What does a tiny mustard seed, a little bit of leaven and a tiny speck in our brother's eye all have in common? All three are tiny, and all three have tremendous potential (for good or for evil) concerning the Kingdom of God.

The deceptively tiny size of the mustard seed belies the hidden potential it holds and it illustrates the potential for good (or for evil) in the kingdom of God. How easily we overlook little things which seem insignificant to us yet have huge hidden consequences; while we are not to strain at gnats while swallowing camels, we must also never underestimate the hidden potential of little things...

Jesus Himself chose to use such a tiny thing as the mustard seed to illustrate how the kingdom of God grows in the hearts of men in the earth. Consider the implication of the tiny things the enemy has used as the mustard size "seeds" of his kingdom that he has planted, and watered and then used to oppose God in the earth.

In the parable of the sower, the Word of God was likened to seed planted into the heart's of men to yield a harvest of souls, in Christ. Jesus is the Word of God (He is the Incorruptible Seed) and He is the "gift of grace" by which God, the Father establishes His Kingdom. By the power of God's Word (Jesus Christ) His will be done on earth (in our hearts) as it is in heaven: through Jesus Christ, His Son our Lord -by Christ in us, the Hope of glory.

And while men slept, an enemy sowed tares in the field...the seeds of Satan's kingdom which he plants (like he did in Eve's mind or heart) to work his own will (to be like the Most High God) and establish his own kingdom (to do his own will) through the twisting of the word of God to make man into his own version of Christ, which is anti-Christ.

Through the reasoning of the serpent, in (his influence upon) the thoughts, intellect, knowledge -even seemingly good discernment of men, Satan sought to supplant the kingdom. Taking advantage of man's tendency to do that which he perceives to be right in his own sight, Satan sought to build his kingdom (to work his will) and oppose the plan, the purposes, and the Will of God in Christ.

Man unwittingly cooperates with the enemy whenever he uses his own intellect, discerns with his own "eye" using his own reasoning, makes his own assessments of what is right even according to his interpretation of what God hath said (just like Eve)

Once again man has been deceived by his proud reliance upon his own powers of perception beguiled by his inspired mental faculties to believe that he is able to spiritually discern good from evil without submitting what he thinks he knows to God as His Spiritual Head.

Man's failure to submit himself to God (as His Spiritual Head) has led man once again down the path of ungodly wisdom in his endeavor to be godly even in his desire to be like Christ and to live His Life for Him.

Many eagerly enter into the House of God (saved) only to find to our own undoing that the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ (the gospel of grace and peace) has been supplanted by another gospel of man in Christ. Many are left with a faltering sense of conditional peace and a gift of metered grace. (cf. Gal.1:6-3:4)

Each of us is so spiritually competitive, proud in our knowledge and vain in our pursuits -that we yell about the beam in our brother's eye but will nevertheless refuse to let anyone help us get the mote or speck out of our own eye! (see Mt.7:5)

Man's own perspective has distorted his vision (of grace and peace in Christ.) How the mighty are fallen, through what seemed to man to be but a small thing. Like a little leaven that leavens the whole lump -it took only this small speck in our eye.

One speck of the dust of the ground from which we were formed: the error of man's own perception. That speck is man's tendency to leaven the Counsel and Understanding of the Word of God through man's own understanding (Prov.3) with our own intellectual (Eph.6:12) "powers" of human reason and logic. In our conceits the tactics of the enemy has beguiled us. He has used our powers of perception and reason to adulterate the word of God.

All Satan had to do was add to or just shift the focus of the written word of God. Supplanting the counsel of God has deceived us. We have allowed the enemy to leaven the gospel. By leaning unto our own understanding, and through our pride he has shifted the focus away from Jesus Christ as our all and in all, (on behalf of all who receive Him) onto ourselves: to what we think we are called to do, how to be all that we can be, how to achieve our fullest Christ-like human potential for godliness (*Christianized humanism) *For more information on the false gospel of Christianized Humanism read: "An Open Letter to the Churches"

We have not taken heed how "we have built" upon that Foundation of Jesus Christ. We have not been watchful. The flatterer has crept in unaware to kill, and steal and destroy the Kingdom of God. (The kingdom of God is the rule of God by the Word of God by Christ in us.) The enemy has leavened the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word of God has been adulterated. Instead of Christ in us the Hope of glory, it has become the gospel of who we are ("us in Christ")

We have reduced the gift of grace (His Life which He desires to Live for us) to our works -another gospel: all about how we are to live our lives "for God" by our own highest knowledge, understanding and counsel of the Letter of the written word of God. This following after the Letter of the word of God is bringing death, suicide, depression, abortion, and perversities into the church on the same level as that of the world. We have forsaken the Way of Truth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ for other ways and another gospel which incorporates those things which are of men and not of God.

