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Even though the LORD gave that vision to the pastor's own deacon, the pastor, his wife and the entire leadership of the ministry began scoffing & mocking what I was sent to tell them. Again I asked the LORD what, if any answer I should give when they say, "if this REALLY is of God... and if that REALLY is the Lord...

The LORD said: "I will answer them Myself, -in judgment". (cf.Ezk.14:7,8)

The LORD gave me a vision in a dream of billowing clouds of FIRE ROLLING along the horizon as far as the eye can see; it was consuming e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in it's path, -leaving behind it only scorched (blackened) earth that was covered with little burnt sticks over the whole face of the land. In the process of this vision, I asked the LORD: "what is this thing I am seeing Lord" -and I asked, "Lord, what are those burnt sticks sticking up from the scorched blackened soil"? And the LORD answered saying:"STUBBLE" At the end of the vision the LORD said: "Behold, I will send them a STRONG delusion".

I was given to understand this would be His answer in judgment of those who scoffed &/or mocked at what He had sent His servants to speak "in His Name".

I asked the LORD concerning my husband's dream in which I was "just sitting at a red stop light waiting for it to turn green" what if anything that meant. The LORD explained: the "red light" represented the "Leadership of the Churches" who were telling me (& others whom the LORD sent to them) that I should stop speaking these things; it represented those who were hindering what I (and others) have been sent to speak "in His Name" -hindered by insisting it was "not the Lord" -by those who wanted me to stop "holding the Holy One of Israel up before for them" -those who tell me (and others) "to prophesy smooth things" (be nice, don't "be so negative") -all who prefer to think it is just the "ravings of some bitter malcontent who is just being overly-critical and/or judgmental" -who judge themselves by judging what they think are my motives -and to their own folly choose to simply discount these things as "not of God".

The red stop light represents those oppose the things of God -not humbling themselves to inquire of the LORD -reacting in their own understanding, armed with what they choose to see in scripture! It represents those who stubbornly resist whatever they don't think is scriptural -selectively choosing not to believe what they do not want to receive not only because they believe they know better because they are "wise in their own conceits" having established their idols (minds) as their own highest authority -according to their own understanding of the word of God.

The stop light represents those who ignorantly resist what they refuse to believe is "of the Lord" -those who are usurping the authority of the Spirit of God in the harlotry of men in the idolatry of man's own mind mind accepting only what they choose to "see as scriptural" -their mind has become their god. The stop light represents opposition of those who blindly follow men who-follow-men who follow-the-doctrines of men, obeying commandments of men... it represents those who regard the opinions-of-apostate leaders and their traditions as the "law of the land" whereby man resists and opposes the Spirit of the Lord (just as those who prefer to write these things off by calling it: negative anti-church rhetoric, those who prefer to disregard it by calling it nonsense or opinionated babbling, or reject it as overly-critical judgmentalism!) These are just some of the things men do in order to negate messages and ignore warnings that they would rather believe are "not of God".

The LORD told me it is deceptively easier for people to follow what their own leadership has taught them, than it is to inquire of Him. He showed me that people will invaribly choose to reject what they do not understand in favor of what they have been taught to believe -and more often than not, they will react in favor of what they WANT TO BELIEVE (rather than reject idolatry of their own mind -following what-they-think-they-know) instead of humbling themselves to actually "inquire of Him". The LORD also showed me that people continually justify themselves in doing so because their "fear of Him is taught of men". Therefore they fear not the LORD and instead honor the supposedly biblical "teachings, doctrines and commandments of men."

The LORD said the message will be rejected by those who will not receive what THEY DO NOT WANT to hear, by their OWN WILL they close their eyes and CHOOSE TO BELIEVE something is "not scriptural" preferring WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE according to what they have been TAUGHT OF MEN! The LORD SAID these are those who refuse to hear "THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH" ROAR against them (that is soooo negative!) wanting Him to purr like a kitten instead: only wanting to hear "what a great work" they, or the churches or their pastor is doing for God, -they want their ears tickled and want to be told only what THEY WANT TO HEAR according to what THE CHOOSE TO SEE in their own corrupt understanding of scripture according to what has been taught by men -not by God, -but BY MEN building their kingdoms in the name of God.

