If it pleases the Lord, I pray He will give you His Understanding concerning these things...

How many in their journey through this life have been beset upon by religious thieves and pious robbers who teach according to man's own ways, in the perception of what is right in man's own sight? Thieves and robbers are those who walk (spiritually speaking) according to man's own perception of holiness, according to man's own form of godliness according to man's own perception of the truth. Many have robbed others of the truth of the gospel of grace and peace in Jesus Christ that the Father provided for us (as a gift of His grace) in Jesus Christ.

The House of God should be a "house of prayer" -a place where men diligently inquire of God. The House of God should be a House of Prayer where men seek God for revelation of Him by diligently seeking His Face for the Wisdom of God by the Spirit of God. And as the people of God we should diligently inquire of God for the Counsel of God by His Spirit of Counsel, for Understanding by the Spirit of Understanding, and Knowledge by the Spirit of the Knowledge, and Revelation of Him by the Spirit of Revelation of Him, who is "the Living Word."

Men ought to be looking to Jesus Christ and to Him alone...preaching "Christ -and Him crucified" (meaning "us dead" and "He alone" as the New Life!) -preaching not ourselves, (not even who we are in Christ) but preaching "Christ" Himself. We should be preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the gospel of grace, which is the gospel of peace, which is good news.

Many have come into the House which is called by His Name looking for the Good News of the gospel of grace and peace (which is in the person -i.e., the name of Jesus Christ) only to become ignorant victims of man's own ways (making grace works) and doings. Many are caught up in man's great work for God by which man has obscured the vision of God's plan of reconciliation of man to Himself in Christ. We have undermined the Gospel of Jesus Christ by requiring man to become an "example of Christ-likeness." We have used a perverted form of the gospel to peddle our own "form of godliness" and have supplanted God's Vision of Peace with our own vision of Adam (man sees himself) resurrected and re-created in the image and likeness of God. We have changed the gospel of grace into one of works which man believes must be done for God -in the name of God "through man" with the help of Christ.

To help illustrate the extent of the perversion of the gospel it might help bring things into better focus if we asked some questions: Should the churches be seeking revival "power to enable her members to emerge as manifest sons of God" so that she can take what she believes is her rightful place on the world scene? Should she be following after signs and wonders? Should the church be seeking to take her place under the sun? Should the church be declaring who she is in Christ? Should she be preaching and teaching seminars on how to get power and use power -or should she just preach Jesus Christ, and our selves crucified? Should she be Blowing the Trumpet in Zion, sounding the alarm in these last days as a Last Call to Repentance -or should she be blowing her own horn, pimping men and their ministries as empowered "servants of the Most High God who show men the way of salvation"? Does any of this sound vaguely familiar? If it does not, it should! So many have said they wanted to see the Book of Acts come alive again. But when the church itself begins acting like the woman with the spirit of divination that publishes the fame of men and exalts their ministry under the guise of giving glory to God and showing men the way of salvation -how is it we are not grieved as was Paul? (cf. Act 16:16-19) The Lord told me twelve years ago that that same spirit of divination would not be rightly discerned in the church -and in fact, I was told that men would instead cultivate that spirit for promotional purposes in the churches!

The churches need to learn that the way to glory is not in her ascent onto the stage in the world arena but that the way up is down, through her decent on her knees until she is face down at His Feet! She should be humbly seeking the Father, praying that He would grant her repentance and cause His Face to shine upon her. That He would "bring forth the Light of the revelation of Jesus Christ in the hearts of His people and restore us in Himself, in Spirit and in Truth. Pray that Jesus Christ would reveal Himself to all flesh and draw all men unto Him by the power of His Holy Spirit.

There are many who hunger for the righteousness of God (which is in Christ, who is Himself, our Righteousness) and there are many who thirst for the restoration of the Body of Christ in the revelation of Jesus Christ, in that Knowledge of God which is found only in the Face (revelation) of "Jesus Christ." However, many are being silently aborted in their newfound faith in Christ through doctrines of men that are making the gospel of grace into a gospel of works.