We have exchanged our glory, exchanged the glory of God in Jesus Christ for the glory of man. We are teaching what man can be in his own image and likeness of Christ. We accept the vicarious substitution of His Life sacrificed for us on the cross. But we forget that we were crucified in Him and that it is no longer I but Christ -that He now lives in us. We want to take His Resurrection Life -the Life of Jesus Christ, and try to live it for Him.

The gift of grace is His Life (which is in His Blood) which must be applied to our lives, as our covering and replacement. The power of the word of God is not a force or a "what" but rather a "Who." Jesus is the Word of God and He is the "power" of God. He came not only to sacrifice Himself for us on the cross but He gave us His Spirit that He might live "The Life" for us and in us. He is "The Life" and through the person of Jesus Christ, He came to hide us in Himself -that He might bring forth the power of His resurrection Life -which is the Life of Jesus Christ which He came to live for us, on our behalf.

The "victory" of the people is the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes (Rev.2:15) which thing Jesus said hates...He came to Himself "be the Victory" and the Victor on behalf of His people...the Victory "of Christ" with Jesus Himself living His Own Life in us and for us on our behalf.

Through the distortion of the truth using man's own reasoning, logic and perception (compare this with how Eve was beguiled or deceived) we have ignorantly changed not only the focus of the gospel but supplanted one gospel for another. We have done more than simply allow the focus to be shifted away from Jesus Christ onto man. We have in fact made man the empowered operative person and we have changed the work of God in Christ (grace) into the works of man by humanizing grace (i.e., our doctrines and teachings of men has made grace a work and therefore, it is no more grace.)

We have not perceived the merciful correction of our Heavenly Father in the judgments, which He has sent to turn us. And we have all but ignored His call to repent from this thing that we are doing "in His Name" -doing despite the gift of grace in opposition to that "Holy Thing" He has done in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Noah (which means "rest") found "grace in the eyes of the Lord" -go to Him and ask Him for grace, grace. grace...not grace to do...but grace to rest so He can do...through His Life which God sent His Son to live (for us) -by the Power of His Spirit THROUGH Christ in us by grace through the Faith of Christ ---not by the goodness of man, nor by our godliness -not by us living our lives by the strength of our godly convictions...not by changing our minds or the power or determination of our will to "live our lives" for Him -but rather, by Jesus Christ Himself living His own Life in us by the Power of God by His Spirit through Christ in us as we rest in Him by grace through the faith of Him. We are co-laborers together with Christ, as we -by grace through the faith of Christ, labor to enter into His rest. (cf. Heb.4:9-11)

The power of His resurrection Life is He. He Himself is the New Man in whom we rest. Not living "our lives for Him" but resting in Him who is Alive forevermore! At rest by grace through the faith of Him while He Himself (as the New Man) lives His own resurrection Life for us by His Spirit by Christ in us. The New Life is not our own life but His: the Life of Christ -not a new life we are supposed to live, but "the Life" in whom Christ calls us to rest. Compare His Life to our version of new life -which the church has taught us is man-powered by grace to enable mankind (His people) to apply ourselves to live a godly Christ-like life for Jesus.

We have ignorantly (mixed truth with error) and have turned the gospel of Jesus Christ into a false (humanistic) gospel of "man in Christ" -like a pig that returns to wallowing in the mire, we have departed from the Way of God (by grace) in Christ, by supplanting the works of God (which are by & in Christ) with the ways and doing of man.

We have joined ourselves to the harlotry (teachings) of all the false religions -humanism, man's perfecting of himself by means of a force or power. We have adopted and incorporated the false sciences of man (the paranormal, mind sciences, metaphysics,. motivational thinking, imagery, visualization, transpersonal, behavioral and applied psychology and other various psycho-social humanist methodologies of the soul which man uses to enable man to modify or control Adam's sinful nature -even adding eastern mysticism and spiritism, -and we call the end product or fruit of our labors: goodness of man or "godliness" of man (rather than the slaying of the old man, -in Christ, by Jesus Christ -in the Power of His resurrected New Life lived by Him who is the Power of God, in Spirit and in Truth -by Jesus Christ, who is Himself, our "Holiness unto the Lord")

The false teachings, doctrines of demons and commandments of men taught in the churches (as gospel truths) are not being submitted to God for the discerning of His Spirit. Instead people are making vain attempts to mentally judge truth using their knowledge of scripture. Without deferring to Jesus as our Spiritual Head it has been our folly that we have tried to analyze doctrines -without inquiring of or asking the Lord. It seems we have done everything else but humble ourselves like children and just ask the Lord Jesus Christ.

