(An exhortation to repentance and rest.)

An Open Letter to ALL the Churches

"Two Men" "Two Women"
"Two Gospels"  "Two Houses"

"The mystery" of the gospel: "Christ"(in us) "The Hope of glory"

Before you begin reading this, please pause (in a spirit of meekness as one having a teachable spirit) and ask the Father to give Understanding by His Spirit through Jesus Christ, in and for you on your behalf. Then as you read, ask the Lord to keep you from submitting these things to your own understanding, but by His grace to defer to Him instead. (Prov. 2:3 lift up thy voice for understanding; Prov. 3:5-8 Ps. 119:73, 125, 144) as it is written: "He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding." (Prov.15:32)

There are concurrently TWO different GOSPELS preached within "Christendom" in these last days. There is the gospel "of Jesus Christ" which is: "The Gospel of grace and peace" and there is "another gospel" which is a gospel of man's u-s-e of faith and of his personal transformation "of self" by the empowerment of man which is:"Christianized Humanism."

The people of God have ignorantly partaken "of the table and the cup of the Lord" and "of the table and the cup of devils" by embracing vain philosophies of men (humanism) and the false "sciences of man" sociology, anthropology, psychology etc. which are insidiously evil in that they are disguised as good and taught as truth but are in fact, gross error and extremely evil.

It is humbling to have to acknowledge that we as human beings -in spite of all we think we know -are not Omniscient as God. It is humbling to have to acknowledge that we are but mere men -and as such, we are yet vulnerable to deception. It may turn out that "deception" has become God's antidote (turning evil to good) to the pride of man (both the saved and the unsaved) -we will either turn back to Him because of what our self-deception does to us -as we reap the fruit of it, -or we will vaunt ourselves even to our own destruction..

So deceptive are these philosophies of men and these falsely so-called sciences that they have been widely accepted and freely incorporated into our teachings ("a modern gospel") and into our thought processes so much so that they have become an integral part of our very lives. These philosophies of men and man's "false sciences" appeal quite naturally to human perception: to our intellect: to man's powers of reason and logic and thus, more often than not, they are wholeheartedly embraced
even by those who consider themselves to be the most discerning of believers.

Obtaining the kingdom and corrupting by flatteries

Such is the snare of the fowler, Satan has selected those things which he knows very well will appeal most to the vanity of the human psyche -then he flatters and seduces the minds of unwary men using man's own so-called wisdom: his learning and his "higher knowledge."

So successful has Satan been in his "seduction of Christianity" that the "gospel of Jesus Christ" has been thoroughly upstaged by the "gospel of man": this gospel of man is a nasty conglomeration of rather appealing self-help methodologies that emphasize and encourage: self-awareness (formerly known as self-centeredness) and the esteeming of one's own "self" (formerly known as self-conceit) and the developing of one's own self-image (formerly known as vanity) leading to the inevitable goals of self-realization (formerly known as pride) and self-glorification (formerly known as: self-deification) and self-gratification (formerly known as self-indulgence, carnality, materialism and lust.)

Consider the fact that the Lord's definition/and His example of "love" is not merely an emotion but it means to give up one's self (even as He laid down His own life for us) and His command to us is that we are to present our SELVES (lives) as a "living sacrifice" to Him, to surrender, deny, and lay down "self." Compare John 3:16 with 1 John 3:16 -the "laying down of our lives" to HIM is: the denial of our own mind/our own way of thinking and human reasonings (in submission to His) -which He has every right to require because the surmisings of the natural mind (self) are enmity against the things of the Spirit.

The "laying down of our lives" (aka: "self") is also the denial of our own will (in submission to the Will of the Father, just as Jesus came not to do "His own will but the Father's") The denying of "self" also includes the submission of our own emotions (through Him and to Him) in that we do not walk by/are not to be led by our carnal desires, or lusts and are not to be led by our emotions/our feelings either but rather are required to submit them (by grace/through Christ, in us) to Him (which is what "our obedience" in and through the "obedience of Christ" in us is all about/it is the obedience of Christ which God works for us (through Christ in us) which is what His "Lordship" is all about! When was the last time you heard a sermon preached based upon this scripture: "And why call ye Me, LORD, LORD, and do not the things which I SAY?" (Luke 6:46 emphasis added)

Understanding the nature and tendencies of man, it is no wonder Jesus told us: Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that go in thereat but narrow is The Way that leads to Life, and few there be that find it. Willingly taking up the cross and denying "self" (not self-denial but denying the "self": --denying our own mind as our god, surrendering of our will to the will of the Father and refusing to be led in the flesh by our feelings and our emotions) and the practice of humility (bowing of our mind, our will and emotions -deferring to Him in everything) even refusing to exalt ourselves and instead esteeming others more highly than ourselves (all that used to be the basic tenets of Christian faith) are now viewed as: personality disorders of religious fanatics, regarded as pious asceticism or the self-abasing antics of misguided impoverished souls who are suffering from some kind of an identity crisis.

In today's widely accepted "humanistic gospel" (taught in the churches) -biblically sound essential concepts of humility and denial of self are not overtly but instead are indirectly repudiated and summarily replaced by man's own self-centered and contradictory philosophies. In today's "more practical gospel" man has re-written the gospel for himself by means of re-defining its terms and giving new supposedly "more relative" meaning to scripture: seeing no need of self abasement or denial of self, man's "own gospel" now portrays himself as having fallen victim to (what is in reality a form of inverse pride, which man has cleverly re-defined as) low self-esteem, low self-worth and a poor self image. 

In a clever reversal of the command to humble self, man now uses the man-made doctrines of psychology to justify himself in man's blatant solicitation of ego pumping positive strokes and self-justification of him "self" in pursing whatever seems right, or feels good and "seems positive" to supposedly edify one's "self" even through unabashed flattery. The primary tenets of the "politically correct" but biblically damnable "gospel of self" are summed up in the humanist motto: "be all that you can be" -we are now taught that you just need to know who you are, have faith in yourself and believe in the God, -who believes in you!

The false gospel now combines these corrupt demonically inspired psycho-social-behavioral "oppositions of science" (falsely so-called sciences) with mind-science theology which has been disguised as biblically sound doctrine taught under various deceptive misnomers as: the "word of Faith" and/or "positive faith" and/or "possibility thinking," -even as a seemingly solid "biblically-fundamental" and very popular practice of : standing on "selective promises" until we get what we were "believing God for" -all of which in fact, fosters idolatrous self-sovereignty while we are told is it is just: "exercising our faith."

ADD TO THIS DECEPTION even more IDOLATROUS WAYS: the fact that for generations pastors, popes, ministers, priests and rabbis alike have taught us doctrines and teachings and commandments of men from man's understanding of scripture. Regardless of how well intentioned, self-sacrificing and/or noble the men, men have for generations been following doctrines of men, who have been following-men-who-follow still more men -to the point that the men who teach us and the very doctrines (beliefs) we choose to adhere to have themselves become our idols (which we will vehemently defend as though they were "gospel truth" simply because men used "scripture" to teach them and because many of these things do "get results.")

We do obeisance to men, to their ministries and we venerate their teachings -so much that we tie our identity to these men AND to their teachings...(one says I am of Paul, another says he is of Apollos etc...) to the extent that the churches have become high places of false worship where we follow after gods whom we know not: that which has been born of the mind of man has subverted the counsel of God by His Spirit to the extent that The Mind of Man has literally become our god by which we accept or reject whatever seems right in our sight according to the teachings, doctrines and commandments of men.

And as we have turned further and further from God, to follow men, their ministries and their teachings, -what has served to reinforce us in our idolatry is the fact that "our teachers" (not just popes but priests, pastors -our educators and teachers have become "spiritual gurus" who rule over the flock of God according to their own knowledge and understanding of scripture; and they) encourage us (to do exactly as they do and to follow them in their error) to follow the counsel of our own minds according to our own understanding of scripture. 

Meanwhile, the Truth of God's "word" is leavened with gross error (stemming from the fact that -in our ways and our doings, we have left Jesus Himself, outside the door of our hearts, minds and churches: the Spirit of the Word of God has been left by the wayside. In fact, in the Book of the revelation of Jesus Christ, in the Letters which HE HIMSELF sent by His Spirit TO THE CHURCHES, He tells us that He stands outside the door of the churches knocking: He knocks as the written word has been thoroughly perverted in its meaning by many generations of men who have hallowed the practice of mixing
"what God hath said" with man's own ungodly logic and ungodly reasoning.

A Little Leaven, leaveneth the Whole Lump

From one generation to the next line-upon-line of false teachings -based upon cleverly twisted doctrines are reinforced and perpetuated --until they have become "etched in the stony hearts of His people" by means of instructing people to go "to the Bible" and "see for themselves." At face value "to look in the Bible to see for yourself" may seem like the best way to "know truth from error" but it completely ignores the fact that anyone (including Satan himself) can "use scripture" to support almost anything you want people to believe. And while people are busy seeing "for themselves" and are industriously "searching the word" according to the understanding man has given them, week after week, year after year God's people are stuffed to the gills with what seems to the eyes and ears of men to be "biblically sound doctrine" and so, man continues in his folly -and the LORD continues to call THE CHURCHES TO REPENT: because we have departed from the Truth in our apostacy and He bids us all to return to HIM in Spirit and in Truth! (to return to Jesus Christ: to be "pent up"-hid in God in Christ.)

Meanwhile, men build institutions of higher learning (dung) so that men can teach men how to teach and what to preach... seminaries churn out multitudes "who went but were never SENT BY GOD with what they went with" filling the missionary field with armchair analysts and singing shrinks, an army of virtual dung beetles -who wrest (turn and twist the meaning of) God's written word and harden the people's hearts against the Truth by His Spirit (while HE stands outside knocking...)

The flock of God is force fed trampled down fodder and given muddy waters to drink by those who leaven the Truth of God's word with a woman's touch --which is men adding their own ungodly counsel via the mind/souls of men. It is the perverse counsel of the serpent to the mind of man: from Eve to Dame Folly, from Jezebel to The Mother of Harlots --the counsel of the mind of man mixed with reason and logic concerning what God hath said and thoroughly leavened with the lie -that focuses on man and what he thinks he can be, -is wickedness: "I suffer not a woman to teach." 

This vanity fare and the folly it births is hallowed in the hearts of God's people since they believe what they are told (having a pulpit mentality) God's people believe that the instruction they are given is "scriptural guidance" because they are told that it comes from the word of God (which is a 1/2 truth) and then we are to "go to the word" to hear from God and to get confirmation from "the Bible" (another 1/2 truth) concerning whatever we hear -but very few (if any) have noticed the subtle shift in focus that has taken place. God's people are not being directed to the Lord, they are being directed "to the word" (to scripture itself) -not to the Lord Himself, who is the Living Word -but to the Bible itself. And more correctly stated: God's people are being directed to man's understanding of scripture both to lead and to confirm what they teach. (The perfect formula for folly.) His people should be directed TO THE LORD and taught "to go to Him" and to "ask Him" who is th Living Word to take us to His written word and by His grace reveal HIMSELF not only as as: The Way, but also as The Truth and The Life.

Once we've been directed "to the word" we are then taught how to become the "Judges and Discerners" of what is or is not truth: and to affirm or reject whatsoever is or is not right in our sight -according to what we see "in the Bible." After that pattern is established, we are taught how to "use the word" for empowerment to enable or equip us (another 1/2 truth) so that we can "know for ourselves what is truth and what is error" -as though our understanding of the letter of the written word of God IS THE SAME AS seeking the "Counsel of Him" by Him who is: The Fountain of Living Water: who is HIMSELF the "Living Word." Add these things together with the natural tendency of man to follow whatever seems right in his own sight according to the counsel of his own mind and man becomes "unteachable" in what-he-knows-that-he-knows-that-he-knows. You then have the perfect recipe for the "apostasy of Christianity" with it's bastard child: "Christianized Humanism."  

