Holy Holy Holy

The Lord is looking for our humble agreement with His testimony against us, so He might restore us by His grace according to the multitude of His mercies.

The prophetic word to the church: the call to pray, repent, seek My Face, turn from your wicked ways: tear down your idols AND the prophetic word to the nations are not just "similar" -and it behooves all of Christendom at this point in time to humble herself to earnestly & diligently inquire of the Lord as to why the prophetic word to the churches AND the prophetic word to the world is so much the same.

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat; Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Mt. 7:13, 14 KJV

There is the tendency of man to "compare ourselves among ourselves" as we sort through prophecies, separating for ourselves those which we think are "to the Church" and those which are supposedly "to the Nations" but the question of the hour to all is: "just how separate" does the Judge of All the Earth see us? You need not get out your rocks & rally to the defense of the churches, I am not against her but very much for her complete restoration. And complete restoration begins with complete honesty; it begins with not hiding ourselves from our own flesh.

Our God is a consuming fire. In the prophetic timetable all the signs of the times clearly indicate it is high time the churches quit beating around the bush and just talking "about the burning bush" -quit deceiving our own selves, and IN THE LIGHT OF WHO HE IS openly confess our harlotry before the eyes of Him with whom we all have to do, -for there is truly very little time left to do it.

Most of us are willing to admit that "the church is in the world and the world is in the church." Some are willing to admit to the presence of -more worldliness in the church, than others. (How humble of us.)

No one really minds that kind of prophetic call for cleansing, the daubing over white kind! No one gets their feathers too ruffled, as long as you keep calling it "worldliness" which is exactly how -for the past 2,000 years, the churches have made a pretense of repentance & have mocked God through what man offers God in place of humility.

For generations we have prophetically tickled one another's ears generalizing repentance with generic terms like "worldliness" in the church but God help the instantaneous martyr who touches our sacred cows; God help those who testify by His Spirit against our idolatry.

Our worst form of idolatry is the worship of the Golden Calf: the idolatry of our own stubborn minds, the reverential fear of God taught by doctrines of men in the adulterous worship & fierce obedience to only those things which we deem scriptural -to ONLY that which we ourselves approve in our own sight. Bowing our collective will to those things MAN perceives to be of God has become the sovereign god of self.

The Golden Calf is the idolatry of our own minds, the evil things (disguised as good) that we savour in the churches which are OF MEN -and NOT, OF GOD.

One might be able to get away with saying we've all "joined ourselves" to the world's harlotry "in one form or another" -just don't say the churches have deceived themselves in their own idolatry of mind & have all doctrinally joined themselves to the Great Harlot (all false religion) in one way or another.

"Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of God but whosoever shall do and teach them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Mt. 5:10-20 KJV)

"Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. What? know ye not that he which is joined to a harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh?" (1Cor.6:15-16 KJV)

"Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven. Many shall say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity." (Mt.7:21, 22 KJV)

In the prophecy of the Apostle John, in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, in the testimony of Jesus Christ which He gave by His Spirit in which THE LORD HIMSELF testified AGAINST THE CHURCHES IN HIS OWN LETTERS TO THE CHURCHES, JESUS HIMSELF REPEATEDLY SAID:

"I know thy works!" I know: all the prophesying you have done in My Name and I know: (thy faith) all the casting out of devils you have done in My Name and I know: the many wonderful works you have done in My Name, nevertheless, I have this AGAINST you...

The judgment of God will be the same to Babylon AND its' Harlotry (cf.Rev.17:5) the judgments of God will be the same to the "World Systems" and the World Church (World Religion.) Whether it is the world church with its' supposedly well-defined separation through her Christianized brand of Humanism OR whether it is the nations of the world with their supposedly "godless" secular Humanism, God sees those two as one. cf.1Cor.6:16 Mt.5:20 Mt.7:21-22

His prophetic word (Mt.10:14,15) to both is the same: Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

The world systems are a gigantic ziggurat man has erected in the Face of God; man's monument to his own self, to the name "of man" in the earth, by which man has been striving to circumvent the purposes AND the judgments of God. The world has returned to Babel; mankind is of one voice: man is vaunting his own name in the earth.

Christendom has done much more than just allow a measure of "worldliness into the church" and she knows it not but she has lost more than just some of her "saltiness." It took only a little leaven to leaven the whole lump. Just like the work of the enemy in the garden of Eden, Satan needed to add only a little error to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to humanize the Gospel and thus make it "another gospel" -the gospel of man, in Christ (instead of Christ, in us the Hope of glory.)

