Behold, I do a New Thing (now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it?)

And the angel said unto Mary: "...that HOLY THING which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God..." Adam is the Old Thing. IN CHRIST behold: the LORD HIMSELF does a "New Thing." (cf. Isiah 43 + 2Cor.5:17) The "old dead things" (we/Adam) are "passed away" and IN CHRIST all things become new. ASK THE LORD HOW "all things become new"! JESUS IS THE "NEW THING" that GOD has done! JESUS HIMSELF IS THE "NEW MAN." HE IS THE SECOND ADAM in and by whom we are counted as dead and our life hid in Him and by Him. We (dead Adam) are to "PUT ON CHRIST" and be clothed with Him, as our covering, as our Righteousness, as our Holiness, as our justification, as our redemption our all, and in all -on behalf of all, who receive Him!

The subtle shift that has taken place in the "other gospel" is that the focus (on Jesus Christ) has been shifted to put the emphasis on us, (to what we are and who we are in Christ) -so that we (and not the Lord Jesus Christ alone) have ourselves become the empowered "operative person" who now has "God's power" for us to use! Although the scripture does say that "ye shall be endued with power from on High after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" ...have you ever asked THE LORD what HE MEANT when HE SAID:" ye shall be endued with p-o-w-e-r from on High"? God does not think as we think, and His ways and His words -are not as ours are. So, how is it that we presume to know what HE MEANT unless we ASK HIM?

The Spirit of Jesus Christ, God's Spirit is the Holy Spirit. After the Holy Ghost is come upon us, Christ HE HIMSELF (in us and for us) is the power. Not us empowered by Him but JESUS HIMSELF is the power, who (by His Spirit) comes to dwell in us! In the vanity of man's pursuit of p-o-w-e-r, we have conveniently forgotten that the "power of God" is not a force - that "Holy Thing" that God has worked IN CHRIST by His birth (and through the work of His death and resurrection) is not a force but a WHO! Jesus Christ is the "Word of God" and "HE" HIMSELF is the "power of God".

When we say there is POWER "in the Name of" Jesus, we must remember that Jesus Christ is the power of His Name. But this does not mean "a power" as we in our natural understanding tend to think of power. HE HIMSELF IS THE POWER of HIS NAME: NOT A FORCE, but the very person of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. HIS NAME is WHO HE IS and "IN MY NAME" or "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" means: "THE PERSON OF" Jesus Christ! (HE HIMSELF is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe, adhere to and give themselves up to HIM!) Think in terms of "not a what" but "a Who"! Not "a power" but HE HIMSELF! The same is true regarding the "power in the Blood". HE HIMSELF SAID: "I AM the Life" and the Life is "in the Blood" HE HIMSELF is the "power in the Blood" -which is the Life of "Jesus Christ" who's own "Life" is His gift to us in the place of/by replacement of His Life for our own (selah.)

HIM standing in our place (as our "ALL" on behalf of all who will receive Him) as our "replacement" -not only to be hidden in Him but replaced by Him (abiding in Him & HIM in us: as our new "Life") -not just taking our place "once upon a Cross".

The true gospel of grace and peace teaches that we are counted as dead and "our own lives" are not e-m-p-o-w-e-r-e-d! We ourselves are reckoned as dead and HIDDEN IN GOD IN CHRIST. Far from us being personally empowered, we/ourselves/the first Adam have been "crucified with and in Christ". The LORD HIMSELF who is Himself the Second Adam has (by the work of Christ on the cross) taken the old man/us/Adam and has made him a kind of burnt offering unto God: he has reduced us unto "dust and ashes" (dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.)

IN CHRIST, God has REPLACED US by and with and in CHRIST who is the NEW MAN (in and by whom we are dead and our life is hid!) JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF (The Second Adam) is the one "New Man" who alone is called Faithful and True. Every other man is a liar. If we are not to be ashamed at His coming, then we must be counted as dead and hid in Him. In order to be counted as "faithful" we/Adam must be dead "in Him" and replaced "by Him." The Second Man is the LORD "HIMSELF" (1Cor.15:45-47) HE IS the NEW MAN who stands "in place of" (and "works the works for" the first man/for and instead of fallen Adam! (not I, but Christ!)

