Man is using "false weights and meaures" by using carnal-minded analysis, human perception (man's own logic and reasoning concerning the word of God) instead of Spiritual Discernment of Spiritual things by the Spirit of God by deferring to the Lord asking Him to discern all things for us by His Spirit!)

First let me say upfront: I did NOT write this because I'm angry with the churches (though God is) or because I have a grudge against anyone (I don't.) None of this is meant to be taken as condemnation of the churches or of any particular person or persons. The articles were NOT written out of spite, or malice, or hurt or anger: except at the enemy of our souls "against his devices" against us! And to all pseudo-scriptural-armchair-analyst-wanna be's, I am neither a "bruised reed" nor am I a "smoking flax". What is written here is meant to challenge the people of God to go to the Lord: to seek their counsel from Him according to the word of God, in Spirit and in Truth, -instead of following men, in man's own private (i.e. pseudo-spiritual but nevertheless carnal-minded) understanding of the written word of God by men supplant the Truth.

People really need to learn to go to the Lord about things to ask HIM to judge and discern for us! This stuff about "how we" are supposed to be able to "judge the truth" using man's so-called "scriptural criteria" is a man-made pseudo-spiritual farce! While fracturing the real meaning of scripture beyond it's proper application, men are using a false measure to teach man how to use man's own pseudo-scriptural misapplication and misinterpretation of the written word of God as a "measuring-line" to determine what "is or is not true" concerning the written word and prophetic utterances.

Misapplying wrested (twisted) scripture produces a false measure (which thing God hates) which allows man to supplant the prophetic word at his own will, making a total mockery of the propheticword. Very simply put: when YOU USE what MAN teaches you about scripture "to weigh and measure" what GOD is or is not saying, INSTEAD OF "asking the Lord Himself to do it for you" then the entire process becomes an abomination in the sight of God, a stench in His nostrils (which we call our so-called godly discernment.)

The FACE of man is his "own perception and his own counsel" Part of man's "face" is the psyche or soul of man, and God speaks "prophetically" -not through the emotions of man, not through the mind or soul of man, God speaks through His word and prophetically by His Spirit to our spirits (so much for us being able to "rightly discern" by weighing and measuring according to what our carnal ear hears and our human perception is able to see!)

*Discerning of spiritual things MUST BE spiritually discerned by the Spirit of God for us on our behalf by HIS Spirit, NOT of our own mind, will or human perception! Scripture and prophetic utterances cannot be judged by the faculties of man, weighed or measured by the will of man, nor by the thoughts or feelings of man but by God's Holy Spirit Alone -which gift DOES NOT opperate according to our mind, our will, our powers of reason, our intellectual or even our so-called biblical knowledge or insight. The gift of the discerning of the spirit of truth versus the spirit of error operates not as WE will according to our knowledge of the written word but only as the Spirit of God wills when we humble ourselves in what WE THINK we know, to simply ask Him.

The counsel of men concerning God's word is not God's will: the Word of God according to the understanding or counsel of men is not the will of God (apart from the counsel of God by the Spirit of God concerning that word!) ;  It is heretical for anyone to teach that we are to regard prophecy or teachings any other way than by submitting it all to the Mind of the Holy Spirit Himself (because to fail to do so makes man's interpretation of scripture and his so-called godly discernment of the prophetic to be nothing more than man's own private interpretation: and this is true whether it is one man, or an entire denomination, or group of churches doing so, it is still man's private interpretation, and not God's by His Spirit!

It is also gross error for men to replace discernment by His Spirit with analysis via human faculties according to the knowledge of the carnal mind, in order for "man to discern or identify" the biases of men. once again: to fail to acknowledge the Lord is itself PRIVATE INTERPRETATION by the carnal mind of men of those things which were spoken by Holy men of God who wrote as they were moved by the Spirit of God! Yet those very terms have in recent years been raped of their true meaning in scripture by ignorant "religious" men who have taken those terms out of their true context in scripture and have seen fit to make ungodly spiritual sounding use of those terms to teach men how to discern for themselves (private interpretation ) by which men "equip the Body of Christ" to oppose GOD using man's own analytical processes to falsely interpret scripture & use the same false weights & measures to "discern" prophetic utterances or writings for themselves!

The turning upside down of the truth by man-made so-called scriptural methods of "judging or discerning" is to our own destruction -as men now use that which is evil to judge "what is or is not good" via the sight of men who call good evil and evil good: through use of false so-called scriptural criteria (which is of men and not of God) as the people of God are being taught to apply false measures & balances (which seem good & scriptural to us in our own sight) in order to supposedly "rightly weigh and measure" by what we are now taugth is the "right process" for the so-called "godly discernment" -whereby we are in fact, usurping the authority of the Spirit, undermining the very correction spiritual instruction and God-breathed counsel that the Lord Himself has sent.

