In spite of our best intentions to serve God with all of our hearts, man has nevertheless made himself his own final authority. It has become our practice to sanction doctrines according to our own highest knowledge and understanding of scripture. We have supplanted God's authority as our Spiritual Head not realizing that we are requiring the Lord Himself to submit all of His reproof and instruction to that which is approved in our own sight. Meanwhile, the Head of the Church -Jesus Christ is left outside knocking at the door of the churches.

By ignorantly supplanting the discernment of God (by His Spirit) with man's own limited perception, knowledge and understanding, we continue to approve those things which be of men, -according to whatsoever "seems scriptural" in our own sight.

An evil tide of humanities has swept through the churches: we have christianized humanism. We have used our own knowledge and understanding of scripture to close the doors to what the Spirit saith to the churches. And instead we have used the perception of man to open our doors (ears) to vain philosophies of men.

Clinical psychologists, sociologists, metaphysical, motivational, behavioral and mind sciences are all being approved in the sight of men as we savor those things which be of men and not of God -even using our own knowledge and understanding of scripture to help incorporate the flesh of men into the framework of the Church.

Sanctioning doctrines of demons in the churches these ignoble humanities have brought with them a form of secular humanism (Christianized humanism) into the churches, which has supplanted the gospel of Jesus Christ with the gospel of man in Christ.

While feigning submission to the King of kings, man has crowned himself king. Under the covering of his own headship, he has become the ruler of his spiritual domain, exercising his own form of "godly" pseudo-scriptural sovereignty over his own life. In his conceit of knowledge man perceives himself to be right in his doings, -in lies man has taken refuge by justifying himself in all of his ways, bowing only to his idol: -his Mind, the god of self. But God is in the business of tearing down the idols of men, and He has already begun a spiritual shaking of all things so that only those things which cannot be shaken (that which is of God in Christ) will remain.

Like houses built upon the sand, the world follows after whatsoever happens to seem profitable, socially acceptable and/or politically correct at any given time. We have not been as altogether different as we ought to be from the secular world (which we condemn) because the churches have not taken heed how we have built upon her true foundation.

Woe unto us, ...what will the righteous do when the foundations have been removed? Here a little and there a little we have forsaken the Lord as our Counselor and have approved the teachings of men. Just as Jesus warned: false teachers have risen up from among us who have taught us those things which are highly esteemed among men but which are an abomination to God. We have approved ourselves among ourselves all the way down the road to apostasy. (2Chron.7:14 Tear down your idols: Repent, humble yourself, seek His Face, turn from these our "wicked" ways.)

The Lord is calling all of the churches to humble ourselves and pray -to repent, and turn from our "wicked" ways (which are the ways of self, of the soul -our own mind, emotions) which have been used by the enemy in his devices against us.

Call upon the Name of the Lord! Pray earnestly: grant us repentance by your grace... weep, cry aloud unto Him. Pray: spare thy people O Lord. Deliver us not into the hands of our enemies that the heathen should rule over us. Restore us unto you through Jesus Christ Your Son our Lord, according to the multitude of your mercies -not for our sake, but for Thy Name's sake"

The Church is unaware that she has ignorantly "built her house" of wood, has and stubble -using what "some men say the word of God means," instead of gold, silver and precious stones. She should have built her house wisely -not by that which is taught of men (by flesh and blood) but by that which is "revealed by My Father which is in heaven."

The churches whose teachings, doctrines and commandments of men (that change with social pressure and political seasons) have been like the double-minded man who is unstable in all of his ways. (Continued on next page...)