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PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM means: pray for God's Vision of Peace! HIS city or vision of peace is "the reconciliation of all men to God, in Jesus Christ" -who Himself is our peace!

The admonition to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem" is an exhortation to pray for that PEACE (i.e., the reconciliation of man to God in Christ) which of Him (of God) in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, by Him, through Him, and in Him Alone!

Scripture tells us that Israel will be surrounded by her enemies. Although we are to pray "that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty" (cf. 1Tim.2:2) we are also told in scripture that there will be "wars and rumors of wars". Jesus Himself foretold, even warned His disciples that those who follow Him will be persecuted: "ye be shall be hated of all men for My Name sake" (Mt10:22)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem means to pray for God's "Vision of Peace". We are to pray not just for the peace of Israel in the natural sense, -we are to pray for God's plan for His Eternal City, His vision of the "reconciliation of man to God" in Jesus Christ, - for the "restoration of the Body of Christ to God in the person of Jesus Christ" -to be restored by God to Himself "in the Name of Jesus Christ" and in no "other name" (for "neither is there salvation in any other name: for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved" Acts 4:12 KJV)

God sees those who oppose "His vision of peace" -those who oppose the reconciliation of man to God in Christ, all "as one man" as Anti-Christ.

God sees those who oppose the will and the purposes of God by which He has purposed to restore us to Himself "in and through His Son, Jesus Christ" --as against Christ, i.e., as Anti-Christ.

In fact, God sees all who walk according to their own purposes, "as one man" (rebellious man.) God sees all who walk in opposition to the purposes of God which HE purposed to be accomplished by, through and in Jesus Christ, all "as one man". And God has said that He Himself will defeat His enemies "as one man"

Man (Adam) building his own kingdom in the earth is in direct opposition to the Kingdom or rule) of God which is in the person of His One New Man: the Lord Himself,Jesus Christ.

Adam living his own life, in the building his temple -ruling with his idol (his own mind) and worshiping the work of his own hands, man making a name for himself in the earth is Babel -and the harlotry of Babylon is man's vain creeds.

The return to Babylon (like Egypt) is the rising up of man's kingdom whereby man seeks to make a name for himself in the earth.

God is looking down even now as the Judge of all the earth (Behold the Judge stands at the door) and by His Spirit, in His Sight His eye sees only "two men" in the earth -the body of Adam or those who are "in Jesus Christ" -you are either in Adam - or - Jesus Christ. We must choose between the two men. Either we have chosen (1) to be slain and our life hid with God in Christ, with our lives reckoned as dead and we our "selves" (i.e., our lives) replaced by the Life of Christ, in the Name of Jesus which means in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ -or (2) we are the "other man" who is still trying to make a name for him "self" in the earth, man in the image of God with man's counterfeit Christ-likeness. This man's name is Adam, who still tries to recreate himself in the image and likeness of God.

Make your choice: Will you choose to be hidden in the image and Likeness of Him who is God, in the Name of Jesus Christ by His grace through the faith of Jesus? OR will you chose way of man: to mold and re-shape "self" into an acceptable image (even Christ-likeness) which God calls "Anti-christ"?


Although God knows each of us individually, in His Sight He sees (figuratively) only "two men" in the earth: (1) God's Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who is "The Life" OR (2) the "other man" -the son of perdition which is Anti-Christ. Adam vaunts his name as god, even as godly in the earth! Adam's own life is "The Death" (for "in Adam" all die, i.e., are eternally separated from God.)

Jesus said that if we try to preserve or keep the life of Adam (self: psuche or psyche), we will forfeit eternal life (zoe). We must forfeit our own live (self) and be counted as dead, slain & hidden in the Life Jesus Christ, who is Himself, "The Life".

God gives us a choice, -Life or death. He tells us: Life and Death are in the power of the tongue: repent of trying to preserve your own life, repent of trying to "live your life" for Him, repent also of your false Christ-likeness trying to live "His Life for Him"! Repent of ignorantly trying to preserve your own life (self) and choose Him as your Life instead! Choose His Life, the Life of Jesus Christ, agree with His testimony against us, against our ways and our doings -just say yes to His gracious offer to restore us to Himself by His grace, to repentance & rest "in the Life of Jesus Christ" to the Glory of God the Father.

To choose Life -Jesus said, deny your "SELF" -take up your cross and follow Me.

Take up your cross does not just mean accept His will over our own regarding what we eat or drink or wear. Taking up our cross means by grace through faith you take up the mystery of the cross by which WE are crucified & by grace through faith we deny Adam's right to live, we offer our "selves" to God as a living sacrifice, in Christ -offering up our own "selves" to be hid in & replaced by Jesus to the praise & glory of God.

