In the Light of the Revelation of Jesus Christ man is reduced by His eyes of fire to nothing but dust and ashes, falling as dead man at the Feet of Him who alone is worthy, Him who is and was and is Alive forevermore.

"For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God" is the witness of the testimony "of Jesus" through the Apostle of Grace (Paul) who bore witness of what he had seen and heard of the Lord. When "CHRIST" who is our Life shall appear, THEN SHALL ye also appear with Him in glory." (Col.3:3,4)

"And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that HOLY THING which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." (KJV Luke 1:35)

The Father is doing a "new thing" which is in the person of Jesus Christ! The Lord is now moving in signs and wonders, albeit not as the churches themselves have mistakenly perceived this move to mean. God has Sovereignly begun a move of Restoration of His people to Himself in Christ -this move of God is not what the churches are calling "revival" -not as most people understand revival to mean.

Woe unto us if we do not submit ourselves and own understanding to Him (Prov.3) and humble ourselves before Him. Woe unto those who will read this warning and yet will not defer to Him for the Counsel and Understanding of His Spirit concerning what is written here.

Woe, unto us if we try to take this thing that the Lord is doing (in the move of God) and try to make it into the personal empowerment of man! The Lord will turn all who do so over to their own delusion -all who believe that they are called to be like God will be given over to their own will along with the rest of the world. He will allow them to continue to vaunt themselves as "sons of God" He will allow them to rejoice in the gifts and in their powers and their "anointing" and to have whatever they speak, walking in authority as gods over their own lives and will allow them to exercise dominion over their life's circumstances.

"I have said, Ye are gods: and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O God, and judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit the nations." (Ps.82:6-8)

The Lord stood as the Judge of all the earth at the door of the Churches (in 1986 when the ram's horn was blown in the churches) and even now He is in the process of judging the whole earth!

Although men vaunt themselves as gods, God declares they shall die as men. God will make of them a proverb: sending wave after wave of calamity and disaster upon them, even turning them over to their enemies in the hope that some will turn and repent.

How many seemingly invincible, mighty and "successful" men have died as men, how many were forcibly humbled by the hand of God in the hope of saving their souls? ...will He not judge (bring to repentance) His own people to turn them from their pride and self-exaltation also?

How many homes will have to be destroyed by fire, and by flood? How many more cities will have to be leveled by earthquakes or houses blown away by killer storms and hurricanes? how many caskets will line the sanctuaries of our churches and how many churches will God have to flatten or towns be sucked off the face of the earth by tornadoes, before we will stop saying that it is not God, and start humbling ourselves at His Feet and become willing to ask Him if it is Him? And how long will it be before we are willing to hear His answer when He tells us why?

Because of what they-knew-that-they knew, by their perverted teachings they set at naught His counsel and would have none of His reproof, fear as desolation, destruction as a whirlwind, distress and anguish shall come upon them -and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. (see Prov.1:20-32)

Vaunting themselves in Christ under the guise of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, men have made a mockery of the cross of Christ by which man has been slain. In so doing, they have done despite the gift of grace (by their own works) but God will not be mocked.

God is turning the churches over to her enemies, to communism, to Islam, to the New World Order. God will allow the churches to be shut down because she vaunted herself in her knowledge of God, she mocked those He sent to speak to her in His Name, -she refused to repent of her false teachings, refused to turn from her apostasy. God will allow the enemy to prevail over the churches for one hour. An hour of darkness has been granted them to crucify the body of flesh according to the purposes God, the people will now be forced to literally forfeit their life for the Name of Jesus Christ because they refused to lay down their life (own mind and will) in Him.

Proud Adam still thinks he himself was raised up with Jesus so that he can now be like Jesus. Man is striving to be the expression of God in the flesh, to be the expression of Christ-likeness in the earth. God will turn man over to his own evil and man will be slain by his enemies. The people of God will suffer martyrdom for the Name of Jesus because they refused to lay down their own lives in Christ, and instead tried to make of themselves (their lives) an expression of Christ-likeness in the earth.

