and inquire of Him concerning these things. For the sake of what the Lord is warning, please overlook it if you think I have not done this "just right" or the way you think I should.

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