A Work of Great Grace


A Work of Great Grace

At the time the Gospel Of GRACE was written and first taught by those who penned it, it was understood that our faith meant the faith "OF HIM" (in fact the Apostle Paul specifically states it as such repeatedly -look for example at the sheer number of times Paul said so in the Book of Galatians alone!) When we read in the Book of Hebrews at what many like to call the "hall of faith" -we must NOT forget that the One who "cut the covenant" on our behalf was Jesus Christ! HE HIMSELF cut the covenant with God/for us on our behalf -while "Abraham slept." Even the "faith of Abraham" was the "faith of Christ" (given as a Sovereign "gift of grace" bestowed by the Father upon Abraham according to His purposes/as it pleased the Father) and no one comes to Jesus Christ except the Father draw him -and that by His grace: for by "grace through faith" are we saved.

Clearly "our faith" is the faith "of Him" i.e., the "faith OF Christ" by grace in us and for us and was not intended to mean faith "of or by us" -and since it was written with that apostolic understanding of the mystery of Christ, in us -it should also be taught with that SAME understanding: true faith toward God is faith in God which is from God -which He works "for us" on our behalf "by Christ" in us, and THAT not (neither the "faith nor the grace" is) of OURSELVES lest any "man" should boast...ALL of Him and NONE of us. Understanding this, it should be clear that the same is also true concerning all of what is referred to in scripture as "our works" ("nevertheless not mine, but His! -which GOD works for us by Christ in us.)

Remember IN CHRIST MEANS: we are already counted as dead and hidden in Him! HOW MUCH can a "dead man" do -and/or HOW MUCH "faith" can a "dead man" have? (cf. Gal.2:20) -and if "we are dead" and "our life is hidden in Him," HOW MUCH condemnation can a "dead man" have? (NONE!) "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are "IN CHRIST JESUS" who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Walking after the Spirit means "resting" by grace, and by grace means that it is through faith of Christ which God works for us by/in and through Christ in us. The Lord (through Paul) is saying that there is no condemnation to us, if we (R.I.P.) are "dead and hid" in Christ (not walking after the manner of men, in the flesh - in faith and/or works that are in and of the flesh! cf. Rom.8:1 :- )

Since the days in which the New Testament was penned, a slow insidious shift in focus has occurred which has crept in unaware. And with that "shift in focus" has come a perversion of the truth: what was once "understood to be" the Faith of Christ and the Works of Christ has now in "another gospel" become the gospel of man's faith as a power instead of a person, the LORD JESUS CHRIST! We are now taught that faith and grace are POWERS by which we say that God enables us! We are told how to use and build and strengthen "our faith" empowered by grace -until our gifts (powers) are fully developed so that WE CAN come into maturity as sons of God and achieve the fullness of our Christ-like potential. (The god of forces.) All "the faith" HE Himself told His own disciples "we" need is: the mustard "seed of His faith" which HE WORKS for us!

Variations of this "other gospel" have been developed through teachings based upon still more twisted Bible verses -which many deceived men (themselves ignorant of the Truth) have utilized to convince man that we (ourselves -because we are believers) have now been given personal use of God's faith (instructing us to claim the use of the "faith of Christ") by which we (ourselves) "by grace" are supernaturally enabled and receive personal empowerment to "work the works" of God, for Him by our use of the POWER of faith + the POWER of His grace. Although it may sound like the truth: IS THE GOSPEL really about a God-powered Adam? Isn't it really not about us, but about Christ in us/for us/instead of us!

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