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"He is our Peace but He does not define "peace as men define peace." (cf. John 14:27)

"His Peace" is the reconciliation of man to God in Christ -specifically in the person of Jesus Christ ("in the Name of" Jesus Christ -in His Name and His Alone.) Not in the name of the who we are in Christ, -not in the name of former man (Adam) but in the Name of (i.e., in the person of) Jesus Christ, Himself - Second Man -the Lord Himself.

Salvation is in Him and of Him and by Him alone! In Him alone, -not our works for Him but the works of Jesus Himself as our, "Perfection." Jesus Himself is our "LIFE" which LIFE HE (GOD) "HIMSELF" LIVES (for us) in, through and by Jesus Christ (in us) the Lord Himself as our "All and in all" on behalf of all who receive Him!

It is our folly that we have turned away from the truth (that He came not only to give us eternal Life but to Live His Life in us and for us -as a gift of His grace.) It is really sad that we have rejected that "gift of grace" and try to "live our lives" for Him instead. We do not realize that by trying to resurrect the dead man (Adam) and to live our lives right for God, we are actually doing despite the gift of grace (cf. Heb.10:29) We are working our own dead works (and bringing ourselves back under the law) by trying to live our own lives "for God" in the name of Jesus, as if we are new "men, in Christ." We have been deceived into thinking we must do so, because of the false teachings and doctrines and commandments of men (winds of doctrines Eph.4:14) (putting forth darkness for light)

The New Life "of Christ in us, the Hope of glory" is begun by God in the Spirit worked by God by His Spirit and finished by God by His Spirit. (cf.Gal.3:1-6) God has taken our life and He has hidden it in Himself. He counts our lives as dead in Him and HE replaces us (our life) with HIS own which He Himself came to live -for us.

The Lord Himself is the "New Life" -the Life of Jesus Christ, that HE NOW LIVES for us, -but which He also graciously credits to our account, in His Name (for us.) Nevertheless it remains His Life -the Life of Christ which God sent Jesus to live for us!

God's ways, His thoughts and meanings are not as ours. We are commanded to go to Him to obtain His counsel by His Spirit through Christ, who has been made Wisdom unto us, but we have substituted the thoughts, reasoning, logical meanings, and ways of man for the Wisdom of God.

Jesus is the New Eternal "Life"(ZoŽ) and that New Life is "His life which He lives" by Christ, in us and for us. He Himself is the Life, sent by God to be lived by Him in us by His Spirit for us -by Christ in us -in whom, we ourselves are called to rest by grace through the "faith of Christ."

It is not even actually by our own faith but by the "faith of Christ." Jesus is called the Author and the Finisher of (that faith which we call) "our faith." "Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it." (KJV 1 Thes.5:24) He Himself will do it! Do what? The God of Peace will sanctify you wholly -spirit, soul and body, and preserve you blameless "in Christ"! (He saves us, hides us and preserves us in Himself, and He came to live His Life for us, in our place!) The resurrection Life of Christ is lived by His Spirit -Christ in us the Hope of glory (which we actually oppose ourselves and our rest in Him by trying to "live our lives" or a Christ-like life, for Him!)

The scripture says "the Life" is in the Blood. "Our own life" was crucified in Christ and we were buried with Him (the old thing passed away.) But God raised JESUS up! He did not raise up the old dead Adam, but Jesus Himself: God raised up Jesus Christ as the Second Man. HE HIMSELF is the New Man. JESUS "HIMSELF" is the New "Life" (in whom and by whom we are hid.) By the adoption of His Spirit we are (dust and ashes) members of HIS "New Life." By grace through the faith of Jesus Christ and the adoption of His Spirit through which we have been sealed, and by whom, we have been given the promise of the redemption of our bodies. As many as have received Him, He shall raise us (our mortal bodies, changed from mortal to immortal) "on the Last Day." (see John 6: 39, 40, 44, 54)

No sooner have we accepted the work of Christ on the cross and the gift of grace that we try to make that gift of grace into our own work. He has given His life for us, who now dwells in us, to live His Life in exchange and in place of ours. But we allow the enemy creep in unawares and to make grace "a work of our flesh" through our vain attempts to revamp, resurrect and "behavior modify" a dead Adam.

The enemy has altered the word of God in an attempt to destroy the Vision or Plan of God. God defeated Satan through the work of the Cross-and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So now Satan tries to verbally blur our vision of what it means to be in Christ. And he does so by altering our perception or vision of the Word of God, just as he did in the Garden of Eden. By placing the emphasis on our human potential Satan wants to supplant the gospel of Jesus Christ (with Him as our all and in all) onto a dead Adam -(which is really what we are in Christ.) The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about who we ourselves are or about what we are "called to be" By getting us to focus on ourselves instead of Jesus, Satan seeks to blind us to what it really means to be "in Christ" or "in the Lord"

"If any man is "in Christ" he (the old thing) is dead and he has passed away -so that if any man (Adam) is in Christ -then, he himself is passed away and his own life is now hid in the person of Jesus Christ. (Man has already been reckoned as dead "in Christ.") Since man has passed away, there is only one "LIFE" in whom and by whom, man can be hid -no other Life but that of Jesus Christ, in His (ZoŽ) New Life, -which is the Life of the Second (New) Man , which is the Lord from heaven: Jesus Christ. (cf.1Cor.15:47)

Jesus Christ is Himself (our) New Life. Contrary to the error Satan has planted, Jesus Christ does not turn His Life over to us so we can live it for Him! Satan planted that error to leaven the gospel of Christ in an attempt to corrupt the plan by distorting the Vision of Peace thereby hoping to thwart the purpose of God for the salvation of man, in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the New Man and His Life is the New Life. Jesus does not release His Life, the Life of Christ who dwells in us. Jesus does not turn that "New Life" over to us nor does He ask us to live it for Him!

