There is a vast difference between the knowledge of God which is of the "face" of men (i.e., the perception and understanding of men) -through knowledge derived from what man has supposedly "gleaned from scripture" -and revelation of the Knowledge of God in the Face of Jesus Christ.

Thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought, we have become so spiritually minded with our vast knowledge of scripture that the pride our own knowledge of scripture has become a snare, a pit of conceit into which many have fallen.

The Word of God tells us that "knowledge" (which is of the idolatry of man's own mind) "puffeth up" but love (giving up of self) edifieth. (cf. 1Cor.8:1) We should have used our knowledge of the written word of God wisely, as a mirror in which to humble ourselves in our own sight to the edifying of the entire body in love (i.e., through the giving up & denying of "self") in Christ. We ought to have laid aside what we (as men) think we know. And we should not have forsaken the Lord as the Fountain of Living Waters. We should have denied our "selves" and should have forsaken man's own perception of what is right in his own sight.

A Most Desolate House

"Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be ye horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord." (Jer.2:12 KJV) "Behold, your house is left unto you desolate." (cf. Mt.23:38 KJV) "For My people have committed two evils; they have forsaken Me the Fountain of Living Waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water. (Jer.2:13 KJV)

We should have diligently sought the Face of the Lord for the surrender of our "selves" in Christ (by His grace, -not by our works.) Submitting our "selves" to God, in Christ unconditionally (in all of our mind, all of our soul/psyche, all of our will, all the ways of "self") -which is what it means to "love God" with all of our hearts, all of our minds and all of our strength. We should have asked Him to work the submission of our "selves" to God in Christ, unto Him who is Alone is Perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge to the edification of one another in love (meaning "in Christ") through Him and in Him who is Love, who is Himself God in the Flesh: Jesus Christ. (cf.1John 3:16)

Even though we were warned that the churches were in danger of being beguiled in the Last Days even as Eve was beguiled (cf. 2Cor.11:3) we have ignored the fact that Eve was beguiled through Satan's use of the word of God through his influence upon the mind of man, because of the place that was given to the enemy through man's own pride -pride in man's own so-called "godly" perception of what God said.

Through the subtlety of the serpent, the Churches have been beguiled (deceived) just as Eve was beguiled (deceived) because we have not been watchful in prayer seeking God's Face.

We have paid homage to learned men and preferred the face of man's counsel. We have chosen according to our own lusts to be led by the eye of man in the pride of his own understanding of the letter of the word and the counsel of his own mind. And while perceiving these things to be wisdom, we were blind to Satan's craftiness in using the pride of our eyes (even man's perception of truth) and the things of God against us.

Through flattery Satan has sought to supplant the Kingdom of God, to usurp the rule of God in the hearts of men. Satan has misled man using man's own pride. Through knowledge man has once again been beguiled into becoming his own highest authority. Satan has led man into becoming his own measure of truth by man's own use of his knowledge of scripture according to man's own understanding of the Letter of the written word of God.

Satan has taken full advantage of man's own faulty perception (pride of the eyes) to cause us to weigh and measure what is or is not the will of God in Christ by a "false measure." That "false measure" is half-truth and half-error. Half truth of the word of God mixed with half error of the counsel of man. It is the folly of man that he attempts to measure truth according to the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil and our vanity has produced a false religious system called Christendom, whose adulterous teachings and idolatrous doctrines of men, even doctrines of demons are not fit for anything but to be vomited out of His mouth.

EVE (who is a type of our own soul: our mind, will and feelings) did NOT go to the Father, SHE DID NOT submit herself to, ask or inquire of God, -instead she tried to measure what was right, she tried to determine "truth" through logic and reasoning according to "human perception, knowledge and understanding" of what God said. Eve did not refer back to God as her spiritual covering to ask or diligently inquire of the Lord as to what HE MEANT by what He said. Neither has the church!

