"A Little Bit of Leaven"


"A Little Bit of Leaven"

What is leaven? How much "little leaven" does it take to leaven the WHOLE lump?

Leaven is false teaching. Leaven is false doctrine. Leaven causes/begets error concerning the Truth. Leaven is "adding to" or "taking away from" the word of God.

Leaven is the twisted truths we get when we "lean unto our own understanding" in our (man's) "theologically correct", "scripturally accurate", "biblically sound" misinterpretation and/or misapplications of the WRITTEN WORD of God.

Leaven is man's private interpretation of scripture, interpretation and/or application according to the mind, perception, reasoning, carnal understanding and/or logic of men -versus- Revelation of the Word of God by the Spirit of God.

Leaven is what we (men) get when we hold to the Letter of the Word, rather than (or above) the SPIRIT of the Word.

Leaven is hypocrisy: man's traditional/man-made teachings: man-made doctrines, man-made commandments -when we teach for doctrine commandments OF MEN.(Mt.15:7-9)

Leaven is the oppositions of falsely/so-called "sciences" which cause men to err concerning the faith: psychology and the psycho-social "sciences," the self improvement formulas, self-help techniques and all the motivational theories and self seminars -which attempt to improve, redirect, modify the behavior of and/or resurrect the DEAD Adamic nature: the psyche or self/the soul of man. "I"/the "old man" is DEAD and hid in God in Christ, and IF Jesus Christ IN US is HIMSELF our new life, then what business do we have in trying to re-direct or resurrect a dead Adam/the old man -in Adam all die, in CHRIST shall all be made alive!

Leaven is man's desire to usurp the Kingdom, the Power & the Glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ -this is the Leaven of Herod. (Mark 8:15) "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: for THINE is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, FOR EVER. Amen."(Mt.6:13) The result of Herod's leaven (his desire to be king/his OBSESSION WITH POWER) is that he (and another latter Herod) became an instrument in the hand of Satan by which he tried to thwart the work(s) of God and kill the Lord's anointed: he sought "the young child to destroy him." (Mt.2:13) Herod laid hold upon John, bound him in prison (Mark3:20) and had him beheaded (Lk.9:9) Herod vexed certain of the church (Acts 12:1) and he killed James the brother of John (Acts 12:2) and as pleaser of men (of the Jews) Herod imprisoned Peter (Acts 12:3) and he would have killed him also had it not been for the GRACE&MERCY of God in response to the PRAYERS of the church (Acts 12:5).

Leaven is (the spirit of divination) speaking "truth" -but for the glory of men, glorifying man UNDER PRETENSE of glorifying God. The spirit of divination spoke "truth" concerning Paul and Silas. They were "servants of the Most High God who show unto men the Way of Salvation" but the spirit of divination lifted up (continues to lift up) MEN "in the name of" the Lord (but not, The Lord) -directing the hearers to follow the men and their ministry (-as if to do so is THE SAME AS following GOD.) Although that spirit spoke "truth" through the damsel, (Acts 16:16,17) -unlike the Holy Spirit who lifts up Jesus Christ alone, the spirit of divination presents "truths" designed to divert attention AWAY FROM God unto MEN by lifting up men, THEIR gifts, THEIR abilities and/or THEIR ministries.
The spirit of divination directs man himself to him/SELF under the guise of that which is good, holy, pure, honest & true. The spirit of divination directs/points man himself to himself: to his spiritual gifts, to exercise his power as "sons of God," to his abilities: his knowledge, his discernment -instead of to Jesus Christ and HIS ministry, which HE performs, by HIS gifts, by the power of HIS Spirit, by HIS grace...by CHRIST in us. (The Church has a spirit of divination.)

Jesus RESTED COMPLETELY in the Father and allowed the FATHER to "work the works" IN HIM by HIS GRACE/BY HIS SPIRIT. Jesus gave us His example and said: walk AS I walk/do as I have done...Paul the Apostle understood the Gospel of GRACE: Paul RESTED in Christ. "Paul" was DEAD and HID in God IN CHRIST and the only "life" Paul said "he" had was: "NOT "I" BUT CHRIST in me. Paul "followed" Jesus' example of RESTING IN GOD BY GRACE. So Paul also said, Follow me as I follow Christ!