Jesus Christ (by His work on the cross) has slain the old "man" and hidden him IN HIMSELF -and God hath raised up Jesus Christ in our place and HE has HIMSELF become the "NEW Life" which (if we are "dead and hid" in Him) now count HIM as our new "Life" !

The Only Begotten Son

BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD God purposed IN CHRIST to "crucify us" (the first man) and by our death "in Christ" on the cross to "hide man" in Himself -for to make IN HIMSELF of twain ONE New Man (i.e., the LORD HIMSELF) that HE might reconcile both unto God "in one body" by the cross. The gospel of grace declares "we are made new" in the sense that we are to "put on THAT New Man" whom GOD raised up which is the LORD JESUS CHRIST/which GOD calls the "New Creature" -not "earthy" or "of the earth" like unto the First Adam, CHRIST is raised the SPIRITUAL "New Man" -in whom "we + our life" are dead and hid.

God has One Only Begotten Son, (John 1:18) "in whom" it has pleased Him by His grace to accept (HIDE in Himself) many "sons by adoption" only by and through "faith in Him" by the faith which is OF HIM and BY HIM, -which is His GIFT to us, in the person of Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father.

"IN MY NAME" means "IN THE PERSON OF" (AND BY) JESUS CHRIST! Only as "dead men who are hidden in Christ" are we counted "as sons of God" --not by our works, merit or performance, but BY ADOPTION ONLY. (Not by virtue of who we are, but who He is and what HE has done.) Instead of vaunting OURSELVES "as sons of God" we ought to be on our faces with the same attitude as Paul (who considered himself to be the chiefest of sinners, without merit or position in and of himself.) We ought to stop displaying/flaunting ourselves "as sons of God" (something JESUS never did in the flesh) and start acknowledging that we are in reality only "dust and ash" members of His body that HE HAS graciously condescended to "hide in" HIMSELF...humbling ourselves at His Feet acknowledging that HE is the only "MAN" worthy to stand before God.

I am the LORD, I am God, I change not...therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed...we are "sons of Jacob" twisting, turning and supplanting even the things of God, and only because of His Mercy and His Grace -by the blood of Jesus -we are not destroyed when we come before God. The "LIFE" is IN THE BLOOD --"claiming the POWER of the Blood of Jesus" is to claim JESUS as our LIFE who HIMSELF now stands IN OUR PLACE "for us" (before the Father) with us hidden in Himself who has become our shield, HE Himself stands for us as "our" HOLINESS and as "our" perfection before a Holy God who demands that we be Holy as He is Holy and Perfect as our heavenly Father is Perfect...JESUS stand "for us" (with us hidden in Himself) as "our" righteousness, and as "our" only justification and as "our" salvation "saved and justified" by the faith of Him and He now stands as "our" our all, in all on behalf of all, who receive Him. "Dead and hidden" in Him, means: NO FLESH will glory in His presence!

"All hail THE POWER of Jesus' Name"

Many have chosen instead to vaunt men who now think that God sent His Only Begotten Son so that they THEMSELVES could "be empowered to be" LIKE HIM so THEY could be enabled by the p-o-w-e-r of His Spirit to "work the works" of God for God, "like God".

The words of the serpent to mankind in the Garden of Eden: ye shall be as well as Satan's temptation of Christ in the wilderness is even now being whispered to men (as "sons of God") who have itching ears -as the serpent says to them: "IF THOU BE" a son of God, do this ...and "IF THOU BE" the son of God, do that... So men run to and fro, after gifts and after knowledge (which man considers power) for personal empowerment. And by "faith power" men attempt to demonstrate THEIR so-called God given powers and men try to develop their so-called personal "potential" as sons of God in their own right: instead of: us, wretched men that we are "believing God" and counting ourselves as dead hidden in Him -Christ, in us (for us) the Hope of glory.

The gift of God's grace is that (it hath pleased the Father that) His Son, JESUS CHRIST would "HIMSELF BE our all, and in all" on "behalf of all" who will receive Him. It hath pleased the Father that "ALL THINGS" sould be "of Him" and "by Him" and "in Him".