If you do not know what I am talking about, there is a contemporary set of false criteria currently being applied to scripture and to prophetic writings which is in effect 1/2 truth & 1/2 error (Laodicean garbage) composed of an ungodly man-made criteria using some very anti-scriptural statements which unfortunately has been ignorantly "accepted with open arms" and is now being widely applied as a supposedly SURE SCRIPTURAL STANDARD by which millions are being (falsely) taught man-made (supposedly scriptural) methods by which-men-are-teaching-men "how to" supposedly "rightly judge truth" for themselves!

When I first came across some of these "discernment teachings" some time ago, in my own mind I personally did not -in my own understanding think that the critera was bad at all, -that is until the LORD HIMSELF rebuked me for not "asking Him about it" and then, HE HIMSELF took me back through the criteria and showed me by the "discerning of HIS Spirit" just HOW UNGODLY the teachings are in HIS SIGHT and HE revealed just HOW EVIL these so-called scriptural methods really are!

People are being taught to apply carnally-minded soulish pseudo-scriptural criteria to carry out so-called "godly spiritual discernment" by using the mind of the flesh! Unfortunately this is typical of the times and shows just how far people in positions of leadership have strayed from the truth! It is no wonder the churches are a mess: due to the way in which much of the church leadership itself "discerns truth" (via a slew of man's own pseudo-spiritual unscriptural private psychoanalytical mental analysis which the word of God clearly tells us is wrong!

Man himself by himself is NOT able to "discern truth from error" by "his knowldege of what God said" ! -that is EXACTLY how Eve was deceived! Eve THOUGHT SHE could "weigh and measure truth" by her knowledge of what God had said! She thought knowing what God said enabled her, that having knowledge made her wise to discern truth from error! Eve was deceived by believing SHE COULD take what she knew God had said and use it to judge good & evil, thinking she could know "a spirit of truth" from a "spirit of error".

And the CHURCHES are using and teaching the SAME process to try to discern "the spirit of truth from the spirit of error" (according to man's knowledge of the word of God) WITHOUT really submitting ourselves to the Lord, WITHOUT deferring to Him to ask HIM to discern things (for us by His Spirit) and now, just as Paul the Apostle feared would happen in the last days, the CHURCHES are being "beguiled as Eve was beguiled" How? By using FALSE means and methods of man's own subtitionary brand of "discerning of spirits"!

The CHURCH has fallen for the SAME ploy as Eve, deceived into thinking that we are supposed to use our knowledge of the written word, to use "it" as the measuring line of what is or is not of God, to determine what is or is not true -having forgotten that even in our highest understanding we are susceptible to deception by the spirit of error, even with our best knowledge of the written word of God: that does not make US capable of "rightly discerning" anything!

True Spiritual Discernment is only by the Spirit of God -not according to our knowledge of the written word! The order has been reversed according to precepts of men! We MUST not lean to our own understanding and MUST inquire of the Lord, humbling ourselves in what we think we know is "scripturally so" to diligently inquire of Him, "asking the LORD" to discern all things by HIS Spirit for us on our behalf (because He alone is able to do so!) And then, we are to ASK HIM to take what He tells us to His written word by His Spirit and to show us, teach us and make His counsel known to us confirming for us by His Spirit through His written word, all that it pleases HIM to make known concerning Him.

We deceive ourselves when we "use the word" without going to HIM who is the Word! He must reveal His counsel by His Spirit, HE will confirm what He speaks via the written word: discernment is not according to our individual knowledge of the word of God! But the Word: in Spirit and in Truth, in accordance with His revelation of Himself through His word by HIS Spirit, the LORD HIMSELF will lead us into all truth!

God have mercy on us and heaven help these religious "leaders" who are supplanting HIS COUNSEL BY HIS SPIRIT by teaching men FALSE UNGODLY MAN-MADE methods and supposedly scriptural criteria by which they are undermining the authority of the Spirit by SUBSTITUTING the counsel of our own minds and that which SEEMS (scritpurally) RIGHT "in our own sight" in the place of humble submission of our idolatrous minds to God! The CHURCHES must repent of discerning for ourselves according to the knowledge of men using non-scriptural extra biblical supposedly authoritative so-called scriptrual false criteria to "weight and measure" truth!