Woman/the Soul/the Mind Beguiled

It is no wonder why (considering the nature of man, and the conceit of knowledge) it is written: "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know." (1 Cor.8:2) Man knows nothing -as he ought to know. 
Jesus Christ is the only Man, who does.

The true Gospel of grace and peace is the gospel "of Jesus Christ." Also known as the gospel "OF CHRIST," the true gospel teaches that salvation (and the "works which do follow" saving faith) are both entirely accomplished "by Him in Himself" which means through Him and in Him and by Him by the faith OF JESUS . Not by our own faith but by the faith that is "OF HIM" -i.e., by the faith OF JESUS -by faith which is worked in and for us -but which is of, by, through and in Him alone (Gal 2:16, Gal. 2:20, 3:22 Eph.3:12) being fully accomplished by the Lord "by Him in Himself."

ALL OF HIM and none "of us" lest any "man" should boast! (Is that plain, or what?) THAT is the simplicity that is "in Christ"--away from which the serpent (just as he beguiled Eve) has beguiled the Church through his subtlety and has corrupted the minds of the people of God and the men who lead (and teach) them -to follow "another Jesus" and teach another "gospel" (2 Cor.11:3, 4) Men deceived in the understanding of their own minds by the conceit of what man thinks is right in his own sight, -is the folly of man, -led not of the Spirit but according to his own soul/represented by the woman -who usurps the authority of the Spirit, and becomes deceived/the beguiled minds of mankind.

The churches have thus become as the foolish Galatians, bewitched and thoroughly beguiled in the flesh and are calling it, led of the Spirit. In the flesh, OPPOSING that which was "worked in Christ" for us, being led of our own minds, i.e., carnality of the mind can be manifested materialistically -and that is fairly easy to recognize, but there are those who perceive/think themselves to be spiritual that are just as intellectually beguiled and carnal in their understanding (in spite of the fact that they know every dot and tittle of the written word which they can quote backward and forward) and still others manifest the carnality of their minds -piously, through asceticism. It is difficult for the human mind (soul) to accept that it is Jesus, only Jesus Christ, Him alone -and not, I.

CONTRARY TO WHAT IS CURRENTLY TAUGHT "GRACE" does not mean that "we" gain personal empowerment of self but rather grace means: not us, not our works, -not even works of our faith but by the faith: OF THE SON OF God (Gal.2:20 Old K.J.V.) --faith which is of and through Him, by and in Him who Himself is the Author of "our faith" which GOD Himself works THROUGH JESUS CHRIST in us by the work of His Son (by Him, through Him and in Him) who is Himself also the Finisher of that faith which we call "our faith."

Our faith and our works are supposed to be understood to mean that it is not ours but HIS (but referred to as "ours" because they are HIS, in us and for us, BY CHRIST -in us.) Not works "of our faith" but rather God's "WORKS BY CHRIST" (in us) BY THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST (for us) referred to as our faith in the written word --which is the faith of those who are dead and hid "IN CHRIST" (not theirs, but His! Not I, but Christ!) THAT is what "in Christ" "in the Lord" and "in Him" means! The same THING is true concerning "works" -not ours, but His.

A Work of Great Grace

At the time the Gospel Of GRACE was written and first taught by those who penned it, it was understood that our faith meant the faith "OF HIM" (in fact the Apostle Paul specifically states it as such repeatedly -look for example at the sheer number of times Paul said so in the Book of Galatians alone!) When we read in the Book of Hebrews at what many like to call the "hall of faith" -we must NOT forget that the One who "cut the covenant" on our behalf was Jesus Christ! HE HIMSELF cut the covenant with God/for us on our behalf -while "Abraham slept." Even the "faith of Abraham" was the "faith of Christ" (given as a Sovereign "gift of grace" bestowed by the Father upon Abraham according to His purposes/as it pleased the Father) and no one comes to Jesus Christ except the Father draw him -and that by His grace: for by "grace through faith" are we saved.

Clearly "our faith" is the faith "of Him" i.e., the "faith OF Christ" by grace in us and for us and was not intended to mean faith "of or by us" -and since it was written with that apostolic understanding of the mystery of Christ, in us -it should also be taught with that SAME understanding: true faith toward God is faith in God which is from God -which He works "for us" on our behalf "by Christ" in us, and THAT not (neither the "faith nor the grace" is) of OURSELVES lest any "man" should boast...ALL of Him and NONE of us. Understanding this, it should be clear that the same is also true concerning all of what is referred to in scripture as "our works" ("nevertheless not mine, but His! -which GOD works for us by Christ in us.)

Remember IN CHRIST MEANS: we are already counted as dead and hidden in Him! HOW MUCH can a "dead man" do -and/or HOW MUCH "faith" can a "dead man" have? (cf. Gal.2:20) -and if "we are dead" and "our life is hidden in Him," HOW MUCH condemnation can a "dead man" have? (NONE!) "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are "IN CHRIST JESUS" who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Walking after the Spirit means "resting" by grace, and by grace means that it is through faith of Christ which God works for us by/in and through Christ in us. The Lord (through Paul) is saying that there is no condemnation to us, if we (R.I.P.) are "dead and hid" in Christ (not walking after the manner of men, in the flesh - in faith and/or works that are in and of the flesh! cf. Rom.8:1 :- )

Since the days in which the New Testament was penned, a slow insidious shift in focus has occurred which has crept in unaware. And with that "shift in focus" has come a perversion of the truth: what was once "understood to be" the Faith of Christ and the Works of Christ has now in "another gospel" become the gospel of man's faith as a power instead of a person, the LORD JESUS CHRIST! We are now taught that faith and grace are POWERS by which we say that God enables us! We are told how to use and build and strengthen "our faith" empowered by grace -until our gifts (powers) are fully developed so that WE CAN come into maturity as sons of God and achieve the fullness of our Christ-like potential. (The god of forces.) All "the faith" HE Himself told His own disciples "we" need is: the mustard "seed of His faith" which HE WORKS for us!

Variations of this "other gospel" have been developed through teachings based upon still more twisted Bible verses -which many deceived men (themselves ignorant of the Truth) have utilized to convince man that we (ourselves -because we are believers) have now been given personal use of God's faith (instructing us to claim the use of the "faith of Christ") by which we (ourselves) "by grace" are supernaturally enabled and receive personal empowerment to "work the works" of God, for Him by our use of the POWER of faith + the POWER of His grace. Although it may sound like the truth: IS THE GOSPEL really about a God-powered Adam? Isn't it really not about us, but about Christ in us/for us/instead of us!  

Behold, I do a New Thing (now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it?)

And the angel said unto Mary: "...that HOLY THING which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God..." Adam is the Old Thing. IN CHRIST behold: the LORD HIMSELF does a "New Thing." (cf. Isiah 43 + 2Cor.5:17) The "old dead things" (we/Adam) are "passed away" and IN CHRIST all things become new. ASK THE LORD HOW "all things become new"! JESUS IS THE "NEW THING" that GOD has done! JESUS HIMSELF IS THE "NEW MAN." HE IS THE SECOND ADAM in and by whom we are counted as dead and our life hid in Him and by Him. We (dead Adam) are to "PUT ON CHRIST" and be clothed with Him, as our covering, as our Righteousness, as our Holiness, as our justification, as our redemption etc...as our all, and in all -on behalf of all, who receive Him!

The subtle shift that has taken place in the "other gospel" is that the focus (on Jesus Christ) has been shifted to put the emphasis on us, (to what we are and who we are in Christ) -so that we (and not the Lord Jesus Christ alone) have ourselves become the empowered "operative person" who now has "God's power" for us to use! Although the scripture does say that "ye shall be endued with power from on High after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" ...have you ever asked THE LORD what HE MEANT when HE SAID:" ye shall be endued with p-o-w-e-r from on High"? God does not think as we think, and His ways and His words -are not as ours are. So, how is it that we presume to know what HE MEANT unless we ASK HIM?

The Spirit of Jesus Christ, God's Spirit is the Holy Spirit. After the Holy Ghost is come upon us, Christ HE HIMSELF (in us and for us) is the power. Not us empowered by Him but JESUS HIMSELF is the power, who (by His Spirit) comes to dwell in us! In the vanity of man's pursuit of p-o-w-e-r, we have conveniently forgotten that the "power of God" is not a force - that "Holy Thing" that God has worked IN CHRIST by His birth (and through the work of His death and resurrection) is not a force but a WHO! Jesus Christ is the "Word of God" and "HE" HIMSELF is the "power of God."

When we say there is POWER "in the Name of" Jesus, we must remember that Jesus Christ is the power of His Name. But this does not mean "a power" as we in our natural understanding tend to think of power. HE HIMSELF IS THE POWER of HIS NAME: NOT A FORCE, but the very person of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. HIS NAME is WHO HE IS and "IN MY NAME" or "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" means: "THE PERSON OF" Jesus Christ! (HE HIMSELF is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe, adhere to and give themselves up to HIM!) Think in terms of "not a what" but "a Who"! Not "a power" but HE HIMSELF! The same is true regarding the "power in the Blood." HE HIMSELF SAID: "I AM the Life" and the Life is "in the Blood" HE HIMSELF is the "power in the Blood" -which is the Life of "Jesus Christ" who's own "Life" is His gift to us in the place of/by replacement of His Life for our own (selah.)

HIM standing in our place (as our "ALL" on behalf of all who will receive Him) as our "replacement" -not only to be hidden in Him but replaced by Him (abiding in Him & HIM in us: as our new "Life") -not just taking our place "once upon a Cross."

The true gospel of grace and peace teaches that we are counted as dead and "our own lives" are not e-m-p-o-w-e-r-e-d! We ourselves are reckoned as dead and HIDDEN IN GOD IN CHRIST. Far from us being personally empowered, we/ourselves/the first Adam have been "crucified with and in Christ." The LORD HIMSELF who is Himself the Second Adam has (by the work of Christ on the cross) taken the old man/us/Adam and has made him a kind of burnt offering unto God: he has reduced us unto "dust and ashes" (dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.) 

IN CHRIST, God has REPLACED US by and with and in CHRIST who is the NEW MAN (in and by whom we are dead and our life is hid!) JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF (The Second Adam) is the one "New Man" who alone is called Faithful and True. Every other man is a liar. If we are not to be ashamed at His coming, then we must be counted as dead and hid in Him. 
In order to be counted as "faithful" we/Adam must be dead "in Him" and replaced "by Him." The Second Man is the LORD "HIMSELF" (1Cor.15:45-47) HE IS the NEW MAN who stands "in place of" (and "works the works for") the first man/for and instead of fallen Adam! (not I, but Christ!)

Jesus Christ (by His work on the cross) has slain the old "man" and hidden him IN HIMSELF -and God hath raised up Jesus Christ in our place and HE has HIMSELF become the "NEW Life" which (if we are "dead and hid" in Him) now count
HIM as our new "Life" !  

The Only Begotten Son

BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD God purposed IN CHRIST to "crucify us" (the first man) and by our death "in Christ" on the cross to "hide man" in Himself -for to make IN HIMSELF of twain ONE New Man (i.e., the LORD HIMSELF) that HE might reconcile both unto God "in one body" by the cross. The gospel of grace declares "we are made new" in the sense that we are to "put on THAT New Man" whom GOD raised up which is the LORD JESUS CHRIST/which GOD calls the "New Creature" -not "earthy" or "of the earth" like unto the First Adam, CHRIST is raised the SPIRITUAL "New Man" -in whom "we + our life" are dead and hid.