Doctrines and Teachings & Commandments of Men

In her own use of the knowledge of the written word of God, the Churches (the woman) have usurped the authority of the Man, the Lord Himself, as her spiritual covering and she has taught with her head uncovered. Through her own use of scripture, according to the knowledge of men, -perceiving herself to be wise, she has become her own highest authority. In Spirit and in Truth, she has not deferred to Him who is the Living Word of God, for the discerning of His Spirit: the Spirit of Truth through Jesus Christ as our Head.

The churches have taught men to do as she does, to use her own knowledge of the written word of God to direct our paths. In so doing, she has forsaken the Fountain of Living Water: Jesus Christ. She has turned away from the Holy Spirit as the Revelator of the Word, in Spirit and in Truth.

Having forsaken the mind (the attitude of submission and the humility) of Christ, (cf. Phlp.2:5-8) the churches have unwittingly substituted the "Mind of man" -man's own counsel and understanding of scripture.

In her folly, the churches use the teachings and understanding and counsel of men, to contradict and oppose the Counsel and Understanding of the Spirit of God, -while Satan flatters the people into thinking they are in the pursuit of true godliness of body, soul, mind and spirit. Deceived and deceiving other, she convinces the people that: by following her traditions and doctrines and commandments of men, they are doing exactly as God would have them do she turns the people of God to her own broken cisterns, institutionalizing holiness, canning godliness, peddling man-made teachings and doctrines of the knowledge of men.

Her false ways and doings are harlotry in God's sight as she leads the people to accept formula after formula for man's own form of godliness. While promising the people liberty in the name of Jesus, she places burdens upon them too heavy to be borne. (cf.Gal.1:6 Gal.2:4 Gal.2:16-Gal.3:4)

We were never called to try to be like Jesus...He is God ...we were never called to be like God -that is a burden too heavy to be borne. We were called to be conformed (by Him) into the image of Him who is God by being hidden (by grace through the faith of Christ) in Jesus Christ -hidden in Him and by Him who is the express image of the Father: in Jesus Christ by grace through the faith of Him!

While promising liberty, she has taken souls captive -even of their own will through their own lusts (cf. 2Tim.2:26) as she teaches men how to practice their own form of godliness and righteousness which is of men -which appeals to man's own lusts, as he seeks to be powered by grace to live his own life "godly" -for Christ.

False Christianity teaches us how we can successfully live our new lives for God. False Christianity teaches us half truths: that we were created in God's own image (true) and that in Christ we have been re-created in the image and likeness of God (half truth) and are now enabled to live our own life (false) in a godly manner for God.

The truth is that "in Christ" we have already been slain and we are reckoned as dead and our own life is hid in Christ (cf. Col.3:3) who is Himself the New Man (cf. 1Cor.15:46-48) whom God raised from the dead. (cf. 1Pe1:21) That is our place -to be reckoned as dead with our life hidden with God in Jesus Christ until Him who is our Life shall appear. (cf.Col.3:4)

Meanwhile, until Jesus does return (cf. 1Cor.1:7) the Father had purposed that we were to rest in Him (cf. Heb.4:1) (cf. 1Cor.1:9) in the fellowship of His Son whom God has given to us (cf. Rom.5:5) as a gift of grace, by His Spirit (cf. Eph.3:7 Eph.4:7) -so that to as many as receive Him, He might hide us in Himself AND that Jesus Himself, might Live His Life: the Life Of Christ in us and for us, on our behalf (to the glory of God the Father.)

Using the fountain of the mind of man, through his evil influences upon the soul (upon the mind, will and emotions of man -which is the soul of man) with all subtlety Satan has supplanted the gospel of Jesus Christ and has turned it into (cf. 2Cor.11:4 Gal.1:6) "another gospel" -a gospel of man perfecting himself (cf. Gal.3:1-4) in the image of God by a form of Christ-like empowerment of man. Through man's own carnal knowledge of scripture, man has been seduced by the enemy to follow ungodly counsel as though it were gospel truth, and teach soulish understanding of the letter of the word of God.

