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Joseph Smith did not just tinker or play around with the deity of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith went whole hog: he invented his own false Jesus, divined his own gospel and wrote his very own counterfeit testament of his false Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith utterly transgressed and thoroughly supplanted the truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He butchered the Biblical doctrine of Christ and as a result, according to Scripture, Joseph Smith died without God and without a savior.

Joseph Smith had the audacity to contradict God Himself by denying that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Ghost. The Mormon-Father-God is not the same GOD as the Biblical God and Father of the real Lord Jesus Christ. The Father-God of Mormonism is a false (phony) deity who supposedly came to this earth from another planet (in a physical body) to have physical relations with Mary, in order to provide Jesus with a human body. Mormons (or Latter Day Saints) also falsely believe that their 'Mormon Jesus' is the spirit-brother of Lucifer. Mormons clearly have another gospel, another Jesus and another (altogether false) Mormon God.

No one can believe in the Mormon Jesus and at the same time abide in the Biblical doctrine of Christ. The Scripture says that whosoever (anyone) who transgresses and does not abide in the DOCTRINE of Christ, has not God. Anyone who embraces the false Mormon Jesus, instead of the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth has made his or herself a transgressor and is without God; without a Savior.

According to Scripture, the writings of Joseph Smith are not "another testament of Jesus Christ" as Mormons would like you to believe. According to Scripture, Mormon doctrine is accursed in the sight of God. According to the truth of the (real) Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Mormon Jesus is a false counterfeit and the Mormon God (Elohim) is a contrived false deity. In other words the Mormon-Father-God-Elohim is bogus and so is their fake 'Mormon' Jesus.

According to Scripture (as contained within the pages of the Holy Bible), Joseph Smith's visitation by so-called heavenly messengers was a demonic deception, not the heavenly visitation or vision that Joseph Smith claimed it was. Contrary to what Joseph Smith taught, there wasn't any so-called heavenly council meeting between the false Mormon-Father-God-Elohim and his demonically inspired (fictitious) sons. The real God of the Holy Bible has never had any son called Lucifer! Lucifer is identified in the (real) Holy Bible as a fallen angel who never was any kind of son of God. According to Scripture, Mormon doctrine falls into a category of teachings that the Holy Bible refers to as "doctrines of demons". The Mormon Jesus is an altogether false, demonically inspired other Jesus. From the purely human standpoint, Mormon doctrine is the product of the overactive (vain) imagination of a crooked con-artist with a big following. The claim that Mormon archeology supports Joseph Smith's writings is also false. Historical records show their archeological claims are a deliberate farce. Historical record also shows that Joseph Smith was a convicted criminal, a schemer who was known for his tall tales.

If you believe in the false Mormon-Father-God and/or the Mormon Jesus, then your faith has been misplaced in a false gospel, a counterfeit Jesus and a false Father-God. A false god and a counterfeit Jesus cannot save anyone. Since Scripture tells us that whosoever transgresses and does not abide in the (Biblical) doctrine of Jesus Christ, does not have God therefore, those who abide in the Mormon doctrine of the Mormon Jesus --do not have God and are not saved.


The Biblical God has one eternally begotten Son, Jesus Christ who is God the Son. The Lord Jesus Christ is not now, He never was, and He never will be, any kind of brother to Lucifer, not even a 'spirit' brother --not now or ever--no matter what Mormons want to believe! According to Scripture, 2Cor. 6:15 there is no concord (no agreement, nothing in common, no relationship) between Christ and Belial (the devil, Lucifer) not at any time, not for any reason --regardless of what Mormons want to believe. The Mormon faith does not teach the Biblical doctrine of Christ. Mormons have utterly and completely departed from the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mormons are not following the Lord Jesus Christ but are instead following a false guide, Joseph Smith. The "Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints" is utterly false and it is peddling another Jesus and another gospel (both of which are false). It is not a coincidence that the Mormon Church refers to their false Mormon (bible) publication as "ANOTHER TESTAMENT" of Jesus Christ because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the real New Testament.

According to Scripture, Mormons who do not repent of these heretical doctrines have placed their trust in a false God. There is no salvation possible by believing the false Mormon gospel or in their deviant counterfeit Jesus; the Mormon Jesus isn't a savior.