Thine is the Kingdom...but the Power, and the Glory are...?


Thine is the Kingdom...but the Power, and the Glory are...?

Men are now taught in Christendom that if we perform the necessary mental and verbal spiritual gymnastics and if we are diligent, (empowered of course -by our knowledge of the word and by grace) -if we work very hard at exercising our faith, then "we can be" like the Most High God! aka: Humanism. People are not seeking His Face as much as they are His hands...people want what works! Few are seeking the kingdom of God: the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Righteousness that is OF HIM. Multitudes are however seeking to fill their bellies: hungering for "signs and wonders." The goal of this other gospel has become the escape from pain and suffering -physically, emotionally, economically etc. and many succeed --but have they counted the cost?

Men are now taught enlightenment and empowerment of the self {of "I, me, myself"} and how to tap into the power of our god-like mind, use the determination {power} of our god-like will, by the power of our use of scripture: producing man-ifest-ations by means of the words of our mouths, by means of that which we have projected mentally and/or declared verbally (which is plain old witchcraft) is taught that he can be like "like Jesus" (like God) -and do the works of God --NOT BY CHRIST instead of us but we/ourselves because He EMPOWERS US!

A demonically inspired form of "Christianized Humanism" is being cloaked with hype, wrapped in Bible terminology, cleverly disguised and enthusiastically presented as the gospel of Jesus is catching on like wild-fire (false fire from heaven) and is becoming increasingly more and more popular --not because it is the Truth, but simply because it gives man the tangible results that he has always wanted: because "he can do it" and he sees results, --he falls for it because it sounds right to him, it is what he has always wanted --and most important to him, it really works!

The Lord Himself warned a certain "evangelist" to preach "THE GOSPEL" in a telling vision that the Lord gave to him of a man (which he knew represented himself, which he was shown in an open vision) --he was burning with flames of fire in horribleanguish gnashing his teeth -and the Lord spoke to this man (who is preaching "another gospel") and three times warned him (woe, woe, woe unto him) if he did not preach THE GOSPEL.

Of course, the understanding of that vision (as a warning to repent) will no doubt differ in that man's own interpretation.

Unfortunately, many idolize the man and hunger for his kind of ministry and have "been blessed" (given what they wanted) that they would be incensed at even the suggestion that he is anything but a worker of miracles and herald of the truth (or is that "angel of Light"?) God is his Judge. The question is not concerning the man, his motives or his intent -he really believes he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But however sincere he may be, the question is about the fruit of the tree: to whom and to what does the message point? what we can have if we "only believe," who "we are" and what we can be, or to Jesus Christ and who HE IS!?

No matter how admirable the motives or how tangible the benefits received or even how "needful" the results in human matter how sincere, no matter how esteemed among men (man esteems man) his message is an abomination to God. Ten years ago, I was shown many things concerning ministries like his, and the Lord said (concerning this man and his ministry) that there would arise nine more like him, more powerful than he (-not in terms of monetary wealth, but in powers of deception -in the things which they TEACH. One of those nine (powerful men) teaches in a house made of glass...corrupting the minds of men amassing huge followings...kings in spiritual kingdoms ruling by flattery, powers of persuasion and merchandising the souls of men.

The heavenlies are "the places of spiritual authority." Michael the Archangel wages war against wickedness in heavenly places, even in the churches -where there is much wickedness in places of spiritual authority! The archangel Michael is God's agent whose purpose is to war against ALL who say they are/or who say they can be "like God." Michael the Archangel does battle against Satan --you do remember him, don't you ---he's the one who was THROWN OUT of heaven because he purposed in himself "to be like the Most High God."

Michael's very name MEANS "who is LIKE God!" In His Word, the Lord Himself has repeatedly declared: "I am the LORD, I am God -there is NONE like unto Me, nor will ever there be."

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