We are not to try to resurrect man or clean him up or make him acceptable to God. We are to deny "self" -deny man, his ways and his doings; deny, refute and cast down all that is of that man we call "Adam" -the same man which so many Christians are trying to re-mold, re-make and behavior modify to be more "like Christ."

In Mt. 10:38-39 Jesus said: "he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after Me, is not worth of Me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life (self/Adam) for My sake shall find it." Man must deny his own nature, deny "self" in Christ. By grace through the faith of Christ, we must deny, refute, cast down, reject self which is the "life of Adam" -if we want to gain the "Life of Jesus Christ". We gain His eternal Life by denying our own life -by accepting Him: if we refuse to do so, He said we are not worthy of Him!

Paul said I die daily. Paul kept these things (the mystery of the gospel of Christ) daily in his remembrance. Paul reckoned his own self as dead in Christ (by grace through the faith of Jesus) and Paul kept that fact in his own remembrance daily!

Jesus took the elements which signified His own death and said: "Do THIS in Remembrance of Me". We are to keep in our remembrance: that our marriage covenant meal (His Body & His Blood) signify our own death in Him (crucified with Christ) on the cross, that He Himself is the Resurrection and "the Life" (in whom we live & move and have our being.)

This is why we are to take the elements or tokens of our death in Christ in communion: in remembrance of Him, in agreement of His work on the cross and as a sign of our marriage covenant vow (by which we are no longer our own) we are to take His Body (receive the engrafted "Word") which was given up for us and we are to take His Blood("the life is in the blood") which is "the Life of Christ" in us, who is HIMSELF, the Hope of glory.

When Jesus drank the cup of suffering at the hand of the Father according to His Father's Will, then the sacrifice of His Life became "a sacrifice of praise" to the Father.

In effect, at the Last Supper which signified the sacrifice of Jesus Himself as the Passover Lamb, Jesus drank of the cup of Praise at the Last Supper (and He became our Praise unto God.)

Jesus drank of the cup of suffering that through His crucifixion we might know Him in the unity of His Body (worked by God, in Christ) -even the fellowship of His suffering. Jesus Himself became the cup of redemption in the power of His Blood (His Life) and He offers us the cup of Blessing in Him.

He is the True Vine (we are only the branches -and the branches are not the life of, nor do we support the Vine, but rather the Vine and its Root are the Life, Jesus Christ!

The Wine is the fruit of the Vine. The Wine is the Blood of the Grape -the Fruit which the Vine produces (Wisdom, by His Spirit)

The Life is in the Blood.

The Power of The Blood of Jesus is His Life -not only that He gave His life for us on the cross but also the application of this in our lives means we are slain by Him by grace through he faith of Him, we have agreed to the forfeiting of our lives "in Him" (to be hidden in by Him in Him, who is the redemption of the purchased possession us, in Christ to the Glory of God the Father) so that HE HIMSELF now "lives His Life" -for us, and in us -in place of us! (NOT "us living His Life" for Him!)

Us "living our so-called grace-empowered new lives" FOR JESUS --with us (man) trying to be "like Him" (in our empowered God-likeness) INSTEAD OF "us" humbling our haughty little selves and asking "Jesus to be Jesus" (for us, and in us, "in place of us") is the great falling away, it is the apostasy of Christendom!

Just as we were forewarned, the enemy of our souls has seduced us, beguiled us even as Eve was beguiled: in these last days many have "departed from the faith" -many have forsaken the gospel of grace and peace (in & through Jesus Christ) to follow "another Jesus and another gospel." Many have been given over to their own lusts (to be like the Most High God) and have turned to a false gospel of man's empowerment to be Christ-like, seduced by a gospel that glorifies man (under the guise of glorifying God) with "our works by our faith" (rather than His works by the faith of Him with us hid in & replaced by Him!)

Just as Paul the Apostle and the other apostles warned: many are giving heed to seducing spirits, following after doctrines of demons, heaping up teachers unto themselves in the end-time apostasy of the harlot church: preaching and teaching a bastardized form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, "another gospel of our man-centered counterfeit Christ-like-ness" which is nothing less than a well-disguised insidiously evil form of Christianized Humanism!

Our repentance and restoration to God is in Christ, by Him "in Himself" and He (with us hid in Him and by Him) is the Fruit of Righteousness, the Vine: the Wisdom of God: the right use of the Knowledge of God in the Face of Jesus Christ...the best wine!

We have had a lot of Bread...but no wine...the churches lack wisdom in the right use of the Knowledge of God in the Face of Jesus Christ!

Seek His Face...agree to forfeit all your attempts at living your life for Him and simply (the simplicity of Christ) ask Him to live His Life for you, by His grace -by the power of His Spirit through Christ in us, the Hope of Glory- to the glory of God the Father.

Whether we like it our not, our marriage covenant meal is Bread AND Wine And one way or the other, He will have wine: it is up to us if we will allow Him to turn the water into wine, -or if we will refuse His "gift of grace" and choose to have Him trample out the grapes of wrath!