God has One Only Begotten Son, (John 1:18) "in whom" it has pleased Him by His grace to accept (HIDE in Himself) many "sons by adoption" only by and through "faith in Him" by the faith which is OF HIM and BY HIM, -which is His GIFT to us, in the person of Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father.

"IN MY NAME" means "IN THE PERSON OF" (AND BY) JESUS CHRIST! Only as "dead men who are hidden in Christ" are we counted "as sons of God" --not by our works, merit or performance, but BY ADOPTION ONLY. (Not by virtue of who we are, but who He is and what HE has done.) Instead of vaunting OURSELVES "as sons of God" we ought to be on our faces with the same attitude as Paul (who considered himself to be the chiefest of sinners, without merit or position in and of himself.) We ought to stop displaying/flaunting ourselves "as sons of God" (something JESUS never did in the flesh) and start acknowledging that we are in reality only "dust & ash" members of His body that HE HAS graciously condescended to "hide in" HIMSELF...humbling ourselves at His Feet acknowledging that HE is the only "MAN" worthy to stand before God.

I am the LORD, I am God, I change not...therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed...we are "sons of Jacob" twisting, turning and supplanting even the things of God, and only because of His Mercy and His Grace -by the blood of Jesus -we are not destroyed when we come before God. The "LIFE" is IN THE BLOOD --"claiming the POWER of the Blood of Jesus" is to claim JESUS as our LIFE who HIMSELF now stands IN OUR PLACE "for us" (before the Father) with us hidden in Himself who has become our shield, HE Himself stands for us as "our" HOLINESS and as "our" perfection before a Holy God who demands that we be Holy as He is Holy and Perfect as our heavenly Father is Perfect...JESUS stand "for us" (with us hidden in Himself) as "our" righteousness, and as "our" only justification and as "our" salvation "saved and justified" by the faith of Him and He now stands as "our" sanctification...as our all, in all on behalf of all, who receive Him.
"Dead and hidden" in Him, means: NO FLESH will glory in His presence!    

"All hail THE POWER of Jesus' Name"

Many have chosen instead to vaunt themselves...as men who now think that God sent His Only Begotten Son so that they THEMSELVES could "be empowered to be" LIKE HIM so THEY could be enabled by the p-o-w-e-r of His Spirit to "work the works" of God for God, "like God."

The words of the serpent to mankind in the Garden of Eden: ye shall be as god...as well as Satan's temptation of Christ in the wilderness is even now being whispered to men (as "sons of God") who have itching ears -as the serpent says to them: "IF THOU BE" a son of God, do this ...and "IF THOU BE" the son of God, do that... So men run to and fro, after gifts and after knowledge (which man considers power) for personal empowerment. And by "faith power" men attempt to demonstrate THEIR so-called God given powers and men try to develop their so-called personal "potential" as sons of God in their own right: instead of: us, wretched men that we are "believing God" and counting ourselves as dead & hidden in Him -Christ, in us (for us) the Hope of glory.

The gift of God's grace is that (it hath pleased the Father that) His Son, JESUS CHRIST would "HIMSELF BE our all, and in all" on "behalf of all" who will receive Him. It hath pleased the Father that "ALL THINGS" should be "of Him" and "by Him" and "in Him."

"THIS is THAT" manifest "Wisdom of God" that "we by grace" should (R.I.P) REST IN HIM while HE HIMSELF works the works by His Own Hand in and by Christ in us, the Hope of glory. HE IS the manifest "Wisdom of God" that we are to "put on" the "New Man" (the LORD JESUS CHRIST) asking Him to hide us in Himself and "work the works" for us.

But instead of (James 3:17) "His Wisdom" we teach (James 3:15) our own: i.e., that we (ourselves) are that "New Man" -and that we are empowered by Him and by what He did, so that He could give us His p-o-w-e-r so that we can now do HIS works for Him --so that we can now "be all that we were meant to be." And we piously thank God "for His grace" (by which we can reach our full potential, as we see it) because of "our knowledge of and the power of" His written word and by virtue of the faith that we have... we now have the power, power, POWER...and soon: nothing will be impossible, for us...
what's wrong with this picture? :- (  

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

The mystery of the Gospel (not I, but Christ in us, the Hope of glory) has been updated by-man-for-man and has been made to conform to man's own Hu-man-ist Man-i-festo. Literally, human beings manifesting themselves and their works, as gods -in their own right. While people shout and sing about who they are and what they are called to be and what they say God has given man "in the name of Jesus" -you might want to pause and consider your ways and your doings: If the devil really is "under your feet" as you say, then bless God -y'all must have your foot in your mouth...step back from all the hallelujah glory to God sounding hype (about who we think we are and what we think we are doing for God) -and take an honest look at what's been coming out of your mouth!

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...and...every tree is known by its fruit. The fruit of a thing is NOT seen in signs (no matter how many, no matter how real) nor is it in lying wonders! The fruit of a thing is NOT seen in the number of disciples or devotees in the following, the fruit of a thing is evident in "who or what" it is really pointing you to: does it point you to JESUS CHRIST and HIM ALONE as the "NEW MAN" in whom we are DEAD AND OUR LIFE IS HID --or does it point you to yourself, to who you are and to what "man" can become, does it point you to "another jesus and another gospel"?

Instead of: I live, nevertheless not I but Christ -under the guise of true Christianity, we are taught an endless series of ungodly "man-centered how to" sermons, lectures and seminars telling man how to "know who we are" in Christ, how to "be all that we can be" professionally, politically, spiritually, emotionally, financially etc. And since (to man) knowledge is power, we are even taught how to use the written word of God, in order to achieve "our god-like full potential" and how to "scripturally activate" our god-like so-called faith and how to increase our supposedly scriptural knowledge and strengthen ourselves by and through acts of "our faith" -so that we can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

And in our quest to reach our full potential as "sons" of God, the next logical step toward "godhood" is for us to learn how we can access and/or tap into the p-o-w-e-r of the Spirit which "man-says-has-been-given-to-man-for-man" -to use. Forgetting that ALL THINGS are 'IN CHRIST' (in Him, of Him, for His use by Him) in our presumptive vain-glorying in the flesh,
we are now being told that God has given us everything that we need in order for us to achieve "GOD-LIKE-NESS."
We can be like the Most High God, we can be like JESUS!  

Thine is the Kingdom...but the Power, and the Glory are...?

Men are now taught in Christendom that if we perform the necessary mental and verbal spiritual gymnastics and if we are diligent, (empowered of course -by our knowledge of the word and by grace) -if we work very hard at exercising our faith, then "we can be" like the Most High God! aka: Humanism. People are not seeking His Face as much as they are His hands...people want what works! Few are seeking the kingdom of God: the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Righteousness that is OF HIM. Multitudes are however seeking to fill their bellies: hungering for "signs and wonders." The goal of this other gospel has become the escape from pain and suffering -physically, emotionally, economically etc. and many succeed --but have they counted the cost?

Men are now taught enlightenment and empowerment of the self {of "I, me, myself"} and how to tap into the power of our god-like mind, use the determination {power} of our god-like will, by the power of our use of scripture: producing man-ifest-ations by means of the words of our mouths, by means of that which we have projected mentally and/or declared verbally (which is plain old witchcraft)...man is taught that he can be like "like Jesus" (like God) -and do the works of God --NOT BY CHRIST instead of us but we/ourselves because He EMPOWERS US!

A demonically inspired form of "Christianized Humanism" is being cloaked with hype, wrapped in Bible terminology, cleverly disguised and enthusiastically presented as the gospel of Jesus Christ...it is catching on like wild-fire (false fire from heaven) and is becoming increasingly more and more popular --not because it is the Truth, but simply because it gives man the tangible results that he has always wanted: because "he can do it" and he sees results, --he falls for it because it sounds right to him, it is what he has always wanted --and most important to him, it really works!

The Lord Himself warned a certain "evangelist" to preach "THE GOSPEL" in a telling vision that the Lord gave to him of a man (which he knew represented himself, which he was shown in an open vision) --he was burning with flames of fire in horrible anguish gnashing his teeth -and the Lord spoke to this man (who is preaching "another gospel") and three times warned him (woe, woe, woe unto him) if he did not preach THE GOSPEL. 

Of course, the understanding of that vision (as a warning to repent) will no doubt differ in that man's own interpretation.  
Unfortunately, many idolize the man and hunger for his kind of ministry and have "been blessed" (given what they wanted) that they would be incensed at even the suggestion that he is anything but a worker of miracles and herald of the truth (or is that "angel of Light"?) God is his Judge. The question is not concerning the man, his motives or his intent -he really believes he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But however sincere he may be, the question is about the fruit of the tree: to whom and to what does the message point? what we can have if we "only believe," who "we are" and what we can be, or to Jesus Christ and who HE IS!?

No matter how admirable the motives or how tangible the benefits received or even how "needful" the results in human terms...no matter how sincere, no matter how esteemed among men (man esteems man) his message is an abomination to God. Ten years ago, I was shown many things concerning ministries like his, and the Lord said (concerning this man and his ministry) that there would arise nine more like him, more powerful than he (-not in terms of monetary wealth, but in powers of deception -in the things which they TEACH. One of those nine (powerful men) teaches in a house made of glass...corrupting the minds of men amassing huge followings...kings in spiritual kingdoms ruling by flattery, powers of persuasion and merchandising the souls of men.

The heavenlies are "the places of spiritual authority." Michael the Archangel wages war against wickedness in heavenly places, even in the churches -where there is much wickedness in places of spiritual authority! The archangel Michael is God's agent whose purpose is to war against ALL who say they are/or who say they can be "like God." Michael the Archangel does battle against Satan --you do remember him, don't you ---he's the one who was THROWN OUT of heaven because he purposed in himself "to be like the Most High God."

Michael's very name MEANS "who is LIKE God!"  In His Word, the Lord Himself has repeatedly declared:
"I am the LORD, I am God -there is NONE like unto Me, nor will ever there be."


Consider carefully that the lie of the Garden of Eden was "ye shall be as/like God"...it must not be forgotten that Satan's lie was accepted as truth by using "what God had said." The serpent used "the words" of God together with reasoning and seemingly logical (even "word-based") appeals to man's intellect to entice mankind to be "like God." Satan worked his deception by presenting knowledge from the tree of knowledge as something that seemed good to make men wise and he presented his word-based reasoning and knowledge AS IF THAT KNOWLEDGE WAS THE SAME THING as the "knowledge of God."

And the serpent reasoned with her saying: for "God doth know" that... Seduced by knowledge which was perceived as good -through intellectual manipulation of human thoughts and by mixing "what God hath said" with REASONING and LOGICAL (word-based) appeals to the mind and perception of man, Satan deceived man into believing that by and through knowledge "man" can be "like God" --and "through knowledge" man can even have the "wisdom of God."

What the woman (mankind) could not foresee is that knowledge is not Wisdom! (Nor can the churches see that today!) Neither could men foresee the snare of Satan's seductive flattery (through knowledge of the word of God, "ye shall be as God") nor could man DISCERN the fact that the "knowledge of God" does not come from the tree of knowledge, nor is it obtained through "the faculties of the mind" -not by mental powers or processes nor thoughts of men, nor even through intellectual so-called spiritual analysis or careful study of wise and learned scribes, nor by word-based reasoning concerning what "God hath said" (not via our reasoning and thoughts concerning His written word) but it is the wisdom of God that "the Knowledge of God" is revealed by grace "in the Face of Jesus Christ." (-a gift of grace, not earned or learned)

"KNOWLEDGE OF GOD" comes from Him and is given by Him THROUGH HIM WHO IS THE LIVING WORD not from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil but by the Spirit of God: through His Spirit: by the Spirit of Counsel, by the Spirit of Might, by the SPIRIT OF KNOWLEDGE, by the Spirit of Understanding, by the Spirit of Truth, by the Spirit of Revelation, by the Spirit of Wisdom...which are the "seven spirits" OF THE LORD (aspects of His Holy Spirit) -which are also referred to in scripture as: the (7) "EYES OF THE LORD" ...and the seven stars/are the seven angels...He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith TO THE CHURCHES. 