All the enemy of our souls needed to do was to get the woman (deceived minds, beguiled souls of men) to mix the error of man's perception into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, -whereby Satan could add just the right measure of false teaching (of man's Human potential "in Christ") in order to thoroughly leaven the whole lump -the whole Gospel with Satan's own Humanist Manifesto: to "be all that you can be." The woman (beguiled church) has mixed the leaven (error of man's perception) into all three measures of meal. The churches have been beguiled as Eve was beguiled by the SAME lie. Christendom has "another gospel" (a gospel of MAN in Christ) and each denomonation has it's doctrinal share of various false images of Jesus.

In keeping with God's appointed times and seasons, it pleased the Lord (in 1986) to once again sound the alarm in the churches and the blowing of the trumpet was heard in Zion, calling all the churches to repent. How well did she repond to that call?

In 1986 the Lord said: "the churches are all becoming one but not in Me." and also, in 1986 the Lord said: "The pastors have become as pharoah in My sight."

You can choose to be very offended in your mind of flesh -and in your own understanding of scripture, you can justify yourself in what you think and you can simply deny that is of the Lord, -OR you can choose wisdom.

You have the choice to submit your mind to the LORD and humble yourself in what-you-know-that-you-know before Him Who Alone knows all things. You can honestly and earnestly inquire of the Lord, asking Him to show you HOW it is true OR you can obey your idol (your own Mind) and continue to walk according to that which is right in your own sight!

Christendom has eyes to see and she has hears to hear but while she makes a show of seeking the Face of God, she herself selectively chooses for herself what she will hear and what she will see; she decides what kind of idols she will tear down, always sparing the Golden Calf, bowing only to that which seems right in the sight of men.

Bowing only to that which is esteemed in her own sight, worshipping her own Mind concerning the scriptures, submitting herself to the collective will of the people, she pays homage to that which is highly esteemed among men and does obeisance to the idols of men: Hinduistic false peace, non-confrontational love and harmonious unity in apostasy which she (and the world) have enshrined. In so doing, Christendom stubbornly fortifies her white-washed walls and ignorantly restrains (dams) the flood waters of restoration, as she consistently interpretes the call to pray, repent, seek His Face and turn from the wickedness of her own idolatrous ways as a generic call to repent of "worldliness."

Due to the hardeness of men's hearts, due to the hardness of the hearts of the leadership of the churches and the hardness of the hearts of His people "who love to have it so" -the churches stubbornly continue in their own ways and their own doings: every church and every man doing that which seems right in their own sight. By seeking the face and persona of men -more than the Face of God, by not turning from our wicked ways: idolatry of mind, false savoring those things which be of men (doctrines of men) and not of God, -she remains a rebellious house.

We have not humbled ourselves before the Lord to purge out the leaven of man's ways and doings: we have not cast down our idols: our own vain imaginations & lying visions of the minds of men and so, Christendom has now become the "world church." (But the the Lord knows how to deliver the Godly and He knows those who are His.)

Christendom is naked and blind and wretched and miserable, we are all leprous thieves, hypocritical liars, spiritual murderers, we have all prostituted and ignorantly adulterated the word of God in our own understanding, -we are all guilty of having joined ourselves to the harlotry of false religion. The question is: who among us is willing to agree with His Testimony against us in our ways and our doings -and repent?

The Lord is yet willing to forgive us all, to spare us in His Mercy and restore us -in spite of it all. If only we would not hide ourselves from our own harlotry, if only we would not harden our hearts and refuse to hear the truth regarding our own apostasy. If only we would NOT behave as did the unrepentant pharisees who denied His Testimony against them, who stubbornly defended their own ways & justified themselves in their own doings. If only we would humble ourselves before Him & simply agree with His Testimony against us in the Testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy!

The image of man (humanism) his own idol is standing in the temple of God proclaiming himself to be as God both in the world and in the church. The House of God (Beth-el) has become the House of Vanity & nothingness (Beth-Aven.) This is the abomination that makes desolate. The whole house is a rebellious house whose desolation and destruction is nigh!

Are we going to humble ourselves before Him? Are we going to quit worshipping the Golden Calf and tear down our idols now? -are we going to repent IN DUST AND ASHES and weep between the porch & the altar and cry out to God for mercy: spare thy people O' Lord...? OR will we wait until He smites the whole earth with a curse (Great tribulation) and grinds our idolatry to powder?

"Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same became the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes? Therefore I say unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth fruits thereof. And whosoever shall fall upon this stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder." Mt.21:42-44 KJV

Just WHAT does the CHURCH think the Lord's call to "humble our selves" and "seek His Face" and turn for "our WICKED ways" in 2Chron.7:14 is all about? (Certainly NOT what we have been doing!)

