The Light of the Mystery


The Light of the Mystery

Let me ask you (those who believe you are spiritual and think of yourselves that "you walk according to the word") IF -in Christ: I live NEVERTHELESS it is NOT I but Christ liveth (not me, not my thoughts, nor my perception, nor my reasoning...) but then is it that I am supposed to "live the Life and walk the walk" -shall I take that which is begun in the Spirit and end it in the flesh: BY MY FAITH and/or BY MY WORKS? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I must agree to R.I.P. as a dead man/in Christ.

Everything in the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be understood in the Light of the mystery OF THE GOSPEL which clearly tells us that "He" is the "gift of grace" -that it is: not I but CHRIST!!! (The only thing I can safely say that "I-myself" am able to do is: I am able to "forget that I have been crucified with Christ" forget that the "old man" is dead --and I can continue to sin, and to vaunt myself...etc.! I am able to forget, even deny that the "old man" is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth I should not serve sin...(Rom.6:6) We are to put one another "in remembrance of"...these things!

EVERYTHING in the written word of God concerning us and what we are called to be ALWAYS has a QUALIFIER: "in Christ" and/or "in Him" or "OF HIM" and "THROUGH HIM" or IN THE LORD! The understanding of those passages MUST BE PREFACED BY i.e., MUST BE understood IN THE LIGHT OF "...nevertheless not I, but CHRIST..." and not of ourselves! IT IS NOT BY MY FAITH that I do anything...nor was what Paul is credited with having done, actually done by Paul, nor by the faith OF PAUL. Paul wrote: not "I" but "Christ" (what he was saying was: not IN ME but IN CHRIST, not BY ME but by HIM!) ...not by "my faith" -but the faith OF THE SON OF God who died and gave HIMSELF "for me."

Jesus said of HIMSELF "I am the Light of the world" and He also said to His disciples "ye are the Light of the world" but we are not Him! We are not that Light. We are only "the Light of the world" if it is HIM and -NOT US! Remember: "I live, yet not I but CHRIST"...HE IS THE LIGHT, not I/but Christ!

I believe the Apostle Paul saw the twisting of the gospel that would occur in these last days. The Lord warned us through Paul, as Paul spoke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, telling us how he feared that in the last days the CHURCH(ES) would be BEGUILED "as Eve was beguiled." Remember, the last days are not some far off age, the Apostle John said: "little children it is the last days..." The LAST DAYS began when Jesus ascended up into heaven; we are in the last of the Last Days!

And these ARE the spiritually "perilous times" that Paul warned would come...and we have not been watchful, though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak and we have allowed the enemy to catch us unaware -the people of God have done THE EVIL -that Jesus warned His disciples against: that they were to watch and pray lest they enter into THE TEMPTATION: to do OUR OWN WILL (according to what is right in our own sight) and NOT THE WILL of the Father!

Talk about TEMPTATION to do what ever is right in our own sight! Our teachers have been leading us into TEMPTATION to have OUR OWN WILL: where does it say anywhere in scripture: -if it is in the "word of God," then it is the Will of God? AND WHERE does it say that if you can find a promise for something "in the word," then -you can claim it, God will give it, it's yours! This self-serving perversity is taught "AS GOSPEL" without regard to the fact that man's understanding of scripture is more often than not, twisted beyond all semblance of the Spirit of the Word -there is absolutely no real regard to the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD, just man's autonomous abuse of the written word.

Perceiving ourselves to be wise in the conceit of our own minds, man encourages man to pray for and seek after whatsoever seems best to him at the time, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that MAN is short sighted (not Omniscient) and inept as far as true WISDOM is concerned! Nevertheless, many twist the words of Jesus so that "whatsoever you ask and/or what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" is taught as a carte blanche Christianity --"if you can find it in the word" -then, it is "God's will."

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God..." ? WHERE does the written word tell anyone that if they have received a visitation from an entity -as long as it manifests in the form of a Jesus, then it's O.K. to spend the rest of your life teaching apostasy --simply because what "that jesus" (or angelic being or voice) told you, easily lined up with what YOU already WANTED TO SEE and had already CHOSEN TO BELIEVE was so, according to the text as you understood it. "...any spirit that confesses that JESUS CHRIST is come in the flesh is of God" -notice it does NOT say: any spirit that says if you can find "in the word" it's yours, is of God, nor does it say that: any spirit that tells you how to know "who you are" in Christ, is of God...BUT WHAT IT DOES tell us is that any spirit that does not come in the SAME Spirit as Jesus Christ, with the SAME Spirit of Truth, CONFESSING: JESUS CHRIST and HIM ALONE not, of God!

Trying the spirits means that the "spirit or voice" MUST not only confess that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh but must say the SAME (IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH) as JESUS CHRIST, who when He came in the flesh said of His own self: not my words, but the Father...not my works, but the Father doeth the works, and not my will -but the Father's Will! (In Spirit and in Truth, Spirit AND in Truth!) Jesus did not testify of Himself, but OF THE FATHER -and we are NOT to testify of ourselves (we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord. 2Cor. 4:5)

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