Those who refused to fall upon the stone and be broken will now be ground to powder. (cf. Isa.24:21, 22) Those who refused to humble themselves before Him will be humbled. Those would not repent of "the evil" will be given over to the evil. Those who vaunted them selves in what they thought was their call and their anointing to become someone for Him will be brought to nothing. (cf. Isa.24:12-23) Those who exalted themselves in His name with their own images of Christ -insisting that we are the new man created in the image and likeness of God, and so they sought to be like God with man's own Christ-likeness will be slain, even martyred in His Name.

He has smitten the stiff-necked, idolatrous "sons of Hezekiah" with blindness. He has given these teachers over to their own will because they teach the people how to rule their own lives and exercise the power of man's own will and to use faith to exercise man's supposedly godly dominion over his own circumstances (and those of others) -which is witchcraft. The leaders have corrupted the people.

False apostles (who were not sent by God) presumptuous prophets prophesying lies (1Kings 22:22) and evangel-pastor-teachers speaking visions of their own minds have taught men how to practice "crafts" according to "the level of their faith" by the power of man's own use of scripture (as mind-science affirmations and spiritual incantations) which powers increase according to man's own level of "enlightenment in his knowledge" of scripture. (see Isa.28:7)

The Lord told me one day regarding "word of faith" teachers that they were in His sight as "sons of Hezekiah" Out of man's own will, his own ungodly reasoning and logic, false teachings, false doctrines from man's own understanding of the written word, through man's own self willed prayers -and out of the idolatry of man's own minds, the churches have raised up an entire generation of spiritual Manasseh's whose ways and doings have been as detrimental to the churches in this generation as the wickedness of Manasseh was to the people of God. Men and their damnable doctrines of men and demons are the modern day equivalent of Manasseh's own ruination of Israel.

The thing (ministries) born of the Churches self-willed "prayers" is idolatry, apostasy, leading her to desolation and destruction. Exactly like the thing (Manasseh) born of Hezekiah's own self-will led the people of God to apostasy, desolation and ultimate destruction of Israel at the hands of her enemies!

The wickedness and evil that comes from man's self will -even by demanding that God give us what we think would be good, or what seems to be right in our sight is to reap the fruit of what we have sown...sowing corruption leads to destruction.

God sent the prophet Isaiah to tell Hezekiah that it was his time to go home. Hezekiah asked for his own will over the will of God, and because of Hezekiah's one self-willed prayer he did not go home (when he should have) but instead was given what he asked (his own will) and so Hezekiah lived long enough to father a son: Manasseh who led the children of Israel backwards and not forwards.

In the evil reign of Manasseh, son of Hezekiah, -not only did Manasseh undo all that his father King Hezekiah had done in his lifetime to restore the temple and to turn the people away from their idols and back to God -Manasseh was not only responsible for undoing all the revival that had occurred during his fathers reign -but Manasseh personally succeeded in turning the children of God to worse idolatry and greater moral corruption than had ever been seen in Israel to that time.

In teaching the people of God to follow them in their perniciously evil self-willed (idolatrous) ways these men are themselves deceived and are deceiving many. They are teaching God's people rebellion and witchcraft. They have mocked God, scoffed at His reproof and laughed at His correction...and now He has given them over to laughter and He will have them in derision. He has given them over to a spirit of laughter and mirth.

Just as Job's sons were laughing and feasting in the house of mirth -unaware of the calamity that was to come upon them, -so too while many have been vaunting themselves, making merry and rejoicing in the house of feasting -God has prepared a mighty wind of calamity, and after the wind an earthquake (shakings of all the places of power and authority) in heaven and in earth. And after this shaking -a furnace of affliction.