There is a gospel of man that seems right in the eyes of men -according to the perception of people who have more respect for "the faces of men" than the Face of God. We have allowed men to flatter us into believing that we are called to be "like-Jesus Christ." Men show men the supposedly right way to live their lives "for God" (supplanting the Life "of Jesus Christ" in us) and men do so, in the name of so-called "godly" discipleship. We have ignorantly subjected newborn babes in Christ to a spiritual form of child abuse and mental molestation through false teachings and doctrines and commandments of men who flatter us with their words as they teach us methods by which we can live a "Christ-like" life.

We have been taught how to reform "Adam's ways" by remolding and reshaping our very selves into the image of God, -and we expect the Holy Spirit to help us transform our "selves" by empowering us in our "deified" minds (to make "self" like-Christ) in the new-found "empowerment" of our will -believing God will enable us to ultimately bring "honor and glory to God" by granting us the fervent desire of man's heart ("to be like the Most High God") -which deception is born out of our zeal: not wanting "to fail Jesus" in our pursuit of godliness, -by which we have actually ignorantly supplanted His Holiness.

Many people are taught to believe that Jesus died to give us a clean slate so that with his help, we can now apply the necessary Christian principals "to our lives" for Jesus, which is the lie of the serpent: "ye shall be as God." That is part of the lie of the serpent in the garden of Eden that lies at the heart of the false gospel taught to us by false teachers (false apostles cf. 2Cor.11:13 Rev.2:2) who went but were never sent to teach what they are teaching!

False apostles, false prophets and false teachers have come to us preaching "another jesus" and "another gospel" (cf. 2Cor.11:3-5) who seem to clothe us with Christ but who in fact, have taught us doctrines of men which strip us down to the naked truth of our own sinful nature and then, give scriptural sounding motivational "how to" pseudo-biblical sermons and seminars (teaching man how to become more "Christ-like") offering us a myriad of methodologies of men (which are not of God) which are not in the purpose, the plan, or vision of God (for man) "in Christ" but which are actually in direct opposition to God's purpose ( which is to slay man and hide man "in Jesus Christ.") Through supposedly Biblical, supposedly edifying motivational psycho-social behavior modification methodologies and "how to" seminars etc. the CHURCH teaches a FALSE "gospel of man" (teaching man "how to be all that he can be") -by which men oppose God's plan: for man's restoration to God (and man's "rest in Him") through and in the person of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever asked the Lord -why the suicide rate, divorce rate, child abuse, spousal battery, adultery, fornication, perversity, drug abuse, drunkenness in the churches is as high (among born-again believers) and in some cases is even "higher" in the church than in the secular community? It should be no mystery why those things which the Apostle Paul said should not even be mentioned among us are so prevalent among the assemblies of the saints, -it is the Lord's own testimony against us (against our false gospel) that these things are so rampant in the churches.

The Lord warned His own disciples (see Luke 21:34-36) not to allow their hearts to be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness. Surfeiting is more that just over-eating. "Surfeiting" concerns the persistent indulging of the soul of man in the things of this world (even those things that men approve as lawful but not profitable unto them) by their gospel of prosperity: falsely claiming that -in "prosperity" of the things of mammon that God wants us to "prosper even as our soul prospers." Here's a sobering news flash for all those drunk prosperity prophets: the soul of man prospers in affliction not in surfeiting!

Spiritual drunkenness is a state of blindness (lack of discernment by the Spirit of God) that comes (befalls man) through the conceit of knowledge. Men -who have become inebriated with that knowledge which is "of men and not of God" have established religious institutions of higher learning which are issuing ministerial licenses to these spiritual "drunk drivers" -sending them out (with man's FALSE gospel) to lead the flock of God to their own destruction, like lambs to the slaughter. "My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge" (Hosea 4:6) Lives are in ruins, God's people are destroyed FOR LACK of that Knowledge which is "OF GOD." When the leadership of Israel led the people of God astray according to their own lusts (in the knowledge of men) God referred to the apostate leaders as "the drunkards" of Israel.

Steering the people from the field to the pigpen and even to the brink of disaster at the edge of the cliff, the blind are leading the blind today right into apostasy whilst they approve themselves amongst themselves in their own knowledge, counsel and understanding of the word of God.

