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(An exhortation to repentance and rest.)
An Open Letter to ALL the Churches

"Two Men" "Two Women"
"Two Gospels" "Two Houses"

"The mystery" of the gospel: "Christ" (in us) "The Hope of glory"

Before you begin reading this, please pause (in a spirit of meekness as one having a teachable spirit) and ask the Father to give Understanding by His Spirit through Jesus Christ, in and for you on your behalf. Then as you read, ask the Lord to keep you from submitting these things to your own understanding, but by His grace to defer to Him instead. (Prov. 2:3 lift up thy voice for understanding; Prov. 3:5-8 Ps. 119:73, 125, 144) as it is written: "He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding." (Prov.15:32)

There are concurrently TWO different GOSPELS preached within "Christendom" in these last days. There is the gospel "of Jesus Christ" which is: "The Gospel of grace and peace" and there is "another gospel" which is a gospel of man's u-s-e of faith and of his personal transformation "of self" by the empowerment of man which is: "Christianized Humanism".

The people of God have ignorantly partaken "of the table and the cup of the Lord" and "of the table and the cup of devils" by embracing vain philosophies of men (humanism) and the false "sciences of man" sociology, anthropology, psychology etc. which are insidiously evil in that they are disguised as good and taught as truth but are in fact, gross error and extremely evil.

It is humbling to have to acknowledge that we as human beings -in spite of all we think we know -are not Omniscient as God. It is humbling to have to acknowledge that we are but mere men -and as such, we are yet vulnerable to deception. It may turn out that "deception" has become God's antidote (turning evil to good) to the pride of man (both the saved and the unsaved) -we will either turn back to Him because of what our self-deception does to us -as we reap the fruit of it, -or we will vaunt ourselves even to our own destruction..

So deceptive are these philosophies of men and these falsely so-called sciences that they have been widely accepted and freely incorporated into our teachings ("a modern gospel") and into our thought processes so much so that they have become an integral part of our very lives. These philosophies of men and man's "false sciences" appeal quite naturally to human perception: to our intellect: to man's powers of reason and logic and thus, more often than not, they are wholeheartedly embraced even by those who consider themselves to be the most discerning of believers.

Obtaining the kingdom and corrupting by flatteries

Such is the snare of the fowler, Satan has selected those things which he knows very well will appeal most to the vanity of the human psyche -then he flatters and seduces the minds of unwary men using man's own so-called wisdom: his learning and his "higher knowledge".

So successful has Satan been in his "seduction of Christianity" that the "gospel of Jesus Christ" has been thoroughly upstaged by the "gospel of man": this gospel of man is a nasty conglomeration of rather appealing self-help methodologies that emphasize and encourage: self-awareness (formerly known as self-centeredness) and the esteeming of one's own "self" (formerly known as self-conceit) and the developing of one's own self-image (formerly known as vanity) leading to the inevitable goals of self-realization (formerly known as pride) and self-glorification (formerly known as: self-deification) and self-gratification (formerly known as self-indulgence, carnality, materialism and lust.)

Consider the fact that the Lord's definition/and His example of "love" is not merely an emotion but it means to give up one's self (even as He laid down His own life for us) and His command to us is that we are to present our SELVES (lives) as a "living sacrifice" to Him, to surrender, deny, and lay down "self." Compare John 3:16 with 1 John 3:16 -the "laying down of our lives" to HIM is: the denial of our own mind/our own way of thinking and human reasonings (in submission to His) -which He has every right to require because the surmisings of the natural mind (self) are enmity against the things of the Spirit.

The "laying down of our lives" (aka: "self") is also the denial of our own will (in submission to the Will of the Father, just as Jesus came not to do "His own will but the Father's") The denying of "self" also includes the submission of our own emotions (through Him and to Him) in that we do not walk by/are not to be led by our carnal desires, or lusts and are not to be led by our emotions/our feelings either but rather are required to submit them (by grace/through Christ, in us) to Him (which is what "our obedience" in and through the "obedience of Christ" in us is all about/it is the obedience of Christ which God works for us (through Christ in us) which is what His "Lordship" is all about! When was the last time you heard a sermon preached based upon this scripture: "And why call ye Me, LORD, LORD, and do not the things which I SAY?" (Luke 6:46 emphasis added)

Understanding the nature and tendencies of man, it is no wonder Jesus told us: Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that go in thereat but narrow is The Way that leads to Life, and few there be that find it. Willingly taking up the cross and denying "self" (not self-denial but denying the "self": --denying our own mind as our god, surrendering of our will to the will of the Father and refusing to be led in the flesh by our feelings and our emotions) and the practice of humility (bowing of our mind, our will and emotions -deferring to Him in everything) even refusing to exalt ourselves and instead esteeming others more highly than ourselves (all that used to be the basic tenets of Christian faith) are now viewed as: personality disorders of religious fanatics, regarded as pious asceticism or the self-abasing antics of misguided impoverished souls who are suffering from some kind of an identity crisis.

