Deliver Us from (the) Evil

THE EVIL is to do our own will and not the will of the Father. Jesus Christ in us, with us hidden in Him and by Him is the "Will of the Father." In Zech. chapter 5 "WICKEDNESS" is represented as "a woman" that sitteth in the midst of the ephah --this is what Eve did. Eve -as one who did wickedly deceived in her mind/the soul, this fallen woman represents the deception of the mind (soul) of man by whom the harlotry of departing from the wisdom and the counsel of God began --in favor of that which she perceived to be right in her own sight. And this "one woman" is revealed (to Zechariah) as having later become "two women" in the ephah (the ephah concerns: weighing and measuring -how we do wickedly when we try to weigh and measure truth -in the perception of ourown eyes with our own knowledge -even our own knowledge of scripture).

REMEMBER, the ephah concerns weighing and measuring. WICKEDNESS involves how we weigh and measure right from wrong -as we perceive it even according to our knowledge of what God has said, how we try to use what we know that God said to try to discern the Spirit of Truth from error by another spirit. But spiritual things must be discerned by HIS Spirit -not by our knowledge of "the word" because as we well know "the word" (mixed with error) is a most effective tool for deception.

Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth is the second woman in the ephah -she is all false religion borne out of false ungodly SOULISH counsel of the minds of men. Together these "two women" represent the beginning and the ending of "all false religion." They are used to represent WICKEDNESS: not seeking the counsel of God by His Spirit; doing (even believing) that which seems right in your own sight --and yielding to the serpent's flattery (ye can be as god) whereby Eve (the soul/mind of man) is deceived.

EVE represents the deception of the mind of man -the deception of his own soul (which even now continues among God's own people and their leaders -as man stubbornly refuses to have his mind renewed by the water -by revelation of- the Word of God by the Spirit of God -choosing instead to turn twist and pervert the written word in the counsel of his own mind -and calling THAT the counsel of God).

Having leaned to her own understanding swayed by the serpent's flattery, Eve becomes the mother of "all living" -all the souls (minds) of men which continue in her error. Jezebel (in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ) claims to preach/teach by the Spirit of God but in her harlotry (not seeking God, nor receiving His Counsel by His Spirit) she seduces others -teachers deceived and deceiving many with knowledge according to human reasoning and "word-based" logic concerning what "God hath said" --not seeking or submitting to the Spirit of God for His Counsel according to the EYES of His Understanding.

In our apostasy (stubbornness and idolatry) He has given us (even the elect of God) over to our own will, for a season. Smitten with blindness (blind guides who say-they-see are leading the blind) so that many perceive what they see happening today in the churches as the "glory of God." Affirming what we seek to confirm, many firmly believe they are now getting the ministries (kingdoms) and signs and wonders etc. that "they" have always wanted! Yet because we have continually rejected His Counsel by His Spirit -in favor of our own (for the better part of two millennium) -the LORD has smitten His people with blindness (the elect of God have been allowed to be deceived) -He has included all that He might have mercy upon us ALL! (...and He is waiting for us to simply agree with Him: to agree with His testimony against us -and to acknowledge that HE is God -and we are not, that He is right -and that we are yet wrong, and humbly ask Him to restore us to and in Himself by His grace: in Christ, --not honoring Him with our lips, while our hearts are far from Him, but in Spirit and in Truth.)

In the end, HE ALONE will be glorified as HE ALONE sovereignly restores ALL who have received Him to and in Himself -in/by and through Him who is The Truth by a Sovereign act of His Mercy and Grace: by and in the revelation of Jesus Christ, -in the hearts of His people -even now He the door of the Church/the "hearts" of His own people which are called by His Name! (He that hath an ear, let him hear.)

Icons of the Idolatrous Heart

But many steadfastly continue in the stubbornness of their own beliefs -stubborness is as idolatry, and in doing so are in rebellion against the Truth by His Spirit (that man is not called to be "like God") -which rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (our refusal to be re-pent up, i.e., hidden in Christ where God purposed we should be -before the Foundation of the world) Many who name the name of Christ, steadfastly refuse to see and stubbornly choose to close their ears, therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own ways and their own doings, thinking themselves to prosper in their ways -yet, sowing to the flesh (refusing His counsel by turning, twisting and perverting the "Word of God" in the idolatrous cousnel of our own minds) reaps moral and spiritual corruption -and it is "the prosperity of fools" which shall destroy them. "For the turning away of the simple (refusal to hear) shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them." (Prov. chapter 1-the whirlwind is upon us, read it.)

"My people have committed TWO EVILS: they have forsaken Me -the Fountain of Living waters and have hewn themselves out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jeremiah spoke these words concerning the grieving heart of the Father in the face of Israel's apostasy when she departed from and rejected His counsel by His Spirit and the LORD now speaks these same words to His own people today (to the churches, et al.) concerning the world-wide apostasy of Christendom.