Just what do you and the churches suppose the call to return to the LORD as our First Love and the "tear down your idols" prophecy is all about? The minds of men (their own beliefs) have become idols by which His own people have departed from the LORD as their First Love!

HE IS SAYING: THE CHURCHES HAVE BECOME IDOLATROUS OF MIND, STUBBORN OF HEART. MY OWN PEOPLE HAVE DEPARTED FROM ME! MY OWN PEOPLE HAVE DEPARTED FROM ME AS THE WAY . MAN has forged his own definition of holiness and godliness of man which is not of Me! MY OWN PEOPLE HAVE DEPARTED FROM ME as their Counselor and have hewed out their own Laodicean "1/2 truths" -interpreting the scriptures for themselves in man's own understanding of the word of God! MY OWN PEOPLE HAVE DEPARTED FROM ME AS THEIR "LIFE" following the way of man, walking in their own truths with their own Christ-likeness-of man, which is actually anti-Christ!

"IN CHRIST" means it is no longer I but Christ! "IN THE LORD" MEANS "NONE OF ME" BUT ONLY HE! WHAT MAN HIMSELF THINKS HE IS CALLED TO BE "in Christ" is the LIE of the serpent which is at the heart of the apostasy of Christendom.

The Judge of all the earth is not looking to restore us through our religious or our political agendas. The government is upon His Shoulders and He is Lord of All! He is NOT looking to the institutions or kingdoms of men, all of which have been weighed by Him and have been found wanting. In the apostasy of Christendom, Catholics and Protestants are both equally apostate, as are Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, denominational and non-denominational "Christians," charismatics and non-charismatics alike!

If you believe man is called, appointed & anointed to be like Jesus, repent! If you believe man is empowered by God to be like the Most High God, i.e., like God, i.e., like Christ, i.e., like Jesus, then you are a "Christian Humanist." YOU and I are NOT called by God to be Christ-like, we are called to be slain & our life hid with God, in Christ! Part of the serpent's lie is that WE ARE the new man called to be "like Christ" -instead of man, slain & hid with God, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Himself the New Man, by whom & in whom we are counted as dead & our life, i.e., the life of Adam is hid!

Man is not now & never was called to be like God. Man is not called to re-mold, re-shape, revamp or resurrect himself (Adam) in the image & likeness of God. Man is called to repent of trying to be like God & is called to be hid, -in Him & by Him who is God!

Man is not called, nor is he empowered to be "like-Christ," -Jesus Christ is God, THERE IS NONE LIKE HIM, NOR WILL EVER THERE BE! Man is called to be slain & hid with God "in Jesus Christ" by the Power of God!

God slew Adam in Christ, but vain Adam still thinks he himself was raised up in Jesus Christ to be "like Christ." Trying to end in the flesh what God has begun in the Spirit by His Spirit, man strives to be the expression of God in the flesh, vaunting his own self in Christ, as an expression (false image) of Jesus in the earth.

Jezebel has seduced the servants of God to strive to be like God with her cunningly devised fables, teaching people vain philosophies of man salted with "credible" 1/2 truths. As a result of following men who obey not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the CHURCHES will be given over to her enemies; the people of God will suffer martyrdom for the Name of Jesus because men refused to deny self, refused to be slain in Christ and instead tried to make them selves an expression of Christ-likeness in the earth!

In the idolatry of his own mind, unrepentant in his vain pursuits, man deceives his own self by believing that God is actually honored by man's vainglorious endeavor to be like Jesus -by which man has utterly supplanted The Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are called to be slain & hid with God "in Jesus Christ" as dust and ash members of HIS Body by the power of His Spirit! Of our own selves, anything more than dust and ashes at the Feet of Him Who Alone is God is uppity dust!

Those who refuse to repent of man's vainglorious religious pursuit of God-like-ness (deification of man disguised as submission to God) who continue to vaunt them selves in what they think is their call and their anointing to become someone for Him will be brought to nothing! (cf. Isa.24:12-23)

The LORD is calling all men to repent of exalting themselves in His Name, to repent of offering Him their own images of man recreated in the image of God, to repent of offering Him the many sacrifices of their lips -all are commanded to humble themselves in heart & mind, to hear and obey His call to repent and rest in Him!

All who refuse to deny themselves are not worthy of Him. Jesus Christ is God's judgment that all of mankind's best intentions to serve God are still vanity! God did not ask you to obey Him with the understanding of your own mind or to walk according to what you thought was right in your own sight. He commands all men everywhere to repent of their own mind, of their own will and of what is right in their own sight! He commands us all to tear down our idols, humble ourselves, seek His Face for understanding by His Spirit and turn from man's humanistic (wicked) ways.

