Water is a type of the Spirit. To lack the revelation of the word of God by the Spirit is to lack life giving water of the Spirit of the Word Because of a serious spiritual drought, the churches have become dry wells. Due to surfeiting and drunkenness, men are quenching the Spirit of God -hearing only what men want to hear, receiving only what is pleasing to their ears and by so doing they are Bin the hardness of men=s hearts, and in the stubbornness of men=s minds are hindering the true operations of the gifts of the Spirit of God. This is particularly so in the area of true discernment of the Spirit by the Spirit.

Without the unhindered operation of the gift of the discerning of spirits which enables us to see the Truth by His Spirit, without the willingness to truly allow the Holy Spirit to show us truth from error, the churches and the people in them are at the mercy of false teachers, false prophets, and seducing spirits teaching lies and doctrines of demons. "Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols." (Rev.2:20)

Both Paul and Jesus Himself refers to the carnal operations of the soul of man as being like unto the harlotry of a "woman" Band it is those carnal operations of the soul or mind of man which ought not to be allowed to usurp the authority of the Spirit -and which ought not to be allowed to quench the Spirit. Carnal operations of the soul or minds of men -those who teach not according to the Spirit but according to their own carnal minds, ought to be silent in the churches, these are the Awomen@ --they are rebellious souls who should not be allowed to teach. Neither should these ways of man=s own soul be allowed to usurp the authority of the Spirit Bor be allowed to quench the Spirit.

Jesus refers to such harlotry of the souls of carnally minded men as Athat woman Jezebel@ and He likens the churches that do teach false doctrines to a (false) prophetess Bone who claims to teach by the Spirit of God, but who is in reality teaching the doctrines of seducing spirits through the carnal doctrines of the minds of men. This is the rebellious Church which by her man-made doctrines and pseudo-scriptural false teachings she is seducing His servants with her harlotry and is causes His servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed to idols.


Spiritual Fornication is not simply engaging in sexual relations outside of the bond of marriage. Spiritual Fornication, as well as, Spiritual adultery even Spiritual Harlotry is figurative of unfaithfulness to God, it refers to our adulteration of His word and to our infidelity to Him in our marriage relationship (to be of one mind and one Spirit) which is our contract or covenant agreement with God. It refers to giving heed to seducing spirits.

In 1Cor.10:14-22, the Apostle Paul warned: "Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils..." In Rev.2:20, Jesus said that Jezebel, the "woman" -a (false) prophetess was seducing his servants to eat things sacrificed unto idols. Paul's warning and Jesus' admonition both refer to idolatry -stubbornness of mind concerning the turning away of His own people from the truth by His Spirit to the doctrines and teachings and commandments of men. The "woman" who has seduced the servants of God to commit fornication and to be idolatrous is the soul of man in the carnally minded teachings of self-willed teachers who teach God's word according to the will and emotions of man.


The Greek word for soul is psyche, in the Hebrew it is the word "psuche" which means self. Idolatry is self-will. Idolatry is serving yourself; idolatry is obeying only what YOU deem to be scriptural; idolatry is doing that which is right in your own sight, it is following your own will and calling it God=s will, it is the idolatry or stubbornness of the mind of man.

In ICor.10:20,21 Paul states that we are not to have fellowship with devils and are not to eat of the table of devils. Jesus said that the leaven of the Pharisees was not just their hypocrisy but that it was their doctrine, their false teachings. (see Mt.16:12)

Jesus also said, "I am the Bread of Life." (Jn.6:35) Jesus is the "word of God made flesh." (Jn.1:14) His flesh, the word of God, IS the "Bread of Life." The unadulterated word of God is the Bread of Life. But in the churches today, the word of God is being mixed with the "leaven of the Pharisees" -it is being mixed with false teachings of men and it is being served from our pulpits as though it was the "bread" of Life -as though it is every word that comes from the mouth of God.


People in the churches are dying of hunger, suffering from a famine in the land; but it is not a famine for bread but rather it is a famine for the hearing of the unadulterated word of God. People come into churches hungry, expecting to receive the Bread of Life. Instead, they are served "leavened bread" made of wrested scriptures from the soul of man. And even though the scripture says that a wicked and perverse generation seeks after signs, the people of God are being encouraged, even taught to follow after signs and wonders to the point that signs, wonders and miracles have now become the message.

The word of God has been "wrested" --twisted through logic and reasoning of men who are perverting the truth through the idolatry of their own minds. Mixing truth (the word of God) with error (false teachings) has "leavened the Bread of Life."

And a little leaven has leavened the whole lump. The woman -Jezebel, has thoroughly mixed the leaven of the counsel of the minds of men into the three measures of meal. And this Leavened bread is being served to God's people in the Christian churches, along with "hefty helpings" of doctrines of demons and devils (Eastern philosophies, mind sciences...) which are being disguised as Life giving Bread. Because we have been ignorant of these devices of the enemy, God=s people suffer for lack of knowledge. True "Discernment@ by the Holy Spirit in the lives of His people is lacking and self-will is rampant among the people of God, (And this is true regardless of denomination!)

The letters to the churches in the first three chapters of the Book of the Revelation were written to us, to God's people today. Jesus was warning (in Rev.3:20) against the seduction and false teachings of the "woman" called Jezebel. (Refering to Jezebel's seduction through teaching of the Church, which has played the harlot.)

Jezebel (the "woman") also represents the harlotry of man being led by his own soulish nature. God's people are being served "leavened bread" -intellectual logic and reasoning, self-willed & emotionally twisted teachings, wrested scriptures at the "table" of the Lord. In the churches, we have become "partaker's of the Lord's table and of the table of devils." By so doing we provoke the Lord to jealousy! (1Cor.10:21,22)

Jezebel represents the harlotry of the "soulish" teachers who falsely claim to be teaching by the Spirit of God but Jesus warned us not to be deceived. He warned us that there would be teachers which would rise up from among us, and He warned us against these false teachers who would teach by the carnal mind those things that would flatter us, Band we were warned not to have itching ears. He warned us about the last days harlotry of the Churches who would be taken in by the wiles of a harlot called Jezebel "which calleth herself a prophetess" who represents the apostasy of Christendom, i.e., of the Churches in these last days.

Written 2/1/90 posted 6/15/98

M. Weiland aka ANoteye@