Faulty "discernment" today is far more serious than simply a being little misguided by list of "ten or twelve ways" via which men attempt to teach man "how to" rightly determine the truth concerning prophetic writings.   The real issue is why are we teaching MAN "to judge what is truth" at all?     Why are men-teaching-men how to supposedly judge for themselves when they should be teaching them to take what they see and hear to Him who is the Truth, asking Him who is the Judge to be the judge for them by the discerning of His Spirit!

There is a sound of urgency in what I have written in these things because of the severe judgments of God which are very imminent.   But God-forbid I should write any thing that might cause you to FEAR God.    In an open vision (which the Lord gave me years ago, in 1986) it was made known to me that one-third of the earth is about to be destroyed...laid waste, houses made desolate all over the world.   And the Lord showed me (in His word by His Spirit) that one-third of the earth will be destroyed BECAUSE of the apostasy: because of what MEN have done and will ignorantly continue to do with what they perceive to be their high calling and their anointed ministries ...because of what men falsely think they are doing for the "glory of God".

PEOPLE SAY they want to HEAR from God!    And PEOPLE SAY they want to see the return of the apostolic and prophetic ministries to the churches --people even say they want to be taught of the Lord, instructed according to the Word of God by the Spirit of God.    PEOPLE SAY they really want the counsel of God, they say they desire insight or UNDERSTANDING by His Spirit -but in reality, most do not.

But the real truth is: the very first thing people do with the prophetic word and/or with apostolic correction of doctrine is reject it.    The first thing most people do with prophetic exhortation is: they try to correct the prophets theology &/or they immediately either throw it out as not being of God or they try to re-mold and re-shape it, trying to make it conform to their own beliefs without asking the LORD!

PEOPLE SAY they want the Holy Spirit to have His Way, then they immediately set about controlling and re-interpreting what they think is or is not God's Spirit -according to their own preconceived ideas of what they think God would or would not say or do (without asking HIM!)    More often than not, when PEOPLE SAY they want to hear from God, what they really want is to validate themselves AND safely dispose of "anything from God" that they do NOT want to hear.

People like to "categorize it" -then correct it, and by every means available they want to control (without asking the Lord) any one who claims to have heard anything from the Lord.    Unfortunately it also invariably true that the people with the best of credentials in the sight of men are also the ones who have themselves heard the least from God.     ;AND just as was the case among the leadership of Israel, those who have hardened their hearts the most against the Truth by the Spirit of God are also the very ones who (by their worldly credentials) are the most approved in the sight of men.

It is no different today, the majority of those who teach God's people USE SCRIPTURE FALSELY to teach what THEY want people to believe.    Some deliberately and willfully deny the truth, others do so ignorantly but all teach the people to do exactly as they do (not necessarily what the LORD wants them to do, but what they are taught of men to do.)     Certainly there are those who are genuinely seeking the Lord, those who are seeking to be taught of the Lord according to His word, in Spirit and in Truth (these are few.)

Many dishonor God, honoring pet doctrines of men who teach the letter of the word in their own understanding, who have not inquired of or heard from God, yet THINK they are qualified to correct and instruct those who have.    But THAT is the folly of men who vaunt themselves in their own counsel against the counsel of God!

When God does not speak the way men think He should and/or if He does not speak what they wanted or expected to hear, there are those who are bent upon setting at nought His counsel, those who will have none of His reproof but he that hardeneth his neck (those who will not be reproved) will be brought to ruin, and that without remedy.

If the church does not repent, God will make an example of her! She will be humbled, made desolate before the eyes of the whole world. The CHURCH(es) et al will soon to be made a "Most Desolate House" (cf Mt. 23:38)

The churches perceive an upcoming great and mighty move of signs and wonders, spiritual empowerment etc.    She sees herself as emerging in the sight of the whole world to take her rightful place under the sun -and so, the current move of the Spirit of God is considered by many to be the beginning of the last days latter outpouring of the Spirit of God -and it is, but NOT as the church currently perceived it to be! It is in fact the beginning of His LAST CALL "to her to repent" before the final outpouring of His Spirit, the Latter Rain will come as a tremendous outpouring of His Spirit: in the Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning, -which even now has begun!

What the churches are doing with this move (by ignorantly seeking to make it "her empowerment" rather than responding to it: as His last call to repent of seeking the same) she knows it not, but in her folly the CHURCH is ignorantly mocking God and is provoking the Lord to wrath.

What "godly men" now see as the church's empowered emergence unto the world scene "to save a world in need of power-harvesting" will bring upon the churches themselves & the world the most severe judgments mankind has ever seen.

As deflating as that may be to the pseudo-spiritual egotists, as abhorrent as it may seem to be to many who believe they are called, anointed & appointed of God to perform earth shaking feats, those who see this move NOT as His LAST call to repentance but as the hour of "their power" -to their absolute horror (will finally realize the truth) when they find themselves and their idolatry ground to powder...

I know that what I am telling you flies in the face of what you have heard from the majority of our most popular even most "powerful" religious leaders.    And although I am only a woman, physically infirm of body and am little in the sight of men (not a giant among men) -even though I have no worldly credentials and am no one of any import or fame ...I have HEARD from the Almighty.    Even though what I tell you I have "heard from the Lord" may seem as foolishness in your sight, consider this: Samuel -means: "I have heard of God".    The prophet Samuel "heard a decree of destruction from the Almighty"

By the Spirit of the Lord, this one insignificant "little" woman with no voice among men -who is nothing in the sight of men, now says to you: "I have heard of (from) God" -and I testify to your face and tell you of a truth that I have in fact, heard "a decree of destruction from the Almighty..."

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