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Consider the following in terms of concepts, not literally but figuratively:

There are only TWO men (representing two different choices) in the earth: the First man -Adam, of the earth/earthy versus the "Second Man" which is the Lord HIMSELF: Jesus Christ" (raised a Spiritual Man.)

As a result of the fall of man, the "first man" (rebellious Adam) opposes being "slain" and he OPPOSES having his life counted as dead and hidden in Christ. Hence that "first man" in his rebellion, he himself stands in the temple of God (in his own heart) and he himself occupies the place of Christ -in the temple of God (which temple we are) and he steadfastly refuses (except in lip service) to deny himself and be "in Spirit and in Truth" (what he is) slain and hidden in Christ...and instead, "in his own rebellious spirit and in his own perception of truth" he continues to exalt himself "above God" and all that is called God, AKA., above Jesus Christ. Unrepentant in heart and mind, the self-willed soul of man resists and opposes "the Will of the Father" which thing is that he (the fallen man/Adam) must be "done away with" and "become hidden in" the Second Man (Jesus Christ) and he does so to his own destruction.

Man deceives his own heart: he steadfastly continues in his error (to be like God) and stubbornly persists in his folly (humanism and/or Christianized Humanism), and justifies himself in his own sight -as he thinks in his heart (i.e., deceived, hiding his own rebellion from himself) -so is he yet deceived and rebellious in his heart. He hides himself from his own flesh, refuses to acknowledge his own self-determination and will not agree with God (or admit even to himself) that he is yet REBELLIOUS in his heart --he thinks of himself as right in his own sight, justifies himself according to the counsel of his own mind and continues to do whatsoever seems right in his own sight -he is a rebellious "house" every man doing that which is right in his own sight, walking in the counsel of his own mind, opposing himself by resisting the Will of God: which is that he be slain in Christ and repent of the evil: to do our own will and not the will of the Father. "But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.(Isa.64:6)

Since this is the nature of the "old man" and these are the works of the unregenerate soul -in the deception of the mind of man -striving to perfect himself (humanism) is it any wonder that the LORD is calling the Church TO REPENT of having returned to those very same DEAD WORKS! Because we have committed the keeping of our souls to Him -and because He is Faithful as the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls -God will do whatever He must do to turn us from these things and back to Him. As Paul said to those "foolish Galatians" who tried to end/complete in the flesh what was begun in the Spirit -do you not hear the Law? 

If we continue to walk "as Adam" by stiving to perfect ourselves "with our faith and by our knowledge of the word" instead 
of resting in Him, accepting the His Finished -and receiving Him Who is the Living Word (Jesus Christ) as the Fulfillment of e-v-e-r-y commandment found in scripture,  then should we not also soberly consider Adam's judgment -and his end?

"That man" (Adam) opposes God and vaunts himself against the things of the Spirit of God --he is the "son of perdition" rejecting the Truth in favor of the counsel of his own mind, -his own soul (the Mind of Man has become his own god.) He is REBELLIOUS against God and His Christ! "That man" (rebellious Adam, "the son of perdition") walks the earth "as one man" whose body has many members, -figuratively, a collective tabernacle of flesh in the earth referred to as a rebellious house -man's flesh "tent" that houses a spirit of rebellion; he has been taken captive of Satan: and is blinded by the god of this world.
If unsaved, he is under the CONTROL OF or (if saved and yet rebellious) he is under the ungodly influence of Satan's own rebellious Anti-Christ spirit.

The rebellious first man still vaunts himself "against Christ" (humanism) and he stands in the temple of God -in man's own heart man exalts himself in this tabernacle of flesh and proclaims himself "as God." The many members "of his body" taken captive by him to do his will are figuratively/collectively" as one man" and he is "Anti-Christ".