You have a choice to make (if you have not already done so.)

You can choose to attempt to determine FOR YOUR OWN SELF what YOU THINK "is or is not of God" in all this, deciding for yourself what YOU-THINK-YOU-KNOW "is or is not scripturally so" -OR you can do what is right:

You can choose NOT to let own mind, will, personal feelings &/or opinions lead or control you. You can make the choice NOT to be led by pre-suppositions of what you've been taught to believe (about what is or not "scriptural") and you can INSTEAD -go humbly in prayer TO HIM WHO IS THE "LIVING WORD" -and ASK HIM to take YOU to His written word and ALLOW HIM to teach and confirm for you what HE is saying (NOT BY YOUR OWN MIND in the matter but according to His Word by the Humility of the Mind of Christ: by the Counsel, Understanding, Knowledge, Revelation and Wisdom of HIS Spirit!)

Choose wisely, otherwise you will fall into the snare of the enemy by which he will lead you to automatically follow (lean unto) your own understanding (which is the idolatry of man's own mind) in following what you have been taught to think WITHOUT ACTUALLY SUBMITTING these things TO THE LORD who is our Teacher.

You can choose to follow the ways of man BY ANALYZING these things your own self, -instead of praying and taking it TO THE LORD! You can do as men commonly do: simply dismiss what you don't agree with; you can error through what you surmise or suppose are my reasons or personal motives for writing these things OR you can help break the idolatrous cycle of men ignorantly following-men-in-the-ways-of-men by NOT JUDGING for your own self in your own understanding, -and instead humbly submit yourself and the message to the Lord Himself.

To do so you must make up your mind not to take up an offense in the flesh (in the human mind, will & feelings) against what is written and choose instead to pursue that understanding which comes from the Lord Himself! And you must be willing to do so -no matter what you yourself see via man's perception in your own understanding! No, I'm NOT asking you to be mindless but you must be willing to go TO THE LORD with these things and not just follow what YOU want to think!

Openly & honestly go to the url's listed and prayerfully read ALL the articles posted in connection with this testimony. I entreat you, PLEASE take the time to read the material; TAKE ALL OF IT TO THE LORD: ask, see what He would have you to know. ASK HIM to take you to His written word, LET HIM show you what it has pleased Him to make known.

If I have not done all this just right, I pray you will forgive me. If I seem arrogant, please do not judge me as such: what is written in these articles may not be in the right style or in appealing speech but I am not a writer, a theologian or a politician. I'm not looking for your votes: I'm done waiting for the approval of men, I'm done waiting for green lights! I'd rather suffer the disapproval of disgruntled men & women who think I've missed God -who prefer to think I have some kind of juvenile grudge against the church etc. -than I would have to stand to give an account to explain why I have blood on my hands before Almighty God!

I have been delivered from fearing the wrath of men -and from living for their approval. It no longer matters to me if I am judged of presumptuous men who think they know "the real reasons" why these things are written, they become their own judges who analyze my motives INSTEAD OF THEIR OWN WAYS AND DOINGS in the light of what the Lord is saying here! I am well aware I will stand to give an account before the Lord; I have written these things lest I be held accountable for NOT doing so!

What is MY motive? simply to obey God, to turn men back to the Lord -from following men- (no matter how godly WE THINK they are!) To provoke you to go to the Lord Himself: not just use what you've been taught by men to see or not see, -by what men say is or is not in the written word; to urge you to take everything TO THE LORD, TO LEARN OF HIM, and ASK HIM to personally take you by His Spirit to His written word to teach you what HE HIMSELF wants you to know concerning these things AND everything else you think, see, and hear!