We are commanded to cast down our way of thinking (by asking Jesus Himself to be the casting down of our imaginations,
for us -because they are innately vain) and we are commanded not "to lean unto our own understanding" (because of our self-conceits) and we are commanded instead to depart from our wickedness, humble ourselves and SEEK "HIS FACE." (that's where "the eyes" are.) God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble...

We are to seek His Face for His Understanding by the Spirit of Understanding...seeking His Face for His Counsel by His Spirit of Counsel, to obtain the Knowledge "of God" by the Spirit of Knowledge, and revelation of Him by the Spirit of Revelation and "to know" Truth from error (not by man's use of his own knowledge of what God hath said) but by the Spirit of Truth by the DISCERNING of the Spirit by Him Who is the Living Word, -by HIS SPIRIT: so that -by that same Spirit of Grace through the Spirit of Wisdom we might be given the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD that comes from Him, in Him, of Him, by Him, IN THE "FACE OF" JESUS CHRIST (not plucked by our own hands from a tree but "a gift of grace" that is
"not earned nor learned" but revealed by His Spirit to whomsoever will SEEK/ASK HIM!)

The Heart of the Apostacy

There is a great deal of difference between seeking after knowledge -even knowledge which we ourselves derive from -what God hath said- in scripture, (from what we see in the written word) -and humbling ourselves before Him by taking His written word TO HIM and asking Him, seeking Him who IS THE WORD for knowledge of Him -that is then, "given by Him" by a gift of grace when HE CAUSES HIS "FACE" TO SHINE UPON US! He will "cause His Face to shine upon us" if we/Adam will humble ourselves BEFORE HIM and ASK HIM to take us to His Word and ASK HIM to REVEAL HIMSELF -that we may "SEE HIM" (to receive by revelation) as a Sovereign act (as a gift of grace, not of merit) from the Father by His Spirit who delights in blessing His children with the "Knowledge" of God through JESUS CHRIST, His Son -who is Himself, The Living Word.

The heart of the apostasy of Christendom is: "I, me + my" (what I think..., what I stubbornly insist I know is or is not so (apart from having actually sought, inquired of, asked and received the Counsel of the Lord Himself.) The heart of the apostasy is our own thoughts, the counsel of our own mind concerning our understanding of scripture, how we choose to interpret and apply His written word, what I choose to believe is true according to what seems right in my own eyes, in my sight, by my perception of the truth according to my understanding (and my lack of understanding) of what I read, according to whatever I have been taught, it is the IDOLATRY OF MY OWN MIND and the IDOLATRY OF MY OWN WILL by which I affirm and submit my "self" only to that which seemeth right to me in my sight, by what "I" want to see, choose to hear, and decide to believe and/or decide to receive as "of God" or not! -without ever really consulting HIM. ("I", "me" and "my" -vs.- "He"/"Him"/"His")

The apostasy of Christianity is rooted in the ways of man in his pursuit of knowledge, in his perceiving "knowledge and information" as p-o-w-e-r. The very heart of the apostasy is in the way we make it a practice of obtaining knowledge through mental faculties/processes of the mind (soulish) by intellectual skill, (instead of from the Father, by His Spirit -through Christ in us, and for us) In the apostasy -everything revolves around working works of "our faith" through our educationally enabled minds walking according to our own "knowledge of the word" --even living our lives by scripture knowledge + by virtue of our own-god-powered will "believing God for" whatsoever we desire according to what we choose to see, believe and receive "from the word" according to our own selective perspective i.e., leaning stubbornly/idolatrously unto our own preferential understanding of "truth" -as we perceive it -and are personally "willing to receive" it -led not by His Spirit but in "obedience" to our own mind and will. (will-worship)

The stubbornness of our minds and our own thinking ARE our idols -as we tend to obey what we know according to our own god of self: the conclusions we draw become our doctrines (our idols) and our own mind and will (and feeling about things) becomes our god.

"If MY PEOPLE which are called by MY NAME will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray, and turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS"... THESE ARE "our wicked ways" from which we have not been turned -but have in fact, by our own leaders been ignorantly ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE THEREIN ! God has allowed this because of our own refusal to hearken unto HIM, rejecting HIS Counsel in favor of the counsel of our own minds: doing whatsoever we perceive to be right in our sight according to our own knowledge and our understanding of what we (mere men) know-that-we-know-is -or is not so.  

Deliver Us from (the) Evil

THE EVIL is to do our own will and not the will of the Father.   Jesus Christ in us, with us hidden in Him and by Him is the "Will of the Father."    In Zech. chapter 5 "WICKEDNESS" is represented as "a woman" that sitteth in the midst of the ephah --this is what Eve did. Eve -as one who did wickedly deceived in her mind/the soul, this fallen woman represents the deception of the mind (soul) of man by whom the harlotry of departing from the wisdom and the counsel of God began --in favor of that which she perceived to be right in her own sight.  And this "one woman" is revealed (to Zechariah) as having later become "two women" in the ephah (the ephah concerns: weighing and measuring -how we do wickedly when we try to weigh and measure truth -in the perception of our own eyes with our own knowledge -even our own knowledge of scripture.)

REMEMBER, the ephah concerns weighing and measuring. WICKEDNESS involves how we weigh and measure right from wrong -as we perceive it even according to our knowledge of what God has said, how we try to use what we know that God said to try to discern the Spirit of Truth from error by another spirit. But spiritual things must be discerned by HIS Spirit -not by our knowledge of "the word" because as we well know "the word" (mixed with error) is a most effective tool for deception.

Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth is the second woman in the ephah -she is all false religion borne out of false ungodly SOULISH counsel of the minds of men. Together these "two women" represent the beginning and the ending of "all false religion." They are used to represent WICKEDNESS: not seeking the counsel of God by His Spirit; doing (even believing) that which seems right in your own sight --and yielding to the serpent's flattery (ye can be as god) whereby Eve (the soul/mind of man) is deceived.

EVE represents the deception of the mind of man -the deception of his own soul (which even now continues among God's own people and their leaders -as man stubbornly refuses to have his mind renewed by the water -by revelation of- the Word of God by the Spirit of God -choosing instead to turn twist and pervert the written word in the counsel of his own mind -and calling THAT the counsel of God.)

Having leaned to her own understanding swayed by the serpent's flattery, Eve becomes the mother of "all living" -all the souls (minds) of men which continue in her error. Jezebel (in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ) claims to preach/teach by the Spirit of God but in her harlotry (not seeking God, nor receiving His Counsel by His Spirit) she seduces others -teachers deceived and deceiving many with knowledge according to human reasoning and "word-based" logic concerning what "God hath said" --not seeking or submitting to the Spirit of God for His Counsel according to the EYES of His Understanding.

In our apostasy (stubbornness and idolatry) He has given us (even the elect of God) over to our own will, for a season. Smitten with blindness (blind guides who say-they-see are leading the blind) so that many perceive what they see happening today in the churches as the "glory of God." Affirming what we seek to confirm, many firmly believe they are now getting the ministries (kingdoms) and signs and wonders etc. that "they" have always wanted! Yet because we have continually rejected His Counsel by His Spirit -in favor of our own (for the better part of two millennium) -the LORD has smitten His people with blindness (the elect of God have been allowed to be deceived) -He has included all that He might have mercy upon us ALL! (...and He is waiting for us to simply agree with Him: to agree with His testimony against us -and to acknowledge that HE is God -and we are not, that He is right -and that we are yet wrong, and humbly ask Him to restore us to and in Himself by His grace: in Christ, --not honoring Him with our lips, while our hearts are far from Him, but in Spirit and in Truth.)

In the end, HE ALONE will be glorified
as HE ALONE sovereignly restores ALL who have received Him
to and in Himself -in/by and through Him who is The Truth
by a Sovereign act of His Mercy and Grace:
by and in the revelation of Jesus Christ, -in the hearts of His people
-even now He knocketh...at the door of the Church/the "hearts"
of His own people which are called by His Name! (He that hath an ear, let him hear.)

Icons of the Idolatrous Heart

But many steadfastly continue in the stubbornness of their own beliefs -stubbornness is as idolatry, and in doing so are in rebellion against the Truth by His Spirit (that man is not called to be "like God") -which rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (our refusal to be re-pent up, i.e., hidden in Christ where God purposed we should be -before the Foundation of the world) Many who name the name of Christ, steadfastly refuse to see and stubbornly choose to close their ears, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own ways and their own doings, thinking themselves to prosper in their ways -yet, sowing to the flesh (refusing His counsel by turning, twisting and perverting the "Word of God" in the idolatrous cousnel of our own minds) reaps moral and spiritual corruption -and it is "the prosperity of fools" which shall destroy them. "For the turning away of the simple (refusal to hear) shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them." (Prov. chapter 1-the whirlwind is upon us, read it.)

"For the LEADERS of this people CAUSE THEM TO ERR; and they that are led of them are destroyed" (Isa.9:16) Notice that GOD SAID that the leaders of "MY PEOPLE" have themselves gone astray and they cause the people to follow them -and that God said that they which are lead of them are led to their own destruction! God Himself has given His people over to their own will -He has given them leaders and teachers to rule over them according to their own stubborn minds and itching ears...and (cf. Jer.5:31) God said: "MY PEOPLE" love to have it so! "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear the rule by means; and my people love to have it so;..." (-the people love to hear what they want to hear- but God also said:) "...and what will ye do in the end thereof?" (Jer.5:31) Ask Him to reveal our idolatry, and our idols: the teachers & doctrines that we worship -that have become a "sacred cow"-Ask Him by grace to grant us all repentance in Him, that all of His people will forsake the "golden calf" (of apostasy) for He will surely grind it to powder and give us bitter water to drink.

"My people have committed TWO EVILS: they have forsaken Me -the Fountain of Living waters and have hewn themselves out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jeremiah spoke these words concerning the grieving heart of the Father in the face of Israel's apostasy when she departed from and rejected His counsel by His Spirit and the LORD now speaks these same words to His own people today (to the churches, et al.) concerning the world-wide apostasy of Christendom.

The apostasy flourishes in a "spiritualist environment" where many follow after, and practice, the false teachings and doctrines (of men) that teach the release of our individual and collective faith for our own supposedly godly purposes. Even the most fundamental churches do error greatly in their carnally minded interpretation & understanding of scripture by which they mislead the flock of God. God's people everywhere are taught how to be LIKE JESUS and how to be holy -instead of resting IN HIM who IS our holiness (simply by asking "JESUS to be JESUS" for us.)

God's people are taught how to stand on "selective promises" and "believe God for" whatsoever things you desire (more twisted instruction based upon 1/2 truths.) Here is a news flash for you: if you truly delight yourself IN THE LORD then He Himself will be the only "desire of your heart" --and you will ask NOTHING in His Name that is not in Him/by Him and of Him -for HIS purposes alone. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "seek ye first the kingdom of God" and ALL THESE THINGS shall be ADDED unto you???