Unfortunately for the majority of God's people, false teachings concerning "rightly dividing the word of truth" as well as false criteria for "rightly discerning the word" (and prophetic utterances etc.) are pretty typical of ungodly spiritual shepherding via thoroughly corrupt "pseudo-spiritual carnal-minded leadership" which now plagues today's churches. Drunk on knowledge and blind in their own conceits, the leadership prides themselves on their ability to judge for themselves (and for the sheep) what they think "is or is not" godly instruction, admonition and reproof etc. -and the church is paying a higher cost than she realizes as a result of this vanity (wickedness in place of spiritual authority.)

Teaching man how to "discern truth vs error" for himself using each man's own knowledge of scripture is the forbidden fruit; true discernment is NOT through knowledge alone! That is what ensnared Eve and it is the lust of man (to be wise as God that makes man see himself as able to do so!) It is man's own spiritual pride in the conceit of knowledge to which men are tempted by the enemy to turn, tempting men to use "supposedly right methods" to discern the "spirit of truth from the spirit of error" by foolishly applying our faulty perception, false criteria and man-made lists of do's & don'ts. Such "false weights and measures" are contrived, compiled and taught by men which amount to little more than what Paul the Apostle would have rightly described as "dung" because they are contrived by and consist of the religious knowledge of men who walk in the ways of men leading the people astray teaching God's people to judge according to the perception of man -and not of God!

The current carnal processes that men-are-teaching-men to use in order to "rightly discern" truth from error, to interpret the prophetic etc. are traditions of men, man-made methods and pseudo-scriptural religious criteria which teach the people of God to apply false "weights and measures" of the truth and to do so for themselves (apart from acknowledging the Lord) --and they erroneously call that process "spiritual discernment" though it reeks of the same criteria for measuring truth which is used by the secular world itself! The world takes what it sees and hears, and looks at what is written according to how man himself (either personally or corporately) chooses to interpret it, and man becomes his own judge (personally or corporately) of what is or is not right in the sight of man (but shuch ought not to be the case with the things of the Spirit!)

Going primarly on what man (or a particular group) wants to believe (concerning the written word of God) interpreted in the light of whatever has been traditionally taught (teachings heavily mixed with traditions and doctrines of men) together with principals straight out of some applied psychology handbook that has been married with scripture: is what men more often than not, now use to as their "spiritual criteria" for discerning truth.

These thoroughly leavened teachings, traditions and doctrines of men have preached from the pulpit for so long: it becomes established church practice -and the doctrines of men concerining the word of God have now become man's primary means of so-called discernment which has supplanted true spiritual discernment by the Holy Spirit: what folly we have from the pulpits to the pews!

Forgetting that Satan uses scripture, we set have set up false criteria & make lists of "how to's" which have been dressed up with biblical sounding terminology by men with glorious credentials, who teach what appears to men to be "scripturally sound methods" for supposedly "godly discernment". The churches are unaware that we deceive our own selves in the vain conceits of our idolatrous (stubborn) minds by believing that if we "know enough scripture" then we can discern spirits: even the spirit of truth vs. the spirit of error!

But the Truth is NOT searched out or known according to knowledge of men! The Truth must be revealed by the Spirit of God and the knowledge of God is in the Face of Jesus Christ, who is Himself the Truth! (Seek ye His Face!)

Unless we submit our selves and our minds and what we think we know to Him, we will be allowed to deceive ourselves in whatsoever things we choose to deem scripturally right in our own sight! God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble!

One such set of false criteria is a list of 10 or 12 supposedly scriptural points that men are using to tell others "how to exercise godly discernment". And this "list of principals" (which is supposed to be biblical) is taught theological seminaries and expounded in "pastorial conferences on spiritual discernment"... and of course, it sounds very theological and it seems so logical that it appears to the eyes of men to be completely reasonable but it is no less false for all the theological posturing and analytical window dressing. The fact remains that true spiritual discernment ends, and the risk of deception begins, the very moment we think ourselves able by any means to rightly discern or judge any thing apart from the Lord Himself.

The MOMENT we begin to BELIEVE THAT, we have in fact forsaken GOD HIMSELF as the "Fountain of Living water" and have turned from Him who alone is able, to our own broken cisterns of false religion that can hold no water...

Supposedly scriptural/godly criteria which men falsely say should "be applied" in order for man to supposedly "discern & interpret" are conspicuously devoid of two of most things (things that may not be on man's list of criteria but) which are definitely on the Holy Spirit's "list of criteria" for godly discernment:

(1) what counts most to the Holy Spirit is that above all the rest of the criteria you choose to apply, you must first learn that: it is not for you to apply any criteria of men at all -but rather it is the wisdom of God that discernment is of Him. You must first and always go directly to Him and ask Him to discern all truth for you as the Shepherd and Bishop of your soul!