"THIS is THAT" manifest "Wisdom of God" that "we by grace" should (R.I.P) REST IN HIM while HE HIMSELF works the works by His Own Hand in and by Christ in us, the Hope of glory. HE IS the manifest "Wisdom of God" that we are to "put on" the "New Man" (the LORD JESUS CHRIST) asking Him to hide us in Himself and "work the works" for us.

But instead of (James 3:17) "His Wisdom" we teach (James 3:15) our own: i.e., that we (ourselves) are that "New Man" -and that we are empowered by Him and by what He did, so that He could give us His p-o-w-e-r so that we can now do HIS works for Him --so that we can now "be all that we were meant to be". And we piously thank God "for His grace" (by which we can reach our full potential, as we see it) because of "our knowledge of and the power of" His written word and by virtue of the faith that we have... we now have the power, power, POWER...and soon: nothing will be impossible, for us... what's wrong with this picture? :- (

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

The mystery of the Gospel (not I, but Christ in us, the Hope of glory) has been updated by-man-for-man and has been made to conform to man's own Hu-man-ist Man-i-festo. Literally, human beings manifesting themselves and their works, as gods -in their own right. While people shout and sing about who they are and what they are called to be and what they say God has given man "in the name of Jesus" -you might want to pause and consider your ways and your doings: If the devil really is "under your feet" as you say, then bless God -y'all must have your foot in your mouth...step back from all the hallelujah glory to God sounding hype (about who we think we are and what we think we are doing for God) -and take an honest look at what's been coming out of your mouth!

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...and...every tree is known by its fruit. The fruit of a thing is NOT seen in signs (no matter how many, no matter how real) nor is it in lying wonders! The fruit of a thing is NOT seen in the number of disciples or devotees in the following, the fruit of a thing is evident in "who or what" it is really pointing you to: does it point you to JESUS CHRIST and HIM ALONE as the "NEW MAN" in whom we are DEAD AND OUR LIFE IS HID --or does it point you to yourself, to who you are and to what "man" can become, does it point you to "another jesus and another gospel"?

Instead of: I live, nevertheless not I but Christ -under the guise of true Christianity, we are taught an endless series of ungodly "man-centered how to" sermons, lectures and seminars telling man how to "know who we are" in Christ, how to "be all that we can be" professionally, politically, spiritually, emotionally, financially etc. And since (to man) knowledge is power, we are even taught how to use the written word of God, in order to achieve "our god-like full potential" and how to "scripturally activate" our god-like so-called faith and how to increase our supposedly scriptural knowledge and strengthen ourselves by and through acts of "our faith" -so that we can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

And in our quest to reach our full potential as "sons" of God, the next logical step toward "godhood" is for us to learn how we can access and/or tap into the p-o-w-e-r of the Spirit which "man-says-has-been-given-to-man-for-man" -to use. Forgetting that ALL THINGS are 'IN CHRIST' (in Him, of Him, for His use by Him) in our presumptive vain-glorying in the flesh, we are now being told that God has given us everything that we need in order for us to achieve "GOD-LIKE-NESS." We can be like the Most High God, we can be like JESUS!

Thine is the Kingdom...but the Power, and the Glory are...?

Men are now taught in Christendom that if we perform the necessary mental and verbal spiritual gymnastics and if we are diligent, (empowered of course -by our knowledge of the word and by grace) -if we work very hard at exercising our faith, then "we can be" like the Most High God! aka: Humanism. People are not seeking His Face as much as they are His hands...people want what works! Few are seeking the kingdom of God: the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Righteousness that is OF HIM. Multitudes are however seeking to fill their bellies: hungering for "signs and wonders". The goal of this other gospel has become the escape from pain and suffering -physically, emotionally, economically etc. and many succeed --but have they counted the cost?

Men are now taught enlightenment and empowerment of the self {of "I, me, myself"} and how to tap into the power of our god-like mind, use the determination {power} of our god-like will, by the power of our use of scripture: producing man-ifest-ations by means of the words of our mouths, by means of that which we have projected mentally and/or declared verbally (which is plain old witchcraft) is taught that he can be like "like Jesus" (like God) -and do the works of God --NOT BY CHRIST instead of us but we/ourselves because He EMPOWERS US!