Satan has actually used man's own mental powers of so-called godly perception to intellectually, psychologically and emotionally supplant discernment by the Spirit of God. And by so doing he has supplanted the gospel of Jesus Christ and replaced it with another gospel, the gospel "of man living godly for Christ" according to man's own will, and his own perception of what is right in his own sight.

We were warned not to regard the faces or persona of any man, but to look unto the Lord Jesus Christ, as our Chief Shepherd -to Him, as our Counselor, to Him as the Spiritual Head of the Church, which is His Body. We were warned not to be ignorant of the devices of the enemy and of the operations of demonic spirits in our lives against us. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness AND "wickedness" in places of spiritual authority! (cf.Eph.6:12)

We are triune beings, we are spirit and soul and body. (cf.1Thes.5:23) The seat of spiritual authority is in the heart of man, and it is supposed to be by the Spirit of God as the Head over our reborn spirit man, and -not by the soul of man. (cf. 1Cor.11:3-10) But Satan has influenced the soul to usurp the authority of the spirit. (cf. 1Tim2:12-15)

The spirit of man must be reborn in Jesus Christ and the soul must be renewed: cleansed and sanctified (cf.Eph.5:26) by washing of water by the Word of God in Spirit and in Truth. (cf. Eph.5:21-33) The spirit is the head (like an under-shepherd) over the soul and the soul ought not to be allowed to usurp the authority of the spirit. (cf.1Tim.2:12)

(cf.1Cor.11:3) Jesus Christ (the Chief Shepherd and Bishop of our souls) is to rule over our spirit, soul and body as the Lord of All. Jesus Christ is also Spiritual Head over the reborn spirit of "man." We are supposed to be led by the Spirit of God over our spirit -and not by our soul. The spirit of man is to rule over his soul (i.e., likening the soul of a man to "a woman.")

The soul (which is man's mind, will and emotions) ought not to be allowed to rule or usurp the authority of the spirit because of "angels" (cf.1Cor.11:10) -because of other spirits by which she may be deceived.(cf.1Cor10:21)

The work of principalities and powers and rulers of darkness is manifested in the usurping of the authority of the spirit in these places of spiritual authority by which the soul vaunts itself in it's own un-submitted (deceptive so-called godly) rebellious ways and pseudo-spiritual doings whereby the soul resists the things of the Spirit of God and opposes the purposes of God in Christ.

Precisely as it was in Peter's case, we have erred greatly in "our discernment" and have given place to ungodly influence in our souls (our own rebellious mind, will and emotions.) By unknowingly following the ungodly counsel of the minds of men, we have opposed God Himself. We have systematically circumvented (and even ignored) the judgments of God, -which He has sent to turn us (by heroically "running through troops and jumping over walls") -enthusiastically hurdling every road block God has set in our path (by which He has tried to turn us) all the while believing we are doing a great work for God!

By ignorantly allowing the enemy to influence our minds to resist (even dismiss as evil) the correction of the Lord by His Spirit, while calling evil good and good evil, we are actively pursuing things which are not of God, in the name of God.

Looking only at the great works that we think we are doing for God, -we do not understand, nor do we yet perceive that many of those works (which are highly esteemed in our sight) -many of the very things we perceive to be "of God" are in fact, an abomination in His Sight. Many would be absolutely shocked, horrified (and beside themselves with grief) to learn to what extent we have been opposing God and all of His efforts to turn us.

Meanwhile, we happily approve ourselves among ourselves (men approving men) and continue to justify ourselves by what-we-think-we-know in the "supposedly godly" counsel of our own minds. We continue doing what we think is God's will our way (calling it God's will.) We (the churches) sincerely believe we are pleasing God -and doing His will, even while we stiffen our necks. We will not be reproved, we resist His every effort to turn us. We shirk off those He has sent to warn us and dismiss His rebukes because to us they seem to be unloving, unkind, too negative, unpleasant, overly-critical and far too judgmental to "be God." (Continued on next page...)