In today's widely accepted "humanistic gospel" (taught in the churches) -biblically sound essential concepts of humility and denial of self are not overtly but instead are indirectly repudiated and summarily replaced by man's own self-centered and contradictory philosophies. In today's "more practical gospel" man has re-written the gospel for himself by means of re-defining its terms and giving new supposedly "more relative" meaning to scripture: seeing no need of self abasement or denial of self, man's "own gospel" now portrays himself as having fallen victim to (what is in reality a form of inverse pride, which man has cleverly re-defined as) low self-esteem, low self-worth and a poor self image.

In a clever reversal of the command to humble self, man now uses the man-made doctrines of psychology to justify himself in man's blatant solicitation of ego pumping positive strokes and self-justification of him "self" in pursing whatever seems right, or feels good and "seems positive" to supposedly edify one's "self" even through unabashed flattery. The primary tenets of the "politically correct" but biblically damnable "gospel of self" are summed up in the humanist motto: "be all that you can be" -we are now taught that you just need to know who you are, have faith in yourself and believe in the God, -who believes in you!

The false gospel now combines these corrupt demonically inspired psycho-social-behavioral "oppositions of science" (falsely so-called sciences) with mind-science theology which has been disguised as biblically sound doctrine taught under various deceptive misnomers as: the "word of Faith" and/or "positive faith" and/or "possibility thinking," -even as a seemingly solid "biblically-fundamental" and very popular practice of : standing on "selective promises" until we get what we were "believing God for" -all of which in fact, fosters idolatrous self-sovereignty while we are told is it is just: "exercising our faith".

ADD TO THIS DECEPTION even more IDOLATROUS WAYS: the fact that for generations pastors, popes, ministers, priests and rabbis alike have taught us doctrines and teachings and commandments of men from man's understanding of scripture. Regardless of how well intentioned, self-sacrificing and/or noble the men, men have for generations been following doctrines of men, who have been following-men-who-follow still more men -to the point that the men who teach us and the very doctrines (beliefs) we choose to adhere to have themselves become our idols (which we will vehemently defend as though they were "gospel truth" simply because men used "scripture" to teach them and because many of these things do "get results.")

We do obeisance to men, to their ministries and we venerate their teachings -so much that we tie our identity to these men AND to their teachings...(one says I am of Paul, another says he is of Apollos etc...) to the extent that the churches have become high places of false worship where we follow after gods whom we know not: that which has been born of the mind of man has subverted the counsel of God by His Spirit to the extent that The Mind of Man has literally become our god by which we accept or reject whatever seems right in our sight according to the teachings, doctrines and commandments of men.

And as we have turned further and further from God, to follow men, their ministries and their teachings, -what has served to reinforce us in our idolatry is the fact that "our teachers" (not just popes but priests, pastors -our educators and teachers have become "spiritual gurus" who rule over the flock of God according to their own knowledge and understanding of scripture; and they) encourage us (to do exactly as they do and to follow them in their error) to follow the counsel of our own minds according to our own understanding of scripture.

Meanwhile, the Truth of God's "word" is leavened with gross error (stemming from the fact that -in our ways and our doings, we have left Jesus Himself, outside the door of our hearts, minds and churches: the Spirit of the Word of God has been left by the wayside. In fact, in the Book of the revelation of Jesus Christ, in the Letters which HE HIMSELF sent by His Spirit TO THE CHURCHES, He tells us that He stands outside the door of the churches knocking: He knocks as the written word has been thoroughly perverted in its meaning by many generations of men who have hallowed the practice of mixing "what God hath said" with man's own ungodly logic and ungodly reasoning.

A Little Leaven, leaveneth the Whole Lump

From one generation to the next line-upon-line of false teachings -based upon cleverly twisted doctrines are reinforced and perpetuated --until they have become "etched in the stony hearts of His people" by means of instructing people to go "to the Bible" and "see for themselves". At face value "to look in the Bible to see for yourself" may seem like the best way to "know truth from error" but it completely ignores the fact that anyone (including Satan himself) can "use scripture" to support almost anything you want people to believe. And while people are busy seeing "for themselves" and are industriously "searching the word" according to the understanding man has given them, week after week, year after year God's people are stuffed to the gills with what seems to the eyes and ears of men to be "biblically sound doctrine" and so, man continues in his folly -and the LORD continues to call THE CHURCHES TO REPENT: because we have departed from the Truth in our apostacy and He bids us all to return to HIM in Spirit and in Truth!(to return to Jesus Christ: to be "pent up"-hid in God in Christ.)

Meanwhile, men build institutions of higher learning (dung) so that men can teach men how to teach and what to preach... seminaries churn out multitudes "who went but were never SENT BY GOD with what they went with" filling the missionary field with armchair analysts and singing shrinks, an army of virtual dung beetles -who wrest (turn and twist the meaning of) God's written word and harden the people's hearts against the Truth by His Spirit (while HE stands outside knocking...)

The flock of God is force fed trampled down fodder and given muddy waters to drink by those who leaven the Truth of God's word with a woman's touch --which is men adding their own ungodly counsel via the mind/souls of men. It is the perverse counsel of the serpent to the mind of man: from Eve to Dame Folly, from Jezebel to The Mother of Harlots --the counsel of the mind of man mixed with reason and logic concerning what God hath said and thoroughly leavened with the lie -that focuses on man and what he thinks he can be, -is wickedness: "I suffer not a woman to teach".