Although many are being filled with the Holy Spirit, at the same time the hearts of men are being overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness as we are being filled with the wisdom and the knowledge and the counsel of men. In the conceit of our knowledge by our traditions we make void the word of the Lord to His people. And the spiritual lives of many have ignorantly been entrusted into the hands of drunk drivers whose vision of God is so blurred that they are literally driving their vehicles (leading the people) down the wrong side of the road. Like the drunkards who led the people of Israel into apostasy, these men drunk with the knowledge and counsel of men are leading the people of God headlong into disaster at breakneck speed. Their spiritual vision is so seriously compromised by the pride of their eyes and the carnality (lusts) of their minds that they have long since forfeited all spiritual discernment and have actually been turned over to their own deception -and lusts.

read:"Most Desolate House" & "Out of Heaven Shall He Thunder Upon The Churches (to Deliver Them)

Meanwhile, man's teachings on godliness and holiness and grace "promise liberty" and financial prosperity and worldly success -and so it seem like liberty and prosperity to those who have been given over to these things... but they all but ignore (blamed as a personal lack of faith) the inability of man to overcome sin -even as they are given over to their own lusts.

The harder a man (even a Christian) tries to overcome his own sin, clean up his life and become "Christ-like" prosperous water-walking man of faith, -he either (1) becomes self-righteous in his whatever measure of "so-called successful piety or holiness" he achieves (2) he ends up putting on a grand pretense of righteousness, or (3) he backslides and resigns himself to living in self-condemnation.

Hiding ourselves from our own flesh, we have been taught by example that we are to keep up appearances, "godly" appearances and maintain "our testimony" at all cost, all the while inwardly, we are secretly horrified at the thought of anyone finding out what goes on in our lives behind closed doors.

The more we fail, the harder we try, the more we fail. And we condemn both ourselves and others for man's failure to measure up to the standard we have set for ourselves in that which we have been led to believe is our high calling of God: to "live our new life for Jesus Christ."

Some are caught in viscous cycles that take them from self-denial to self-indulgence from condemnation for sin to self-justification of sin, from ritualistic self abasement and legalism to outright licentiousness and denial of sin -convinced that God understands their weaknesses and so He winks at their sin.

Many Christians (including pastors) are being driven to the point of despair by their own inability to overcome their own lusts. Some sink into depression overwhelmed by the guilt and the sense of hopelessness. Some turn to prescription drugs, to alcohol, to avoid struggles with pornography or sex.

As spiritual frustrations build, some give up and simply turn away from the church in despair, while others stay but have become completely apathetic, still others choose suicide as a way of escape.

A lot of people will tell you privately that they know in their hearts that something is not quite right but they cannot put their finger on exactly what it is. People move from church to church trying to find the one thing that will touch their need and satisfy that void they still cannot seem to fill.

Meanwhile, each of us in our own way goes through his own personal hell on earth, putting our best face forward, not daring to appear to men to be failing at what we have been led to believe is "our best shot at godliness" -while secretly we wonder if there really is rest or relief from the despair and degradation of it all... inwardly we are terrified by the thought that we might not succeed at living our life right for Jesus, desperately trying to increase "our faith" hoping and fervently praying that our faith never fails (lest we fail the Lord) and we are put through this agony because we have been taught of men to place our faith in "another Jesus" and another gospel: the gospel of man in Christ: Christianized humanism.

Is it any wonder so many believers despair in their struggle with lusts of the flesh, having tried everything from yachting to yoga, from push-ups to pills...from panaceas to prostitution, going from motivational seminars to suicide prevention counseling as the people of God are taught by blind guides who lead the people of God into ditches, fleece the sheep and leave them wounded and bleeding by the wayside?

If that is not sad enough, how many servants of the Lord have been patronized, mocked, scoffed at, verbally abused, emotionally battered from the pulpits while they sit forcibly silenced in the pews? How many messengers have been crippled and maimed in the name of biblical compromise? How many more have been spiritually stoned to death, or riddled with biblical buckshot by drunken dove hunters who cast out God's reproofs as "negativism," reject His Counsel as evil -and label His admonitions and warnings as the "gloom and doom" of judgmental heretics which the churches now "scripturally" assassinate with great "theological" precision?

Although many in the churches are outraged by the amorality of sodomites in this country, God is looking with as much if not a greater righteous indignation at the spiritual sodomy: love of perversity and spiritual intercourse ("intercourse" is used here as an antiquated term for: discussion) with doctrines of demons in the churches.

