I'd like to ask you to extend your understanding of humanism with it's man-centered philosophies and worldliness to see how those things which are "of man" or "of the world" have been used to supplant those things which are of God. And I entreat you to take a closer look at the invasion of the churches by those things which be "of man and not of God" referred to as "the teachings and doctrines and commandments of men" -which are at the very heart of the apostasy.

Man's pride of his own life: even his pride in thinking that "he" can serve God and man's perspective, his humanistic perception of how man ought to best serve God are examples of tares the enemy sowed into the human heart.

Man's pride "of his own life" is part and parcel to man's own human perception. His way of thinking is proud and "the pride of the eye of man" together with man's lust for dominion or power, the "lust of his own flesh to be like God" has been used of the enemy to supplant the gospel of the kingdom of God with another gospel.

Man's pride "of his own life" and his own man-centered perception are seeds of death and destruction, seeds of Satan's own kingdom which the enemy has quietly sown into the field, the soil of our human hearts, into our carnal minds, into our eye, our very perception, even our own ways of measuring what is or is not right in our own sight.

The way of a man is right in man's own sight..."there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death." (KJV Proverbs. 14:12) That way that seems right to man is his own human perspective, man's perception, his own way of looking at things by which man tends to justify himself -i.e., by the false measure, biased perception and ungodly perspective "of man" concerning his own ways and doings."

The scripture warns us that this tendency of every man to approve himself and view his own ways and doings as right in his own sight, even his tendency to justify himself in his ways and doings brings death and destruction.

Like a little bit of leaven that leavens the whole lump, the ungodly speck of "human perspective" in a man's eye (discernment with the eye of man) hinders his ability to see himself as he really is (i.e., ungodly.) Even when a man looks into the mirror of God's word -in the Book of James, it tells us: he sees what manner of man he is but then goes his own way, forgetting (even denying) what manner of man he really is -i.e., ungodly.

The Man of God is Jesus Christ, the Righteous, and He is God. When we accept Him as Lord and Savior, we are reckoned as dead and we are hidden in Him, in Him who is "Himself" our "godliness". When we, Adam look into the mirror of God's word and allow Him to shine His Light upon our ways and our doings, in the Light of Him who Alone is Holy, the way "of man" (even the nature of man) is exposed as "ungodly."

We need only to look at biblical history to see how destructive man's pride and his own humanist (egotistical) perspective has been. And in this late hour of humanity, it would behoove us all to take a closer look at the disastrous results of Satan's demonic use of man's own way: of thinking, -not just examining those thoughts which we know are sinful, but confessing the pride of our own minds, man's tendency to vaunt himself in doing his own (and the opposition of his will to the Will of God in Christ.)

Although Satan's workings upon our personna -through the personalities of man are more than evident in ungodly displays of demonically influenced emotions or feelings, (such as malice, envy, spite etc.) -we are not as aware or perhaps not as willing to recognize and admit the enemy's devices against us, when he works that which is evil in God's sight through those things which seems to us to be right in our own sight. This is especially so when Satan cleverly uses our most "noble" feelings, even our most fervent, seemingly godly desires to serve God "in ways that seem right to man."

Satan has used man's own way of thinking, our own perception of what is right as a device of the enemy against us, in order to cause us to oppose ourselves and the plans and purposes of God in Christ. Satan has used our own perception of what is right in our sight to flatter us and to supplant the kingdom of God. He even attempts through man's will to exert his own rebellious will over the will of God by creating opposition to those things which God has meant for good and not for evil. And the enemy has used even our best intentions, even our most sincere and compassionate feelings to oppose the plan of God and resist the purposes of God which are "in Christ"

Concerning the devices of the enemy against us, take this example from scripture: (see Mt.16:21-27) Although Peter himself had no idea he was being used of the enemy in Satan's own effort to supplant the kingdom of God, Satan nevertheless managed to use Peter's own way of thinking, to use Peter's perception of what was right in his own sight -and even use the depth of Peter's human love for Jesus, to oppose the plan of God and resist the purposes of God in Christ.

Led by his own way of thinking, moved in his heart by his deep love for Jesus, -it did not seem right to Peter that Jesus should suffer and it was not Peter's will that Jesus should have to die. And so, Peter being moved by what he had determined in his own mind and will acted in his own emotions. In accordance with his own views or human perception, and because Peter loved Jesus and was not willing that Jesus should suffer or die, he attempted to exert his own will over the Will of God.

Notice that Peter did not deny himself. Peter simply took what he heard at face value, sized up the situation like we humans usually do -and reacted according to man's own perception of what is right. Peter did exactly what we all do -he disagreed with whatever happens to oppose man's own will and then just like us, he acted according to man's own feelings.

I do not mean to pick on Peter, but we are commanded to be watchful of the devices of the enemy in our lives against us -and if we are to learn of the destructive influence that evil has in places of spiritual authority, we need to learn from this example: Peter did not humble himself in his own sight to inquire of the Lord for the counsel of God. Peter did not submit his thoughts, his mind, his will, his feelings, or his perception of the thing to the Lord. And by not denying himself, by not denying these (wicked) ways which are of man's own self, Peter gave place to Satan and to the devices of the enemy.

Peter ignorantly chose to rely upon his own perception and did not submit himself to God. And so Satan took advantage. Because Peter acted without the Lord as His spiritual covering, he became susceptible to demonic influence (not possession) -he was influenced by "the evil" to choose those things which are of man and not of God.

Unaware of the devices of the enemy, Peter ended up ignorantly preferring those things which are approved in the sight "of man." Even though Peter chose what seemed right to him in his own sight and he had the best of human intentions and he was moved by his "love" for Jesus -nevertheless, Jesus had this against him:

Peter had ignorantly given place to the enemy by preferring or choosing that which was right in the sight of men. Masking his work (by using Peter's love and sense of loyalty toward Jesus, even using Peter's best intentions) Satan used those things which are "of man" to oppose God Himself.

Satan played upon man's feelings (human love) and upon Peter's sense of loyalty, -Satan even used the best seemingly good intentions of man, to cause Peter to use the will of man to resist the Will of God. And through his influence upon Peter's human nature, Satan moved Peter to speak against that which Jesus Himself had just declared to be the purposes of God. Satan used the human perception of man (the mind of man) and the will of man and the emotions of man (the soul or self) to cause Peter to prefer that which was in direct opposition to the plan and the purposes of God in Christ.

Not only did Satan influence Peter to contradict what Jesus had just revealed to be the purposes of God, but Satan manipulated the will of man to do his own demonically will by inspiring opposition to the will of God, -and he caused Peter to rebuke, the Lord Himself.

Paul the Apostle warned us repeatedly not to be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. There is much more to the devices of the enemy in our lives against us than those things which are obviously evil (murder, adultery, fornication, lust etc.)

While we have been busy focusing only on those things which are obviously evil and easy to be seen as the work of the enemy, -what about these devices of the enemy which he used on Peter? We have not guarded our hearts against these devices, we have practically ignored how the enemy plays upon and uses our emotions (like our loyalty toward a brother or sister or even our love for our pastor or our church) to cause us to prefer that which is of man and not of God.

The enemy has appealed to our pride -the pride of our minds, the pride of our will and to our emotions and he has flattered us into thinking that we are so discerning with our knowledge of the word of God and the gifts of the Spirit that we have actually been ignorant of his subtle influence upon our own thoughts. We have effectively denied the fact that Satan uses our own human perception against us and we have corporately refused to acknowledge the fact that he has and does cause us to call that which is good -evil, and to call that which is evil, "good." (Contined on next page...)