The apostasy flourishes in a "spiritualist environment" where many follow after, and practice, the false teachings and doctrines (of men) that teach the release of our individual and collective faith for our own supposedly godly purposes. Even the most fundamental churches do error greatly in their carnally minded interpretation & understanding of scripture by which they mislead the flock of God. God's people everywhere are taught how to be LIKE JESUS and how to be holy -instead of resting IN HIM who IS our holiness (simply by asking "JESUS to be JESUS" for us.)

God's people are taught how to stand on "selective promises" and "believe God for" whatsoever things you desire (more twisted instruction based upon 1/2 truths.) Here is a news flash for you: if you truly delight yourself IN THE LORD then He Himself will be the only "desire of your heart" --and you will ask NOTHING in His Name that is not in Him/by Him and of Him -for HIS purposes alone. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "seek ye first the kingdom of God" and ALL THESE THINGS shall be ADDED unto you???

Could it be that all this word of faith and "believing God for" dung has been birthed out of our own failure to SEEK HIS FACE, and HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS --birthed out of our own desire to avoid affliction and suffering (scourging and chastening) at any cost? Aren't we glad that we decided that God doesn't send evil -aren't we glad that we decided that God does not use illness according to His purposes -for good and not for evil? (He seems to have changed, -apostasy has always brought judgment: plague, pestilence, famine, drought, etc. Jesus Himself even mentioned earthquakes, wars, persecution. I suppose these floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, dirth and disease...must all be the fault of that Hindu goddess "Mother Earth" after all.)

Remember "waiting on God, seeking first the kingdom and His righteousness" ... Aren't we glad we know who we are in Christ now-a-days and don't need to wait for God to get around to ADDING the things we need? we are so thrilled that someone has finally come up with something else "that works!" More and more of God's people are being taught to use spiritual gifts that we are supposedly EMPOWERED WITH to prosper ourselves so we can get whatever we desire by "believing God for" it. We are taught that developing the use of our gifts will help us come to the knowledge of who "we are" and help us realize and achieve the "full potential" of what we are called to be (supposedly) by virtue of our position "in Christ".

So far He has given us: A 1997 Year Long: "Space to Repent" of Putting forth Darkness for Light and calling Truth "Evil" and calling "Evil" Truth.

And I gave her (those who stubbornly continue to follow the ungodly counsel of their own minds) space to repent and she repented not. I will cast her (the souls of men) and all who commit adultery with her (follow the counsel of deceived men/idolatrous souls determined to continue in their error) into a bed (of tribulation) -that is the prupose for allowing the Tribulation! to bring her (souls of men) to repentance: to bring those who will re-pent (IN CHRIST) -back to HIM who is the Truth! The church has joined herself to the harlotry of false religion/through ungodly counsel of deceived minds -and she (the souls who follow her harltory) must needs repent of her idolatry.

In her apostasy (fallen away from the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stubbornly refusing to turn back) she is described as Laodicean -in her harlotry she has become lukewarm. My Word is like a Fire -but the CHURCH has become lukewarm: half truth mixed with half error -neither hot nor cold: neither "all truth" nor "all error" He calls her to RE-PENT and to obtain counsel FROM HIM. HE REBUKES and HE WARNS (and CHASTENS) the CHURCH (telling HER that she THINKS she is one thing: she perceives herself to be rich in knowledge etc. when in fact, she is something else altogether!) HE calls HIS PEOPLE TO REPENT lest He spue thee out of His mouth...

He would rather -instead of 1/2 truth and 1/2 error, that we were either all truth or all error ("all hot" or "all cold") because half truth is FAR WORSE than "all error" -mixing truth with error disguises the error and makes a lie sound like or seem like "the Truth"!

Take heed that the "light" that is in you, is not darkness -if what you perceive to be the Truth is in fact -a lie against the Truth, then how dark is your darkness?

In the Light of Who HE IS: the false gospel stands in sharp contrast to, and is in direct opposition of, the true Gospel of Grace and Peace, the gospel of Christ -wherein we are willingly (by grace) counted as "dust and ashes" members of His body: hidden safely "in Him" who is our Peace. The "ministry of reconciliation" is: the gospel of peace: the gospel of Christ who (by grace) is our PEACE. "Peace" is the reconciliation of man TO GOD "in Christ" by grace: through His work (on our behalf) which "HE" worked "in Himself" on our behalf on the cross. "HE IS" our reconciliation TO GOD which is "in Himself." "HE IS {our} P-E-A-C-E" having slain us in Him, GOD has raised Him up; now (HE) God WORKS THE WORKS in, by and through JESUS CHRIST by GRACE which means: THROUGH THE FAITH of Him and by the power "of Him" Jesus Christ, who is at work in us!