I have no hidden agenda. I testify of what I have heard and seen of the Lord for you to take to Him so He can teach you whatever He wants you to know -it's that simple! I take no money for anything. Nothing I've written is ever sold (freely you have received, freely give Mt.10:8) I have nothing to gain (except shame and a blot, Prov. 9:7) by coming forward and speaking out. No matter how negative it sounds, no matter how judgmental it seems, as much as I'd like to say what would earn me lots of friends, -friendship with the world is not to be compared with friendship with God. Populatity with men -even so called godly "Christian fellowship" is not worth the cost if it means I cannot freely testify of what I have seen and heard from the Lord (and let the others judge.) I cannot and will not remain conveniently silent any longer.

As for those who want me to tickle their ears: they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing to humble themselves and listen before they judge! Anyone who will listen will be blessed for their humility: there is always a blessing in making the choice to not consult our idol (our own mind, knowledge and feelings) and to act in humble obedience before the LORD, going to HIM, asking and inquiring OF HIM.

I'm not asking you to believe me, I am not asking you to accept what I have written based on my own doctrine or understanding of the word of God! But I am asking you NOT to accept OR reject it based on YOUR own doctinal understanding of the word: INSTEAD TAKE IT TO HIM WHO IS THE LIVING WORD! ASK HIM to TAKE YOU "to His Word" BY HIS SPIRIT and show you ALL that HE IS SAYING TO YOU, TO ME, TO THE CHURCHES -AND TO ALL!

So much of what THE LORD really is saying has been cast out "as evil" by the minds of men, not just by ungodly men but by Bible-believing Spirit-Filled Christians AND our anointed leadership because as human beings we still tend to consult our idol: our mind, feelings, our own knowledge! No matter how spiritual we think we are without realizing it we do tend to go more by what we think (automatically) instead of ACTUALLY PRAYING -AND- ASKING THE LORD about things. Even when we try to be "scriptural" about how we judge things, WE STILL tend to lean to our own human understanding in things (sometimes doing so willfully.) As human beings we also tend to want to dismiss as "not of God" those things which seems to us to be critical or negative!

More often than any of us care to admit, we simply choose to believe something is "not of the Lord" because we can't imagine and/or don't want to deal with "what if" it were true?!! Often we are led and misled by limits of our own fears, in our own understanding.

Quite frankly it's much easier to believe "nice things from the Lord" than it is to be confronted with His Testimony against us in anything! It's much easier to close our eyes and refuse to see, to shut our ears (scripturally of course :-) than to deal with what seems negative to us. It is the tendency of our human nature to not want to have to deal things that seem negative; we would much rather "scripturally dismiss" than have to ACCEPT correction. We prefer to "scripturally discredit" rather than acknowledge His stern warnings, -reject rather than receive His rebuke! How much less do we want to believe something ominous really is of God!

It is SO MUCH EASIER to accept something as being of the Lord when it is positive, especially when it is something we want to be true, -or when it is something WE PERCEIVE to be good or beneficial in our own sight. But those are the ways of man: we often call that which is evil "good" -and we dismiss much of what really is of the Lord, as "evil" in our sight.

More often than any of God's people care to admit, we do find it far easier to relegate things we see as negative as "not being of God." We tend to do this with things we do NOT WANT to believe are of God, -things we don't want to understand, things we DO NOT WANT to be true. Even some things we ought to fear in the reverential fear of the Lord, we much prefer to find an acceptable or "scriptural way" to dismiss them. We've become very adept at finding all sorts of supposedly "scripturally sound reasons" to justify doing so simply because of our own fear and ignorance.


THE LORD is MORE THAN ABLE to turn the tide of evil, He is MORE THAN ABLE to restore us to Himself "in Spirit and in Truth." BUT ARE YOU ABLE TO TRUST HIM? -ENOUGH TO RECEIVE whatever HE may want to reveal? ARE YOU ABLE? -DO YOU HAVE ROOM ENOUGH to receive whatever HE may want to disclose to you, no matter how negative it may sound? no matter what "truths" He challenges?