Taken captive through his own lusts (1Jn.2:16) deceiving his own self in his conceits/this man is that "one man" who is "LOST" (Jn.17:12) And he is lost because he chooses to love a lie (2Thes.2:10) and he opposes/and hates the Truth. And he refuses (John. 3:20) to re-pent in HIM who is the Truth to be "kept in Him" -and be converted (changed by exchange) by/and hid in Him (Jn.17:12) by the Word of Truth sent by God: "In Jesus Christ" who is God! Jesus referred to that "one man" as him who is "lost". (John 17:12 )

Motivated by Satan's rebellious/anti-Christ spirit "the body of that one man" -the son of perdition (who has many members of his body) is typified in the spirit of/and deeds of Judas. Judas himself represents (is an example of) those who reject Christ and "who do the will of Satan in their hearts and minds" being ruled from within by Satan -doing the will of Satan, carrying out the work of Satan -deceiving and opposing & betraying Jesus Christ. (...and whose end is as Judas -in self destruction.)

Remember: Satan came down to earth to work his own will (which was to exalt himself above all that is called God, and exalt his will above the will of God and he was determined to be "like the Most High God" and to set himself upon the seat of spiritual authority, on the Throne of God -which is in the hearts and minds of men.

Just as he beguiled Eve: through logic + reasoning which Satan mixed with twisted knowledge of what "God had said" -so too, he has used the SAME devices to deceive many: Satan has turned, twisted and perverted the written word of God in order to beguile the minds of men to cause man to believe the lie of the garden (i.e., that man can be like God/or like Jesus) and to cause man to exalt himself against the knowledge of God: and to oppose the "will of God which is in Jesus Christ."

Satan disguises himself as an "angel of light" (as Truth) deceiving millions into doing his will by making his will appear to be the will of God...and Satan disguises his own works as though they were the works of God -and he beguiles the mind of men using lies disguised as "gospel truth" -and through the conceit of knowledge according to what men see happening, he even convinces man that what man is doing is in fact, the glory of God!

Satan works his will in the hearts of men "to be like the Most High God" and he declares himself to be "the Christ"
which means: the "anointed" of God -vs.- Jesus Christ, who is HIMSELF the "Anointed One" of the Father.  


We (all mankind) have been given two VERY OPPOSITE CHOICES -Jesus Christ (we are either FOR HIM) --OR-- we are against Christ, i.e., "Anti-Christ".

AS BELIEVERS if we "name the Name of Christ" -on behalf of those who "call upon the Name" of the Lord, HE will move heaven and earth -if necessary, to turn us back to Him! But woe unto us if we stubbornly choose to EXALT OURSELVES, for then we "who name the name of Christ" must needs be humbled. Either we make the choice now to "fall upon the Stone" and be humbled (broken)-either we choose to be: slain/hidden in Him/by Him, or that Stone will fall upon us and it (HE) will grind us (our idolatrous selves) to powder.

If we continue to vaunt our own will (to be like God, AKA like Jesus) by which we do oppose the will of God in Christ Jesus, then there is nothing left for us -who trample the blood of the Son of God underfoot, -than a "fearful looking to of judgment"! We (His own people called by his Name) must repent by asking Jesus Christ to grant us repentance and rest, by asking Him to hide us in HIMSELF and by asking Him by grace to count us as DEAD (slain by Him and with Him and in Him) on the Cross/so that we can in Spirit and in Truth say: "I" am crucified with Christ" and my life is hid in God IN CHRIST who Himself is my "Life" and my Peace (my complete reconciliation to God) which is in Him/by Him through the faith of Him by the grace of Him. {There is a lot of difference between the pride of the pharisee and the humility of the publican who said: "Lord have mercy upon me, a sinner" -lest we behave as the pharisee, we ought to keep in mind that "we" are all SINNERS saved by grace and our heart cry must be: "I" am crucified with Christ..."HE" must increase, "I" must decrease...rather than the proud attitude of the pharisee's heart: "I thank God I know who I am") for there is only One who is entitled to say: "I AM"

By grace in the humility of Christ, "I" must (agree to) R.I.P. in Him who has reconciled me to Himself in Christ, who HIMSELF is The Second Adam, the One New Man the Anointed of the Father, Jesus Christ who IS HIMSELF the Only "Man" who will be found "Faithful" and "True" as it is written: Let GOD be true, but every man a liar." (Rom.3:4)

If we refuse to choose the "gift of Grace" which is Jesus Christ, -then by default we have actually chosen to be judged as Adam... (DECEIVED in his thinking still striving to reach what he believes is his own full potential: to be like God) by not accepting that IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH God has already judged that work, IN CHRIST...and that in Adam, there is no "Life" -for "in Adam" all die...(i.e., eternal separation from God.)