And God Himself is silently testifying against our spiritual wickedness (the justifying of man's way and his will with his own false measure of truth) in the places of spiritual authority AND against our stubbornness -which is as idolatry and against our rebellion, -which is as witchcraft in His Sight. (cf. 1Sam.15:23)

While the churches are pointing their fingers at abortionist and those (uncircumcised Philistines) who are aborting their own seed, -God is looking at the churches and what they have done to His Seed. While the churches rant rather self-righteously) about the activities of Satanist and witches (which is the way of the ungodly to be repented of) -nevertheless, God is looking at the Churches own idolatrous refusal to humble themselves before Him in the doctrines they have set above the Lord Himself -by which men rebel against God and refuse all reproof and correction. God "eye" sees the stubbornness and iniquity of the churches, -as the height of idolatry and her own rebelliousness is as witchcraft in His sight! (cf.1Sam.15:23,24)

While the churches cry out to God day and night calling for Him to put an end to the carnage pleading with God to rise up and avenge the blood of the unborn as the abortion rate sky-rockets among ungodly sinners, God is testifying against us. While rabbis postulate about the atrocities of the past, God is warning us all of our very near future.

While priests and pastors pound pulpits proclaiming how God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if He does not soon avenge the shameless slaughter of innocents, THE LORD HIMSELF is looking into those same pulpits and pews. And in silence He testifies against us for the slaughter of innocents -holding the churches accountable for the countless numbers of newborn babes in Christ spiritually aborted in their faith in Christ through the supplanting of the Truth by men who refuse correction and will not hear reproof.

And while God's leadership and His people go to their comfortable ditches week after week and strengthen themselves in their favorite denominational truths, God is silently calling all the churches to repentance in Christ. While the churches continue to reinforce themselves in what-they-know-that-they-know (teaching multitudes their methods) of how man can best live his own life pleasing to God) she refuses to hear His call to repent.

How long will that woman "Jezebel" be allowed to seduce His children. How long will the people of God be mentally manipulated and cumbered with much serving in the name of liberty in Christ? How long will pastors lay supposedly scriptural burdens upon the shoulders of the people, burdens too heavy to be borne seeking perfection in the flesh under the guise of holiness, striving to be "like Jesus" be perfect as He is perfect, to be holy, even as He is Holy?

Why is it that God seems so often to be silent? Could it be He is speaking but we just don't see things the Way He does and just do not want to hear what He is saying?

God speaks even when He seems to us to be silent. His answer is heard in the His silent testimony against her -against all false religion. He that hath an ear let him hear in the sounds of silence: in the silent despair of the homeless, in the silence of the 913 bodies that littered the grounds of Jim Jones jungle complex, in carnage of the Oklahoma City bombing and the inferno at Waco that both claimed the lives of so many innocent children, in the testimony of the countless numbers of victims of religious hatred flaring up all over the earth. The Testimony of the Lord against us -against us in all of our false "religious" ways and doings is heard in the silent screams of millions of children slaughtered in the the silence of every tear of every brokenhearted parent, even Christian mothers and fathers who have suffered the loss of a child, or father, or mother or sister or brother to drugs, to alcohol, to Aids, to prostitution, to the streets and to the tomb -although we have silenced His Voice in the sanctuaries of the churches, His testimony against us can be heard in the sound of drought, unprecedented famine, cataclysmic floods, mass murder, mayhem, chaos, the sounds of desolation and global destruction escalating all around us. Because the churches have silenced the Voice of His Spirit in their sanctuaries -He is answering man in the sound of silence....even as men (and the churches) are given over to the New World Order and the desolation it will bring.

How long Oh Lord is the prophet's lament and the still small voice of His Spirit -in heard: "until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate" (Isa. 6:11 KJV)

How long O Lord, will the churches be allowed to teach the lie that began in the garden: that man can become "like the Most High God"? "...until the houses are made desolate and the cities are laid waste."

It is time for the churches to examine ourselves to see if we are "in the faith." Putting on Christ does not mean that you ask Him to help you live like Him. There is much more to His work of salvation and the gift of grace than "getting saved." There remaineth a rest for the people of God which is also by grace through the faith "OF CHRIST" (cf. Heb.4:9)(continued on next page...)