Could it be that all this word of faith and "believing God for" dung has been birthed out of our own failure to SEEK HIS FACE, and HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS --birthed out of our own desire to avoid affliction and suffering (scourging and chastening) at any cost? Aren't we glad that we decided that God doesn't send evil -aren't we glad that we decided that God does not use illness according to His purposes -for good and not for evil? (He seems to have changed, -apostasy has always brought judgment: plague, pestilence, famine, drought, etc. Jesus Himself even mentioned earthquakes, wars, persecution. I suppose these floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, dirth and disease...must all be the fault of that Hindu goddess "Mother Earth" after all.)

Remember "waiting on God, seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness" ... Aren't we glad we know who we are in Christ now-a-days and don't need to wait for God to get around to ADDING the things we need? we are so thrilled that someone has finally come up with something else "that works!" More and more of God's people are being taught to use spiritual gifts that we are supposedly EMPOWERED WITH to prosper ourselves so we can get whatever we desire by "believing God for" it. We are taught that developing the use of our gifts will help us come to the knowledge of who "we are" and help us realize and achieve the "full potential" of what we are called to be (supposedly) by virtue of our position "in Christ."  

So far He has given us: A 1997 Year Long: "Space to Repent" of Putting forth Darkness for Light
and calling Truth "Evil" and calling "Evil" Truth

And I gave her (those who stubbornly continue to follow the ungodly counsel of their own minds) space to repent and she repented not. I will cast her (the souls of men) and all who commit adultery with her (follow the counsel of deceived men/idolatrous souls determined to continue in their error) into a bed (of tribulation) -that is the prupose for allowing the Tribulation! to bring her (souls of men) to repentance: to bring those who will re-pent (IN CHRIST) -back to HIM who is the Truth! The church has joined herself to the harlotry of false religion/through ungodly counsel of deceived minds -and she (the souls who follow her harltory) must needs repent of her idolatry.

In her apostasy (fallen away from the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stubbornly refusing to turn back) she is described as Laodicean -in her harlotry she has become lukewarm. My Word is like a Fire -but the CHURCH has become lukewarm: half truth mixed with half error -neither hot nor cold: neither "all truth" nor "all error" He calls her to RE-PENT and to obtain counsel FROM HIM. HE REBUKES and HE WARNS (and CHASTENS) the CHURCH (telling HER that she THINKS she is one thing: she perceives herself to be rich in knowledge etc. when in fact, she is something else altogether!) HE calls HIS PEOPLE TO REPENT lest He spue thee out of His mouth...

He would rather -instead of 1/2 truth and 1/2 error, that we were either all truth or all error ("all hot" or "all cold") because 
half truth is FAR WORSE than "all error" -mixing truth with error disguises the error and makes a lie sound like or seem like "the Truth"!

Take heed that the "light" that is in you, is not darkness -if what you perceive to be the Truth is in fact -a lie against the Truth, then how dark is your darkness?

In the Light of Who HE IS: the false gospel stands in sharp contrast to, and is in direct opposition of, the true Gospel of Grace and Peace, the gospel of Christ -wherein we are willingly (by grace) counted as "dust and ashes" members of His body: hidden safely "in Him" who is our Peace. The "ministry of reconciliation" is: the gospel of peace: the gospel of Christ who (by grace) is our PEACE. "Peace" is the reconciliation of man TO GOD "in Christ" by grace: through His work (on our behalf) which "HE" worked "in Himself" on our behalf on the cross. "HE IS" our reconciliation TO GOD which is "in Himself." "HE IS {our} P-E-A-C-E" having slain us in Him, GOD has raised Him up; now (HE) God WORKS THE WORKS in, by and through JESUS CHRIST by GRACE which means: THROUGH THE FAITH of Him and by the power "of Him" Jesus Christ, who is at work in us!

The word of God is not a "what" but a who -Jesus Christ is the Living Word! It is not what we do with what He gave us, but what God has done and what HE will do with WHO He gave us! The true Gospel is not about "who we are in Christ" but who CHRIST is and what HE HIMSELF has become for us (having hidden us) by His grace (in Himself) ---it is not about what we can be but rather who "HE IS" -it is the Gospel of God's Grace (and His Mercy) towards us In Christ by the "works of" HIM, by the "Faith of JESUS Christ" = the Gospel of Grace and Peace.

Even teachings regarding the gifts of the Spirit are thoroughly perverted by man in the conceit of his lusts. The OPERATION of the gifts of the Spirit -according to scripture are His. The gifts of the Spirit are not only from Him they are also "by Him" and "in Him." The gifts of the Spirit operate "at His will" -by act of the Sovereign Will of God, not by the will & or whim "of men."

The "gifts" operate only AT HIS WILL "in and through" the person of the Lord Jesus Christ -not the persona of man but in & through Jesus Christ. The gifts operate when/as He wills: in Him/of Him/by Him AS GOD'S SPIRIT WILLS in/by and through Christ, in us. The gifts are all "in the Giver" operating "by the will and the power of the Giver" who Himself resides "in us" ---so that HE (GOD) works the working of the gifts of His Spirit in/and THROUGH "CHRIST HIMSELF." To put it bluntly: they are for HIS USE (ours, -yet, not ours but Christ's) at HIS disposal for HIM to operate (not by our will but) as HE wills.

All of HIM, none of us! God does His work by, through and in Christ -as we, as "dead men" (R.I.P.) REST "IN HIM" WHO HIMSELF IS OUR PEACE...as it is written: God was IN CHRIST reconciling the world to HIMSELF: the reconciliation of man to God is "in Christ" by HIS GRACE through the faith OF THE SON of God which HE works in HIMSELF on behalf of all who receive Him. By grace are ye saved through faith and that, not of your selves, it (saving faith of Him/in Him/by Him/by grace) is the "gift of God" not of works, lest any "man" should boast. Hence: not I, not me, no my -but Christ, in us: there is absolutely NOTHING in which I can boast, except IN "THE LORD HIMSELF"! "TO HIM" alone belongs A-L-L the praise, A-L-L the honor, and A-L-L the glory! (Now and forever, Amen.) This is the "testimony of Jesus"
--all else is a lie against the Truth.  

The Light of the Mystery

Let me ask you (those who believe you are spiritual and think of yourselves that "you walk according to the word") IF -in Christ: I live NEVERTHELESS it is NOT I but Christ liveth (not me, not my thoughts, nor my perception, nor my reasoning...) but Christ...how then is it that I am supposed to "live the Life and walk the walk" -shall I take that which is begun in the Spirit and end it in the flesh: BY MY FAITH and/or BY MY WORKS? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I must agree to R.I.P. as a dead man/in Christ.

Everything in the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be understood in the Light of the mystery OF THE GOSPEL which clearly tells us that "He" is the "gift of grace" -that it is: not I but CHRIST!!! (The only thing I can safely say that "I-myself" am able to do is: I am able to "forget that I have been crucified with Christ" ...to forget that the "old man" is dead --and I can continue to sin, and to vaunt myself...etc.! I am able to forget, even deny that the "old man" is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth I should not serve sin...(Rom.6:6) We are to put one another "in remembrance of"...these things!

EVERYTHING in the written word of God concerning us and what we are called to be ALWAYS has a QUALIFIER: "in Christ" and/or "in Him" or "OF HIM" and "THROUGH HIM" or IN THE LORD! The understanding of those passages MUST BE PREFACED BY i.e., MUST BE understood IN THE LIGHT OF "...nevertheless not I, but CHRIST..." and not of ourselves! IT IS NOT BY MY FAITH that I do anything...nor was what Paul is credited with having done, actually done by Paul, nor by the faith OF PAUL. Paul wrote: not "I" but "Christ" (what he was saying was: not IN ME but IN CHRIST, not BY ME but by HIM!) ...not by "my faith" -but the faith OF THE SON OF God who died and gave HIMSELF "for me."

Jesus said of HIMSELF "I am the Light of the world" and He also said to His disciples "ye are the Light of the world" but we are not Him! We are not that Light. We are only "the Light of the world" if it is HIM and -NOT US! Remember: "I live, yet not I but CHRIST"...HE IS THE LIGHT, not I/but Christ!

I believe the Apostle Paul saw the twisting of the gospel that would occur in these last days. The Lord warned us through Paul, as Paul spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, telling us how he feared that in the last days the CHURCH(ES) would be BEGUILED "as Eve was beguiled." Remember, the last days are not some far off age, the Apostle John said: "little children it is the last days..." The LAST DAYS began when Jesus ascended up into heaven; we are in the last of the Last Days!

And these ARE the spiritually "perilous times" that Paul warned would come...and we have not been watchful, though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak and we have allowed the enemy to catch us unaware -the people of God have done THE EVIL -that Jesus warned His disciples against: that they were to watch and pray lest they enter into THE TEMPTATION: to do OUR OWN WILL (according to what is right in our own sight) and NOT THE WILL of the Father!

Talk about TEMPTATION to do what ever is right in our own sight! Our teachers have been leading us into TEMPTATION to have OUR OWN WILL: where does it say anywhere in scripture: -if it is in the "word of God," then it is the Will of God? AND WHERE does it say that if you can find a promise for something "in the word," then -you can claim it, God will give it, it's yours! This self-serving perversity is taught "AS GOSPEL" without regard to the fact that man's understanding of scripture is more often than not, twisted beyond all semblance of the Spirit of the Word -there is absolutely no real regard to the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD, just man's autonomous abuse of the written word.

Perceiving ourselves to be wise in the conceit of our own minds, man encourages man to pray for and seek after whatsoever seems best to him at the time, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that MAN is short sighted (not Omniscient) and inept as far as true WISDOM is concerned! Nevertheless, many twist the words of Jesus so that "whatsoever you ask and/or what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" is taught as a carte blanche Christianity --"if you can find it in the word" -then, it is "God's will."

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God..." ? WHERE does the written word tell anyone that if they have received a visitation from an entity -as long as it manifests in the form of a Jesus, then it's O.K. to spend the rest of your life teaching apostasy --simply because what "that jesus" (or angelic being or voice) told you, easily lined up with what YOU already WANTED TO SEE and had already CHOSEN TO BELIEVE was so, according to the text as you understood it. "...any spirit that confesses that JESUS CHRIST is come in the flesh is of God" -notice it does NOT say: any spirit that says if you can find "in the word" it's yours, is of God, nor does it say that: any spirit that tells you how to know "who you are" in Christ, is of God...BUT WHAT IT DOES tell us is that any spirit that does not come in the SAME Spirit as Jesus Christ, with the SAME Spirit of Truth, CONFESSING: JESUS CHRIST and HIM ALONE ...is not, of God!

Trying the spirits means that the "spirit or voice" MUST not only confess that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh but must say the SAME (IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH) as JESUS CHRIST, who when He came in the flesh said of His own self: not my words, but the Father...not my works, but the Father doeth the works, and not my will -but the Father's Will! (In Spirit and in Truth, children...in Spirit AND in Truth!) Jesus did not testify of Himself, but OF THE FATHER -and we are NOT to testify of ourselves (we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord. 2Cor. 4:5)  

The Night is Far Spent, Beautiful Dreamer - Awake unto Me

"The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on (Christ) the armor of Light." (Rom.13:12-14) The apostasy of Christianity actually began almost as soon as Jesus ascended...by the time Paul came on the scene -as an "apostle out of season" ...the churches were then (as they are now) in dire need of CORRECTION of ignorant perversion of the Truth, of false doctrine and twisted beliefs that were even then emerging. Paul was given the REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST and then -under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he wrote (2/3 of the New Testament) letters -epistles of CORRECTION to the churches (as did Peter, and James and John etc.) to call their attention to and warn them against/and turn them away from demonically inspired perversions of the Gospel that had crept in unawares. Paul sought to awaken God's people out of their sleep: AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPEST!