We must die: one Way or the other!
Either by grace "in Christ" where all are made alive through HIM who HIMSELF is The LIFE
or in opposistion to Christ, we can stubbornly choose to vaunt ourselves as man whose "own image" he worships...
(stubbornness is as idolatry.) We can choose to continue in the "folly of man" by which man strives to be his own god
or like God/or even "like Jesus" -which are all just different variations of the same lie of the serpent
that will cause MANY to spend eternity separated FROM God.  


There are (figuratively) TWO MEN "in the field" (i.e., the earth.) One will be taken, the other left. IN THAT DAY, two women will be grinding...(figurative of the two houses of the souls of men) One is the "House of God" and the other is the "House of Harlotry." Like a thief who steals in unaware, -in that night ONE (the Bride) will be taken, and the other (the Harlot) will be left. In that night (a time of great spiritual deception) there will be TWO MEN Luke 17:34 in "one bed" (in circumstances common to man) the One will be taken, the other left...

Summary: the heart of the apostasy is manifested in I, me, my: of who "I AM" and what I CAN do with what I know and with what God has given me. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is...not about "I, me, or my" but about Jesus Christ! It is not who we are in Christ, but Who HE IS for us, and in us. And it is not about what we do with what God has given us but rather it is all about what HE has done AND what HE will do with Who He gave us!!!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the "gospel of grace and peace" -it is not about "my works of my faith" (but His, by Him) it is not man's pursuit of information and his insatiable hunger for k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e, not a quest for self-enlightenment AND it is not about personal empowerment of self - so that "I" can "be all that I can be"---THAT is the humanist manifesto regardless of how much twisting of the written "word of God" is used to teach it, it is still humanism! AND THOSE WHO PRACTICE IT HAVE BECOME THEIR OWN GOD.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about "behavioral sciences" or self analysis or self realization, nor is it about exerting psycho-social-mind-science-metaphysical control to alter ourselves, our circumstances or that of others (which is witchcraft.)

The true GOSPEL "OF GRACE and PEACE" is the GIFT OF REPLACEMENT of I, of me and of my with HIM, HE and HIS by grace IN/THROUGH the finished work of Our Lord & Savior: JESUS CHRIST which HE HAS WORKED IN HIMSELF by His death on the cross, who now "hides us" IN HIMSELF to the glory OF "HIM" (GOD the Father) who is at work in us (through Christ in us, the Hope of Glory) both to will and to do of "HIS" good pleasure!

Pray, ask the Father to make known what He wants made known to you through Jesus Christ Our Lord!


"NotEye" (cf. Gal.2:20)   M. Weiland

-a clarion call to repent of our Idolatry of Mind
and return to our "True Holiness" unto the Lord
A call to repent of our adulterous adoration
born of our heroic harlotry by which we are ignorantly:
builds dams while claiming she's "tearing down idols"
-but God will NOT be mocked!
-not one stone will be left upon another as apostasy:
Inherits Martyrdom in the NWO.
cf. Mt.23:38 & Prov.11:29
LEARN WHAT THE LORD REALLY MEANT BY: "I suffer not a woman to teach"
SOWING TO THE WIND: spiritual corruption
REAPS DESTRUCTION: we shall reap the Whirlwind!

The New Nativity: the Epiphany of man,
the Emerging Church's Own "APPEARING" as Beth-Aven is:
The Suicide of A Nation, once under God, The Desolation of the (apostate) church, now under the rod
You Can Discern The Face Of The Sky
but you cannot discern
(cf. Mt.16:3 KJV)

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A call to humble ourselves and pray,
Spare Thy People O'Lord!
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