By teaching we are called to be the new man re-created in the image & likeness of God (Christianized Humanism) man has supplanted the Gospel of Jesus Christ with another gospel. This "gospel of man" in Christ is anti-Christ because it opposes the plan of God for repentance, reconciliation and restoration of man to God in the person of Jesus Christ, who is Himself the One New Man. cf.1Cor.15:47

Man is not called nor empowered to re-create himself in the image or likeness of God:"man in the image & likeness of God" is Adam, and Adam has already been judged by God: "in Adam" all die! Adam is the Death! Jesus is The Life! Adam is called to be slain and counted as dead; Adam is called of God and commanded by God to be hidden IN THE LORD by the power of God to the glory of God!

Adam (all men) are called to repent of trying to be like God, all men are called to repentance, in Christ. Man is called to surrender his life, to yield himself to God, in Christ by the power of His Spirit. All are called to repent of "the evil" -the evil is to do our own will, instead of the will of God. All men are called to humble themselves before God in the humility of Christ, submit their minds in obedience to God in the obedience of Christ, defer to the LORD in everything as LORD, submitting themselves -even man's own thoughts & feelings to God by the power of God in Christ, that GOD might fulfill all the good pleasure of His will, the will of God, in Christ.

It is the will of the Father that all men everywhere repent in Christ, by the power of His Spirit, in the person of Jesus Christ, and submit to God in all things, -not by the obedience of man in Christ, but by the obedience of Jesus Christ, on behalf of all those who are in Him!

Man is not called to walk in the image & likeness of man in Christ. Man is not called to live his own life for Christ or to try to live the Life of Jesus Christ, for Him. We are called to be slain & hid with God in Christ and are called to labor to enter into His rest! We are called to run the race of faith, to enter "by grace through the faith of Christ" into His rest, to rest "IN THE LORD" JESUS CHRIST who is HIMSELF "The Life."

We are called to be slain & hid BY HIM AND IN HIM, by the Power of God, in the person of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who is Himself God's New Man, and who is Himself, the express image of the Father! We are NOT called to be LIKE HIM, we are called to be HIDDEN in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HIM WHO IS ALIVE AND WAS DEAD AND IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE: IN JESUS CHRIST! "The first man" (us/Adam) is of the earth, earthy: the second man is THE LORD from heaven" 1Cor.15:47 KJV

Although we are all deserving of destruction (for trying to be like-Christ, in opposition to GOD and HIS CHRIST) the LORD is not willing to call us accursed even for our ignorant lack of doctrinal purity. The LORD is looking for the repentant attitude: brokenness of heart and humility of mind of the publican in the hearts of all who are called by His Name, as He stands outside the door of the churches knocking calling her to repentance of heart and mind, even as He also stands as the Judge of all the earth, at the door of the hearts of all men knocking, calling all men to repentance in Him.

It is ironic that so many in the churches claim to have "the victory" and boast about being OVERCOMERS! Men boast about how "we are" supposed to be "overcomers" but are too blind to see -you are the idol God has commanded you to overcome! and our vain imaginations are the idols, He commands the churches to teardown!

Since we say we see and claim to hear, are we going to answer His call to repentance by humbling ourselves at His Feet OR are we going to continue to hide ourselves from our own idolatry of heart and mind, as did the scribes, the Saducees and the Pharisees? who also thought that they were the expression of holiness and godliness in the flesh!

Are we going to hide ourselves from our own stubborn=idolatrous=wicked ways and be like the phairsee who stood in the temple consulting with his idol about his right ways? Are we going to continue to vaunt ourselves and who we are as the called, anointed and appointed of God (like the Pharisees did) and are we going to continue to strive to make a name for ourselves and for our religious system in the earth? Will we choose to humble ourselves and confess our harlotry OR will we choose more pharisaical denial, self-love and self-justification?

Will the churches reject His Testimony against us -which is really not against us but for us, in order to turn us? Will the churches' response to His call to repent of her apostasy be MORE self-justifying religious debate, pseudo-spiritual self-deceptive analysis and endless misinterpretation of prophecy, as we contnue to cut off the flow of living water? Or are we going to humble ourselves in His Sight and come to Him with broken, contrite hearts in response to His last call to repentance?

The man who went home justified was not the blind pharisee who deceived himself by affirming himself thinking he had all of his scriptural i's dotted and theological t's crossed. The man who went home justified was the humble "dust & ashes" publican who knew he was not worthy to exalt his eyes, who affirmed himself only as a sinner in need of God's Mercy.