God's priority is NOT whether or not you "correctly apply" a man-made scriptural sounding set of criteria! God's priority is whether or not you GO HUMBLY AND HONESTLY TO HIM! His criteria is that you do not turn to use some man-made list in the first place! That you do not rely on the powers of your own intellect or turn to your own powers of reason and logic in PLACE of Him! The heart of the deception in the garden of Eden is that Satan appealed to the vanity of Eve's mind to tempt her to use her powers of human perception and reason in order to usurp God's rightful place as her spiritual Head!

Eve's folly was the soul usurping the authority of the Spirit. She (Eve, representing the carnal mind or soul of man) did not submit her "self" to the headship of God for the discerning of His Spirit, but instead relied upon her own (the soul's ) intellectual or mental powers of reason and logic in combination with her knowledge of what God had said, whereby she allowed the mental processes of her own carnal mind (the soul) to usurp the authority of the spirit-man (represented by Adam) and the Spirit of God, Adam's (and woman's) Spiritual Head!

The churches are blindly following the same error by not really deferring to the Spirit of God for the "discerning of His Spirit" but by instead substituting pride in "our vast knowledge of the word of God" by virtue of which we like to think we are wise, thinking that by knowlege of the word "we are empowered to spiritually discern" --not knowing that we are ignorantly being seducing into substituting our own human reason and logic (concerning our own knowledge of scripture) for Discernment by the Holy Spirit because we are not acknowleging the LORD HIMSELF.

In the conceit of knowledge, men are ignoring the fact that the LORD HIMSELF must be the "discerner of the things of the spirit" by His Spirit for us on our behalf; He alone is able to "discern" by His Spirit and will do so for us on our behalf by the operation of the gift of the discerning of spirits, if we will humble ourselves (as Eve did not do) and will acknowledge Him (as Eve did not do) asking Him to discern "the spirit of truth from the spirit of error" by that "gift of His Spirit" which OPERATES not as we will but as the Spirit Wills!

Meanwhile if we choose not to acknowledge the Lord, if we choose to walk according to our own knowledge and our own understanding of His word, and if we choose to follow that which seems scripturally right to us in our own sight, instead of humbling our idolatrous minds before the Lord, then God will let us have our own way; we will learn by experience (just as Eve chose to do) the cost of forsaking Him for the vanity of our own minds.

Now you know why the LORD is still calling the churches to repent! We've fallen victim to the age-old devices of the enemy who tempts us through our pride to walk in the knowledge of what seems right to us in our own sight -even using our pride in our knowledge of what God has said, in order to supplant the leading and counsel of the Spirit of God in our lives by substituting the wisdom & counsel of men.

The Lord Alone is the only One who is able to keep us from falling! What we think, what we perceive, even what we know in our highest knowledge of the written word does not make us able to spiritually discern any thing! And when we replace God with ungodly, anti-scriptural methodologies of men: allowing men to teach us to use man-made lists and false measures to "discern the truth for ourselves" we only circumvent the operation of the gift of discernment by God's Spirit that the LORD HIMSELF desires to work for us on our behalf.

Right counsel will ALWAYS point you to the Lord; right counsel will ALWAYS direct you to the LORD and will place Him and the word by His Spirit, ABOVE all else!

(2) The SECOND thing that men leave out, the SECOND thing man's false criteria does: it tells you "how to" do everything yourself.

Man's counsel will tell you "how to do" a dozen different things...and his false teachings tell you how God MAKES YOU able to discern, (not Jesus, not the Lord, but YOU) able to judge truth for yourself according to your knowledge, instead of teaching you to go to the LORD, inquire of Him and rest in the counself of Him who is the One who is able to do all things for you!

Supposedly scriptural LISTS and false (man-made) criteria for "how to discern" do NOT REALLY teach you to go to the Lord, nor warn you not to LEAN TO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING in your own use of scripture! Religious men-teach-men to take what you see, what you hear and what you read to God's written word and then tell you that makes you able to judge -the same kind of misleading half-truth Satan used in the garden to deceive.

Men invariably teach men what THEY have been "taught of men" to do. Men will teach you HOW YOU are supposed to use God's word to judge FOR YOURSELF if a thing is scripturally correct! Although it sounds right, they are really instructing you to walk according to the intellectual abilities of man in his carnal ways by teaching us to use the written word of God to weigh and measure for ourselves what is right in our own sight according to what we ourselves choose to "see or not see" in the written in the word of God, -and THAT is wrong!