All ten virgins slept: all did not watch -lest they be tempted to do their own will and not the will of the Father. And when the call went out -it was found that five were foolish virgins and five were wise... then the cry was heard: Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, light your lamps...fall in line for the wedding party!) The epistles are a handbook for correction of doctrine, containing the expose of false teaching as "doctrines of seducing spirits." In the epistles, the Apostles not only corrected false doctrine, but rebuked believers for adhering to false teachings, for their carnality of mind and body: for their immorality and abhorrent practices that were allowed/condoned among "sinning saints" in the churches... which things are yet present among us and have waxed worse and worse in these the LAST of the Last Days!

Paul would be beside himself with grief to hear how the "gospel of grace and peace" has been perverted in the Last days! I believe Paul would not feel honored but would be appalled -even outraged, if he could hear what people call him today, calling him: "the great Apostle of Faith" as if it were Paul's great faith, instead of the grace of AND the faith of His Beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Paul called himself the "apostle of Grace" and saw himself as so fully obliterated IN CHRIST that IMMEDIATELY after he received the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, he changed his own name from Saul (which means: ask) to Paul which means: "little" and he did so because anyone who receives a revelation "OF HIM" falls at HIS FEET as a "dead man"
and in the Light of Who "HE IS" becomes little in his own sight!  

"Two Women" (Wisdom and Folly)

THERE are, in essence, TWO ways offered today. One "Way" is to ask Jesus Christ HIMSELF to hide us IN HIMSELF who is HIMSELF "the express image of God" (Jesus said: "if you see Me, you see the Father) and ask JESUS HIMSELF to be our "all, and in all" on behalf of ALL who receive HIM. We must become small in our own sight, and remain humbled in the Light of Who HE is --becoming "as little children" in His sight. And instead of vaunting ourselves and trying to "be like Jesus" -we can ask JESUS HIMSELF to be Jesus, in us and for us...on our behalf. (All of Him, and none of us.)

Without a doubt, if we would all stop trying to be "LIKE HIM" and just ASK JESUS to HIMSELF be JESUS for us, then the WORLD would "see Him" by and through Christ in us the Hope of glory. But the world sees us/we ourselves TRYING TO BE "like God" instead of humbled in Him, so that "Jesus can be Jesus" for us! Many who could be won to Christ by Him are rejecting the Lord Himself because of our egotistical perversion of The Truth! Which is precisely Satan's plan: Believer's have been sold a bill of goods, the "lie" disguised as The Truth, accepting "another way, another word, another jesus" as the Truth and, as a result, men are trying to "be perfect and holy and righteous" and are walking around "trying to be like Jesus" --because men have been teaching men "another gospel" as "the way" -complete with "all signs and lying wonders"!

Man (refuses to lay down his life/give himself up to/in Christ -by agreeing with God concerning what man is not and can never be, accepting Jesus Christ as his replacement in everything!) although he makes quite a show of accepting Jesus Christ -then, he perverts the scripture to focus on himself. Instead of bearing witness of the Lord Jesus Christ, men teach men to declare who "he" (man) is in Christ-and what man thinks he can be... Man perverts God's written word using it for man's purposes, to get his share of the glory for himself under the guise of glorifying God alone. By combining scripture with mind-sciences, psychology, sociology etc. using everything at his disposal men teach men how to modify his behavior, to re-create and transform himself BY HIS OBEDIENCE "to the word" in a vain effort to perfect even resurrect "the man" which GOD (in Christ) has judged as "dead"! (Blind to the Truth -man continues to vaunt himself in opposition to, and in rebellious defiance of, the very Truth he claims to profess and proclaim!)

Man sings about submission, but will not submit to the will of God (which is that he is slain) in Christ! Man loves to sing about the "crown" he will have because of the cross, composing song after song about the glory of the cross, and he sings about how he loves the old rugged cross which he says he cherishes & he tells everyone that there's room at the cross -yet, he does anything and every thing EXCEPT take up his cross by getting on the Cross (with/in the death of Christ) and acknowledge that he himself must be "reckoned as dead" (reduced to "dust and ashes) through that Cross!

In other words, man continues to resist the plan of God and the "wisdom of God" IN CHRIST. Although man claims to accept the truth of our death in Christ -and although he professes acceptance of Him, -as man's REPLACEMENT (BY THE RISEN LORD JESUS CHRIST who hides us in Himself and stands in our stead -as the New Man) -yet, in reality man rejects the knowledge and wisdom of God: IN CHRIST. Man (mankind -including believers in the Lord Jesus Christ) still reject the Truth of (His) "faith and grace." IN REALITY, even believers reject the fact that man cannot be "like the Most High God," since nine out of ten Christians will tell you that they now believe that God (by His grace through Christ) has now given THEM the POWER to become "like Jesus." 

Even as a "believer" (professing to believe the Truth) -man still vaunts himself (is unrepentant) --as a believer he does it by vaunting himself as "a son of God" and he is still rebels against the Truth (that he is replaced by and in "the person of" Jesus Christ...he lies against the Truth that Jesus Christ is God's only Begotten Son (in whom we are counted as dead and our lives hid, to become sons by adoption as "dust and ashes" members of His Body) and that Jesus Christ HIMSELF is the "Anointed" of the Father, the Christ of God.

In the Book of Matthew 24: 4,  Jesus said: Take heed that no man deceive you, for many will come "in my Name" saying they are "the anointed" of God -i.e., Christ! There are now truly many who gather together in the name of a jesus, who publicly stand "in the temple of God" proclaiming themselves to be "as God" (like Jesus AKA: as God) chanting together in masse: saying: "I AM anointed"..."I AM anointed" -sounds like REAL humility to me! : - (  

And many shall follow their pernicious ways

MAN created in the image of God (i.e., Adam) failed to obey God. Man even though he was created in the image of God -cannot be like God -who is perfect in all His ways. (And that man -who was created in the image and likeness of God has by God been replaced in/and by Jesus Christ, who is the Second Man and who is Himself the express image of the Father!)

Man is not capable of obedience, but he can ask HIM who is perfect in obedience to hide rebellious man in Jesus Christ, who is the New Man; man can ask Jesus to stand in our place and ask Jesus Himself to be obedience for us on our behalf. But because man is determined to have his share of the glory, through the devices of the enemy man has been seduced (the seduction of Christianity is the "great apostasy") into believing that "as a believer" empowered by Christ, man himself can now "be like" God...AKA, like Jesus (Christianized Humanism) And the unbeliever believes that he -man himself can be as god without Christ, by knowledge and skill and technology etc. (Humanism) ...but who is more deceived? 

As a result of the rebellious condition of the natural mind of man which is enmity against the Spirit, i.e. man in his soul/mind, will, and feelings opposes the things OF the Spirit. When a man is carnally-minded in his thinking (whether he or she is a believer or not) because of the carnality of his own mind, and the stubbornness (idolatry) of his own will, the unbeliever is blind and cannot see and the carnally-minded believer (either ignorant of the Truth or choosing to rebel against it) "refuses to see" that man could never be and was never called to be "like God."

Men which are "yet carnal in their thinking" pervert the things of God (many in ignorance of the Truth) by striving to be like the Most High God by believing that man through science and man's technologies and by personal empowerment (perverting and miss-using spiritual gifts) through learning and knowledge (which man considers power) by activating the power of faith and pressing on to what man is still convinced is his high-calling: he yet believes in his rebellious heart that he can reach his ultimate potential: to be as God, AKA: "like Jesus."

It would be far better if we/all men would humble our haughty selves at the Feet of Him who IS God and admit that even though we were created in the image of God, after His likeness, we of our own selves disobedient, proud, boasters rebellious covenant breakers -who vaunt ourselves in our vain conceits...and that we have become "inventors of evil things" (false sciences, false teachings, false doctrines and a false gospel.) By the very act of thinking we can be or by trying to be like God (and/or like Jesus) we "fall from grace" by ignoring -not only the work of the cross of Christ, but we are also ignoring the judgment of Adam -and are putting ourselves back under both "the law and the judgment of Adam."

By striving to perfect ourselves in the flesh, (Christianized Humanism) -we do despite the Spirit of GRACE and place ourselves in defiant opposition to the will of God which He purposed in Christ!

According to the plan of God, in which He purposed "in Christ" (who was slain before the Foundation of the world) that "HE HIMSELF" might slay the "man of sin" (fallen man/Adam) and hide his life IN CHRIST -which is where he (man) was predestined to be "crucified with and then hidden in Christ" --in, by and through His Only Begotten Son our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, who is Himself very God and His Christ.

We would do well to REPENT of our folly (the folly of men -humanism) and to acknowledge that we are men/Adam who cannot be "like Jesus" (because HE is God) and that we need HIM to hide us "in HIS likeness" -IN JESUS CHRIST who HIMSELF is the express image of the Father. 

Rather than exalting ourselves and all that WE can be "as sons of the Most High God" we ought to humbly accept the "gift of grace" in Christ -by and in whom we are "changed by exchange" by grace as a Sovereign act of the Father who purposed in His Wisdom which is Jesus Christ, that HE might hide us in the "one" New Man, i.e., in His Only Begotten Son, the Second Man: JESUS CHRIST who HIMSELF is the express image of God, perfect in obedience, holiness, righteousness so that...
because we have accepted Him and asked HIM to STAND "in our place" we will not be destroyed with the wicked. 

We do not become "little Jesus'" nor "little christs" and we are not Him, but we become "like Christ" or "like Him" only by being hidden IN HIM/and By Him -having "put on" Him/i.e., Jesus Christ. "BECAUSE we have (by His grace) been hidden in and by Him, then we shall not be ASHAMED AT HIS APPEARING for we know that when HE appears, then we shall be like Him for we shall see "HIM" as "HE" is!

Shall we (abuse the Grace of God) continue in sin, that grace may abound? God Forbid! HOW shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? (cf. Rom 6:1, 2)


WE are to Walk in Newness of Life -but we "walk" by resting in Him" who is that "New Life." We "walk in newness of Life" by "resting" by faith in Him -which is by grace -and by grace means that it is by the faith of Him which GOD WORKS for us by/in/through Christ in us. (Him abiding in us and us abiding in Him) IN CHRIST means in and by Him who is that New Life!

And HOW do we "walk by resting" -by ASKING HIM. JESUS HIMSELF is the WORD OF GOD and HE HIMSELF is the POWER OF GOD. And whatsoever you ask of Him/ must be in His Name/which means in the person of and according to His purposes. And whatsoever we ask in His Name, then HE (God "in the person of" Jesus Christ) will HIMSELF do!

But many say "I have asked and He didn't..." James 4:3 tells us: We ask and receive not, BECAUSE we ask AMISS, -THAT YE MAY CONSUME IT UPON YOUR LUSTS. We have not, not just because we ask not, but because we (with our twisted doctrines, have lusted after "trying to have the power to perfect ourselves -or- be like Jesus) -Remember: if we ask any thing according to HIS will means according to His purpose -and His will/His purpose is to redeem us to Himself and grant us "repentance and rest" in HIM...it is HIS will/He has purposed to: hide us in Himself and to HIMSELF be our all, and in all -on behalf of all, who receive Him.

It is NOT however His will that we should in and of ourselves simply be empowered against sin. The weight of sin is God's testimony against man -that he himself cannot be (perfect and sinless) like God -and when we (in our own strength strive against sin, then our striving becomes losing!) Sin (which is man's trangression of the Law) then becomes the weight of the Law which is like a cruel taskmaster that is meant to drive us back to Him (that we might find both repentance and rest -which is in Him/of Him/by Him and through Him alone "In Christ."

