Behold, I do a New Thing (now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it?)


Behold, I do a New Thing

Now Shall It Spring Forth; Shall Ye Not Know It?)

And the angel said unto Mary: "...that HOLY THING which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God..." Adam is the Old Thing. IN CHRIST behold: the LORD HIMSELF does a "New Thing." (cf. Isiah 43 + 2Cor.5:17) The "old dead things" (we/Adam) are "passed away" and IN CHRIST all things become new. ASK THE LORD HOW "all things become new"! JESUS IS THE "NEW THING" that GOD has done! JESUS HIMSELF IS THE "NEW MAN." HE IS THE SECOND ADAM in and by whom we are counted as dead and our life hid in Him and by Him. We (dead Adam) are to "PUT ON CHRIST" and be clothed with Him, as our covering, as our Righteousness, as our Holiness, as our justification, as our redemption our all, and in all -on behalf of all, who receive Him!

The subtle shift that has taken place in the "other gospel" is that the focus (on Jesus Christ) has been shifted to put the emphasis on us, (to what we are and who we are in Christ) -so that we (and not the Lord Jesus Christ alone) have ourselves become the empowered "operative person" who now has "God's power" for us to use! Although the scripture does say that "ye shall be endued with power from on High after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" ...have you ever asked THE LORD what HE MEANT when HE SAID:" ye shall be endued with p-o-w-e-r from on High"? God does not think as we think, and His ways and His words -are not as ours are. So, how is it that we presume to know what HE MEANT unless we ASK HIM?

The Spirit of Jesus Christ, God's Spirit is the Holy Spirit. After the Holy Ghost is come upon us, Christ HE HIMSELF (in us and for us) is the power. Not us empowered by Him but JESUS HIMSELF is the power, who (by His Spirit) comes to dwell in us! In the vanity of man's pursuit of p-o-w-e-r, we have conveniently forgotten that the "power of God" is not a force - that "Holy Thing" that God has worked IN CHRIST by His birth (and through the work of His death and resurrection) is not a force but a WHO! Jesus Christ is the "Word of God" and "HE" HIMSELF is the "power of God."

When we say there is POWER "in the Name of" Jesus, we must remember that Jesus Christ is the power of His Name. But this does not mean "a power" as we in our natural understanding tend to think of power. HE HIMSELF IS THE POWER of HIS NAME: NOT A FORCE, but the very person of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. HIS NAME is WHO HE IS and "IN MY NAME" or "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" means: "THE PERSON OF" Jesus Christ! (HE HIMSELF is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe, adhere to and give themselves up to HIM!) Think in terms of "not a what" but "a Who"! Not "a power" but HE HIMSELF! The same is true regarding the "power in the Blood." HE HIMSELF SAID: "I AM the Life" and the Life is "in the Blood" HE HIMSELF is the "power in the Blood" -which is the Life of "Jesus Christ" who's own "Life" is His gift to us in the place of/by replacement of His Life for our own (selah.)

HIM standing in our place (as our "ALL" on behalf of all who will receive Him) as our "replacement" -not only to be hidden in Him but replaced by Him (abiding in Him & HIM in us: as our new "Life") -not just taking our place "once upon a Cross."

The true gospel of grace and peace teaches that we are counted as dead and "our own lives" are not e-m-p-o-w-e-r-e-d! We ourselves are reckoned as dead and HIDDEN IN GOD IN CHRIST. Far from us being personally empowered, we/ourselves/the first Adam have been "crucified with and in Christ." The LORD HIMSELF who is Himself the Second Adam has (by the work of Christ on the cross) taken the old man/us/Adam and has made him a kind of burnt offering unto God: he has reduced us unto "dust and ashes" (dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.)

IN CHRIST, God has REPLACED US by and with and in CHRIST who is the NEW MAN (in and by whom we are dead and our life is hid!) JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF (The Second Adam) is the one "New Man" who alone is called Faithful and True. Every other man is a liar. If we are not to be ashamed at His coming, then we must be counted as dead and hid in Him. In order to be counted as "faithful" we/Adam must be dead "in Him" and replaced "by Him." The Second Man is the LORD "HIMSELF" (1Cor.15:45-47) HE IS the NEW MAN who stands "in place of" (and "works the works for") the first man/for and instead of fallen Adam! (not I, but Christ!)

Jesus Christ (by His work on the cross) has slain the old "man" and hidden him IN HIMSELF -and God hath raised up Jesus Christ in our place and HE has HIMSELF become the "NEW Life" which (if we are "dead and hid" in Him) now count HIM as our new "Life" !

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