Leaven is a man-centered, rather than Christ-centered gospel. A gospel of man: of "his" ability to believe, of "his" faith in God and "his" works for Christ (a gospel of his faith + his works) in the place of The Gospel of Grace and Peace. OF GRACE: (Eph.2:5, Eph.2:8, Acts 20:24) and OF PEACE: (Rom.10:15, Eph.6:15) from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom.1:7,2Ths.1:2) through the knowledge OF GOD, and OF JESUS our Lord (2Pet.1:2) through which we have faith (which is IN HIM, OF HIM and BY HIM) unto good works.

Leaven is the supplanting of faith in God which is the faith OF GOD -in favor of a work of our flesh, "glorying" in our ability to believe. Our faith must be IN GOD and OF/BY GOD, not "man's ability" to believe. Genuine faith is faith that is OF HIM -it is the faith, "OF THE SON OF GOD" (Gal.2:20), the faith OF HIM, (Eph.3:12) the faith OF JESUS (Rev.14:12) the faith OF CHRIST (Phlp.3:9) the faith OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (James 2:1) by faith OF JESUS CHRIST (Rom.3:22) BY the spirit of faith (2Cor.4:13) Not "our" faith that is of men/of the will of the flesh but "the faith OF JESUS CHRIST" (Gal.2:16, Gal.3:22) -faith that is BY HIM -OF HIS Spirit, (Gal.5:22) OF JESUS: the author and the finisher of "our" faith (Heb.12:2) "faith" NOT of or in "our ability" to believe but rather faith that is OF HIM ,BY HIM, IN HIM. (Mark11:22, Acts 26:18, Gal.3:26, 1Pet.1:21) who "is ALL and in all." Faith is by GRACE (AND) BY GRACE are ye saved THROUGH faith which is OF HIM/IN HIM/BY HIM -it is the Gift of God, NOT of works lest any man should boast/lest we glory in the flesh.

Leaven creeps in unaware and does it's insidious work virtually undetected over time. Leaven is a thief that steals The Truth by sowing or planting lies. Replacing the mystery of the Gospel of Grace and Peace, the Gospel which Paul the Apostle delivered/preached: "Christ in us, the hope of glory (by which "I" live, nevertheless not "I" but Christ in me) with "another gospel" -the gospel of men: of what "our church" believes, of who"we are" and/or of what"I"am in Christ. Leaven is the preaching of OURSELVES instead of: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Did Jesus say: "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and learn of -who "you are" in Me??? (NO!!) He said: "Come unto me...and I will GIVE YOU REST." He said: "LEARN OF ME...and ye shall find rest unto your souls. (Mt.11:28,29)

As believer's JESUS HIMSELF IS (our) "ALL" and He is in all. JESUS IS our REST. HE HIMSELF IS our (new) life. The more we learn OF HIM the more we see HIM as our "ALL" in all. "I" need only to be "dead" (crucified with Him) and remain hid in God in Christ! "I" am alive unto God THROUGH JESUS CHRIST our Lord (Rom.6:11) "I" am crucified WITH Christ: nevertheless I live; yet NOT "I" but CHRIST LIVETH in me...(Gal.2:20)

So it is true also of "our" knowledge of God, revelation knowledge "of God" comes only by the Spirit of God, not by "flesh and blood" interpretation of the written word (according to man's "scriptural knowledge" or his carnal-minded understanding of scripture) but by "revelation in the knowledge of Him" that comes by His Spirit: not by "flesh and blood" but by "My Father which is in Heaven." The written word of God/the Letter of the word of God does not give us the knowledge of God or His understanding APART FROM HIM/apart from His Spirit: not apart from His counsel by His Spirit concerning His Word. (logos-vs.-Rhema)