The Bread of Life (every Word that comes from the Mouth of God) and the wine: The Life which is in His Blood -washing us in His Blood (by His Life in place of ours) -washing of our souls with the Water by the Word is the Fountain of Cleansing Blood, is the Water turned to Wine: His intervention through intercession by grace on behalf of those who do the will of the Father which is in heaven.

He that does the will of My Father is My brother (in Him) and My sister (call wisdom your sister) and Mother...those who receive the word of God by grace through faith are saved by grace and that not of ourselves it is the gift of grace, not of works -lest any man should boast...not unlike Mary herself who conceived "salvation by grace through faith (cf. Luke 1:38) too, blessed is she (the soul) that believes (adheres to, trusts in, relies upon and GIVES ONE'S SELF up to Him) for there shall be a performance of those things that were told her of the Lord. (cf.Luke 1:45)

We can choose grace, or we can choose the trampling out of the grapes of wrath...we can choose His will or our own will...we can choose to fall upon the stone and be broken or have that stone fall upon us and grind us to powder...we can choose to humble ourselves or exalt ourselves -follow our own ways (trying to be like Christ) in the idolatry of our own spiritually empowered self-deified Mind by which we have "become our own highest authority according to what we think we know" but we can repent of our pseudo-spiritual dead works and fall at His Feet as dead men!

The church has chosen to exalt herself in her own interpretation of scripture according to that which she has perceived to be right in her own sight. She has chosen to walk in her own ways according to her own understanding of the will of God, in her own feelings, -even the desires of her own flesh. She has refused to hear that which is contrary to her own hearing and her own perception of what is or is not "of God" in her own sight. In so doing she has forsaken Him as the Fountain of Living water and has chosen for herself, the day of slaughter.

The Word of the Lord and the Counsel of God by His Spirit has been despised and rejected by His own who have turned to their idols (the counsel of their own minds) i.e., forsaken Him as the Fountain of Living Water. The people (and their leaders) have hewn themselves out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no living water.

We must ask the Lord to grant us repentance of the idolatry of our own mind, our own will and of following our own desires -as well as the ungodly desires that we have erroneously defined as God's will! We must consider our ways and our doing in these things, go to Him inquire of Him concerning the vanity of trying to be like Christ instead of asking "Jesus to be Jesus" Christ, in us the Hope of glory!

Consider prayerfully and humbly what He is saying here about our wicked ways in what we have done with our own understanding of the word of God..repent and call upon the Name of the Lord! Pray, Spare thy people O Lord, not for our sake -but for Thy Name's sake!

The LORD HIMSELF (even in the process of the end-time judgments which have already begun) now sets before His own people which are called by His Name an "Open Door of Restoration and Rest in Him" He stands at the door of the hearts of His own people, at the door of the Churches and knocks...

The lie in the garden sounded so right to the mind of man, just as the false gospel is so close to the truth...but not everyone who says "Lord, Lord shall enter..."

We know that it is written that "In Jesus Christ all are made alive" but do we ever stop to ASK HIM what HE MEANS? Do we seek His Face for the Understanding of His Spirit? -or the knowledge of men? Have you inquired of Him concerning HOW are we "made alive" in Christ?

We are made new or made alive "In the Name of Jesus Christ" which means in the person of Jesus Christ Himself. God attributes or credits His Life (i.e., Jesus' Life) to us. By grace through the faith of Christ, we are slain by Him through His cross and joined to Him as members of His Body by the Spirit of adoption (where by we cry Abba Father) -and Jesus Himself becomes our Life, HE HIMSELF is "The Life" to whom we are joined & by whom we are hid!

Simply agree with Him concerning these "our sins" -ask Him to restore us to Himself, by Him, through Him and in Him who is The Way, The Truth and "The Life".

We ought to seek His Face and inquire of Him (and not lean unto our own understanding, the human perception of our own minds) concerning what GOD MEANT when He said "be ye holy for I am holy". Instead of following men who teach us their own understanding of holiness and righteousness, we ought be seeking the Lord as to how His people, HOW believers are to "walk in" TRUE HOLINESS unto the Lord -as a gift of grace -and that, "not of your selves" (not us at all!) Holiness is a "gift of grace" in Him, though Him and by Him alone Who is our Holiness!*
*"HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD" -is a short, companion article to "Supplanting Holiness Series" crucial to right understanding of what has been written in these articles. HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD HOLINESS -not as works, but as the gift of God, in Christ! IF you profess to be a Christian, be sure to take the time to find out: "Are you a good Christian Humanist? (You think not?) Allow me the grace to challenge you in your faith to consider the truth about the apostasy of Christianity: CHRISTIAN HUMANISM OR TRUE CHRISTIANITY

In Christ,

NotEye (M. Weiland)