Man even takes rhema (revelation of the word) and still ends up perverting it in man's own understanding of the application of the word. False teachings are not seen for what they are because the error is mixed with the truth of God's word (just like Satan mixed his evil counsel, logic and reasoning with what God had said -in his deception of Eve.)

This process of mixing the counsel of God with the base, human carnal reasoning and logic of men is that devilish ungodly counsel of men against which the Apostles warned us. James referred to it as that wisdom which is from below, -like the dog returning to his vomit, the Churches are Laodicean: lukewarm -having half-truth & half-error ( = half hot and half cold.) It would have been better for the churches, if they were all cold (all error) because then, her false (half-truth + half error) teachings would not be so deceptive.

Those things taught by the soul or mind of man have deceived the Churches just like Eve was deceived by devilish wisdom. Jezebel's counsel contains just enough of the fire (Spirit) of God's word to make it seem true, but they are wrested truth (twisted in the mind of man by his own application of the Letter of the word.) Because it is the word of God -even when men adulterate the word of God, it remains just "hot enough" to burn the consciences or hearts of men. The word of God is like a Fire. Even when mixed with the understanding of men, the word of God will still bring forth much heartfelt desire to effect change in man's heart regarding his behavior...even godly sorrow for sin. Nevertheless leavening the Gospel with the doctrines of men, like the doctrines of the Pharisees (half-truth + half-error) leads men to a form of godliness -according to man's own understanding of the Letter of the word -which ultimately brings death.

In the process of time, before we knew what has happened many have ended up (2Peter 2:22) slopping the hogs, doing terminal kitchen duty in an eternal boot camp right alongside Martha, cumbered with much serving finding very little victory on the (2Cor.3:6) "mismanaged menu" at Martha and Mary's house.(Luke 10:38-42)

We have perceived ourselves to be so spiritually minded, it is humbling to have to admit how easily we have been netted in the snare of the fowler. Obtaining the kingdom by flattery, through the seductive lies of the Flatterer that appealed to the vanity of men who desire to be godly. (Dan.11:21)

The leadership of the churches and the people of God are too proud to admit that we have been seduced (like Eve) by the enemy -who has taught us lies through his angels of light -ministers who flatter God's people while they teach error disguised as truth (Mt.6:22) -how easily because we thought ourselves to be so spiritual and so discerning (like the adulterous, carnally minded Corinthians) in the pride of our knowledge we have become as foolish Galatians, bewitched by old slew foot's bait and switch tactics, -trying to end in the flesh what God has begun in the Spirit.

We have been ignorant of the devices of the enemy and (by not seeking God's Face) we have been tossed about by every wind of doctrine (cf. Eph.4:14 ) by false teachings and erroneous doctrines of men through which we have been beguiled, deceived by the pride of our eye, and the lust of our flesh (to be like God) the enemy seduced us to turn away from the simplicity of Christ and ourselves crucified in another gospel.

Our faith has become apostate having turned away or fallen away from the central truth of the gospel, which is: not I, but Christ...not me, by He! The doctrine of Jesus Christ and Him alone (Christ ) in us and for us as the Hope of glory with Jesus as our "Holiness"... and Jesus -as our, Righteousness ...and Jesus -as our, Peace.

God is waiting for the fruit, the Fruit of the Vine, the Fruit of Christ, in us the Hope of glory. Fruit by His Spirit (His goodness, His kindness, His Gentleness, His Meekness, His Longsuffering, His Patience. Not I, me or my anything of man, but rather All Of Him and none of us...only, that Peaceable Fruit of the Righteousness of God which is by Christ in us the Hope of glory. He Himself is the New Man who puts all things under His Feet. That is us -we are the all things under His Feet! hid by Him in Him --and not by our obedience but, by the Obedience of Christ is the Fruit for which the Husbandman waits. (Continued on next page...)