An Unction beyond Knowledge


An Unction beyond Knowledge

One of the greatest errors, our greatest folly in the churches today is that we have been led to believe that we (with our thimbleful of spiritual knowledge) can "discern" the Spirit of Truth from a spirit of Error by what-we-know in/of the word of God --in the conceit of the knowledge that we have gained, we try to weigh and measure (remember, the ephah and "wickedness" -weighing and measuring by the minds of men) things which can only be spiritually discerned by the Spirit of God. By doing what we do with our knowledge of the written word, we more often than not fail to ASK HIM (inquire of Him) who is HIMSELF the Living Word.

As a result of our folly, many believers have been deceived (in the vanity of our minds) by seducing spirits which beguile us (as Eve was beguiled) with twisted truth according to knowledge "about the written word"...taking advantage of the fact that we have come to think of and see ourselves as wise (even wise, like God) with our puny knowledge & our limited understanding of His word -many are fully convinced that the only-way-we-can-know "truth from error" is by our knowledge concerning God's written word -and we are even taught to call THAT PROCESS "spiritual discernment" which is exactly what Eve was made to think that she was doing!

Eve did NOT seek God's face, she did not INQUIRE OF THE LORD...AND SHE DID NOT defer to Him for His Counsel by His Spirit, so that HE/Christ could act on her behalf as Her Spiritual Head: she did not seek God asking Him for counsel by His Spirit "about what God had said" -and if she had sought the Lord, He would have uncovered the LIE for her by His Spirit and He would have foiled the devices of the enemy against her, -seeking THE LORD is what spiritual discernment really is!

Seek the Lord (while He may be found) ask, inquire of Him! Don't seek after knowledge itself: neither knowledge of good or knowledge of evil but seek the Face of HIM who is perfect in Knowledge and in Wisdom, i.e., seek the Knowledge OF GOD which is in the Face of Jesus Christ (which is not obtained by powers of reason, nor by human intellect, nor by our powers of perception, nor by the power of our will...) but rather by asking Jesus to Himself "be knowledge" for you, by the Spirit of the Knowledge of God in the revelation of: "Jesus Christ."

Most of what is taught in the churches concerning the "Word of God" is what men say the word of God is. Jesus asked a revealing question about how men interpret and try to discern the things of the Spirit for themselves when He asked them "whom do men say I am." In the context, Jesus was trying to teach His disciples (and us) about how the word of God is leavened by the doctrines of men --He warned them about the leaven of the Pharisees: some wise and learned men say...others debate the Truth and say...and some of this denominational persuasion say...but then JESUS asked His disciples: whom do ye say that "I AM"? and by a Sovereign act of God's grace the "knowledge of Jesus Christ" was given by revelation by the Spirit of Truth directly from the Father to Peter, who then declared: "THOU art the Christ, the Son of the Living God..."

When Jesus saw that the Father had blessed Peter with a revelation of Him by the Spirit of God (the very Spirit of Truth) -then Jesus declared: Blessed are thou, Simon (hearing) bar (born of) Jona (a Dove) for flesh and blood (learning/knowledge/and perception OF MAN) hath NOT REVEALED it unto thee, but My Father in Heaven. The Knowledge of God -which is: in the revelation of Jesus Christ is by GRACE... GRACE and TRUTH came by JESUS CHRIST revealed by the Spirit of the Father in "the revelation of Jesus Christ" who HIMSELF is the Living Word.

The LORD will reveal Himself in His written word, if we ask Him to grant us repentance from making idols out of what "men say it means" -the Pharisees could not hear Him because of what-they-knew-that-they-knew and so it is still today with religious men who stubbornly reject the Truth by the Spirit in favor of the counsel of their own minds in their own understanding of the word of God.

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