"And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted." Mt.23:12 KJV

"For I would not, brethren, that ye should be igonorant concerning this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that the blindness in part happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: for this is my covenant with them, when I shall take away their sins." Rom.11:25-27 KJV

If the blindness of Israel (her own apostasy) happened in part, -so that God might have mercy upon us, that we might be grafted into the same Olive Tree, how is it that the Israel of God, even the "grafted in" elect lady (the called, chosen and anointed of God) will not consider her own blindness (deception in apostasy) has happened in part (and has even been allowed by God) that He might have Mercy upon the world?

Jesus did not accuse or condemn the woman who was caught in the physical act of adultery yet * His word says that the names of all who have departed from Him shall be written in the earth. The hidden sin (spiritual adultery & religious apostasy) of the conceited, self-justifying religious leaders (those who say they see) remained unconfessed due to their own stubbornness of mind and hardness of heart, i.e., in the idolatry of their own minds they condemned themselves.

Because of the hardness of their own hearts by which they stubbornly refused to acknowledge their own harlotry, because they said they see but would not repent and receive the Truth which He testified against them, therefore Jesus said because they say they see, their sin remains: their (hidden) sin, which they hid from their own idolatrous selves, was not forgiven them.

Will the churches now do exactly as they did? Will she stubbornly say she sees and claim she hears but continue to stubbornly deny her own harlotry? Will she repent of the hardness of her heart, will she turn and receive His Testimony against us in these "our wicked ways" and doings? Will the people of God repent of the idolatry of our own minds and stubbornness of our own wills? Will Christendom humble herself in true repentance and acknowledge her apostasy? Or will she (like Jerusalem which was given over to her enemies) wait until she too is forcibly humbled at the hands of her enemies?

(* cf. John 8:3-11 Jer.17:13 Jer. 2:13 Mt. 16:12 Mt. 23:26-38)

The pharisees condemned the *woman who was physically adulterous to her husband while they themselves hardened their own hearts and were unrepentant in their own spiritual adulteration of God's word. The pharisees were convinced of their own righteousness and of their own doctrinal purity. Although they had eyes to see and ears to hear, they (like the Church) heard only what they wanted to hear and saw only what they wanted to see in the mirror of God's word.

The pharisees were more than willing to see and condem the sins of the people (of the world) and they were ready to condem the woman whom they caught in the act of adultery, but they themselves remained willfully blind and were hypocritically unrepentant towards God, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their own spiritual harlotry against God as their Husband in their own adulteration of God's word.

Their unconfessed spiritual harlotry was worse than the woman's act of adultery. The hypocritical pharisees had departed from Him as their First Love: they had departed from the Lord Himself as their Counselor in their own idolatrous interpretation of the word of God; they (just like the Church) had departed from the LORD as the Fountain of Living Waters and had long since hewd themselves out broken cisterns that could hold no water.

(* cf. John 8:3-11 Jer.17:13 Jer. 2:13 Mt. 16:12)

The unconfessed hidden sin (religious apostasy) of the proud unrepentant pharisees (who deceived themselves and those who followed them) remained, because they saw their own ways as right in their own sight. *The stiffnecked pharisees condemned the occult worship, rebellion and idolatry among the pagan Romans (the ungodly sinners) while in the stubbornness of their own minds (which is as idolatry) they deliberately closed their ears and refused to receive (hear) the Truth concerning their own wicked ways & doings -willfully hiding themselves from their sin, they closed the eyes of their understanding & refused to see their own rebellion which is as the sin of witchcraft; which is EXACTLY what the CHURCHES are doing!

*Hiding themselves from their own spiritual wickedness =hiding themselves from their own flesh was worse in the LORD's sight than the sins in the flesh of the woman of the world whose sins were openly seen of men. The clarion call to us all is to repent, seek His Face, tear down your idols: our stubbornness of mind & hardness of heart, tear down the white-washed walls, turn our minds & hearts, stop hiding from our own flesh, acknowledge our harlotry, repent of twisting His call to repentance to suit our own political & religious agendas and quit blocking the flow of Living waters that would bring complete restoration and rest to a most rebellious house, before she becomes a Most Desolate House given over to the Day of Slaughter.

(*cf. 1Cor.6:16 Luke 13:3 Is.58:7 2Chron.7:14 John 8:3-11 Jer.17:13 Jer.2:13 Mt.16:12 Rom.11:25-27 Mt.21:42-44 Mt.7:21,22 & Book of Rev.)

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