It is not His will or according to His purpose for you to ask the Lord to give you (yourself) p-o-w-e-r or to personally enable you. Instead, it His will that you ask HIM to be the power that worketh "all things in Himself" on your behalf. ASK HIM to work all things/for you/as He wills according to His POWER/i.e., HIM!

Don't ask HIM to give you wisdom so that YOU YOURSELF can be "wise." Although the scripture does tell us: if any man lacks wisdom let him ask...the carnal understanding of our own minds tells us THAT means that we can be wise by/through what we are given, but there is a far better Way (to Him be the glory!) The "Spirit of the Word" will reveal some "thing" far better than the wisdom of Solomon!

Solomon with all the wisdom + understanding God gave him still blew it! And so will any of us, no matter how much w-i-s-d-o-m God could give us...(in our rejoicing in the gifts we all ought to consider Solomon -he still corrupted himself in spite of his gifts.) But a "better than Solomon" is here: Jesus Christ! Rather than asking amiss for: w-i-s-d-o-m for ourselves in order to make you yourself wise (only to fail in our misuse of the gifts -as did Solomon) ASK Jesus Christ to "HIMSELF" BE WISDOM unto you. Ask HIM "to be" Wisdom for you on your behalf! For it is written: that Jesus Christ has been made Wisdom unto us! No matter what things God gives to man, man himself will fail -he will always fall/come short of the glory of God, but Jesus NEVER fails! God commands us to be holy, as HE is Holy and to "be perfect" as our Father in heaven is perfect. By our interpretation and our understanding of His written word we fail to see HOW that command is fulfilled IN and BY JESUS CHRIST who is HIMSELF the fulfillment of E-V-E-R-Y requirement and command!

Although God commands you to be holy as He is, He knows that you cannot be holy (you cannot fulfill or meet His requirements, but Jesus Christ has already done so for us, on our behalf! Do not reject so great a gift by trying to fulfill in the flesh that which is begun in the Spirit! Do not ask HIM to make you holy -but instead just ask "HIM" (ask Jesus Himself) to be holiness "for you" on your behalf. HE is our Great High Priest who is not just our Advocate but our replacement, HE HIMSELF stands (in our place) before God and has HIMSELF become our HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD.

Jesus Christ HIMSELF (in whom we are hid) has HIMSELF become "HOLINESS" for us, on our behalf. Do not "crucify the Son of God afresh" nor trample the Blood of the Son of God under foot by trying to "be holy" or by trying to perfect yourself by "dead works done in the flesh" but seek Him and ask Him, ask JESUS to be "HOLINESS" for you!

AND PATIENCE: if we ask Him to make us or give us patience, then He must also allow us to see that we cannot succeed in "being patient" because HE alone is perfect patience. Ask Him/Jesus Himself to be patience for you, on your behalf! AND CHASTITY, ask Him to be that -for you. and OBEDIENCE. ASK Jesus to HIMSELF "to be obedience" -for you, on your behalf! And HEARING...don't ask Him to make you (dead Adam) able to hear His voice -we (ourselves) are naked, and wretched, and deaf, dumb and blind to the things of the Spirit, and we (ourselves) are carnally minded with what we do with the things of the Spirit! So ask Jesus HIMSELF to be HEARING for you. And SIGHT -ask Him to cause His Face to shine upon you, that you may see HIM! ask HIM to reveal the Father...And "right choices" - ASK HIM to be DISCERNMENT (for you) concerning whether a thing is of the Spirit of Truth (of Him) -or- if it is of the spirit of Error.

An Unction beyond Knowledge

One of the greatest errors, our greatest folly in the churches today is that we have been led to believe that we (with our thimbleful of spiritual knowledge) can "discern" the Spirit of Truth from a spirit of Error by what-we-know in/of the word of God --in the conceit of the knowledge that we have gained, we try to weigh and measure (remember, the ephah and "wickedness" -weighing and measuring by the minds of men) things which can only be spiritually discerned by the Spirit of God. By doing what we do with our knowledge of the written word, we more often than not fail to ASK HIM (inquire of Him) who is HIMSELF the Living Word.

As a result of our folly, many believers have been deceived (in the vanity of our minds) by seducing spirits which beguile us (as Eve was beguiled) with twisted truth according to knowledge "about the written word"...taking advantage of the fact that we have come to think of and see ourselves as wise (even wise, like God) with our puny knowledge & our limited understanding of His word -many are fully convinced that the only-way-we-can-know "truth from error" is by our knowledge concerning God's written word -and we are even taught to call THAT PROCESS "spiritual discernment" which is exactly what Eve was made to think that she was doing!

Eve did NOT seek God's face, she did not INQUIRE OF THE LORD...AND SHE DID NOT defer to Him for His Counsel by His Spirit, so that HE/Christ could act on her behalf as Her Spiritual Head: she did not seek God asking Him for counsel by His Spirit "about what God had said" -and if she had sought the Lord, He would have uncovered the LIE for her by His Spirit and He would have foiled the devices of the enemy against her, -seeking THE LORD is what spiritual discernment really is!

Seek the Lord (while He may be found) ask, inquire of Him! Don't seek after knowledge itself: neither knowledge of good or knowledge of evil but seek the Face of HIM who is perfect in Knowledge and in Wisdom, i.e., seek the Knowledge OF GOD which is in the Face of Jesus Christ (which is not obtained by powers of reason, nor by human intellect, nor by our powers of perception, nor by the power of our will...) but rather by asking Jesus to Himself "be knowledge" for you, by the Spirit of the Knowledge of God in the revelation of: "Jesus Christ."

Most of what is taught in the churches concerning the "Word of God" is what men say the word of God is. Jesus asked a revealing question about how men interpret and try to discern the things of the Spirit for themselves when He asked them "whom do men say I am." In the context, Jesus was trying to teach His disciples (and us) about how the word of God is leavened by the doctrines of men --He warned them about the leaven of the Pharisees: some wise and learned men say...others debate the Truth and say...and some of this denominational persuasion say...but then JESUS asked His disciples: whom do ye say that "I AM"? and by a Sovereign act of God's grace the "knowledge of Jesus Christ" was given by revelation by the Spirit of Truth directly from the Father to Peter, who then declared: "THOU art the Christ, the Son of the Living God..."

When Jesus saw that the Father had blessed Peter with a revelation of Him by the Spirit of God (the very Spirit of Truth) -then Jesus declared: Blessed are thou, Simon (hearing) bar (born of) Jona (a Dove) for flesh and blood (learning/knowledge/and perception OF MAN) hath NOT REVEALED it unto thee, but My Father in Heaven. The Knowledge of God -which is: in the revelation of Jesus Christ is by GRACE... GRACE and TRUTH came by JESUS CHRIST revealed by the Spirit of the Father in "the revelation of Jesus Christ" who HIMSELF is the Living Word.

The LORD will reveal Himself in His written word, if we ask Him to grant us repentance from making idols out of what
"men say it means" -the Pharisees could not hear Him because of what-they-knew-that-they-knew and so it is still today with religious men who stubbornly reject the Truth by the Spirit in favor of the counsel of their own minds
in their own understanding of the word of God.  

Except ye be converted, - and become spiritual giants?

When Saul (whose name means: ask) was put in a position where he finally "asked of the Lord" then, in the Light of Who HE IS, Saul (changed his name and) became known as (Paul) "little."

Since YOUR conversion have YOU become "little"? or by flattery has the enemy seduced you to again vaunt yourself:, your calling, your ministry etc. by USING the things of God as means to do so. On the road to Damascus, Saul met the risen Lord and in the process, he became converted and an essential part of the fruit of that repentance and conversion was turning from the pride of man: how man perceives himself, his ways, his works, his knowledge etc. in his own sight. Is the fruit of YOUR conversion REALLY "nevertheless not I, me or my" but CHRIST, HE and HIM alone -or has it become who YOU are in Him! If we will ASK HIM to be our humility of hearts and minds...and BECOME AGAIN AS "little children" in His sight, He will grant His people "restoration and rest" -HE WILL RESTORE His people to Himself in Spirit and in Truth. By a Sovereign act of Grace in the revelation of Jesus Christ, God will restore the Body of Christ -which "thing" He will do for whosoever will ask...

IF ONLY WE WOULD REPENT and AGREE WITH HIM. While we are waiting on God, God is waiting on us to confess our sins, repent of our wicked ways and humble ourselves before Him acknowledging that NONE OF US knows anything yet -as we ought agreeing with God (who said that in His word because He wants us to know that the only man who knows as he ought to know is the Lord Himself, the Man, -Jesus Christ.)

GOD IS WAITING FOR FRUIT OF OUR REPENTANCE: ACKNOWLEDGE Jesus Christ as the "Spiritual Man" (cf. 1Cor.15:47) and that "we" ourselves are "spiritual" only in that we "put on Him" who is the Spiritual Man, -not by putting on airs of spirituality (with our puny bits of knowledge) but by "putting on Christ" (who is perfect in wisdom and knowledge) -with ourselves, dead and hidden in Him (not I, but Christ!) IF we would all stop thinking of ourselves as so spiritually minded & just admit that we don't know as much as we think we know -and not even the half of what we ought to know, and -if we would humble ourselves and become as little children in His sight and just ASK HIM to reveal HIMSELF and ASK HIM to take us to His Written Word and confirm that Word by His Spirit, then HE would bless us with the "revelation of Jesus Christ" -in the hearts of His people!

There are many things which men "say the word of God says" who have not INQUIRED OF HIM concerning the scriptures, but have instead taught what they have been taught according to their own knowledge concerning the scriptures! There IS a great deal of difference between the two! The main purpose of the written word of God is to direct us to repentance and rest in HIM Who is Himself, the Living Word.

We need to repent of interpreting the scriptures from a man-centered perspective! How we do love to quote the scripture in the light of who we think we are! We boast about having the "Mind of Christ" -not knowing that having the "mind of Christ" means: assuming the attitude of heart that He had in His submission to the Father, in all things -even His willingness to suffer affliction, not vaunting His own self but resting (abiding) in the Father while the Father "worked the works" (as it is written: God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself) that the FATHER might do His will and work His works (in Christ) according to HIS good pleasure...though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered -shall not we, also?  

ASK and ye shall receive, SEEK and ye shall find

Concerning "what men say" the word of God means -we are admonished to "test all things, prove all things and hold fast to that which is good" but NONE OF THIS can we do except by acknowledging the Spirit of God, -asking HIM for His counsel by His Spirit which HE WILL confirm for us throughout His written word -but not according to man's understanding of it -nor by what MEN SAY it means!

We need to repent of agreeing with men, -without first asking THE LORD! We need to repent of deciding for ourselves what is or is not "of His Spirit" -according to our own understanding of the word, -without ASKING THE LORD. And we need to repent of calling evil good and calling good evil, simply because we think we know. (Many will do EXACTLY THAT with this Letter -some will be so offended in their flesh -they will utterly reject it as evil. Still others will weigh and measure it using the false measure of their own mind/the soul (remember, "wickedness" and "our wicked ways" in weighing and measuring for ourselves according to our own knowledge of what "God hath said") -AND INSTEAD OF SUBMITTING IT TO HIM WHO IS THE LIVING WORD -INSTEAD OF DEFERRING TO THE LORD (asking Him to act as their spiritual Head) -INSTEAD OF SEEKING HIM FOR HIS COUNSEL BY HIS SPIRIT they too will cast it off as evil and they will feel fully justified in doing so -according to their knowledge "of the word" (just like the pharisees did) without ever having inquired of "The Lord."

The church's entire history (Catholic and Protestant alike -even Jewish for that matter) is littered, literally chock-full of men who SAY THEY speak the oracles of God...but the only One who can rightly divide the Word of Truth is Him who is the Word, and HE HIMSELF IS AVAILABLE to any who will SEEK HIS FACE!