This vanity fare and the folly it births is hallowed in the hearts of God's people since they believe what they are told (having a pulpit mentality) God's people believe that the instruction they are given is "scriptural guidance" because they are told that it comes from the word of God (which is a 1/2 truth) and then we are to "go to the word" to hear from God and to get confirmation from "the Bible" (another 1/2 truth) concerning whatever we hear -but very few (if any) have noticed the subtle shift in focus that has taken place. God's people are not being directed to the Lord, they are being directed "to the word" (to scripture itself) -not to the Lord Himself, who is the Living Word -but to the Bible itself. And more correctly stated: God's people are being directed to man's understanding of scripture both to lead and to confirm what they teach. (The perfect formula for folly.) His people should be directed TO THE LORD and taught "to go to Him" and to "ask Him" who is the Living Word to take us to His writen word and by His grace reveal HIMSELF not only as as: The Way, but also as The Truth and The Life.

Once we've been directed "to the word" we are then taught how to become the "Judges and Discerners" of what is or is not truth: and to affirm or reject whatsoever is or is not right in our sight -according to what we see "in the Bible." After that pattern is established, we are taught how to "use the word" for empowerment to enable or equip us (another 1/2 truth) so that we can "know for ourselves what is truth and what is error" -as though our understanding of the letter of the written word of God IS THE SAME AS seeking the "Counsel of Him" by Him who is: The Fountain of Living Water: who is HIMSELF the "Living Word." Add these things together with the natural tendency of man to follow whatever seems right in his own sight according to the counsel of his own mind and man becomes "unteachable" in what-he-knows-that-he-knows-that-he-knows. You then have the perfect recipe for the "apostasy of Christianity" with it's bastard child: "Christianized Humanism".

Woman/the Soul/the Mind Beguiled

It is no wonder why (considering the nature of man, and the conceit of knowledge) it is written: "And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know." (1 Cor.8:2) Man knows nothing -as he ought to know. Jesus Christ is the only Man, who does.

The true Gospel of grace and peace is the gospel "of Jesus Christ." Also known as the gospel "OF CHRIST," the true gospel teaches that salvation (and the "works which do follow" saving faith) are both entirely accomplished "by Him in Himself" which means through Him and in Him and by Him by the faith OF JESUS . Not by our own faith but by the faith that is "OF HIM" -i.e., by the faith OF JESUS -by faith which is worked in and for us -but which is of, by, through and in Him alone (Gal 2:16, Gal. 2:20, 3:22 Eph.3:12) being fully accomplished by the Lord "by Him in Himself".

ALL OF HIM and none "of us" lest any "man" should boast! (Is that plain, or what?) THAT is the simplicity that is "in Christ"--away from which the serpent (just as he beguiled Eve) has beguiled the Church through his subtlety and has corrupted the minds of the people of God and the men who lead (and teach) them -to follow "another Jesus" and teach another "gospel" (2 Cor.11:3, 4) Men deceived in the understanding of their own minds by the conceit of what man thinks is right in his own sight, -is the folly of man, -led not of the Spirit but according to his own soul/represented by the woman -who usurps the authority of the Spirit, and becomes deceived/the beguiled minds of mankind.

The churches have thus become as the foolish Galatians, bewitched and thoroughly beguiled in the flesh and are calling it, led of the Spirit. In the flesh, OPPOSING that which was "worked in Christ" for us, being led of our own minds, i.e., carnality of the mind can be manifested materialistically -and that is fairly easy to recognize, but there are those who perceive/think themselves to be spiritual that are just as intellectually beguiled and carnal in their understanding (in spite of the fact that they know every dot and tittle of the written word which they can quote backward and forward) and still others manifest the carnality of their minds -piously, through asceticism. It is difficult for the human mind (soul) to accept that it is Jesus, only Jesus Christ, Him alone -and not, I.

CONTRARY TO WHAT IS CURRENTLY TAUGHT "GRACE" does not mean that "we" gain personal empowerment of self but rather grace means: not us, not our works, -not even works of our faith but by the faith: OF THE SON OF God (Gal.2:20 Old K.J.V.) --faith which is of and through Him, by and in Him who Himself is the Author of "our faith" which GOD Himself works THROUGH JESUS CHRIST in us by the work of His Son (by Him, through Him and in Him) who is Himself also the Finisher of that faith which we call "our faith".

Our faith and our works are supposed to be understood to meanthat it is not ours but HIS (but referred to as "ours" because they are HIS, in us and for us, BY CHRIST -in us.) Not works "of our faith" but rather God's "WORKS BY CHRIST" (in us) BY THE FAITH OF JESUS CHRIST (for us) referred to as our faith in the written word --which is the faith of those who are dead and hid "IN CHRIST" (not theirs, but His! Not I, but Christ!) THAT is what "in Christ" "in the Lord" and "in Him" means! The same THING is true concerning "works" -not ours, but His.

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