HE HAS THE SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO CHALLENGE (AND TO SHAKE) EVERY THING so that only that which is truly "OF HIM" will remain! BUT IF YOU are only willing to hear what seems right in your own sight, then -if these things be of God, tell me: Can two walk together if they do not agree? How can WE CLAIM to walk in the Light when we are afraid to face anything HE may want to tell us, no matter how negative it may seem to us?! And WHO EVER SAID we are to be led by our feelings, or that we are to accept criticism ONLY WHEN it is packaged the way WE LIKE it?

There are many who piously complain that I act as though I'm the only one who hears from God -in reality, what they are really saying is: since GOD did NOT tell ME those things first, or because GOD does not speak TO ME the way YOU SAY He speaks to YOU, then (to their folly) they presume to mis-judge accordingly for themselves that it is "not of God." Try asking yourself this one: if YOU were brought before Almighty God and let's say HE HIMSELF showed YOU these things, what if all these things happended TO YOU and, -let's suppose THE LORD gave YOU this message: just how "positive" do you think you could make it sound? -and how credible could YOU SOUND saying: "the Lord said: "the churches are ALL becomming one, but NOT in Me" -or try this one: "the pastors have become as pharoah in My Sight"

Some people act like I just sat around and decided one day that this would be fun to do, or that I just decided the churches needed correction so I got up one day and appointed and anointed myself to say all this (?) Other armchair analysts figure they have me pegged deciding I must be "a brusied reed" -that I have some kind of deep-seated resentment or root of bitterness, a grudge against the churches or against authority etc.

But here's a news flash for all the pseudo-scriptural-would-be-psychoanalysts: this message was this message LONG BEFORE I ever had anything to be angry, or bitter, or resentful about! How can I be so sure of that? While I was yet a child (10 yrs. old) the Lord Sovereignly made His presence known to me and by His Grace according to His purposes, He gave this message! (It pleased the Lord to make the apostasy known to me) In visions, in dreams -along with real life events, He made things known LONG BEFORE anything occurred in my life which men could try to use in a vain attempt to discount this message by saying the message is based on my own opinions, or was formed by my own religious prejudices, or was born out of my supposedly wounded feelings! In fact, CONCERNING THE FOLLY of men who try to judge, dismiss or discount this message by deeming it to be of my own mind or as the mere opinions of man, the LORD gave this word: "grudge not one against another brethern, for Behold: The Judge Stands at the door"!

I was given an open vision at the tender age of ten (concerning the apostasy) according to His purposes in these last days. Also at an early age, I was given several dreams & visions which were prophetic concerning the things I've now written/posted which now (at age 45) I see WHY some portions were given at age 10 -well in advance of my ever coming to the Lord. According to HIS PURPOSES He deliberately gave these things long before I could form the biased opinions, personal & religious prejudices, or even have the wounded feelings or other supposed ungodly motives for which I am judged and now falsely accused of having in writing these things! The message was not of my own mind, it was given by the Lord -which He later confirmed in His written word; the "message was the message" LONG BEFORE I had a chance to be impacted by all these alleged false motivations and conceits of men!

It is interesting, really sad (and quite telling) how people will devote all kinds of energy trying to judge my motives and to critiquing the message --so much so, they'll do anything EXCEPT RECEIVE IT and take it honestly before the Lord!

If we were all more open and honest with one another, we'd have to admit at least in retrospect, how often we "weigh & measure" the credibility of a message by what we THINK the person's motives are! AND we measure according to our own life's circumstances with our own opinions, using our own knowlege and pet doctrines. We weigh all that against what we THINK are the opinions, motives, feelings etc. of the writer or speaker --but, whatever happened to setting all these "ways of man" aside to diligently inquire of the Lord? This is all the more true when the message is a difficult one to bear.

