One day when I was praying the Lord said to me: Even if I wrote "Martha, Martha across the sky, the churches still would not understand (or get) it"

Many believe that what Jesus did on the cross was to save us. But many who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior believe that those who have accepted Jesus Christ have been re-created as new men in the image and likeness of God. They erroneously believe that Jesus came to make them just like Adam used to be before the fall. Many think that the work of Christ merely restores us as a pre-fall Adam (to what he was prior to the fall.) Adam, although he was the son of God and was created in the image and likeness of God, fell. Fallen man is the "old thing." Jesus Christ is the Second Adam, in whom and by whom according to the plan and purposes of God, the old man/Adam/ the "old thing" must be humbled, reckoned as dead and hid.

Jesus is the Way (in the wilderness) He is the New Man, the New Thing, He is the Life (in whom and by whom our life is counted as dead and must be hid.) Jesus Christ (with us humbled and slain and hidden in Him and by Him) is the "Thing" that God is doing/bringing forth many sons to Himself, in Christ. --This move of God is not revival as we understand it but rather it is His restoration of us to God in Himself: which culminates in the imminent return of Jesus Christ!

The New Man is the Lord Himself (1 Cor 15:47) and there is none like Him nor will ever there be! We become "like Him" only in that we are hidden in the "likeness of Him" who is Himself the express image of the Father.

The Father purposed to bring forth many sons in Jesus Christ Himself. How? -by adopting us into Himself by the adoption of His Spirit by grace through the faith of Christ. (cf. Eph.1:4-6 ) It is written that Jesus Christ was slain from (Rev.13:8) the foundation of the world. For as many as receive Jesus Christ, in the plan of God, man was already slain, reckoned as dead and his life hid with Christ in God. Those whom God foreknew would choose Him were by Him pre-destined or you could say, He guaranteed those whom He knew would choose Him to be restored by Him and in Him -in Christ before the fall of man through sin, by which we were separated from God.

By Him and in Him and through Him, the "New Thing" (many sons by adoption of His Spirit in Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son) was finished before the "old thing" (Adam) began! And in Christ, God declared the end from the beginning! Jesus Christ is the First (He existed before Adam) and He Himself is the Last (with us hidden in Him, restored to Himself by God in the person of Jesus Christ by His birth, death and His resurrection from the dead.

He is the Firstborn among many brethren (cf. Rom.8:29) we have been adopted as sons of God in Christ, and are members of His body.

Just as it is written God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, and Jesus rested in the Father -so too, we are called to rest in Him. We are called to rest in the Lord (as Jesus rested in His Father) by grace. The scripture tells us that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself (cf. 2Cor.5:19) We are called by God to enter by grace through faith to enter into His rest in Christ, while God (by Christ in us the Hope of Glory) reconciles the world to Himself.

Jesus rested in the Father...Jesus said: of my own self I can do nothing...and Jesus said: ...not I but the Father... and Paul said...not I but Christ...not me, but He! Of our own selves we can do nothing (we are dead Adam.) If we are "in Christ" then, to be "in Christ" means that we, the "old thing" are swallowed up (slain, reckoned as dead and hidden) in Jesus Christ, the New Man. Jesus Christ is that Holy Thing (Luke 1:35) which the angel said, would be born of Mary which shall be called the Son of God: Jesus Christ is the "new thing." We must not try to perfect ourselves or save our life, but give up "our life" by grace through the faith of the Son of God up to Him who is our Perfection for us. By faith in Him, we are to put on Him, Jesus Christ, the New Man whose one Life is our new Life.

By grace through the faith of Him, we "put on Christ" and walk by faith in Him in "newness of life" (again, that is JESUS!) which is renewed day by day (2Cor.4:6) in the knowledge of Him (God) that created Him: where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but CHRIST is all, and in all. (cf. Col.3:10,11)

The mystery of Christ in us is that: Our "life" is not re-made "like His" our life is changed by exchange. In Him and by Him, He Himself has exchanged our life for HIS "OWN LIFE" so that HE Himself becomes our Life, in whom we live and move and have our being.

The "old thing" is not the same as the "new thing" -we are not HIM and the old thing does not become like Him! There is none like Him, nor will ever there be! We are commanded by God to be hid in Jesus Christ, who Himself is the express image of God! (cf. Heb.1:3)

Therefore, if any man is "IN CHRIST" he is a new creature... IN CHRIST means: he becomes a member by the adoption of the Spirit, into the New Thing!

If any man is In Christ, the old things (Adam) have passed away and behold, (in Christ, who is Himself, the New Man, the New Thing) all things become new! (cf. 2Cor.5:17)

1Cor.15:47a "The first man (Adam) is of the earth, earthy (the name "Adam" means ruddy, of the earth) the second part of that same verse tells us: "the Second Man is the Lord from heaven." (KJV1 Cor.15:47b)

Jesus Christ is not only your Savior and Lord, He HIMSELF became your replacement in whom your life is hid by grace through the faith of Him. We are changed by means of exchange, in Christ: in Him and by Him: He has for us, put off the "old man" and commands us (by grace through the faith of Him) to put on the New Man: Jesus Christ.

"Jesus Christ is our peace, who hath made both one." (KJV Eph.2:14)

Speaking "of Him" as our peace: He Himself is that peace: the reconciliation of man to God in Christ by the faith of God (cf. Rom.3:3) and our labor is (by grace) to enter into His rest through the faith of Him (Heb.4:1-11) to the obtaining of the promise of the Spirit (cf. Gal.3:14) of our justification (in Christ) by the "faith of Christ" (cf. Gal.3:22) which is not of man but of God, only by/in the person of Jesus Christ (cf. Gal.2:16,17) Rom.3:4 tells us: "Let God be true, but every man liar..."

Adam was unfaithful to God. The rebellious spirit of fallen man is of his father the devil, who is a liar and the father of it. In his fallen nature, man still believes that he can be like the Most High God. But like the serpent that spawned that lie is a liar, so is every man a "liar."

but let God be true...

If we are not to be found "liars" and are to be found "true" --if we are to be found "faithful" then we must be found by Him hidden in Him who alone is called: "Faithful and True" _Jesus Christ.

(As a born again, Spirit-filled believer in the Lord Jesus Christ) I was driving down the road to my house one day singing along with a Christian CD. The song was entitled: "Find Me Faithful, Lord." And as I was singing those very words, suddenly the LORD broke into my thoughts and said:

"The Only Way I can find you faithful is if I cannot find you."

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