In the wisdom of God, the Knowledge of God is IN CHRIST (and HE is in us.) His counsel (contained within the written word) must be drawn out/revealed by Him/by His Spirit (like water from the Rock.) We need to grow in GRACE and in the knowledge OF HIM by His Spirit: the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the fear of the Lord, by the Spirit of the Lord. (7 eyes, seven lamps, seven aspects of His Spirit.) SEEK MY FACE means: seek the eyes of His Understanding in the Knowledge of Him by the Wisdom and the Counsel of His Spirit -instead of in the "eyes" of our own understanding, the counsel of our own minds and/or the wisdom of men by man's perception of good and evil by man's "knowledge" of scripture.

Like Paul, we must be determined not to "know" any thing among us, save/except: JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED! (1Cor.2:2) We need REVELATION KNOWLEDGE "OF HIM" -knowledge BY HIM that is OF HIM as "our life" i.e., -the resurrection OF CHRIST in us, as our Life. We need to LEARN OF HIM and come to "the knowledge of Him" -to see/have revelation of HIM and "KNOW" WHO HE IS -NOT doctrines of men, not denominational "beliefs", nor who "we are" in Christ.

Finally, LEAVEN is "our" striving to be "like Jesus." "WE" are NOT supposed to be trying to be "like Jesus." He/Jesus IS God, there is NONE LIKE Him, nor will there ever be... "WHEN CHRIST, who IS our life, shall appear, THEN shall YE also appear WITH HIM in glory." (Col.3:4) Beloved, now are we sons of God, and it doth NOT YET APPEAR what we SHALL BE: but we know that, WHEN HE shall appear, we shall be "like Him;" FOR WE shall SEE HIM as HE IS."(1Jn.3:2) WHEN CHRIST, who IS "our life," shall appear, THEN SHALL ye also appear WITH HIM in glory." (Col.3:4) "OUR" appearing with HIS likeness is AT HIS appearing: for "we" are IN HIM, (1Jn.5:20) "we" are HIS body...

"your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods..." was the serpent's lie. (Gen.3:5) "But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the "glory of the Lord," are changed into the SAME IMAGE from glory to glory) even as by the Spirit of the Lord... HE IS "our" NEW MAN: we are reconciled unto God IN ONE BODY by the cross (Eph.2:15,16) We are to put on CHRIST, the NEW MAN (by GRACE through faith NOT try to resurrect the old man/or make Adam be "like" Jesus.

"Therefore we are buried WITH HIM by baptism into death: that like as CHRIST was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of Life (Rom.6:4) HE IS our life, HE IS "our new life." HE HIMSELF replaces (us) the first Adam, HE IS the last Adam. Understand what it means to be IN CHRIST: "Therefore if any man be IN CHRIST, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." (2Cor.5:17) BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH: Rock of Ages cleft for me, let me hide myself IN THEE." We are HIDDEN in CHRIST. Consider this: The only WAY God will find "us" faithful is IF He cannot find us. The MYSTERY OF HIS GRACE: CHRIST (in us) the HOPE OF GLORY.

Instead of striving, trying, struggling, laboring in futility to be LIKE JESUS, we ought to be praying for GRACE (God's ability working in us by the Spirit of Him who is in us, the Spirit of Grace.) Asking for grace, not for"us"to be "like Jesus" but grace for JESUS to be JESUS in us.

"...Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?" (1Cor.5:6)

"Now there was a day when the "sons of God" came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them." (Job1:6, Job2:1) When "we" present ourselves (in worship) before the LORD as "sons of God" -have we even considered how/that Satan is among us?

Leaven is false beliefs: by the power (we have) "as sons" of God, by our use (& abuse) of "the gifts" of the Spirit, by "our knowledge" (carnal interpretation) of His written word, by the power of the mind/through our perception and our understanding of scripture, by the power of the tongue/by our use of His words, by the power of our own will, by the steadfastness of our ability to believe, by "spirituality," by fasting, by prayer, by my works of faith and/or by any means: "I" will be like the Most High God..."