The word of God is not a "what" but a who -Jesus Christ is the Living Word! It is not what we do with what He gave us, but what God has done and what HE will do with WHO He gave us! The true Gospel is not about "who we are in Christ" but who CHRIST is and what HE HIMSELF has become for us (having hidden us) by His grace (in Himself) ---it is not about what we can be but rather who "HE IS" -it is the Gospel of God's Grace (and His Mercy) towards us In Christ by the "works of" HIM, by the "Faith of JESUS Christ" = the Gospel of Grace and Peace.

Even teachings regarding the gifts of the Spirit are thoroughly perverted by man in the conceit of his lusts. The OPERATION of the gifts of the Spirit -according to scripture are His. The gifts of the Spirit are not only from Him they are also "by Him" and "in Him." The gifts of the Spirit operate "at His will" -by act of the Sovereign Will of God, not by the will & or whim "of men".

The "gifts" operate only AT HIS WILL "in and through" the person of the Lord Jesus Christ -not the persona of man but in & through Jesus Christ. The gifts operate when/as He wills: in Him/of Him/by Him AS GOD'S SPIRIT WILLS in/by and through Christ, in us. The gifts are all "in the Giver" operating "by the will and the power of the Giver" who Himself resides "in us" ---so that HE (GOD) works the working of the gifts of His Spirit in/and THROUGH "CHRIST HIMSELF." To put it bluntly: they are for HIS USE (ours, -yet, not ours but Christ's) at HIS disposal for HIM to operate (not by our will but) as HE wills.

All of HIM, none of us! God does His work by, through and in Christ -as we, as "dead men" (R.I.P.) REST "IN HIM" WHO HIMSELF IS OUR it is written: God was IN CHRIST reconciling the world to HIMSELF: the reconciliation of man to God is "in Christ" by HIS GRACE through the faith OF THE SON of God which HE works in HIMSELF on behalf of all who receive Him. By grace are ye saved through faith and that, not of your selves, it (saving faith of Him/in Him/by Him/by grace) is the "gift of God" not of works, lest any "man" should boast. Hence: not I, not me, no my -but Christ, in us: there is absolutely NOTHING in which I can boast, except IN "THE LORD HIMSELF"! "TO HIM" alone belongs A-L-L the praise, A-L-L the honor, and A-L-L the glory! (Now and forever, Amen.) This is the "testimony of Jesus" --all else is a lie against the Truth.

The Light of the Mystery

Let me ask you (those who believe you are spiritual and think of yourselves that "you walk according to the word") IF -in Christ: I live NEVERTHELESS it is NOT I but Christ liveth (not me, not my thoughts, nor my perception, nor my reasoning...) but then is it that I am supposed to "live the Life and walk the walk" -shall I take that which is begun in the Spirit and end it in the flesh: BY MY FAITH and/or BY MY WORKS? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I must agree to R.I.P. as a dead man/in Christ.

Everything in the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be understood in the Light of the mystery OF THE GOSPEL which clearly tells us that "He" is the "gift of grace" -that it is: not I but CHRIST!!! (The only thing I can safely say that "I-myself" am able to do is: I am able to "forget that I have been crucified with Christ" forget that the "old man" is dead --and I can continue to sin, and to vaunt myself...etc.! I am able to forget, even deny that the "old man" is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth I should not serve sin...(Rom.6:6) We are to put one another "in remembrance of"...these things!

EVERYTHING in the written word of God concerning us and what we are called to be ALWAYS has a QUALIFIER: "in Christ" and/or "in Him" or "OF HIM" and "THROUGH HIM" or IN THE LORD! The understanding of those passages MUST BE PREFACED BY i.e., MUST BE understood IN THE LIGHT OF "...nevertheless not I, but CHRIST..." and not of ourselves! IT IS NOT BY MY FAITH that I do anything...nor was what Paul is credited with having done, actually done by Paul, nor by the faith OF PAUL. Paul wrote: not "I" but "Christ" (what he was saying was: not IN ME but IN CHRIST, not BY ME but by HIM!) ...not by "my faith" -but the faith OF THE SON OF God who died and gave HIMSELF "for me".

Jesus said of HIMSELF "I am the Light of the world" and He also said to His disciples "ye are the Light of the world" but we are not Him! We are not that Light. We are only "the Light of the world" if it is HIM and -NOT US! Remember: "I live, yet not I but CHRIST"...HE IS THE LIGHT, not I/but Christ!

I believe the Apostle Paul saw the twisting of the gospel that would occur in these last days. The Lord warned us through Paul, as Paul spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, telling us how he feared that in the last days the CHURCH(ES) would be BEGUILED "as Eve was beguiled." Remember, the last days are not some far off age, the Apostle John said: "little children it is the last days..." The LAST DAYS began when Jesus ascended up into heaven; we are in the last of the Last Days!