A demonically inspired form of "Christianized Humanism" is being cloaked with hype, wrapped in Bible terminology, cleverly disguised and enthusiastically presented as the gospel of Jesus is catching on like wild-fire (false fire from heaven) and is becoming increasingly more and more popular --not because it is the Truth, but simply because it gives man the tangible results that he has always wanted: because "he can do it" and he sees results, --he falls for it because it sounds right to him, it is what he has always wanted --and most important to him, it really works!

The Lord Himself warned a certain "evangelist" to preach "THE GOSPEL" in a telling vision that the Lord gave to him of a man (which he knew represented himself, which he was shown in an open vision) --he was burning with flames of fire in horrible anguish gnashing his teeth -and the Lord spoke to this man (who is preaching "another gospel") and three times warned him (woe, woe, woe unto him) if he did not preach THE GOSPEL. Of course, the understanding of that vision (as a warning to repent) will no doubt differ in that man's own interpretation. Unfortunately, many idolize the man and hunger for his kind of ministry and have "been blessed" (given what they wanted) that they would be incensed at even the suggestion that he is anything but a worker of miracles and herald of the truth (or is that "angel of Light"?) God is his Judge. The question is not concerning the man, his motives or his intent -he really believes he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. But however sincere he may be, the question is about the fruit of the tree: to whom and to what does the message point? what we can have if we "only believe," who "we are" and what we can be, or to Jesus Christ and who HE IS!?

No matter how admirable the motives or how tangible the benefits received or even how "needful" the results in human matter how sincere, no matter how esteemed among men (man esteems man) his message is an abomination to God. Ten years ago, I was shown many things concerning ministries like his, and the Lord said (concerning this man and his ministry) that there would arise nine more like him, more powerful than he (-not in terms of monetary wealth, but in powers of deception -in the things which they TEACH. One of those nine (powerful men) teaches in a house made of glass...corrupting the minds of men amassing huge followings...kings in spiritual kingdoms ruling by flattery, powersof persuasion and merchandising the souls of men.

The heavenlies are "the places of spiritual authority." Michael the Archangel wages war against wickedness in heavenly places, even in the churches -where there is much wickedness in places of spiritual authority! The archangel Michael is God's agent whose purpose is to war against ALL who say they are/or who say they can be "like God". Michael the Archangel does battle against Satan --you do remember him, don't you ---he's the one who was THROWN OUT of heaven because he purposed in himself "to be like the Most High God".

Michael's very name MEANS "who is LIKE God!" In His Word, the Lord Himself has repeatedly declared: "I am the LORD, I am God -there is NONE like unto Me, nor will ever there be".


Consider carefully that the lie of the Garden of Eden was "ye shall be as/like God" must not be forgotten that Satan's lie was accepted as truth by using "what God had said." The serpent used "the words" of God together with reasoning and seemingly logical (even "word-based") appeals to man's intellect to entice mankind to be "like God". Satan worked his deception by presenting knowledge from the tree of knowledge as something that seemed good to make men wise and he presented his word-based reasoning and knowledge AS IF THAT KNOWLEDGE WAS THE SAME THING as the "knowledge of God".

And the serpent reasoned with her saying: for "God doth know" that... Seduced by knowledge which was perceived as good -through intellectual manipulation of human thoughts and by mixing "what God hath said" with REASONING and LOGICAL (word-based) appeals to the mind and perception of man, Satan deceived man into believing that by and through knowledge "man" can be "like God" --and "through knowledge" man can even have the "wisdom of God".

What the woman (mankind) could not foresee is that knowledge is not Wisdom! (Nor can the churches see that today!) Neither could men foresee the snare of Satan's seductive flattery (through knowledge of the word of God, "ye shall be as God") nor could man DISCERN the fact that the "knowledge of God" does not come from the tree of knowledge, nor is it obtained through "the faculties of the mind" -not by mental powers or processes nor thoughts of men, nor even through intellectual so-called spiritual analysis or careful study of wise and learned scribes, nor by word-based reasoning concerning what "God hath said" (not via our reasoning and thoughts concerning His written word) but it is the wisdom of God that "the Knowledge of God" is revealed by grace "in the Face of Jesus Christ". (-a gift of grace, not earned or learned)