God does not ask us (man) to live The Life of Jesus Christ, the Life of the New Man: the Lord Himself. The New Life, the Life of Christ is His own Life which God sent His Son to Live (for us) by Jesus Christ (which He performs for us by the Holy Spirit of God -which is the Spirit of Christ) who is Himself dwelling (in us) and who is our "Hope of glory."

Satan seeks to obscure God's vision of peace. Satan wants to destroy the "vision or plan" of God to restore man to Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. God's plan or God's Vision of Peace is not as the world gives! God defines "peace" as: the reconciliation of man to God in Christ, by Christ in us, the Hope of glory. Jesus came to accomplish "peace" (for us) in Himself to the glory of God the Father. In other words, God's plan (or vision) to "restore man to Himself" is: in the person of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory.

Christ (for as many as receive Him) He then hides (restores those) to God in Himself -in the person of and the work of Jesus, who "Himself" is our Peace. (cf.Eph.2:14)

"Jerusalem" means: the city or vision of peace. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the difference between the "Jerusalem" which is below and the "New Jerusalem" which is from above. Ask the Lord to show you what the "peace of Jerusalem" means.

The world's city or vision of peace is where all three divisions of the world's (false) religions (including the now apostate Christianity) are represented in one city. The City of God, the New Jerusalem (which will soon descend out of heaven) comes from above. Ask the Lord to show you what this scripture means: "pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee" (Ps.122:6) Remember too, that God does not define "peace" or "love" as man does; God's love is best understood if defined as a "giving up of self" on behalf of another and His "peace" is best defined as the reconciliation of man to God in Christ."

Compare John 3:16 with 1John 3:16 and then, John 15:13 We are called by Him to agree to His surrender of our lives "to Him" and in Him. The surrender of our way of thinking, the surrender of own will: to the will of the Father and the surrender of our feelings -not to be swayed from His purposes or His will by our human psyche, -not to be led by our own will or ways or desires.

We are warned not to make "grace" works -for if we make His Life, our works -then, it is no more grace. How are we to "lay down of our lives" or "achieve" the surrender of self. The answer is: by grace through the faith of Christ, -because it is fully accomplished "in Christ" (by Him) for us on our behalf. The "laying down of our lives" is worked (by Him) only "by grace through faith" (the same way we were saved!) By the grace of God through the faith of Christ -as a "gift of grace," God "works the work" for us: in and through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ (through His work which was worked by Him through His work on the cross) who now lives His Life for us by Christ in us -the Hope of glory.

Jesus is Himself the New Man who came to Live His New Life by His Spirit, which God Himself works (for us) by His Grace through Christ in us (attributing His works worked by His Spirit through Christ in us, to our account.)

In His testimony against the Churches in His Letters to the Churches, we need to ask (and be willing to see) why the Lord chose to show that He was standing outside the door of the churches knocking? Ask (and be willing to hear) why He is outside calling His own people (represented by the seven Churches) to repent. Many will not accept, will refuse to even consider His answer -because of the hardness of their hearts. Those who refuse to hear, He will answer them in judgment, -in the sounds of silence.

We have allowed the enemy to alter the word of God and to obscure God's Vision of Peace; we have also allowed him to plunder the House of God. By allowing Satan to adulterate the word of God through ungodly logic, reasoning and devilish wisdom, we have ignorantly allowed Satan to turn, twist and pervert the plan of God for the restoration of His people to Himself in His Vision of Peace which is: the reconciliation of man to God in Christ, to restore us to God (in Himself) through Christ (in us) which is God's "Vision of Peace"

By allowing Satan to shift the focus off of the word of grace (Christ in us) and onto the works (of man, for Christ) -he has supplanted the gospel. We have allowed the enemy to creep and take us captive again due to our lusts: the lust of our eyes to be like the Most High God, the lust to be wise as God. By falling to the lie in the garden, the churches have been beguiled as Eve was beguiled. She has allowed the enemy to make God's gift of grace into a grace-powered process: she has ignorantly made the gift of Grace a work of man.

By believing we are supposed to be powered by grace (instead of hidden in Him who is the Power by His grace) we have ignorantly trampled the Blood of the Son of God underfoot. The foot is figurative of: our works or our kind of godliness of man's view of holiness and of our vision of peace. We have trampled the Blood (The Life) of the Son of God underfoot through man's vain attempts to live "a Christ-like new life for God" -and our carnal interpretation and perversion of the written word of God, -according to our understanding of the Letter of the word is bringing death to the churches, desolation of our "House" and the destruction of Jerusalem...O' Jerusalem.

God will judge that Nation that has departed from Him? And if He judges those nations which have rejected Hem, will He not judge His own people who have departed from Him as well? "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the House of God: and if it will begin at us, what shall the end of them be that obey not the gospel of God" (1Pe 4:17)

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