All too often we tend to view that which seems negative "negatively" -without even realizing what we are unconsciously & defensively doing is trying to negate what we don't like or don't want to be true -which seems like the easier way out. How is it we set our own limited knowlege, our minds, feelings and opinions up as judge? How is it we do NOT instead take everything to the Lord (The Judge) no matter how negative, critical or wrong it seems to us?

If we chose not to operate in fear & in the pride of our own human perception, we could receive even that which seems judgmental or negative, and look at correction, admonition and reproof (even strong rebuke) joyfully as an opportunity for the Lord to reach out us and restore us. WE resent AND fear what we see as negative. "If these things are true," we fear failure; we resent even the implication we've missed God, -forgetting that God does not condem us for failure, nor does He condem us for ignorance, but He cannot abide our stubborn refusal to hear &/or willful refual to see.

Our stubborn denial of the truth of His Testimony against us provokes THE LORD to wrath BECAUSE OUR DENIAL IS ULTIMATELY SELF-DESTRUCTIVE!

Have we in the churches climbed so high in our ascent toward "spiritual maturity" that we cannot bear to admit that we "the elect of God" has been deceived? Will we choose to love our man-made lies more than the Truth by refusing to receive His "negative" Testimony against us?

WHEN YOU READ WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE LINKED ARTICLES, CONSIDER "HOW HUMBLING" THE TRUTH REALLY IS: HOW HUMBLE will we (THE PEOPLE OF GOD, ALL THE CHURCHES) have to become in order to admit that we have ALL been deceived? HOW HUMBLE WILL ALL of Christendom have to become in order to acknowledge before God that we (as biblical as we all like to think we have been) have in fact been beguiled as Eve was beguiled: misled by the enemy's crafty manipulation of our own powers of human perception and reason just as he did Eve?

How long will we deny the deceptive power of the enemy's use of our feelings: feelings so powerful (like pride) that he can use them against us to cause us to deny whatever we do not "want to believe is true" -to the extent that we continue to deny whatever we don't want to hear and reject what we do not want to find out is true.

Will we resist having to confess our folly even if it means we are crucifying the Son of God afresh by our stubborness and pride? How long will we allow our fears, and vain reasonings, and inflamed emotions to be used by the enemy to derail discernment of God by His Spirit? And how long will we as a community of believers by these things allow the "Word of the Lord" to continue to be despised?

When is the Church going to realize how detrimental it is to the entire Body of Christ for us to PREFER FLATTERY -approving those things which seem right in our own sight according to what we CHOOSE TO SEE as scriptural? We gleefully sanction those things we want to receive but arm ourselves to the teeth to "scripturally supplant" seemingly unpleasant Truth! How LONG will God's people ignore the fact that the enemy tends to disguise His "worst evil" as that which "seems good" -as that which seems right, even pleasant to the eyes?

How LONG will we go on cutting off our noses to spite our own faces by sumarily dismissing (as un-biblical) that which is confrontational simply because it is so much easier to deal with it that way? WHEN are we going to GROW UP and quit USING SCRIPTURE to rationalize and justify our feelings? When are we going to reach a level of TRUE maturity where we STOP USING FEELINGS to deny what is sent for our edification through correction (quit calling it negativism, criticism, or judgmentalism) AND QUIT using what we think is right in our own sight to justify dismissing what really is "of the LORD" ?

It is my earnest hope and prayer you will not take the deceptively easy course: I pray you will be able to receive this testimony without taking personal offense or viewing it as condemnation of either yourself, or of the church. I pray you will instead simply take it humbly before the LORD knowing that even His testimony against us (however strong His rebuke) is for us in love AND is meant for our good (and not for evil) TO TURN AND RESTORE US.

In Christ,

Mary Weiland

aka: "NotEye" (cf. Gal.2:20)

M. Weiland, AKA "NotEye" (cf.Gal.2:20)


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