"KNOWLEDGE OF GOD" comes from Him and is given by Him THROUGH HIM WHO IS THE LIVING WORD not from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil but by the Spirit of God: through His Spirit: by the Spirit of Counsel, by the Spirit of Might, by the SPIRIT OF KNOWLEDGE, by the Spirit of Understanding, by the Spirit of Truth, by the Spirit of Revelation, by the Spirit of Wisdom...which are the "seven spirits" OF THE LORD (aspects of His Holy Spirit) -which are also referred to in scripture as: the (7) "EYES OF THE LORD" ...and the seven stars/are the seven angels...He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith TO THE CHURCHES.

We are commanded to cast down our way of thinking (by asking Jesus Himself to be the casting down of our imaginations, for us -because they are innately vain) and we are commanded not "to lean unto our own understanding" (because of our self-conceits) and we are commanded instead to depart from our wickedness, humble ourselves and SEEK "HIS FACE." (that's where "the eyes" are.) God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble...

We are to seek His Face for His Understanding by the Spirit of Understanding...seeking His Face for His Counsel by His Spirit of Counsel, to obtain the Knowledge "of God" by the Spirit of Knowledge, and revelation of Him by the Spirit of Revelation and "to know" Truth from error (not by man's use of his own knowledge of what God hath said) but by the Spirit of Truth by the DISCERNING of the Spirit by Him Who is the Living Word, -by HIS SPIRIT: so that -by that same Spirit of Grace through the Spirit of Wisdom we might be given the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD that comes from Him, in Him, of Him, by Him, IN THE "FACE OF" JESUS CHRIST (not plucked by our own hands from a tree but "a gift of grace" that is "not earned nor learned" but revealed by His Spirit to whomsoever will SEEK/ASK HIM!)

The Heart of the Apostacy

There is a great deal of difference between seeking after knowledge -even knowledge which we ourselves derive from -what God hath said- in scripture, (from what we see in the written word) -and humbling ourselves before Him by taking His written word TO HIM and asking Him, seeking Him who IS THE WORD for knowledge of Him -that is then, "given by Him" by a gift of grace when HE CAUSES HIS "FACE" TO SHINE UPON US! He will "cause His Face to shine upon us" if we/Adam will humble ourselves BEFORE HIM and ASK HIM to take us to His Word and ASK HIM to REVEAL HIMSELF -that we may "SEE HIM" (to receive by revelation) as a Sovereign act (as a gift of grace, not of merit) from the Father by His Spirit who delights in blessing His children with the "Knowledge" of God through JESUS CHRIST, His Son -who is Himself, The Living Word.

The apostasy of Christianity is rooted in the ways of man in his pursuit of knowledge, in his perceiving "knowledge and information" as p-o-w-e-r. The very heart of the apostasy is in the way we make it a practice of obtaining knowledge through mental faculties/processes of the mind (soulish) by intellectual skill, (instead of from the Father, by His Spirit -through Christ in us, and for us) In the apostasy -everything revolves around working works of "our faith" through our educationally enabled minds walking according to our own "knowledge of the word" --even living our lives by scripture knowledge + by virtue of our own-god-powered will "believing God for" whatsoever we desire according to what we choose to see, believe and receive "from the word" according to our own selective perspective i.e., leaning stubbornly/idolatrously unto our own preferential understanding of "truth" -as we perceive it -and are personally "willing to receive" it -led not by His Spirit but in "obedience" to our own mind and will. (will-worship)

The stubbornness of our minds and our own thinking ARE our idols -as we tend to obey what we know according to our own god of self: the conclusions we draw become our doctrines (our idols) and our own mind and will (and feeling about things) becomes our god.

"If MY PEOPLE which are called by MY NAME will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray, and turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS"... THESE ARE "our wicked ways" from which we have not been turned -but have in fact, by our own leaders been ignorantly ENCOURAGED TO CONTINUE THEREIN ! God has allowed this because of our own refusal to hearken unto HIM, rejecting HIS Counsel in favor of the counsel of our own minds: doing whatsoever we perceive to be right in our sight according to our own knowledge and our understanding of what we (mere men) know-that-we-know-is -or is not so.

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