And these ARE the spiritually "perilous times" that Paul warned would come...and we have not been watchful, though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak and we have allowed the enemy to catch us unaware -the people of God have done THE EVIL -that Jesus warned His disciples against: that they were to watch and pray lest they enter into THE TEMPTATION: to do OUR OWN WILL (according to what is right in our own sight) and NOT THE WILL of the Father!

Talk about TEMPTATION to do what ever is right in our own sight! Our teachers have been leading us into TEMPTATION to have OUR OWN WILL: where does it say anywhere in scripture: -if it is in the "word of God," then it is the Will of God? AND WHERE does it say that if you can find a promise for something "in the word," then -you can claim it, God will give it, it's yours! This self-serving perversity is taught "AS GOSPEL" without regard to the fact that man's understanding of scripture is more often than not, twisted beyond all semblance of the Spirit of the Word -there is absolutely no real regard to the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD, just man's autonomous abuse of the written word.

Perceiving ourselves to be wise in the conceit of our own minds, man encourages man to pray for and seek after whatsoever seems best to him at the time, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that MAN is short sighted (not Omniscient) and inept as far as true WISDOM is concerned! Nevertheless, many twist the words of Jesus so that "whatsoever you ask and/or what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" is taught as a carte blanche Christianity --"if you can find it in the word" -then, it is "God's will".

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God..." ? WHERE does the written word tell anyone that if they have received a visitation from an entity -as long as it manifests in the form of a Jesus, then it's O.K. to spend the rest of your life teaching apostasy --simply because what "that jesus" (or angelic being or voice) told you, easily lined up with what YOU already WANTED TO SEE and had already CHOSEN TO BELIEVE was so, according to the text as you understood it. "...any spirit that confesses that JESUS CHRIST is come in the flesh is of God" -notice it does NOT say: any spirit that says if you can find "in the word" it's yours, is of God, nor does it say that: any spirit that tells you how to know "who you are" in Christ, is of God...BUT WHAT IT DOES tell us is that any spirit that does not come in the SAME Spirit as Jesus Christ, with the SAME Spirit of Truth, CONFESSING: JESUS CHRIST and HIM ALONE not, of God!

Trying the spirits means that the "spirit or voice" MUST not only confess that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh but must say the SAME (IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH) as JESUS CHRIST, who when He came in the flesh said of His own self: not my words, but the Father...not my works, but the Father doeth the works, and not my will -but the Father's Will! (In Spirit and in Truth, Spirit AND in Truth!) Jesus did not testify of Himself, but OF THE FATHER -and we are NOT to testify of ourselves (we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord. 2Cor. 4:5)

The Night is Far Spent, Beautiful Dreamer - Awake unto Me

"The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on (Christ) the armor of Light." (Rom.13:12-14) The apostasy of Christianity actually began almost as soon as Jesus the time Paul came on the scene -as an "apostle out of season" ...the churches were then (as they are now) in dire need of CORRECTION of ignorant perversion of the Truth, of false doctrine and twisted beliefs that were even then emerging. Paul was given the REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST and then -under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he wrote (2/3 of the New Testament) letters -epistles of CORRECTION to the churches (as did Peter, and James and John etc.) to call their attention to and warn them against/and turn them away from demonically inspired perversions of the Gospel that had crept in unawares. Paul sought to awaken God's people out of their sleep: AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPEST!

All ten virgins slept: all did not watch -lest they be tempted to do their own will and not the will of the Father. And when the call went out -it was found that five were foolish virgins and five were wise... then the cry was heard: Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, light your lamps...fall in line for the wedding party!) The epistles are a handbook for correction of doctrine, containing the expose of false teaching as "doctrines of seducing spirits." In the epistles, the Apostles not only corrected false doctrine, but rebuked believers for adhering to false teachings, for their carnality of mind and body: for their immorality and abhorrent practices that were allowed/condoned among "sinning saints" in the churches... which things are yet present among us and have waxed worse and worse in these the LAST of the Last Days!

Paul would be beside himself with grief to hear how the "gospel of grace and peace" has been perverted in the Last days! I believe Paul would not feel honored but would be appalled -even outraged, if he could hear what people call him today, calling him: "the great Apostle of Faith" as if it were Paul's great faith, instead of the grace of AND the faith of His Beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Paul called himself the "apostle of Grace" and saw himself as so fully obliterated IN CHRIST that IMMEDIATELY after he received the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, he changed his own name from Saul (which means: ask) to Paul which means: "little" and he did so because anyone who receives a revelation "OF HIM" falls at HIS FEET as a "dead man" and in the Light of Who "HE IS" becomes little in his own sight!

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