Those who refused to hear or receive His Testimony against us, who stubbornly defended their own ways and doings, those who mocked and laughed and scoffed, and refused correction of their false doctrines, as they continued to vaunt themselves "as sons" in His Name will be given over to their enemies for the destruction of the flesh (that their souls may be saved) through martyrdom. Because they refused to be slain in His Name they will now forfeit their lives because they bear His Name. God has prepared a nation to come upon the House of God which has become the House of Vanity (Beth-Aven) (Joel 1:5, 6) Communism with it's one world order, with it's Anti-Christ (anti-Christian) humanist New Age agenda will be allowed to grind the people of God and all their idolatrous ways to powder.

This is indeed that which was spoken of in the prophet outpouring of His Spirit (in a Spirit of Judgment and Burning) in the Latter Rain!

Those who arrogantly preferred prosperity and/or their own "spiritual" ways and doings will learn too late (like foolish virgins) that "it is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting..." and that "the heart of the wise is in house of mourning but the heart of fools is in the house of feasting...and that it is better to hear a rebuke of the wise man, than for a man to hear the song of fools." (Cf. Eccl.7:2-5)

Like the foolish virgins who awakened too late and found that they did not have oil (like those who have stubbornly refused the oil of His Spirit by despising the servants whom He sent to correct them) many will realize too late that sorrow (even affliction by His Hand) is better than laughter -for by the sadness of the countenance the heart (spiritual hearing & discernment) is made better.

"For while they be folden together as thorns, and while they are drunken as drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry." (Nahum 1:10) Woe unto those who are drunk on their own knowledge of scripture according to their own understanding of the Letter of the word (for it puffs you up and blinds your eyes in the conceit of knowledge...bringing death and destruction) because you have used your knowledge of the word to reject the wisdom of God ...wisdom cries out in the streets she uttereth her voice long will you refuse to hear, how long will you despise His Words, set at naught His counsel and with your wisdom cast off all of His reproof. (Prov.1:19-32)

Full with their knowledge (Luke 6:24, 25) people weary themselves with laughter teaching men folly as they ignorantly lead the people of God silently to their own destruction. The Lord will purify the dross in the furnace of affliction through great tribulation these shall learn obedience by the things they shall suffer.

The Lord has given many over to man's strong delusion (that he can be like the Most High God) because they chose to vaunt themselves as sons of God, instead of humbling themselves at the Feet of Him who alone is God.

Although we have been given all power and authority in the Name of Jesus, all that He has given us, He gave to us for us to submit back to Him just as Jesus Himself did: though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things He suffered (Heb.5:8) though He were a Son, Jesus Christ humbled Himself before the Father in everything: not I, but the Father ...not my words, but the Father's...not my will, but thine!

The Church (Beth-el) the House of God has become Beth-aven, the house of vanity and nothingness...filled with half truths (1/2 hot) and half error (1/2 cold) she has become "lukewarm" and is not fit for any thing but to be vomited out of His mouth! But HE has purposed to turn her and restore her to Himself, in Christ! if only she would see with her eyes and hear with her ears and turn, so that He could heal (restore) her!

He is standing at the door of the churches, calling her to repent, not just to keep repenting of our sins, but to repent of our apostasy! (all He is asking is for us to agree that His testimony against us in these things is true -and then, by a sovereign act of grace, He will restore us to Himself !) do not argue (with Him) about this teaching, like the woman at the well argued (with Him) about the right place to worship...just humble yourself and agree with Him concerning our faults.

By asking you to agree with His testimony against us in all these things (which we have all done) He is in reality asking you and I to: give Him to drink --for He thirsts for the repentance and rest (restoration) of His Body.

Many will hear His testimony against us in these things and instead of humbling themselves and agreeing with Him (even if they do not fully understand) many will be offended. Many will choose to argue (with Him) about the merit of their own anointed places of worship and some will argue according to what their church teaches and will compare methods of godly worship or even how anointed their services are...just like the woman at the well. (see John 4:11-24) (continued on the next page....)