Unless you humble yourself before the Lord, there is little you are going to correctly see or hear (by the Spirit of God) by rummaging around in the Bible IF YOU DEPEND UPON man's "own understanding of scripture" and use criteria of men to interpret, analyze or judge what is or is not right in man's OWN sight! What you will end up with if you go to the word of God without submitting yourself to the Spirit of God, is a LOT of teachings and doctrines and commandments of men!

If you do not humble yourself before the LORD and ask THE LORD Himself to take YOU by His Spirit to His word, then you will end up deceiving yourself and others with what you yourself "glean from scripture" in your own understanding of scripture via the carnal operations of the human mind! You must make it a habit to ask and inquire of the LORD in everything fully expecting Him to teach you, going to Him by faith in His word knowing that if you ask Him, He will give you understanding and will Himself lead you into all truth concerning His Word: and by His Spirit, the Lord WILL teach you concerning what He is or is not saying!

You must "ask the Lord to confirm" whatever it pleases Him to show you ACCORDING TO "the revelation of His word by His Spirit" in Spirit and in Truth! (So much for men and their foolish man-made criteria and lists! So much for our supposedly godly criteria which is anything but godly! So much for parapsychology and other oppositions of science (falsely so-called) which men disguise as scriptural truth: man-made criteria with which and by which many are being deceived!

Instead of directing God's people to seek the Lord, men-are-teaching-men how to UNDERMINE the word by His Spirit in the puny understanding and vanity of man's own mind. Ever since these ungodly false criteria were first introduce in the churches and similar "guidlines" even published on the internet, it has served only to lead people further AWAY from what THE LORD is speaking by His Spirit!

The apostasy is in full bloom now as men-lead-men to practice ungodly discernment walking in the idolatry of man's own mind, effecting not just the prophetic but the gospel itself! For generations men have departed further and further from the truth by His Spirit: as men-teach-men-to-teach-men "how to judge for themselves" instead of teaching them to go TO THE LORD!

Instead of directing people to seek the Spirit of the Lord as the "Fountain of Living Water" -men have been teaching men to become their own gods: able to decide for themselves in their own carnal minds "what is truth" and "what is error" according to their own knowledge of scripture (deceived pharisees who have forgotten that the spirit of error must be spiritually discerned by the Spirit of God by the discerning of His Spirit).

Instead of directing men to submit to God, supposedly godly men are giving supposedly godly criteria (which people are ignorantly led trust) leading them to believe they are supposed to "scripturally apply certain criteria" in order to supposedly discern "for themselves" whether or not a teaching or a prophetic writing, or utterance etc. is or is not of the Lord! In reality things like that teach us to accept gross error as truth! Like the rest of man's vain philosophies, using man's pseudo-scriptural psychoanalytical false criteria (which man trusts) are false weights and measures which supplant the truth!

Let me give you an example using ONE of the things that one of those "spiritual discernment lists" gives as a measure of truth: it says that "God does never uses fear as a motivation." This is a gross distortion of the truth, it is a flat out a lie against the truth of God's word! Almighty God has in fact often "used fear"as a very strong motivating factor! In fact God's word even says that some men are saved by fear! "And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh." (Jude 1:23)

Those who compile lists of such ungodly criteria telling God's people to use it to for "scriptural discernment" are teaching psychology, not scripture and they are oblivious to the fact that God Himself slew Ananias and Sapphira (Acts chapter 5) so that people would fearfully reverence those whom God had sent. How can anyone say that it was not God who slew them so that men who will not do what is right might be moved by fear! Did God kill them just for the fun of it? (NO!) The scripture shows that "fear" due to their deaths was a powerful motivation, the fear of what happened to them was used as a WARNING to others that they might FEAR the same fate.

By the same token, a prophetc WARNING (given to one person or several, to a group corporately) which WARNS OF FEARFUL CONSEQUENCES (even death) is most definately "OF GOD" -especially when God is dealing with men who are lying to God, teaching His people rebellion or who are OPPOSING GOD HIMSELF (i.e., opposing God, not man!) God has not given us a "spirit of fear" (means: timidity or cowardice of spirit) but He does expect man to fear the "severity" of God! See article: "FEAR GOD, BEHOLD THE GOODNESS & SEVERITY OF GOD"

The Face of Man Versus the Face of God, regarding: "Man's False Weights and Measures" is continued on the next page.