Paul said it best: it was neither "earned nor learned" but was a gift of God's grace that was given by the revelation of Jesus Christ/who is Himself the Living Word. Not learned from "wise" scribes who knew every dot & tittle but by grace. Not taught by so-called much learned men with their muddy water & trampled down fodder -which Paul counted as but dung -for the excellency of the knowledge of God in Christ, and that by grace as it pleased the Father to reveal Him.

Jesus Himself was also saying that it was not "earned nor learned" but that it pleased the Father to hide these things from the wise...and to reveal them unto babes...(Mt.11:25) Jesus also said: "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Mt.18:3) we must be c-o-n-v-e-r-t-e-d from Adam's pride
to the humility of that Holy Child Jesus! (Mt.13:9-15 cf. vs.15)  

Consider the following in terms of concepts, not literally but figuratively:

There are only TWO men (representing two different choices) in the earth: the First man -Adam, of the earth/earthy versus the "Second Man" which is the Lord HIMSELF: Jesus Christ" (raised a Spiritual Man.)

As a result of the fall of man, the "first man" (rebellious Adam) opposes being "slain" and he OPPOSES having his life counted as dead and hidden in Christ. Hence that "first man" in his rebellion, he himself stands in the temple of God (in his own heart) and he himself occupies the place of Christ -in the temple of God (which temple we are) and he steadfastly refuses (except in lip service) to deny himself and be "in Spirit and in Truth" (what he is) slain and hidden in Christ...and instead, "in his own rebellious spirit and in his own perception of truth" he continues to exalt himself "above God" and all that is called God, AKA., above Jesus Christ. Unrepentant in heart and mind, the self-willed soul of man resists and opposes "the Will of the Father" which thing is that he (the fallen man/Adam) must be "done away with" and "become hidden in" the Second Man (Jesus Christ) and he does so to his own destruction.

Man deceives his own heart: he steadfastly continues in his error (to be like God) and stubbornly persists in his folly (humanism and/or Christianized Humanism), and justifies himself in his own sight -as he thinks in his heart (i.e., deceived, hiding his own rebellion from himself) -so is he yet deceived and rebellious in his heart. He hides himself from his own flesh, refuses to acknowledge his own self-determination and will not agree with God (or admit even to himself) that he is yet REBELLIOUS in his heart --he thinks of himself as right in his own sight, justifies himself according to the counsel of his own mind and continues to do whatsoever seems right in his own sight -he is a rebellious "house" every man doing that which is right in his own sight, walking in the counsel of his own mind, opposing himself by resisting the Will of God: which is that he be slain in Christ and repent of the evil: to do our own will and not the will of the Father. "But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.(Isa.64:6)

Since this is the nature of the "old man" and these are the works of the unregenerate soul -in the deception of the mind of man -striving to perfect himself (humanism) is it any wonder that the LORD is calling the Church TO REPENT of having returned to those very same DEAD WORKS! Because we have committed the keeping of our souls to Him -and because He is Faithful as the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls -God will do whatever He must do to turn us from these things and back to Him. As Paul said to those "foolish Galatians" who tried to end/complete in the flesh what was begun in the Spirit -do you not hear the Law? 

If we continue to walk "as Adam" by stiving to perfect ourselves "with our faith and by our knowledge of the word" instead 
of resting in Him, accepting the His Finished -and receiving Him Who is the Living Word (Jesus Christ) as the Fulfillment of e-v-e-r-y commandment found in scripture,  then should we not also soberly consider Adam's judgment -and his end?

"That man" (Adam) opposes God and vaunts himself against the things of the Spirit of God --he is the "son of perdition" rejecting the Truth in favor of the counsel of his own mind, -his own soul (the Mind of Man has become his own god.) He is REBELLIOUS against God and His Christ! "That man" (rebellious Adam, "the son of perdition") walks the earth "as one man" whose body has many members, -figuratively, a collective tabernacle of flesh in the earth referred to as a rebellious house -man's flesh "tent" that houses a spirit of rebellion; he has been taken captive of Satan: and is blinded by the god of this world.
If unsaved, he is under the CONTROL OF or (if saved and yet rebellious) he is under the ungodly influence of Satan's own rebellious Anti-Christ spirit.

The rebellious first man still vaunts himself "against Christ" (humanism) and he stands in the temple of God -in man's own heart man exalts himself in this tabernacle of flesh and proclaims himself "as God." The many members "of his body" taken captive by him to do his will are figuratively/collectively" as one man" and he is "Anti-Christ".

Taken captive through his own lusts (1Jn.2:16) deceiving his own self in his conceits/this man is that "one man" who is "LOST" (Jn.17:12) And he is lost because he chooses to love a lie (2Thes.2:10) and he opposes/and hates the Truth. And he refuses (John. 3:20) to re-pent in HIM who is the Truth to be "kept in Him" -and be converted (changed by exchange) by/and hid in Him (Jn.17:12) by the Word of Truth sent by God: "In Jesus Christ" who is God! Jesus referred to that "one man" as him who is "lost". (John 17:12 )

Motivated by Satan's rebellious/anti-Christ spirit "the body of that one man" -the son of perdition (who has many members of his body) is typified in the spirit of/and deeds of Judas. Judas himself represents (is an example of) those who reject Christ and "who do the will of Satan in their hearts and minds" being ruled from within by Satan -doing the will of Satan, carrying out the work of Satan -deceiving and opposing & betraying Jesus Christ. (...and whose end is as Judas -in self destruction.)

Remember: Satan came down to earth to work his own will (which was to exalt himself above all that is called God, and exalt his will above the will of God and he was determined to be "like the Most High God" and to set himself upon the seat of spiritual authority, on the Throne of God -which is in the hearts and minds of men.

Just as he beguiled Eve: through logic + reasoning which Satan mixed with twisted knowledge of what "God had said" -so too, he has used the SAME devices to deceive many: Satan has turned, twisted and perverted the written word of God in order to beguile the minds of men to cause man to believe the lie of the garden (i.e., that man can be like God/or like Jesus) and to cause man to exalt himself against the knowledge of God: and to oppose the "will of God which is in Jesus Christ."

Satan disguises himself as an "angel of light" (as Truth) deceiving millions into doing his will by making his will appear to be the will of God...and Satan disguises his own works as though they were the works of God -and he beguiles the mind of men using lies disguised as "gospel truth" -and through the conceit of knowledge according to what men see happening, he even convinces man that what man is doing is in fact, the glory of God!

Satan works his will in the hearts of men "to be like the Most High God" and he declares himself to be "the Christ"
which means: the "anointed" of God -vs.- Jesus Christ, who is HIMSELF the "Anointed One" of the Father.  


We (all mankind) have been given two VERY OPPOSITE CHOICES -Jesus Christ (we are either FOR HIM) --OR-- we are against Christ, i.e., "Anti-Christ".

AS BELIEVERS if we "name the Name of Christ" -on behalf of those who "call upon the Name" of the Lord, HE will move heaven and earth -if necessary, to turn us back to Him! But woe unto us if we stubbornly choose to EXALT OURSELVES, for then we "who name the name of Christ" must needs be humbled. Either we make the choice now to "fall upon the Stone" and be humbled (broken)-either we choose to be: slain/hidden in Him/by Him, or that Stone will fall upon us and it (HE) will grind us (our idolatrous selves) to powder.

If we continue to vaunt our own will (to be like God, AKA like Jesus) by which we do oppose the will of God in Christ Jesus, then there is nothing left for us -who trample the blood of the Son of God underfoot, -than a "fearful looking to of judgment"! We (His own people called by his Name) must repent by asking Jesus Christ to grant us repentance and rest, by asking Him to hide us in HIMSELF and by asking Him by grace to count us as DEAD (slain by Him and with Him and in Him) on the Cross/so that we can in Spirit and in Truth say: "I" am crucified with Christ" and my life is hid in God IN CHRIST who Himself is my "Life" and my Peace (my complete reconciliation to God) which is in Him/by Him through the faith of Him by the grace of Him. {There is a lot of difference between the pride of the pharisee and the humility of the publican who said: "Lord have mercy upon me, a sinner" -lest we behave as the pharisee, we ought to keep in mind that "we" are all SINNERS saved by grace and our heart cry must be: "I" am crucified with Christ..."HE" must increase, "I" must decrease...rather than the proud attitude of the pharisee's heart: "I thank God I know who I am") for there is only One who is entitled to say: "I AM"

By grace in the humility of Christ, "I" must (agree to) R.I.P. in Him who has reconciled me to Himself in Christ, who HIMSELF is The Second Adam, the One New Man the Anointed of the Father, Jesus Christ who IS HIMSELF the Only "Man" who will be found "Faithful" and "True" as it is written: Let GOD be true, but every man a liar." (Rom.3:4)

If we refuse to choose the "gift of Grace" which is Jesus Christ, -then by default we have actually chosen to be judged as Adam... (DECEIVED in his thinking still striving to reach what he believes is his own full potential: to be like God) by not accepting that IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH God has already judged that work, IN CHRIST...and that in Adam, there is no "Life" -for "in Adam" all die...(i.e., eternal separation from God.)

We must die: one Way or the other!
Either by grace "in Christ" where all are made alive through HIM who HIMSELF is The LIFE
or in opposistion to Christ, we can stubbornly choose to vaunt ourselves as man whose "own image" he worships...
(stubbornness is as idolatry.) We can choose to continue in the "folly of man" by which man strives to be his own god
or like God/or even "like Jesus" -which are all just different variations of the same lie of the serpent
that will cause MANY to spend eternity separated FROM God.  


There are (figuratively) TWO MEN "in the field" (i.e., the earth.) One will be taken, the other left. IN THAT DAY, two women will be grinding...(figurative of the two houses of the souls of men) One is the "House of God" and the other is the "House of Harlotry." Like a thief who steals in unaware, -in that night ONE (the Bride) will be taken, and the other (the Harlot) will be left. In that night (a time of great spiritual deception) there will be TWO MEN Luke 17:34 in "one bed" (in circumstances common to man) the One will be taken, the other left...

Summary: the heart of the apostasy is manifested in I, me, my: of who "I AM" and what I CAN do with what I know and with what God has given me. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is...not about "I, me, or my" but about Jesus Christ! It is not who we are in Christ, but Who HE IS for us, and in us. And it is not about what we do with what God has given us but rather it is all about what HE has done AND what HE will do with Who He gave us!!!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the "gospel of grace and peace" -it is not about "my works of my faith" (but His, by Him) it is not man's pursuit of information and his insatiable hunger for k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e, not a quest for self-enlightenment AND it is not about personal empowerment of self - so that "I" can "be all that I can be"---THAT is the humanist manifesto regardless of how much twisting of the written "word of God" is used to teach it, it is still humanism! AND THOSE WHO PRACTICE IT HAVE BECOME THEIR OWN GOD.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about "behavioral sciences" or self analysis or self realization, nor is it about exerting psycho-social-mind-science-metaphysical control to alter ourselves, our circumstances or that of others (which is witchcraft.)

The true GOSPEL "OF GRACE and PEACE" is the GIFT OF REPLACEMENT of I, of me and of my with HIM, HE and HIS by grace IN/THROUGH the finished work of Our Lord & Savior: JESUS CHRIST which HE HAS WORKED IN HIMSELF by His death on the cross, who now "hides us" IN HIMSELF to the glory OF "HIM" (GOD the Father) who is at work in us (through Christ in us, the Hope of Glory) both to will and to do of "HIS" good pleasure!

Pray, ask the Father to make known what He wants made known to you through Jesus Christ Our Lord!


"Noteye" (cf. Gal.2:20)   M. Weiland